Friday, March 30, 2007

More from the Legal "Experts"

I received an e-mail from Cash Michaels, author of yesterday’s piece in the Amsterdam News, noting that the News had very much edited the version he had submitted; and, therefore, he has posted the full version here.

The article contains several additional quotes from NAACP case monitor Irving Joyner and adjunct instructor Wendy Murphy. Joyner still doesn’t explain, however, how he determined that Illinois senator Barack Obama, in endorsing a DOJ inquiry of Mike Nifong’s misconduct, was “stating a position without a valid examination.”

In his additional quotes, Joyner notes that “a prosecutor is immune from civil suit for actions taken in the role as the prosecutor. The law provides absolute immunity even from civil rights claims.” Therefore, he notes, Nifong couldn’t be civilly sued for his decision to enter into an agreement with Dr. Brian Meehan to intentionally withhold exculpatory evidence.

I’m unaware of anyone who has discussed filing a civil suit against Nifong for actions that he took as a prosecutor. Michael Tigar, among others, has noted that Nifong appears very vulnerable to a civil suit for his false public comments. Moreover, Nifong was in charge of the police investigation from March 24 onwards; and, as Joyner well knows, has only qualified, not absolute, immunity from civil suits for actions that he took outside his capacity as DA.

Joyner also takes strong issue with the Bar’s decision to bring Nifong up on ethics charges for the DNA conspiracy, since “discovery is not constitutionally required unless authorized by the Brady Rule which deals with the providing of exculpatory evidence after a request has been made, an order to produce has been issued and the prosecutor violated that directive . . . That rule does not mandate immediate compliance with the discovery mandate and provides no more than that the discovery, after it has been ordered, must be provided at a reasonable time before trial. Even the North Carolina statute does not place a time line on when the discovery must be provided. Only that it is to be provided at a reasonable time before trial.”

If Joyner’s words sound familiar, they should—they mirror, almost word for word, the recent talking points of Mike Nifong’s personal attorneys. As the Bar noted in its response to Nifong, nothing in state or federal law would seem to justify Nifong’s “proposed bright-line rule” that because no trial date had been set, he didn’t have to turn over the exculpatory evidence.

Adjunct instructor Murphy, meanwhile, added that “having a federal civil rights investigation is such a joke. Nobody can justify such a ridiculous idea.”

Continuing her assault on the Bar, she asserted, “Even if this case were reviewed by a federal court, they would say there has been no constitutional violation and the defense has suffered no prejudice to their rights. If the courts would summarily laugh at such a claim, how can Congress say with a straight face that the claim merits a federal civil rights investigation?”

If the adjunct instructor’s words sound familiar, they should—they mirror, almost word for word, the recent talking points of Mike Nifong’s personal attorneys. As the Bar noted in its response, Nifong (and now adjunct instructor Murphy) appear to be confusing a violation that would lead to a court overturning a conviction with a violation of the Bar's ethics rules or state and federal law.


Anonymous said...

as Joyner well knows

Are you sure?
Somewhere in America there's the dumbest lawyer in America.

Haywood Patterson

Anonymous said...

“Barack Obama's support for a federal inquiry makes me wonder whether he understands these difficult issues,” Murphy continued. “It doesn't appear that he does and I'm very concerned that he doesn't seem to care one whit about the treatment of the victim, the violation of her civil rights, or maybe most important of all, that this case is being described as a 'fraud", etc -- by lawyers -- officers of the court who are ethically obligated not to lie or mislead the public.”

It really says something when a paper selectively edits something Cash wrote to slant it even further! Even taking the position that a "balance" between truth and falsehood is somehow a good thing, one can't compare the "full" version and the published version and claim the editing preserved any of this "balance".

Anonymous said...

Someone should be looking into Wendy Murphy's outrageous comments and see if she violated any ethical standards.

Anonymous said...

Nifong had an ABSOLUTE obligation to turn over 100% of any results from the enhanced DNA analysis. This requirement is based neither on Brady not the North Carolina statute, which requires disclosure.

