Friday, February 02, 2007

The Edwards-Marcotte Fiasco

An astute observer of this case recommends analyzing events through the prism of what he’s termed the “courage-meter.” People in positions of authority have displayed little or no courage to do the right thing throughout this affair. North Carolina’s senators, Republicans Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr? Zero on the courage-meter. The state’s governor, Democrat Mike Easley? Another courage-meter zero. Durham’s Democratic congressman, David Price? A negative score, based on his de facto endorsement of Nifong only days before the state bar deemed the D.A. a rogue.

But this quartet has the hearts of lions compared to the state’s best-known Democrat, John Edwards, currently making his second bid for President. Before entering politics, Edwards was one of the state’s best-known civil attorneys*. He even worked in the law firm of Wade Smith, Collin Finnerty’s lead attorney in the lacrosse case. So if anyone should be sensitive to massive prosecutorial abuse, it’s Edwards.

His response? First silence—and then, as Liestoppers and Betsy Newmark have noted, appointing as his campaign’s lead blogger a figure who has branded the players guilty, in ugly rhetoric that almost makes Wendy Murphy look temperate.

Amanda Marcotte wrote on the Edwards blog that she came to her post after a stint at Pandagon, “which is one of the top liberal political blogs on the internet and known mostly for insightful and often humorous political blogging.” [emphasis added]

What kind of “insightful” blogging has Marcotte offered on the lacrosse case? Liestoppers had the graphic detail:

In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good fucking god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out.

Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?

So unfair.

Yes, how dare a rape victim act confused and bewildered like she was raped or something.

Natalia, do you know the details of the case? If so, why do you think a women enthusiastically jumped into a sexual situation with men making slavery jokes at her? Furthermore, what is your theory on why she supposedly looooooved having sex with guys holding her facedown on the bathroom floor? There’s no “if” they behaved in a disrespectful manner. We have conclusive evidence that happened.

This is about race and class and gender in every way, and there’s basically no way this woman was going to see justice. In her part of the country, both women and black people are seen as subhuman objects to be used and abused by white men.

Yeah, I know, Alon. Which is why I’m frustrated that people are pretending ‘can’t identify which one raped her” somehow equals ‘wasn’t raped’. I had some initial confusion about exactly who was assaulting me when I was assaulted, but that doesn’t mean that his hands weren’t actually where they were.

Plus, the media is acting like these men are exonerated!

After James Taranto brought attention to the words above, Marcotte deleted them (so much for “transparency” in the Edwards campaign). Her new statement?

Since people are determined to make hay over this quick shot of a post, I’m deleting it and here’s my official stance. The prosecution in the Duke case fumbled the ball. The prosecutor was too eager to get a speedy case and make a name for himself. That is my final word.

“Too eager to get a speedy case”?! Nifong has been dragging the case out for months, and opposed defense efforts to get a speedy trial.

Anyhow, the above post looks like more than a “quick shot of a post”—it comprised several paragraphs, and showed some knowledge of the basic outline of the case. Marrcotte even took the time to make a comment herself in the comment thread, suggesting that she hardly dashed off the post and then forgot that it existed.

The wording of the retraction post clearly implied that John Edwards’ official campaign blogger is still on record believing that a rape occurred.

Moreover, as the Liestoppers post makes clear, Marcotte’s position in the since-deleted post is fully consistent with her other “insightful” commentary on the case:

  • There’s just something about this Duke rape case that’s inspiring to rape apologists . . . [Feminists] could certainly come up with a more efficient method if we wanted to of getting men in jail besides getting ourselves raped and then raising a fuss as if we had a right not to be raped. Pandagon 5/10
  • In almost every article and piece of commentary, the event is portrayed not as a crime between individuals but as a clash between classes, races and sexes. That might be because the rapists [no “alleged” for Edwards’ official campaign blogger] were making jokes about slavery and picking cotton to the victim, which is to say reminding her of their racial privilege by referencing the history that created it. Pandagon 4/09
  • Smarty-pants, educated womenz (and one dude who loved the cock) who have sex with guys who aren’t me raped that stripper at Duke, not a bunch of overly entitled rich white boys making cracks about picking cotton. Pandagon 8/31

Edwards should demand Marcotte’s immediate resignation from campaign.

