Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WRAL: Expect Nifong Defiance

WRAL is reporting that Mike Nifong's response to the Bar's ethics allegations--due later today--will have a defiant tone that would make the Group of 88 proud.

The major item: Nifong will demand the Bar dismiss charges that he conspired to withhold exculpatory DNA evidence.

The chances of his succeeding in that quest, it seems to me, are remote at best.

More when the response becomes available.


Anonymous said...


...well, yes I did point the gun at him on purpose... Okay, the trigger was pulled on purpose... Yeah, I know bullets fire out of the gun when you do that, but I did not intentionally mean to hurt the SOB... Ask around, I'm a good guy."

Anonymous said...

Does this approach surprise anyone?

I, for one, hope he continues to assume the same smug, arrogant, posture that he has displayed since the beginning of the hoax. The I-Am-The-Smartest-Man-In-The-Room-And-You're-A-Bunch-Of-Morons. When he is found guilty of the ethics charges of which he is accused, the bar will be less likely to show mercy.

Gary Packwood said...

I had no idea that Nifong was referencing the DUKE LACROSSE CASE!

I thought he was expected to talk about the sexual assault case in Durham.

Why does he reference Duke?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe anything Nifong says any more?
I remember he stated the media didn't have the whole story about the DNA evidence.
I guess in a way he was right.

Chicago said...

The more I read of Nifong the more I realize this man is a complete sociopath. Either him being defiant is just part of the game to try and take a certain stance or he is just a fool. Or perhaps, the guy has so much confidence in the good old boy network that he doesn't understand how anyone can question him. Meanwhile, we are just licking our lips ready to chomp down on the steak it is thrown to us. The beauty of this is that there will be massive holes and inconsistencies no matter what Nifong says. He has dug himself such a deep hole that there is no way he can write anything with out it contradicting something else (numerous things in most all cases)

Anonymous said...

I hope Nifong has as much luck with this defense, as he had with his first response to the bar investigation -- when his response was so blanantly full of crap that the Bar made it the basis of a whole new charge against him.

Keep on instulting the Bar's intelligence, Mikey -- see what it gets you!

Anonymous said...

Nifong has no shame, he never has had any. I would love to see how long that smug look remains on his face when he goes to prison.


Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose that's one way to inform the State Bar they are full of SH** and don't know what they are talking about ?


Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose that's one way to inform the State Bar they are full of C*** and don't know what they are talking about!

Anonymous said...

Nifong: no way did I "conspire to hide exculpatory DNA evidence": I didn't conspire, I didn't hide it, and it wasn't evidence.

I didn't conspire. I suggested. I didn't hide evidence, I shielded those poor boys and their attorneys from it. Really, I should get a medal.

Finally...c'mon: if it wasn't exculpatory, why would I hide it? and if it was exculpatory, then it wasn't evidence. Is that not clear?

Anyway, what is DNA? Can any of us really say?

So I ask that this charge be dropped.

Anonymous said...

WTVD has AP story. Nifungu admits he did misstate some things.

Ha Ha

Here's link:


Anonymous said...

From the WRAL article "Attorneys for Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong tell the North Carolina State Bar he did not intentionally violate ethics rules when prosecuting the Duke lacrosse case."

Even according to this statement he violated ethics rules. Will be argue he didn't violate rules or he didn't intentionally violate rules- from what we have seen from Fong he will argue both.

Anonymous said...

OK then, when are the UNJUST SP's going to dismiis this case now then ?

This is a travesty,I cannot wait for the civil actions!

Anonymous said...

3:29 PM
"Or perhaps, the guy has so much confidence in the good old boy network that he doesn't understand how anyone can question him."

Nifong learned the tricks of his trade from colleagues. He had knowledge that rules were broken routinely and others would not call him to task because many had done similar to one extent or another. These colleagues are still successful and you will find them in AG offices and judgeships. So yes, Nifong is mostly pissed off that he might not be allowed to get away with this while other colleagues can.

"No harm, no foul" only applies to the safety and well-being of those in the good 'ol boy network.

Anonymous said...

No, he could not be a Sociopathic all these years and not shown the signs before this. This is a recent development, after his appointment to DA. The stories about his yelling at lawyers are probably true, but that is a long way from clinical pathology. He was intoxicated with his "power" - thinks he is King Kong. I think it all goes back to "regular business in Durham." He had no reason to believe his stick was not going to play nationwide. Had no idea he was minor league.

Anonymous said...

I need to connect sociopath narcissistic liar Nifong with my ex-wife. They'd make a cute couple.

Anonymous said...

You are SO right. The little frog prince thinks his pond is SO big while he's in it. He was so delusional about his perceived power that he never even knew he was a rube, a buffoon. A smarter man would've taken his slaps early and crawled away. I still think only now is he realizing what "outclassed" means.