Nifong filed the formal motion in which he set forth reasons the test was necessary. This motion was filed and served as part of the system's adversary process. After hearing from both sides, the court issued its order for the additional testing. The formal process and resulting order placed the results (all results) in the domain of ALL parties. Unless the order specifically provided otherwise, Nifong had no greater right to the materials thatn any other party. There was no decision to be made by Nifong as disclosure of this particular information was not discretionary. Any discussions Nifong had with the DNA lab head were conspiratorial in nature. Disclosure was mandatory, not optional!

In my opinion, Brady and the North Carolina statutes were violated, but that is for a separate discussion.

Nifong committed a fraud upon the court by misrepresenting (to the court and parties) the nature of his motion and then trying to get a third party to assist him in burying the undesired results. I humbly believe that Nifong's actions constitute, contempt of court, criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, misconduct in office, criminal violation of the defendant's civil rights and possibly more. I forgot to mention Nifong's
lie(s) to the court.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link and found a self-pitying manifesto about how Cash has been misunderstood in his quest for racial harmony. Yawn. If he is so regularly misunderstood, perhaps he is just not a very effective communicator.

I am willing to make a donation (small) in order to facilitate the purchase of "The Elements of Style" for Cash. Or perhaps, "The Chicago Manual of Style".
Reading is Fundamental.

Tall T

gak said...

“Barack Obama's support for a federal inquiry makes me wonder whether he understands these difficult issues,” Murphy continued. “It doesn't appear that he does and I'm very concerned that he doesn't seem to care one whit about the treatment of the victim, the violation of her civil rights, or maybe most important of all, that this case is being described as a 'fraud", etc -- by lawyers -- officers of the court who are ethically obligated not to lie or mislead the public.”

Could somebody please explain to me what Wendy means when she says Crystal's civil rights were violated? I can see through the other comments, but WHAT could possibly make her think that Crystal had her civil rights violated?

Anonymous said...

These people's comments with respect to the bar are so stupid. Ethics rules are more than just doing what's "legal"; they're about doing what's right. Yes, it's debatable whether indicting these guys in the face of the conflicting evidence is a per se violation of due process. But the bar rules don't say, "Prosecutors, you get to do whatever you want so long as you're immune civilly or you don't violate the constitutional rights of the accused." The rules basically say, "You are supposed to do justice." Can anyone argue that justice has been done here? No.

Second of all, I am not so sure that their rights have not been violated. The deliberate presentation of false evidence etc. etc. makes out a colorable due process claim. Moreover, I am not sure that the constitution has a "no harm no foul" rule either. (The "no harm no foul meaning that no convictions were obtained.)

Third of all, do these knotheads really want to be arguing this stuff. It will be thrown right back at them.

Fourth, Nifong's lawyers are morons. They need to STFU, play nice at the hearing, not piss off the bar folks.

Anonymous said...

Haywood Patterson,

You wrote, "[s]omewhere in America there's the dumbest lawyer in America." No doubt, you are correct; but this matter, as well as many others, shows beyond a doubt that the competition for that title is fierce, both in quantity and quality. Joyner is either really dumb or really dishonest; but either way, he's likely near the middle of the pack.

By this time, some lawyers in the North Carolina AG's office need to be placed in some unfavorable category: maybe dumb (I doubt it), maybe dishonest (probably a little), and maybe excessively political, which (like dishonest) means evil in this case. Based on Occam's razor, the most likely category seems to be evil because of excessive attention to political considerations.

Retired Lawyer/Professor

Michael said...

Can someone file a bar complaint against Joyner for stupidity in a public forum?

Anonymous said...

What a circus. Joyner is pathetic. His position coincides with Jackson's, Sharpton's, et al. I am black and I can say anything I want to, no matter how stupid, inane, illogical or hateful. If you disagree with me, you are a racist. I really am quite tired of hearing these clowns squeal. How about if we took away their platform.


Anonymous said...

Cash Michaels can write whatever he wants and quote Wendy Murphy and Irving Joyner until hell freezes over. This is all window dressing once these bogus charges are dismissed.

Once that happens it will be clear that these indictments should have never been handed down and that Nifong had no evidence to bring the players to trial.

When that happens maybe Cash and his pundits will realize the real harm they have done to true rape victims. Although, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though Cash has decided to make me his whipping boy. I object to quoting Wendy Murphy, especially calling her a "law professor," as many have done.

