Sunday, February 04, 2007

Walk Update

John in Carolina has some updates on the walk; so does Liestoppers discussion board. WTVD now has video of the march, and a story.

Also, the below was posted in the comment section, but wanted to make sure everyone saw it:
Just got home from the Walk sponsored by the wonderful Duke Mothers through Durham. It was great, lots of people walking, purposely supporting the 3 Lax players, their families, and the duke lacrosse program. Very positive energy. Beautiful day to walk outside. Met a couple real interesting people who I really liked speaking and listening to. I hope I get a chance to speak with Kathy again!

There really weren’t any counter demonstrations. But I did have a chat with a true nifong supporter!It is kind of amazing to me that they are still out there. He kind of called me some bad things for supporting the lax players. I appreciated him as a human being. Did a lot of listening as he shared his viewpoints. I focused on healing and trying to bring people more together instead of increasing polarization. Make love not war kind of thing.

Towards the conclusion of our discussion, I did tell him that I thought nifong and [the accuser] should do jail time. We shook hands at the end.
And, via e-mail:
The walk went great. NO Victoria!!!

Looked like maybe 125+ people.

The Durham police were wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Liestoppers has commentary and phots of the walk. Instant communication is amazing. Love it. For a good laugh, check the Pandagon blog for discussion on Amanda's new job. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that all went well. That the Durham Police were "wonderful" is also very encouraging as some of them may ultimately step forward with evidence proving that Knifong knowingly railroaded the Duke Three.

Anonymous said...

I just can't thank all the people that came out today. It was truly a great turn out considering there were no "ads" to promote this. The mood was lifting as we walked together in support of Dave, Colin, Reade and all the lacrosse players and their families. The police were outstanding and shooters, thanks for the bus!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd have walked by Victoria Peterson's house. I wonder what hoax Victoria is involved in now.

Anonymous said...

next elections fraud maybe. "Vote early & often"

Anonymous said...

Anyone who posts during the Super Bowl gets (or shares) the wuss-dweeb of the year award.

kcjohnson9 said...

As a Patriots fan, I am boycotting this year's Super Bowl.

Michael said...

[As a Patriots fan, I am boycotting this year's Super Bowl.]

Are you a fan from Maine?
I thought that you'd be a
NY Giants or Jets fan.

Pats have done very well for themselves over the last decade.

BTW, Edwards site is very insular. There is a blog but I went through it quickly and it was all rah, rah, rah. My guess is that their new blogmaster airbrushes; oops I mean has software issues over any dissenting posts. I wanted to ask a question about his remarks about capital gains taxes today but couldn't find a reasonable place to do so.

Any chance for presidential debates at Brooklyn College? I can guess that there won't be any debates at Duke University this cycle. I don't think that any candidate wants to deal with this case.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought how this was a peaceful march to support the LAX player? They walked with dignity and respect for the community.
The LAX players have learned well from their moms! Throughout this hoax, the LAX players/families are the only people to show didgnity to others. No foul signs, no pot bangers, etc.

Where was Victoria? Polishing her pots for Mikey?

Anonymous said...

Edwards, the 'Silky Pony' is trying to have it 76 different ways. He wants to be; an intellectual elitist, a common man of the people, a socialist provider for all, a strong on defense, a peace-nik, a Christian, and, a 'my religion is the good of man' kinda guy... I'm sure Amanda will help him articulate that message... She's just gotta remember to tone down the "F" word.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear that the walk went off with off without any problems, a.k.a. the potbaggers. I also hope that the AG's office does the right thing and drops the remaining charges, but I won't hold my breath.

Just because I've seen N.C. justice at it's worse.

Anonymous said...

Running around with hog noses (the Skins front line were called hogs), for a week prior to the Super Bowl was more fun than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

VIM, you're back! Yes!

Hooray for the walkers! And hooray for Ms. Brewer and whoever else organized the march! I believe I was more concerned about Durham's behavior than anything else. I am happy to hear Durham was polite, and the DPD was so helpful.

I heard from a friend who attended the march that one of the best moments of the day was when the walkers gathered after the walk at the LAX practice field and applauded the LAX team as they practiced. I imagine that support sounded very good to those players and their coaches and created a pretty memorable moment for the walkers. All of these people have been through a lot, and, as we are painfully aware, it's not over, yet.


Anonymous said...

It's frustrating to see this Nifong frame-up case continue despite the facts and the evidence. Can ordinary citizens do anything to help speed this travesty to its conclusion?

Anonymous said...

My video of today's march was finally processed by YouTube. Don't know what took it so long. Anyway, it's here. It conveys the peacefulness of the march. It was a nice touch that the team and the marchers sort of were in the same spot at the end.

Jon Ham

Anonymous said...

To Jon Ham


I didn't see any posters decrying the vile lies behind the hoax. Am I to believe that Crystal Mangum had nothing to do with the hoax?

Do you and Duke Moms support the entrenched dogma of female privilege, the principal social paradigm that allowed a filthy pig to cry rape with impunity?

Do you and the Moms want the whore arrested?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Roman,
the Mothers March was a respectful demonstration in support of the Duke 3 and their position on the pig and the lies and the entrenched dogma of female privilege was certainly implied. That is what being respectful is about. There is a time and a place for everything. The Duke Mothers know what they are doing. And besides that, your job is to remind us about the lowest common denominator in this. And, I do appreciate your open and direct approach. I do. If you need support come to me. If you need someone who has been to the hoop come to me. If you need money, I'll help you look.

To Jon Ham,
Thank you for a wonderful video. I really liked the cut to the Satisfactions sign - I have spent many hours there with the Durham County Libertarians. Alas, I am stuck in San Francisco for now. I loved the buggy of triplets! Thank you for your wonderful video.
*destroy before reading*

Anonymous said...

