Friday, April 13, 2007

Herald-Sun: Nifong Must Go

I'll quote Liestoppers, which summarized the development perfectly:
In a shocking reversal, the Durham Herald-Sun has rescinded its support of Durham County District County Mike Nifong. With a pointed editorial, its first substantial public criticism of the rogue prosecutor, the Snooze Room evicts Nifong from the bunker with a resounding call for him to resign immediately. On the heels of harsh criticism presented at the Hoax victims' post-exoneration press conference and published nationwide, the Snooze Room comes over from the dark side with a revisionist theme that perhaps reveals an interest in self-preservation rather than a newfound concern for justice. Regardless of motive, the Herald Sun's demand for Nifong's resignation clearly signals the end is near for the reign of the petty tyrant prosecutor.


Anonymous said...

The players should sue CGM in an attempt to get her to roll over on Nofing, DPD, et. al.

Don't be too suprised if he doesn't resign today, as part of a negotiated settlement designed to put an end to things today.

Anonymous said...

But Cooper's simple statement cut to the heart of prosecutorial misconduct. Nifong, he said, pressed on with the case without a credible witness or credible evidence. To hear that about a prosecutor with 28 years of experience was shocking.


Anonymous said...

Paxton Media should be completely ashamed for what it has done to the Herald-Sun.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect any resignation from Nifong. He will hold onto this job with everything he has. He still has no insight into his own criminal behavior and as we saw his apology was just more excuses and lies to try to snake out of his punishment. He only gave up the case because it was pried from his hands after the Bar Committee filed the ethics charges. If they had not done so we would still be waiting for a trial. Today's hearing will most likely be extremely brief, and the bar will deny the dismissal motion. I don't think anything else will happen until they have his "trial".
His "apology" is a clear sign that he still thinks he can get out of this somehow. His lawyer also stated on Greta last night that he will not resign.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is going to be disbarred. When he is, the paychecks stop. He will not resign, but collect his paycheck as long as possible.

He will never work as a lawyer again.
I hope he winds up in McDonalds.

sceptical said...

While the Herald-Sun is the bottom of the barrel, the News & Observer has not been much better, with the exception of Joe Neff. The N&O is guilty of journalistic malpractice by waiting until now to release important information about Crystal Mangum that the N&O had all along. By not revealing that Crystal stated Kim Roberts was assaulted the N&O failed to give a truthful report of Samiha Khanna's interview with her. Instead of a sympathetic portrait, such an admission would have shown Crystal was delusional. Moreover, the N&O has withheld the information contained in today's article about Crystal past which affects the crediblity of the accuser. The N&O's malpractice prolonged this travesty.

Cedarford said...

As the Herald Sun now admits, as even Nifong is forced to make a (duplicitous) apology - one "'ol reliable" can be counted on never to apologize. An ideologue is incapable of it, just look at the Group of 88 and Al Sharpton about the Tawana Affair.

Yes, we are talking about Wendy Murphy..the law professor and sex crimes expert. *Snorts*

'Ol Reliable, meaning Wendy, was asked by Tucker Carlson, as she was asked since last May by him - to apologize for her statements and slurs. Previously, she said it wasn't for her to apologize until "both sides had been heard". So Tucker asked, given the other side had been investigated by independent special prosecutors and determined that the false accuser was a psychotic liar and the prosecutor was a rogue and the evidence proved the 3 accused were innocent now that "both sides were heard" - where her apology was now?

Murphy tried dodging at first...saying it may shock Carlson by she supported prosecuting the accuser if she lied. Which Carlson observed was convenient coming a day after the prosecutors said they would not prosecute her based on mental grounds.
After Murphys hemming and hawing, Carlson finally managed to get her to address the apology. To which Murphy said she would not because she didn't know if the players were innocent, and determining that would require her to examine the entire case file. But, the grinning witch said...if she examined it..then she might be able to decide.
Carlson then said he had words he would like to use to describe her "act" but couldn't - then said she was all about BS..

So, if we were betting type of people, who will be the last holdouts? Now that even Nifong and the HS are whistling a different tune?

1. The Group of 88?
2. Cop Extraordinaire Gottlieb?
3. Duke Administration?
4. Wendy Murphy?
5. Rev's Jesse and Al?
6. Cash Michaels?
7. Victoria Peterson?

Could it be the 7 groups or individuals are the bitter dead enders?

My personal guess is Gottlieb will blubber away soon as he turns state's witness. Duke Administration will apologize, but only after the lawsuit settlement arising mainly from Pressler's firing and the role of Duke employees in the Vigilante Poster.

I predict that some in the Group of 88 will break ranks as long as led by some prof with hiring and tenure granting power. But not all. Wahneema? Never. Holloway might, but she has 50 I points on Wahneema.

The others? Never.

And I hope this rides on Murphy's back like "Tawana" sticks to Sharpton's fat ass over the last 20 years. I hope it is asked again and again - just to see - unlike Sharpton - if it finally cracks her phony plastic grin and sends her into meltdown.

Cedarford said...

One letter missing is rarely a big deal, but this one needs correction because it isn't obvious what a sentence meant with the typo:

Holloway might, but she has 50 IQ points on Wahneema.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. The N&O's coverage, especially on the editorial page during the early stages, was as bad as the H-S.

Anonymous said...

"Best" line in the Herald-Sun editorial:

"We have questioned Nifong's actions throughout this case..."

Sure you have.