Those of you who want to know more about Murphy might want to contact Harvey Silverglate and other attorneys in Massachusetts and elsewhere who have dealt with wrongful conviction case -- in which Murphy was championing the prosecution. She is dishonest to the core, but that is who Cash has decided to quote.

I will not even comment on Joyner, given that his own words discredit him. Now, Cash is free to quote whomever he wishes, and I am free to point out that the people he quotes are dishonest.

At the same time, I am quite glad to have the people on Cash's various sites bash me instead of bashing Stuart and K.C. For a while, they were going after the "racist" lawyers, but since Kirk died, suddenly he no longer was a vicious racist, but a hero instead.

At any rate, if these guys want to go after me, that is fine.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder when various people came to the realization that the allegations and the prosecution were fraudulent. I suspect those who are in the victimhood business had more reason than most to have very serious doubts, from the outset. I know I did and, as has been made very plain, the closer one was to ground zero, the worse things smelled.

However, it seems many of these same people were very slow to realize that this "case" was hurting the cause (so to speak), or that they were so in the wrong that they were in jeopardy of civil action. They do not seem to stop until they realize that they are hurting themselves. Even then, they modify their behavior only enough to try to avoid self-destructive consequences and attempt to remain willfully ill-informed.

To me, the "full" article demonstrates that Cash has finally passed this point. It represents significant backpedaling and a certain amount of crow eating, as well as an attempt to give readers cause to hold on to unfounded doubts and to redirect things away from the actual events (and non-events).

The thing is, there are plenty of others who are no less filled with hate but who are not informed, able to think for themselves, or in a position where self-deception and the deception of others has apparent negative consequences to separate them from what has become shared delirium on a grand scale. Very revealing – and disturbing.

It really says something that Wendy is hanging in there longer even than Cash...

Anonymous said...

Many have speculated as to whether or not Nifong lost his prosecutorial immunity by inserting himself as case manager last March. If he did, why wouldn't a sharp tack like Cornaccia use a civil RICO suit against him based upon a possible conspiracy with Meehan?

Was there a conspiracy to commit a crime by withholding exculpatory evidence?

Did Nifong travel I-85 to get to DSI in Burlington?

Did they communicate by mail, telephone, fax or email?

I believe the "federal" requirements have likely been met.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for anyone. I know my views on the matter, but how would this issue play out legally?

If a man who works for a newspaper---heading its editorial pages---has a wife employed by Duke University, should he really be making editorial decisions about what is printed as opinion concerning the lacrosse case?

I think there is a grand ethical violation here.

Maybe not.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Michaels read the Bar's rather damaging response to Mr. Nifong. It leaves no doubt in my mind that he violated multiple ethics rules and will be punsihed for that, hopefully by removal of his license to practice law.
I do believe (quite sadly) that Mr. Michaels has a point in terms of absolute immunity for prosecutors. Yes, I know Mr. Nifong assumed the role of investigator, opening himself up to potential litigation, the problem is, that it will require a judge to decide when and which roles he was playing during the times of any alleged law suit. Then, the judge will have to decide if those roles, if as investigator, merit going forward under the limited liability provisions. A long process I am sure. In my heart, I believe Mr. Nifong should have culpability, I am hoping that he does, and that these are pursued (I feel Mrs. Evans will not let things fall by the wayside, Mr. Nifong really did pick on the wrong families).
A Federal investigation implies that crimes were commited (duh). So, we have to look at what crimes we want the DOJ to investigate, and which of those crimes will have the evidence to go forward. There are many in my mind, and hence, I believe the DOJ should not just investigate Nifong (for obstruction of justice), but many other players in this hoax, including (with emphasis), the DPD and CGM. Lying to a Grand Jury (a crime), planting or altering evidence (a crime), filing a false police report (a crime), Threatening violence or death against an individual (a crime), conspiring to withhold evidence (a crime), witness intimidation (a crime (remember the Cab driver)), violating civil rights (e.g speedy trial) is automatic grounds for dismissal (and I believe the late Mr. Osborn filed for speedy a speedy trial).
This forum has had many discussions on defamation (to include libel and slander). I believe many in this case have opened themselves up to lawsuits along these avenues, including the ever delusional Wendy Murphy (if she is still licensed to practice law (is she ?), then I think she should be investigated by her State Bar for ethics violations). I am sure we can debate the MANY others who could/should be sued for defamation. I am hoping the powers that be continue to hunt down the makers of the "wanted" and "vigilante" posters. I am sure those people are not feeling too comfortable right now, and the heat is on to find them.
Finally (this post is too long, sorry, I am just so passionate about the wrongs in this case). Thank you for people like KC Johnson, Liestoppers, JinC (and many others!!) for taking a true interest in this case. That these people have taken all this time out of their lives to right a wrong speaks volumes about their sense of fairness and integrity.


