Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Add Tiahrt to the List

Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt has become the latest member of the House (joining Walter Jones, Carolyn McCarthy, and Peter King) to demand that AG Gonzales open a federal inquiry into the behavior of Mike Nifong.

A poster at Liestoppers received the following e-mail from Tiahrt:
It is always good to hear from constituents, even if it is regarding tragic situations.

I too am troubled by the conduct of the Durham District Attorney in the case. It would appear that Mr. Nifong violated police procedure in suspect identification and made improper and inflammatory remarks to the media. Most troubling is the claim that he withheld potentially exculpatory DNA evidence.

One of the pillars of our judicial system is the right to a fair trial. I have contacted the U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, to look into the matter. I hope he will do so and determine whether it constitutes prosecutorial misconduct.
The more political pressure, the better.


Anonymous said...

Advice from the West Coast--go to bed, KC.

becket03 said...

I agree wholeheartedly, KC. The more political pressure, the better.

The state prosecutors seem to be taking an awfully long time to make any substantive motions in the case, let alone get to the point where the charges can be dropped. The silence is eery. It's some consolation that the defense isn't bellyaching any, indicating they're probably content with the way things are developing.

But still, pressure from Congress is a handy tool, reminding the state folks that the federal gov't may get involved if they detect an attempt to protect provincial political fiefdoms at the expense of justice and the Duke 3. It gives them that ol' Dies Irae feeling.

Quidquid latet adparebit,
Nil inultum remanebit

The Dies Irae [The Day of Wrath, funeral hymn composed ca. 1250]

Whatever is hidden, shall be brought out;
Nothing shall remain unpunished.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if we'll ever hear anything from Senators Dole and Burr...they ARE representing North Carolina, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

notice how the only people involved are not from anywhere close to durham county. that is revealing. the nc senators have said nothing.

Anonymous said...

The justice department isn't going to get involved unless Rove thinks it is politically advantageous.


Anonymous said...

No justice, no peace. A call to action for the black community when injustice occurred, but a big fat lie as the evil hypocrisy of so many are no daily exposed.

Anonymous said...

How can we begin an organized effort to recruit more members of Congress to this cause?

I continue to be concerned that North Carolina is not capable of doing the right thing in this matter. And calls by such groups as the H-S demanding that Nifong receive no more than a wrist-slap, because that represents the standard of severity in NC for previous examples of prosecutorial misconduct, are chilling.

IMO, only a federal investigation will uncover the extent of corruption in Durham that allowed this conspiracy of injustice to occur.

Anonymous said...

The more, the merrier, so I welcome Tiahrt to the fight. Just as long as he recognizes that in this case, justice doesn't demand a fair trial. First, the LAX 3 wouldn't and couldn't get a fair trial in Durham. Second, any trial would put a sheen of legitimacy on all of the serious railroading that has gone on for the last year. Third, if the LAX 3 were to somehow end up with a not guilty verdict, many in the community would put them in the same category as OJ -- they just got off because of some fancy lawyering -- and they would have to live with that stigma forever.

Justice in this case is a complete dismissal of all charges, a statement that repudiates the actions of Nifong and the Durham Police Dept in ever bringing a case, and a formal apology from Cooper on behalf of the state of NC for the travesty.

Anonymous said...

I am looking into my crystal ball, and it says, "no." I don't see the AG acting in this case. If we can't even get the president to act to free two border patrol agents, why will they show any concern over some lacrosse players who haven't even gone to trial yet.

That, of course, isn't my position- but I am willing to wager it is how Washington thinks. Washington has become truly worthless, not worth the appeal even.

Anonymous said...

Why is is SO, SO hard to get other congressmen to utter such SIMPLE things as,

"I too am troubled by the conduct of the Durham County District Attorney..."

When your congressman tries to evade the issue by giving a bureaucratic brush off response such as, 'it is not part of my job description to be concerned about civil rights violations in criminal cases', point him to this letter (and the support given by other congressmen);

and ask him why he isn't also bothered by what has been going on in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

The Federal investigation that needs to occur, must also involve the DPD, the DNA lab, CGM, The Black Panthers actions & Threats, the ADA's, The former judge, and a whole host of people that tried to threaten and intimidate the Lacrosse players. Furthermore, the Feds to to perhaps provide some guidance to NC on how to protect civil rights, including the right to a speedy trial and for the love of god, keep records of Grand Jury testimony.


Anonymous said...

I agree that a federal criminal investigation is needed, and needed badly. Right now, it seems that no one in authority wants to do what is right, so it is up to the rest of us to do our own "pot banging."

Anonymous said...

5:41a.m. Dole has already gone on record with several e-mailers, as to say it is not her problem so sorry no help from her.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it irony that Gerald Henderson of Duke's basketball team commits an alleged “flagrant foul” on national television and is given a swift and sure ejection from the basketball game and a one game suspension, while Mike Nifong commits a “flagrant foul” on the Duke lacrosse team on national television and is still in office drawing a salary and has yet to suffer any punishment for his transgressions almost a year later?