[Update, 6.11pm: See Overlawyered for additional details, including Marcotte's going beyond removing her original post to now deleting other comments she made about the case as well. Some people might call this an "Edwards Cover-up."]

[Full disclosure: I support Barack Obama, one of Edwards' rivals for the nomination.]



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Unknown said...

The always astute former 1 term senator ('cause he couldn't get re-elected) displays his naiveté. She's a bad joke & he's a loser.

Clyde said...

Perhaps Edwards can stash her in "The Barn" wing of his mansion until this blows over...

Anonymous said...

9:14 Danny Boy

Are you wearing your censorsip boots?

Are you a tough guy? Masculine, threatening?

Goody Goody

Guaunyu said...


Please tell me your post was a really bad joke. I'm hoping it was a really poor attempt at satire, because otherwise, it wasn't patently racist and un-American.

Dan Collins said...


You come here and post something that you hope will bring this blog into disrepute. I call you on it.

If that's what you really believe, I pity you. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to pass your IP around and find out where else you've been vomiting your idiocy. Because you deserve it.

Am I a tough guy? I don't know. I'm a guy who won't listen to that kind of race-baiting bullshit without calling you on it.

Because whatever else you may be, you are an egregious ass, as egregious and asinine as Amanda Marcotte. If this were one of her threads, she would have shut you down long ago. She's tolerant, you see.

I'll try and pursue it, and we'll find out what we do. Or not. And if I do discover who you are, I'll make sure that you're generally recognized for the pile of filth that you apparently are.

Anonymous said...

Such silliness over words.

The post in question reads a lot like the logic of the reparations debate.

Sad, but true.

Funny how no one found fault with any of the tenets of the black agenda. It's real. I think whoever wrote it was serious.

M. Simon said...

<a href=""></a>

Is how you make permalinks:

<a href="url">text to display</a>

Darleen said...

The angriest feminists consistently fall far below the average standard of feminine beauty and attractiveness.

beckett, you must be too young to remember Gloria Steinem and the job she held when she published her first highly successful article based on that job. (hint: the article was entitled "a Bunny's Tale")

M. Simon said...


I went to the demos in the 60s. I look at pictures of the demos from current events.

The ladies who went to those kinds of events were better looking in the 60s.

My theory is that you can judge the vitality of a movement by the looks of the women who show up.

Anonymous said...

Dan Collins, have you ever been to Detroit?
Hairy Reed

AEKowalski said...

There seem to be other comments that Ms. Marcotte has deleted and/or taken offline in one of her blog entries dealing with the Duke case. She blogged about the case briefly at back on March 30, and their website still indicates that there were 27 comments in the thread. But I can't seem to read them. More about that mystery at RedState.

Anonymous said...

5:41 That (Alpine, W. Texas, Big Bend) is a glorious part of the world and it does not pain me in the least that she, Marcotte, keep moving east.

Anonymous said...

The FBI stats are that 49% of rape claims are false. With all the Stalinist women who claim they raped - Who Knows.

M. Simon said...

10:36 PM,

Anon uses lots of IPs, many aliases, and posts from all over the country.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Reagan's action/inaction in the middle left out that little detail that he was liberating tens or millions, or is hundreds of millions, Russians and Eastern Europeans. I get confused...if there were 50 million buried in shallow graves due to those with ideaology similar to the Gang of 88, the esteemed Duke experts, then it must be hundreds of millions.

Regardless Reagan was pretty busy and liberating that many people, really, really makes me understand that I just did not get enough done this week. I will however, see what I can do next week...

M. Simon said...


Ronnie was an FDR Democrat. Before he became a Republican.

Which was back when Democrats were the national security party.

The Rs had to draft Ike to erase their lack of national security cred.

Me I'm a John Kennedy Democrat.

Which is why I mostly vote Republican.

What is so amazing about this thread is the unity re:the Duke 3 despite all kinds of differences on other issues. I like that.

M. Simon said...


I'd vote for Lieberman.

He get economics. He get the war. He is a stand up guy. A Zell Miller Democrat.

Sadly I'm probably not going to get the chance.

So it will probably be the R that gets my vote.

M. Simon said...


Actually Iran runs its economy on the socialist "oil will make everything free" model. Which is why he is a big time pal of Chavez.