Anonymous said...

In reviewing the talking-head, self-annoited "experts", I'm reminded of the following.

Three M.D.s are discussing operations. (Excuse me if I've posted this earlier)

The first Dr. says, "I think the easiest operation is on Architects. Everything is color-coded. One sees that a mauve organ has gone bad, and replaces it with another mauve organ."

The second Dr. says, "Interesting, but subjective. I prefer to operate on Engineers. Everything is numbered and more precise. One replaces a bad 12.123 with a new 12.123. There's little room for error."

The third Dr. says, "Your both wrong. The easiest operation is on a lawyer. They have two moving parts, their mouths and their ass-holes, which are inter-changeable."

Chicago said...

It appears Cash is (on the surface at least) trying to appear neutral, which I suppose is a step up from where he was at when this hoax began.

Anonymous said...

I've pre-ordered three of K.C. Johnson's book; ""Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case"

I'll keep one for myself/wife (Duke), and provide one for my father-in-law (Duke), and the last for my children. Currently, I'm not certain that any, other than myself, understand who their enemies are and extent of the racist/bigoted nature of their attacks.

I'm certain the book will open their eyes if it is as well done as this blog.

Anonymous said...

11:10 seems to make a very strong (and concise) argument.

Why isn't this line of reasoning set out in the Bar complaint? Is it simply of matter of the Bar not having jurisdiction? The complaint doesn't even allege some of the crimes that are listed here that seem quite solid. Is there no one, other than the Federal AG, who has jurisdiction to proceed with charges such as these or for crimes involving a conspiracy between Nofing and the DPD, et. al.?

Can someone knowledgeable comment on this? Can the Bar refer these matters for prosecution?

gak said...

I read Cash's comments above the article and how we should feel free to gip.

What caught me the hardest was his statement that KC got his facts wrong and that even after he corrected kc, this blog still went after him.

After reading the board attached to the hyperlink in the article, all I can think is that there is a village or 2 missing its idiot(s)

Anonymous said...

Joyner has shredded his reputation in this matter-his outlandish legalcommentary is laughable. Murphy - how come this person still has a law license and exposure to honest people? How come the NELS still has her listed as an adjunct? She is the only one laughing in this event - she is getting money for her lies. Cash is such a hack, a rag like the A News cut his trite.

Anonymous said...

If NC Bar just disbarred Chapel Hill lawyer (see for less, what is forecast for Nifong and when?

becket03 said...

It's interesting to note that while Murphy still calls for a complete disclosure of all evidence in the possession of defense attorneys, she no longer spouts the canard that party attendees provided Nifong with testimony against the Duke 3.

That's a major crawl down for her, since she broadcasted this silly claim on TV for months, and published it in newspapers.


Anonymous said...

If a white man said all this crazy stuff, he would be ridiculed on television talk shows more then anyone else who has ever appeared on TV.

The scary thing is black people can use fear and hate to either be violent or educate themselves so they can get a mouthpiece to preach further hate.

Why are they allowed to do this? When will it stop?

Anonymous said...

1:17: The NC Bar's jurisdiction covers enforcement of the Rules of Professional Conduct (ethics rules) for NC lawyers. The Bar has no jurisdiction when it comes to violation of state or federal law(s). If, in the course of its investigation, the Bar discovers violations of state and/or federal law(s), then of course the Bar can make a phone call (to the State AG's office, or the DOJ) and pass along whatever evidence it has discovered. However, the ultimate decision as to whether or not to charge the lawyer with the state and/or federal crimes rests with the state and/or federal authorities having jurisdiction. Hope that helps.

AMac said...

A cross-posted comment addressed to Cash Michael (link to other thread is below):

Thanks for posting the unabridged version of your Amsterdam News article, though I'd like to ask a different question.