Anonymous said...

KC right now I am looking at the Roanoke Times article from Mar 3, 07 about the Virginia Supreme Court decision NOT to free Aleck J Carpitcher from prison. The Innocence Project has supported his release because the only witness to testify against him at his trial, a ten year old girl whom he was convicted of sexualy assaulting, recanted her testimony stating that she "was angry at Carpitcher-her mother's live-in boyfriend-...her only intent at the time ...was to get him out of the house." The Virginia Supreme Court ruled against Carpithcher stating that there was no way to independently prove that her new statement was true.
Now just think what a down-the rabbit hole, through the looking glass world that makes. Her word is good enough to give a conviction. Her recanting does not mean anything becuase it could be "fraud."
Carpitcher is in the position of trying to independently prove a negative.There is no other DNA evidence to point to because nothing happened.
In the Duke case the AV's motivation has always been suspect by some and if she were allowed to make accusations in court and if a verdict against the defendants resulted getting things right again could be very hard to do. This is why we need a DA and Judges and a Judicial system that is trying to achieve justice.And this is why your work along with others is so important for our liberties. I guess the innocence project will come around if there is a guilty verdict.
I think this is a horrible decision for Virginians and do not feel so smug about not living under NC's legal jepardy any more.
Carpitcher has 29 years to go on a 38 year sentance. He is 50 years old.

Michael said...

I think we should continue writing to our representatives on the matter so that they are aware of it. My Senator said that he's monitoring the situation which is better than disagreeing with me, ignoring me. Not as good as calling the AG but better than some of the media and some of the politicians that have weighed in.

Anonymous said...

As Raleigh resident I just e-mailed Dole & Burr and said all I could hope from them now is that they will be eviscerated in the books about this case --- and their refusal to stand for justice.
Cowards is what they are.

Gayle Miller said...

There SHOULD be a Federal investigation and I find it immensely troubling that Senator Dole is not interested. The entire "system" in Durham is so obviously corrupt that it boggles the mind that anyone, at any time, would be willing to live there. The atmosphere at Duke is so poisoned by self-appointed gurus of what is correct and what is not (the gang of 88), that why would anyone ever want to attend the school.

So I guess what I'm saying is that the shortsightedness of the powers-that-be throughout the State of North Carolina are doing what may be irreparable harm to the reputation AND economy of the State, as well as the City of Durham and the University.

Meanwhile, three innocent young men have been so cruelly mistreated by all involved that I would sincerely hope that all 3 file civil rights charges against the City, the University, the prosecutor's office and Nifong and his minions personally. Then the Feds would HAVE to take notice.

Maybe retribution (like revenge) will be served cold but be no less delicious for it!

Anonymous said...

To 12:22pm Remember Crystal's motivation was to keep from being incarcerated in a rehab center. Some there asked her if she had been raped, all she had to do was agree and off to the hospital she went.
To: Victim in Ma.
Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

To: 12:22 pm: Remember that the Crystal was taken to a alcohol rehab center first, and asked there, if she had been raped. She answered "yes" to keep from being admitted there, pretty good motivation to lie.

To: Victim in Ma.
I hope you are feeling better.

Shamus said...

Sadly, Money and votes are all that motivate politicians. With that in mind, this goes out in tomorrows mail. Suggest others do something similar.

Dear Senator Dole,
I am a life-long Republican voter, and was proud to be able to say I voted for both you and your husband. When I moved to the Durham area from New York State, I was so thrilled that you would be my Senator, that after your successful election, I kept one of your signs as a souvenir. I have always believed that both you and your husband best represented my beliefs. However, your adamant refusal to in any way advocate for the 3 Duke Lacrosse Team victims makes it apparent you are not the person I thought you to be. In my 20 years as a New York State Trooper, followed by my tenure as a local magistrate, I have never witnessed a more obvious violation of Civil Rights or a more appropriate reason for our Federal Justice Department to initiate an investigation. Further, the words of British Prime Minister William E. Gladstone have never rung with more truth. “Justice delayed is justice denied.” As difficult as this is for me, until and unless I see you do the right thing and become aggressively active in the effort to right the Durham/Niphong wrong, I will give my money and my vote to your opposition. It was simply a failure to listen that cost Republican’s a majority in both houses of Congress. It is past time for you to start listening when your constituents demand that you do what is right. First your stand on illegal immigration, and now this. For shame!

J M Eagan


Anonymous said...

Sadly, as we have learned, no one can get LE to act. Including Congressnan. Dole is hopeless. She wants to be Hilary and that does not include standing for justice, when it involves three white notherners. Thank God for money. Only the ability to hire a Brad Bannon, has forced this case to where we are. Not only did the potted plant not sanction Nifon, he has not responed to almost year old motions. Avoid North Carolina - rhis could be any of us.

Anonymous said...

I like George W, even though a Democrat. He has lost all survival skills. Pardon all the border patrol folk and sent the AG to NC and the bodrder patrol incidents.