M. Simon said...

4:55 PM,

The Democrats have to demagogue race because they are the original racist party.

The Democrats during the Civil War were partial to the South. The "Solid South" was Democrat.

President Wilson was our first KKK President.

More Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

It is true that a lot of the racists moved to the Rs when the Ds purged a lot of their racists.

But you know Trent Lott's fiaso with Thurmond riled a LOT of Republicans. Which I take it as the party getting back to its core values.

The #1 anti-racists on the left from the 20s 'til the 60s was the Communist Pary. A very sad fact.

In my life time I've seen huge changes. I was talking to my mom the other day and she mentioned me asking as a little kid about "colored only" fountains. I think I may have actually been impudent enough to drink out of it before being pulled away.

Well any way my whole family thought it was all bunk.

Now it is all gone.

Most of the instituionalized racism and racists are gone. It is an ugly chapter of history we should not forget. But, we should put it behind us.

What we have left is mostly the result of differential ability. If we make race the issue we will never fix the real problem.

M. Simon said...

Polanski 4:55PM said:

I thought the coolest thing Clinton did was receive oral while talking to a head [no pun] of state on the phone.

I believe he was talking to Yasser Arafat and getting worked on by a nice Jewish girl (yum, nice thighs). Which I thought made it especially good. There has got to be some symbolism there.

Update: It appears that Arafat was waiting in the Rose Garden while Monica finished Bill off.

I like the telephone story better.

M. Simon said...


Wow, the tone has gotten nasty around here lately. It's a shame. The temptation to fire back rudely is great.

Good insults are always welcome.

Take this joke where I insulted a guy who didn't believe in IQ:

So I invented this little IQ test for the person who believes they are not valid. See if you can pass.

You are a passenger on a 747-400 and you have a choice of pilots, each has similar visio-spacial co-ordination and motor skills, one has an IQ of 70 the other has an IQ of 130.

Who you gonna call?

To say IQ has no validity is BS. It is a belief that not even your own experience will support.

If you choose the IQ 70 guy all that will prove is that there are at least two morons on the plane.


Now that in my opinion was a classy insult.

If you would care to direct something similar my way I'd be happy to recieve and fire back.

I'm a FIDO net and Usenet Flame War Veteran.

This crowd is above average (try the Netscape blog for a little of the feel of the old Usenet - they moderate it so it doesn't get quite as wild and wooly) so how about some classy insults.

I'm willing to take my share if they are good.

M. Simon said...

McCain has one big problem with me:
"The No Political Speech During Elections Act"

M. Simon said...

5:49 PM,

I often get into arguments with my mother (87) over politics shes a D I'm an R.

I always finish our political conversations with "the're all crooks". And we laugh together and there are no hard feelings.

M. Simon said...

6:01 PM,

If Bill Richardson has so much experience with energy why haven't I heard him say anything about this:

Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

M. Simon said...


I think Hamas getting elected is an excellent object lesson.

Voting is a life or death matter in some places. The Palestinians voted for civil war. Every one is egging them on.

The Palis were tired of the crooks. They got a civil war.

Anonymous said...

Arkancide? Seriously, get your facts straight. Vince Foster was killed in Virginia, and Ron Brown's plane went down overseas.

Anonymous said...

***In regards to Reagan's action/inaction in the middle left out that little detail that he was liberating tens or millions, or is hundreds of millions, Russians and Eastern Europeans. I get confused...if there were 50 million buried in shallow graves due to those with ideaology similar to the Gang of 88, the esteemed Duke experts, then it must be hundreds of millions.

Regardless Reagan was pretty busy and liberating that many people, really, really makes me understand that I just did not get enough done this week. I will however, see what I can do next week...***

I, unlike you, don't believe in Communism. I think it would have failed on its own, and that Ronald Reagan gets a lot of credit for the demise a fundamentally flawed type of governance. He funded weapons systems and stuff, which was the right thing to do. As far as that goes, I think it was smart. Maybe he sped it up, but I think that Communism would have failed on its own.

As far as building up arms and having a large standing army, I'm game. Thats not really the Republick stance these days, what with Donald Rumsfeld's new "less is more" mentality (which is the opposite of General Petreus' thesis on nation-building, and he is probably our best, most knowledgeable guy in that area).