In your 3/29/07 3:06 pm post at the EZBoard thread Obama and the case, you say a couple of things. I wonder if you could expand on them.

First: "Anderson, Johnson and others claim they're racially alright just because one has an adopted black child, and the other is reportedly supporting a black candidate for president."

I'm a regular reader of D-i-W, and I don't recall that KC Johnson has made the claim that you related. Can you provide a hyperlink that supports your assertion? (Re. W Anderson, I think you're fair in saying that he's brought up having a black son (sons, actually) in the discussion.)

Second: " K.C. Johnson, in my opinion, has made numerous errors that no one calls him on because "Durham-in-Wonderland" is such a smash."

Based on his track record, I have come to regard Johnson as trustworthy in how he relates facts, and how he places them in their broader contexts. That makes me alert to suggestions that my confidence has been misplaced. If there are other fair-minded readers in my boat, you might gain a lot of traction if you would substantiate this claim. (I'm assuming that you are asserting that Johnson has made numerous substantial errors of fact. Minor slip-ups like conflating the number of Duke AAAS faculty with the number of full-time Duke AAAS faculty because of an ambiguous web-page wouldn't count. Promptly corrected mistakes wouldn't count in my book, either.)

So--would you provide hyperlinks that will lead the reader to Johnson's numerous errors, and briefly explain what they are and why they are consequential (assuming that it's not obvious)?

To be frank, Johnson has made immense contributions of fact and of analysis to the Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax. Thus, it would take a solid evidence of numerous world-class foul-ups on his part before I stopped regarding what he says about the case.

Still, I'm very interested in seeing how the evidence you present will compare to the claims that you've asserted.

I'm cross-posting this comment on the EZBoard thread where Cash Michaels has contributed extensively -- Obama and the Case, and at the Durham-in-Wonderland thread where Johnson writes about Cash's unedited article -- More from the Legal "Experts".

Cash, I hope you can offer a pointer to your response on both threads.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read any of the other discussions at the site carrying Michaels' article?

Dumb and Dumber.

Did Michaels' start this Board?

Anonymous said...

Someone some day is going to start digging into Judge Stephens role in all this and it isn't going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

My point about my children was this and always this: People who claim that I support Reade, Collin and David because I hate black people also would then have to say I hate my own children. That is a logical statement, and I do not think Cash can refute it.

I do not claim to be "racially alright" because of my adoptions. Rather, I am saying that people like Cash need to come up with better explanations as to why I believe the charges against the three young men are false.

Anonymous said...

It is 4:50 on the East coast, no news of the charges being dropped. What an incredible joke the justice system is in Durham and NC.
Oh, and yes, I agree, Judge Stephens needs to be questioned by the Feds....

heartmind said...


February 2, 2007:
KC wrote:

(Full disclosure: I support Barack Obama, one of Edwards' rivals for the nomination.]

heartmind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMac said...

Jacqueline 5:06pm --

Cash Michaels' assertion was that "Johnson... [claims he's] racially alright just because ... [he] is reportedly supporting a black candidate for president."

See his original text in my 3:21pm post; the paraphrase above simply removes Michaels' conflated assertions about "Anderson" and "others."

So Michaels' challenge isn't to quote one of Johnson's many statements of support for Obama. Instead, it is to link to a statement where Johnson claims he's racially alright just because he is reportedly supporting a black candidate for president.

I'm not splitting hairs or pulling a fast one--just asking Michaels to show the truth of the plain meaning of his own words.

Check the link in the 3:21pm comment for yourself.

heartmind said...


Sorry to miss the absurdity. I can't operationalize "racially allright."

Anonymous said...

Wendy Murphy is a man-hating crackpot.

Anonymous said...

"racially alright" means that you hate the same people that Cash does. Any variance from that line makes you a racist. Simple, no?

Anonymous said...

“Even if this case were reviewed by a federal court, they would say there has been no constitutional violation and the defense has suffered no prejudice to their rights."

No constitutional violation? The first violation of constitutional rights(5th amendment)was that these boys were even "held to answer" for this crime! Although the 5th amendment requires an indictment by a Grand Jury to be charged with a crime, how valid is an indictment that is based on Nifong's lies and omission of evidence!

If the 6th amendment to the constitution says that the State is obligated to obtain witnesses in the accused's favor,then hiding a witness (DNA evidence)would clearly be a violation of their 6th amendment right!