Jon Ham's video was great. I liked how he included some of the landmarks along the way.
Since I'm not technically inclined I often am not able to see videos that some link. For whatever reason. Probably because I have an imac that is like new structurally, but these things are obsolete in a year or so. If I want to have access to more I will be forced to buy another computer.
Next time I might go for a PC since you can't add the kind of memory needed on apple. Just have to spend another couple thousand on a whole new system I guess.
All that to say I was happy Jon Ham's video was so accessible.

Anonymous said...

MTU'76---Yeah, Polanski is really good at showing us the lowest common denominator.
He's good at his forum job.

Anonymous said...

Can ordinary citizens do anything to help speed this travesty to its conclusion?

Yes. Don't vote for the democratic party. As long as they are in power, this kind of crap goes on.

Anonymous said...

To 10:06
We cannot ignore the element that started this, and I would not expect any disagreement that Precious and Nifong personify the lowest of the low. Roman's ideas and thoughts actually crystallize some of my thoughts and feelings on the subject. Perhaps it's not what he says that upsets people, but how he says it?
*destroy before reading*

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm interested in the following areas:

cont'd a bit later


Anonymous said...

Jon - thanks so much for the video! You must have done more running than walking, video from the front then from the back, across the street, you're amazing!

My favorite part was the LAX team running out onto the field (practice) as the walkers approached, it was great (and perhaps planned, since the players couldn't walk).

Just to be clear, the Concerned Moms and Ethical Durham groups planned this walk. As their 'feet on the ground' here in Durham - and their reluctance to speak publically too much, I helped in a very minor ways. Very nicely planned and excuted - kudos to the organizers!

Beth Brewer

Michael said...

re: 10:06

[If I want to have access to more I
will be forced to buy another
computer. Next time I might go for a
PC since you can't add the kind of
memory needed on apple.]

You can put 16 GB of RAM in a Mac Pro. And up to 3 GB of memory in a MacBook Pro.

Anonymous said...

John Hood criticizes Easley:

Anonymous said...


What aspect of the case are you interested in documenting?

I'd be interested in the documentation, as well as providing the presentations to seriously undermine Angry Studies at Duke.


Gary Packwood said...

Thanks so much for the video.

I felt like I was right there in Durham.

Instant communication is so cool.

Somebody get those triplets some Duke Lacrosse gear!!

Houston, Texas

Anonymous said...

I was so proud of my comment on Amanda Marcotte's blog,, on her latest post, that I hated to see it lost to moderation/censorship.

"This sounds like a necessary bill. Not every traveler has the luxury of an ample amount of rage to continuously libel innocent persons of rape throughout their entire flight delay or such an ample well of embarrassingly ignorant blog posts to keep them occupied with their deletion while on layover.

Still, I'm curious as you why you, Amanda, would support such a bill. You seem to do some over your most representative work while you're stuck in the airport. Pity that we might miss out on those posts."

Anonymous said...

These discussions have covered everything else, so why not a sports tangent on Super Bowl Sunday?

I was working on a garden-variety insurance-coverage lawsuit some years ago, and I went to a deposition where the witness was a building contractor who was there to testify about weatherproofing windows, if I recall correctly.

I don't remember his testimony. What I remember is that he wasn't going to start that deposition until he told all of us about his nephew, who had played college football in South Dakota and had just managed to get signed by an NFL team as an undrafted free agent. We had never heard of him, and we didn't think we ever would hear of him, but his uncle sure was proud, and I'm sure he was sharing that exciting news with everyone he saw.

I was thinking of that tonight because that kid just won his fourth Super Bowl ring (his first with the Colts after three with the Patriots). On a day for family pride, it was a nice memory.

Dave in CA

Anonymous said...

My guess is that some good officers on the DPD were trying to atone for the sins of others who taint them through association.

The cynic in me can't help but see that this sort of PR is just the thing to repair a damaged image or stave off a lawsuit or two.

Does anyone have any specifics on interaqction with the DPD? After hearing of Gottlieb showing up in Duke Chapel at Christmas and to work traffic for bball, please tell me he wasn't there...

Anonymous said...

ha! this march was a flop. less than 130 people. you will see a REAL march when the NAACP has thier march soon and they will all be local voters in NC not like the majority of the people at this mothers march who were from out of town; very few local people marched and you guys know it. This shows how many local people DO NOT support these racist wealthy thugs who assault local girls. i also see that the two losers, beth brewer and jackie brown showed up. well if they were involved in getting out the local support, it could be predicted the march would have poor attendance and certainly did!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us why a change of venue is so important. Presumably the NAACP has something to march about other than supporting the railroading of innocent people off to jail. But maybe not. I would be interested to hear from other Durhamites (or anyone else) if and why they believe local support was limited.


Michael said...

re: 7:28

You've seen how easy it is for the NC CJ system to railroad people.

Don't you think that the community that the NAACP represents would prefer that citizens not be railroaded? There is a chance for the NC CJ system to be cleaned up which would better serve all residents. Wouldn't that be a far better outcome than some minor symbolism?

Perhaps you feel good in persecuting the innocent. But you have to pay in your community every single day. As a pragmatic person, I'd rather solve the problem for my community than spend the effort to blame someone that's innocent.

Anonymous said...

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Anonymous said...


You sound like the retarded activist loudmouth son of Jackie Wagstaff. Or Curtis Gatewood's holy rollin' deacon.
Can ya' say Amen?

Anonymous said...

7:28 - a product of Durham Public schools, eh? "Thier" - well done. Kind of makes the point - your spelling and logic are on the same level.

Keep up the hate mongering - we are all better for it.