So all you tough-talking Republicans just keep in mind that its pretty transparent when you go great lengths to make all Democrats look like Jane Fonda, Tim Robbins, Cindy Sheehan et al. It would be like making all Republicans out to be Dick Cheney, Ted Haggard, and that maniac from Oklahoma who rants and raves about "global warming alarmists" and shows a picture of his extended family and brags about how "none of them are gay"... hmmmm, I think we might be seeing the Ted Haggard syndrome on that one!

The worst part about politics is listening to those on the far far left and far far right set up the proverbial boogey/straw-man and then tear him down. Go ahead and make fun of Hollywood actors... I agree that Jane Fona, Tim Robbins, the Dixie Chiks and the late ROnald Reagan are/were entitled ot their opinions, but it was just annoying hearing actors speak as if they know whats what and who's who.

Anonymous said...

12:54 Strawman? Those dead may take exception; sadly they don't have much say. Let's not split hairs, maybe it was 35 million buried with another 15 million due to disease and starvation?

Regarding communism, changing the name doesn't alter the failure of the idea. Call it statism, multiculturalism, socialism, etc...

Anonymous said...

DNA of accused found inside victim of sexual assault = guilty.

DNA of person/s other than accused found inside same victim = not guilty.

Drop this whole shebang. It's over.

In order to preserve any shred of credibility that he may have left, Edwards needs to send this dreadful woman packing.

Zoe Brain said...

I am one pissed-off Feminist.

My face may not stop clocks, but it certainly makes them run slow.

I'm pissed off because I'm part of two separate truly persecuted minority groups, where maybe 30% of us get raped, usually as children.

I'm pissed off because this stripper, by lying through her teeth, has made it harder to prosecute the scrotes who rape and beat up young girls.

I'm especially pissed off by a persecutor - rather than a prosecutor - who deliberately railroads guys who he initially thinks might be guilty, just to win an election. And then with malice, when it's obvious they're innocent, continues to pervert justice as a cover up. He too will make prosecuting the guilty far harder.

I'm pissed off that racism is so rife that an all-black jury might convict despite the evidence, just as an all-white one might have convicted blacks a century ago despite the evidence.

I'm pissed off that this is becoming a political issue, when it's an issue of justice for all. I'm especially pissed off at so many of the left who support the most misogynist regimes who treat women as property, just because the misogynists are against Republicans too.

I'm pissed off at the Feminists who gave Clinton's sexual-exploitatative-power-games a pass, but nowhere near as much as I am at their silence over Islamofascism.

I'm pissed off at the gang of 88 who have prostituted the academic ideal and made it harder to deal with genuine injustice and racism, and if you don't believe real problems exist there, you need to go out more.

And you know what? I'm not even American. If I was, I'd be really upset.

M. Simon said...


You make my clock run faster.

Sounds like you are already an American.

M. Simon said...

Zoe is an Ozzie.

No wonder she sounds like an American.

Anonymous said...

"There’s just something about this Duke rape case that’s inspiring to rape apologists . . ."

Who are these rape apologists Marcotte refers to?

Anonymous said...

Zoe - articulation is not your strong point - you might consider an english class to increase your vocabulatory. Another contribution to the boring after boring artice laced with cusing. Do this people ever get out of the playground ?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Ms. Marcotte's previous experiences seem to have caused her to generalize individuals into groups in this situation.

By this I mean generalizing one alleged rape victim with all rape victims, generalizing comments made by one or two lacrosse players with all (white men, atheletes, students, whatever).

It is a pathology, but I'm not sure why it should disqualify her in other aspects of her job as a commenter or blogger.

In the same vein as other truisms (a republican is a democrat who was mugged, a democrat is a republican who got sick, etc), it seems that too often, a person's behavior is a result of her worst experiences.

Unfortunately, due to this nature of this particular blog, there is a sad poverty of sympathy for bad behavior and poor argumentation by such a person.

It doesn't speak well for the partisans here.

- mere mortal

Anonymous said...

Marcotte is another radical feminist who wants nothing short of chaining men in cages. Sex is ALWAYS a tool used against women, and no matter what the circumstances, a man is responsible. The NYTimes should be ashamed to have such a nutjob on their website, but I am not surprised.

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