I would like to believe that Wendy Murphy is wrong in thinking that in review of this case, the Federal Courts would have no higher standard of ethics than Nifong's and no better understanding of constitutional rights than her own.

Anonymous said...

KC's position on which presidential candidate he supports has been posted to provide evidence that he isn't a conservative.

I don't believe that he has used that stance to prove that he's sympathetic to racial metanarratives.

Anonymous said...

re: bill at 4:35

Cash is using strawman arguments. They probably work with the people that usually read his stuff but the people over here do know better.

Gary Packwood said...

Michaels, Murphy and Nifong's Attorney are all responding off a script that was developed I would imagine, by the NAACP.

The words they are using I believe, are negotiation concepts and all of it is addressed to elected congressional politicians...who know what is happening at the national level.

The NAACP and Cash are just saying you give us what we want in NC and we will back off slightly on what we have been talking about BP (Before Precious), Bless her heart.

Not a bad strategy as long a unsuspecting normal people don't catch on to what they are doing.

And that is what Blogs have done and everyone is nervous.

Bloggers are telling anyone who wants to listen that we are not negotiating the future of Reade, David and Collin.

We need to stay on point!

Anonymous said...

The SOS Crowd:


Wendy Murphy
Herald Sun
Barry Saudners
Shadee whatever her name is
Nancy Grace
Irving Joyner
Group of 88

I hope like Heck they SUE the fool out of this "SOS"

Anonymous said...

I find the comments by Cash Michaels to be repulsive....never rising above the level of the excremental.

Is Michaels supposed to be a journalist? Is this his livelihood? How he spends his waking hours?

He is petty to a point that it overshadows any of his arguments.

He writes in a childish Aesopian mode which, I'm sure, his small audience understands. The tired lines could have been used a half century ago.

These old lines are no longer relevant.

His belief that he can pass off the black community as "victims" and "suffering saints" in 2007 surely places the rotund and excitable Cash inside the loony category.

He's so steeped in this rotted extortionist mentality that he can't see beyond his own spewing bile.

A whisper to the C-man.....pssst! one is buying this crap anymore.

Crystal Gail Mangum is a symbol of nothing but the offspring of dysfunction......and thanks to free healthcare with each and every out-of-wedlock or different "baby-Daddy" child born to this woman, she has unloaded three more who will be the beneficiaries of taxpayers from the cradle to the grave.

Find another cause. Preferably one that doesn't make normal people heave.

The problem with Michaels and the haplessly stunted janissaries who follow this tired silliness is that they can no longer provide a kinetic platform.

We do not need to be taught anything. People of my generation---born after the Brown v. Board of Education decision and who went to integrated schools---know for a FACT that the only thing holding back black people is black people.

People like me grew up fully expecting things to be better. Our lives were intertwined with people of other races on every level.

For someone like Michaels, who obviously needs to work on himself, to try to throw out that old bullsh!t is repulsive.

Do Michaels and his ilk have no pride at all? What do you want now? Must the rest of the country chew your food for well as provide it?

There is no reason at all for any black person not to succeed and do anything they want.

But that would take getting up off your duffs and designing your own futures.

Blaming white America or anyone else for your problems has an expiration date. Fully and totally expired by now.

The fact that a criminal like Mangum is used as a "cause" is illustrative of the intellectual bankruptcy in the black community right now.

Try another avenue, Cash. Your petty insults and obfuscations show a total lack of discipline.

But a lack of discipline is your trademark.

Debrah Correll

Anonymous said...

Cash is all shocked at the "hypocrisy, anger and outrageous banality...[of those who] smear and destroy...deliberately and maliciously mischaracterize."

Oh yeah (I almost forgot); Mr. Cash is all about racial harmony through understanding.

What a good guy! He's not at all like that other, stupid, vicious semi-literate idiot Cash Michaels who tries to blackmail dem politicians and doesn't give a flying leap about the truth: that guy's a racist.

MTU'76 said...

Cedarford! Durham Lawyer! Professor Anderson! Professor Johnson! Debrah! Gary Packwood! Nifong's Hat Trick! GAK, Chicago, Anonymous! Everybody! OMG! I finally realized that Dr. James (Jim) Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS, is the go to person in North Carolina. He is the richest man in the state and has a doctorate in statistics from North Carolina State University. He owns SAS, the biggest most valuable private company in the world. He is just down the road in Cary and education is the focus of SAS' philanthropy.