Another example of revisionist history.

jamil hussein said...

He will never work as a lawyer again.
I hope he winds up in McDonalds.

Say hi to Congressman Mike Nifong (D-Durham). He will be chairing House ethics committee with Alcee Hastings (corrupt judge, removed from office by congress) and Thomas "90k Freezer" Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

new job?
Loves public service?
How about making license plates.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the H-S is going the way of wax tubes.

Anonymous said...

There will be NO deal for Mikey. He will get disbarred and he will get Federally indicted.

"you're going to regret this the rest of your life"
Rae Evans



Anonymous said...

I just cancelled my HS subscription. I urge others to do the same.

Anonymous said...


Your Bar Buddy posts really helped us get through last December/January. Thanks.

What a relief to see the State Bar hold Mr. Nifong to account. Should be an interesting day/couple of months.


WannabeAnglican said...

Meanwhile . . .

Pravda today reports that Stalin was not a nice man . . . as the heroic reporters of Pravda have reported all these years.

Anonymous said...

This is the email I sent today to President Brodhead:

I welcomed your remarks following the decision by the NC Attorney General to drop all charges in the lacrosse case. I urge you to publicly call for DA Nifong's resignation. The University's voice was quite muted until December 2006 and such an announcement would do much to reassure many of supporters of Duke that you recognize the special role a great University can play in rectifying a gross miscarriage of justice, as was perpetrated here by Mr. Nifong.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is liable, but he is not the only one liable. It is time for a FULL account of the bad actors in this case, with no exemptions based upon race.

Crystal should be indicted, and only Roy's gubenatorial aspirations are blocking it. It is a sad comment that Jennifer Wilbanks has a criminal infraction and civil penalties when she filed a false police report that ruined a weekend. Crystal Gail has ruined five lives, and the lives of five families, and will walk from this, ahem, unscathed (isn't that the term Rev. Sharpton?).

The bio of the lying skank in today's N&O (and yesterday's post on is frankly gauling. No one who would have had access to those facts would have indicted anyone. The protective veil from which she launched her unsubstantiated attacks is freaking criminal, and needs to be repealed immediately. This PC-leftist drive to "conceal the identify of the accuser", which is directly in violation of the spirit and text of the Confrontation Clause and a system of open courts, ruined five lives. Hey Commies, it's your Rule: OWN IT! ADMIT THE HARM DONE BY IT! Don't hide from this like you hide from everything else.

Anonymous said...

This is like the Rutgers girls accepting Imus apology after he was fired from TV and radio. If he was still employed, they would be acting like Sharpton and calling for his head etc.

The newspaper decides to drop support of Nifong after the charges were dismissed. They have nothing to fight for so lets jump ship. They are barely better then Nifong.

Its all a joke but when you have no soul, it does not matter. They just move on to the next issue.

Anonymous said...

12:14..well said. Why dont more people want this girl held responsible

Dodi said...

At this point I suppose that Nifong is simply hanging on to get whatever salary he can until he is disbarred. After all, he is a few years away from receiving his pension, so he has a serious financial problem on his hands. If I were him, and I am glad I'm not, I would do a cost/benefit analysis of salary vs. legal expenses (which he expected the bar to pay for!) and put a circle on my calendar as quickly as possible. The AD hinted that legal action is a real possibility, so it may be more convenient to retire, give up his license, and hope that the AD will accept that as punishment enough. He likes to do things on Friday afternoons, so Friday the 13th would be a great day to make the decision.

Dan Weber said...

If he resigns, does he still get his pension?

When does he hit the clock on his pension bump that he was so anxious for before?

bill anderson said...

So, even these jackasses don't want to be caught on the losing side. I never have seen such self-serving drivel in my life.

The Hurled-Scum and Nifong were made for each other. They really do not need a divorce now. They need to go down with the ship.

Anonymous said...

Re: Calls to charge Mangum:

I'm sorry, but I agree with the comment that said it was a wise exercise of prosecutorial discretion for Cooper not to indict Mangum. She is obviously troubled, and Nifong should have seen that himself and not indicted the players. If he had done that, the players would not have suffered the harm they have, and people would not now be demanding Mangum's head. Mangum may not be a "choirgirl," but, as Ms. Evans said on "60 Minutes," Nifong used Mangum just as he used the three players.

Durham Lawyer

Joe T. said...

A panicky self-preservation move by the Herald Sun.

Anonymous said...

Should we expect a scathing editorial about Hitler next? This was an act of self-preservation, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Herald Sun's Bob Ashley and his morons-in waiting--Ron Landfried and Greg Childress--should be run out of the newspaper business.
What odious farts!

Anonymous said...

Herald Sun's Bob Ashley and his morons-in waiting--Ron Landfried and Greg Childress--should be run out of the newspaper business.
What odious farts!

Richard said...

Why should you be surprised by what the Herald-Sun said? Don't rats always abandon a sinking ship?

scott said...

H-S, NYT and other media outlets are now trying to backpedal furiously as though there is no paper trail of their previous stories for any interested party to review.

This H-S editorial says the right things now that the state of NC in the form of the AG has come out and declared the LAX 3 not "not guilty", but "innocent", a word virtually unheard in legal circles. How convenient for the H-S to finally get on board today.

Sorry, H-S, too little, and way, way, way too late. I think the appropriate thing to do here is channel a little "Nikki" Roberts and call your newspaper in general and your editorial today in particular "a crock".