I am not making this up. Why haven't we heard from him? Somebody please find him and talk to him. What can he possibly do? Offset Linda Gates? Donate to the defense fund? Maybe he just needs a little encouragement to take notice, he still spends a lot of time writing code. When Dr. or Mrs. Goodnight talk politicians listen. I cannot do this myself.

Anonymous said...

Sweetmick says, we all like to tell ourselves that we regulate our lives with reason. Would that it were true. Unfortunately,as C.S. Pierce remarks, reasoning gets overwhelmed, becoming merely decorative, as a person's morality and prejudices take control. This is what has happened to those pathetic souls such as Michaels, Joyner, Murphy, gang of 88, etc., and to a lesser degree, us. It is no longer reasoning which determines the conclusions they will draw in this case but it is the conclusions they desire that determines what their reasoning shall be. So there we are, two warring camps, each of us supposedly fighting for the truth. Pierce says the TRUTH for us is that for which we fight.... This will go on until the human race comes to its deserved despicable end. So sayeth my hero, C.S. Pierce.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Gail Mangum is a symbol of nothing but the offspring of dysfunction......and thanks to free healthcare with each and every out-of-wedlock or different "baby-Daddy" child born to this woman, she has unloaded three more who will be the beneficiaries of taxpayers from the cradle to the grave.

There is nothing that motivates people to get out and vote more than the prospect of the free cash and benefits being cut off. You can bet that most people in this situation are all too happy to exchange their votes for the gratis gravy. This creates a perverse incentive for some politicians to not eliminate poverty. In fact, you can look at demographics since the 60's and clearly see that all the "Great Society" programs have done is to dramatically increase the pool of such voters -- a pool that is predominately made up of those who are entirely dependent on hand-outs and that, on the whole, act as a giant parasite on society.

In addition to the damage to society as a whiole, this has been very destructive to many families and communities, and is turned into a sacrosanct "culture" that is shamelessly promoted, further increasing the spread of irresponsible behaviors. The net effect is immense.

These demographics determine who governs in our society and the trends are not encouraging. We have repeatedly seen that groups whose interests are arrayed in this way will not produce leaders who will address the underlying problems; rather, they tend to deny these problems and blame the evil outsiders for keeping them down.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any sort of self-correction mechanism and anyone who even suggests that some collective self-reflection might be called for is viciously shouted down, whether they come from inside the group or outside. Indeed, those who purport to study victim groups are the most radical and lead in exactly the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

I have just finished reading the work of Cash Michaels.

I am stunned the author claims adulthood.

Anonymous said...

And so, one more week has gone, and justice has not been done.

Anonymous said...

When Cash finally confesses the truth about the $2million bribe he was so certain of in the summer of 06, I will give him a little more of my attention. When all the words that will ever be written about this case have long gathered dust in our libraries, no one will remember Cash Michaels.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is taking the Attorney General so long with the dropping of all charges. This is all political. The longer this takes the more disgraceful NC, and the attorney general looks. Why did they take measurements from the back porch to the fence? For show? TO appease the AA community? Bring the Feds in because NC is so hopelessly corrupt.

Anonymous said...

One would have to be crazy to accept legal advice from either Wendy Murphy or Irving Joyner. They both need to have a truth in advertising label (not to trust) stamped on their foreheads.

Anonymous said...

Original Lyrics By Don Henley and Glenn Frey

"Selena Roberts"

Selena Roberts, why don't you come to your senses?
You been sheltered behind Westport fences, for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one
But I know that you got your white guilt reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the race card from the deck, girl
It will beat you if it's able
You know the King of hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones that make no sense

Selena Roberts, oh, you ain't gettin' no smarter
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you mad
And freedom, oh freedom, well that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walking through this world with self-hate

Don't your feet get cold at The New York Times
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the truth from a lie
You're losin' all your highs and lows
Ain't it funny how your credibility goes, away?

Selena Roberts, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fine pedigree fences, open the gates
It may be rainin', but there's redemption above you
You better ask for forgiveness, before it's too late

Anonymous said...

Cash Michaels wrote, "And that's why the Duke alleged assault case will not be the last racial flareup that grabs national attention. Every one that happens, speaks to the unfinished business of generations of diverse Americans to truly begin the process of historic understanding and healing, for the disease that continues to plague us, is destroying the very fiber of this nation."

A woman lied about being raped, 88 professors and the New Black Panther Party catalyzed it into a calamity and now a significant voice in the Black Press is chastising us for not refusing to turn this noxious swill into a salve for "the disease that is destroying the very fiber of this nation."

I'll tell you what's doing that, Cash: dishonesty, opportunism and billion dollar industries, including the Black Press, that are wholly reliant not on crushing racism, but keeping it alive.

Gary Packwood said...

MTU'76 6:53

Can you run that past me again please?

Dr. James (Jim) Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS (which is)the biggest most valuable private company in the world... and is located in NC.

You want us to contact him concerning this case.

Why is that?

Are you looking at a connection between Dr. Goodnight and Duke?

Anonymous said...

Seems like we are looking at two possibilities: (1) the North Carolina A.G.'s office was setting up the press last week regarding an imminent dropping of charges (likely motive: allow the A.G. to go beyond the indicated timeframe and thereby seem to be acting very slowly, carefully, and deliberatly, all to help provide cover from the inevitable squawking by Joyner and other dingbats when charges are eventually dropped), or (2) because the defense lawyers are worried, they leaked false information in a desperate attempt to put pressure on the A.G.
Because of my very low opinion of politicians (Nifong is one, right?), especially Democrats (Nifong is one, right?), and double-dog especially North Carolina Democrats (Nifong is one, right?), I think the defense lawyers are worried and we are looking at an attempt by the A.G. to take this gosh-awful farce to trial.

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9:31:00 PM's take-off on the Desperado lyrics is great (although Don Henley being the liberal moonbat he is, he would probably disapprove of any negative criticism of a NY Times writer).

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7:38:00 PM,

Demographics may greatly affect who governs in our society, but some trends may be more encouraging than you think. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, the population is much smaller today than it would otherwise be. I suspect (as do others) that the Roe effect removes more big-government liberals than small-government conservatives from the voting base. As much as I hate to suggest a positive effect from abortion, in a 50-50 country the so-called Roe effect may significantly lower the influence of the the Joyners, Wendy Murphys, Selena Robertses, and Crystal Magnums in these United States.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous said...
Demographics may greatly affect who governs in our society, but some trends may be more encouraging than you think. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, the population is much smaller today than it would otherwise be. I suspect (as do others) that the Roe effect removes more big-government liberals than small-government conservatives from the voting base. As much as I hate to suggest a positive effect from abortion, in a 50-50 country the so-called Roe effect may significantly lower the influence of the the Joyners, Wendy Murphys, Selena Robertses, and Crystal Magnums in these United States.

Most interesting. Do you suppose that any group that wants recognition from the big government voting block needs to be strident in order to be heard today as opposed to 20-30 years ago?

The big government voting block is indeed much smaller.

PotBangers for example?

Perhaps they have become so strident that they are no longer guided by core values that we associate with being American.

Also, the drivel we are reading from journalist and attorney may be directly related to this need to be strident rather than thoughtful.

MTU'76 said...

re Gary Packwood 9:59:
Can you run that past me again please?
Dr. James (Jim) Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS (which is)the biggest most valuable private company in the world... and is located in NC.
You want us to contact him concerning this case.
Are you looking at a connection between Dr. Goodnight and Duke?

Dr. Goodnight and SAS Institute are to North Carolina as Ford Motor Company was to Michigan in 1950. We have heard from lots of players on this case, even from outsiders. Dr Goodnight is a decent man with many realms of influence, the least of which may be public opinion. We have heard from the men of the cloth on an earlier thread, but what about the real movers and shakers of the Triangle (Durham, Raleigh, Carey) and NC? (Dr. Goodnight would qualify as global.) Why haven't we heard from them about the HOAX? Why haven't the most powerful and important homies been asked to go on record? I don't know Gary, maybe this is a job for Geraldo, maybe not. Drunk again? (me not you, Gary)

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen "The Johnsville News" worm cartoon about Cash on March 29, 2007, you've missed a great laugh.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dr Goodnight a Bond character?

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