Friday, March 02, 2007

Easley Rips into Nifong

Mike Easley, appearing on the Charlie Rose show, again attacked Mike Nifong, this time in more direct language. The video is currently up on the Rose website; the N&O has just released some of the transcript:

MICHAEL EASLEY: He was appointed acting DA by me. The district attorney, a very good district attorney, I appointed judge, and I wanted someone who wasn’t going to run, that was a long-term prosecutor, just to hold the office together until somebody was elected. And our staff interviewed him. He said he wasn’t going to run, and we didn’t think he would. And then he got out and started running.

There’s a totally different standard you set for somebody who is going to be the elected district attorney and get into politics, and then there’s somebody who you want just to run the office. Because when you get out there and start making political comments, it requires a whole lot of different talent, a whole lot of different skills that obviously he didn’t have. And he would not have been appointed had we known he was going to run . . .

MICHAEL EASLEY: And what’s unfortunate about it is, once a prosecutor says the wrong thing or says something that they shouldn’t say, then it’s on. I mean, the fight’s on. The defense attorneys don’t have a lot of choice but to defend their clients. So then the whole thing is getting tried in the press, and everybody loses on that. It looks bad for the team. It looks bad for Duke. It looks bad for the state. It looks bad for the judicial system. And that’s why you want somebody who understands the media ...

CHARLIE ROSE: Fair to say you would not have appointed him if you had it to do over?

MICHAEL EASLEY: That’s correct. I would voluntarily not appoint him, just as he voluntarily turned the case over to the attorney general.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved Easley's closing comments. Unless I'm wildly misreading that, that was a wicked burn on Nifong.

Suffice it to say, I don't think Nifong is on Easley's Christmas card list any more.

Anonymous said...

I saw the last part of this interview the other night while channel-surfing just before bed.

Mike Easley is a drip. No question about it. He may have thought Nifong wasn't going to run for office and was just a seat-warmer; however, that in and of itself is a very stupid way to replace an outgoing district attorney.

One never knows what will transpire in such situations. Especially in a dip-sh!t place like Durham.

I find Mike Easley--the N.C. Central law school graduate--about as sharp as poor hapless Irving Joyner.

Easley has to cover himself in some way. The question is.....where was he months ago when it would have counted?


Anonymous said...

Easley's statement is a signal, i.e., that Nifong can be abandoned by Democrats in NC.

Chicago said...

Read between the lines, Easley is saying:

Throw this guy into the snake pit and I could care less.Easley has washed his hands of him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KC!

It's a real mess when someone creates a situation in which many of the states faults come out into the open. Easley should have been cleaning up the mess BEFORE Mikey made it so obvious.

Screw both of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Governor Easley may have been disappointed with Nifong’s appointment, but this sorry affair--tragic as it is for the defendants—has bought some other facts to light for this Duke Alum who previously thought of North Carolina as a second home when he was there 40 years ago. I now consider myself damn lucky to have got out of Durham unscathed!

I am not only thinking of Nifong—but also the DPD in the person of a Gottlieb who picks on Duke students. Linwood Wilson is another piece of work. And words fail me when I think of the judiciary in Durham allowing the “Dead Man Walking” threat to the defendants in the courtroom.

And then there’s the law—Tarheel style. More than a year after the LAX case began, I know just how much my Constitutional right to a speedy trial is worth in N.C.

The whole process of the indictment by Grand Jury in this case also appalls me for its lack of protections for the defendants' rights.

Nor is Nifong the only rogue DA in N.C. I simply cannot understand how Coman and Winstead—with comparable questionable activities in their backgrounds-- were appointed special prosecutors in this case.

I would like to hear Governor Easley’s justification of these SP appointments and the legal procedures in N.C. that I have singled out.


Anonymous said...


That wouldn't be Vin Diesel by chance?

If so, you're hot! hot! hot!

Just kidding. However, I do like that guy.

About your post......I have many of the same concerns, and I will not be satisfied until Nifong and his enablers suffer in some way for what they have done to innocent people.

The justice system everywhere is wide open for such abuses. Don't kid yourself.

The horrific aspect for me in this particular case is that it just goes on and on....even after it has been made clear long ago that Reade, Collin, and Dave are the victims here.


Anonymous said...

OK, Easley has ripped into Nifong. Now who's going to rip into Easley? Speaking as one who lives in the western environs of NC, he's another scumbag of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Politics pure and simple. Gov had months before the Duke case and 6 weeks before the primary to speak up about the election deception and did nothing. As long as he's in the same party, lying is OK! Also, nice Monday morning QBing on the PR snafu's. Easley could have fixed that as well in point 1.

Agree with other comments, he's stepped in nifong and is busy scraping it off of his shoe.

becket03 said...

I agree with the "drip" description of Easley. I caught some of the Charlie Rose show, and groaned as I saw Easley's personality reveal itself.

He struck me as a programmed, safe, empty suit, finger-in-the-wind politician, all of which can be summed up with the word "drip."

Nifong also has these qualities. Depsite his disavowal of him now, Easley did pick him once. Birds of a feather, etc.


Anonymous said...

So when are the SP's going to end the charade and lift the Sword of Damocles from these poor boys heads.

It would seem that every one in this case apart from the boys parents is making many $$$$$ by allowing this to proceed longer than it should.

Where is Cooper and why are the SP's still frigg*** around with this HOAX.

Roll on the civil cases and enabler heads begin to roll.

Anonymous said...

5:21 is Exactly right, the Democrats are playing CYA, Mikey is toast.

Another note, Bar Buddy said we will hear nothing on case until trial. Bar has burden to prove charges. They can subpoena anyone they want. Trial will take at LEAST a month. Each charge must be addressed separately.

Sounds like a summer of fun!


Anonymous said...

JLS says....

Well if anyone worried that the NC establishment is going to bat for Nifong can rest at ease, I believe. Also I think this clear backs up what Kemp has been telling us about the inside view of Nifong. [I think it is Kemp with the bar buddy?]

I was thinking about this earlier today. I am sure Nifong feels he did nothing wrong and was forced into this. That is the case force him into action because if he had not, he would have lost the primary. But really all that means is his own firing of Freda Black did him in?

I wonder why he fired her? He was to be interim only. He might have run, she run against him and won and she might have let him stay on to finish up his pension, had he not fired her. But firing her made the election an all or nothing proposition for him? Did Stephens and the other Durham courthouse insiders tell him to fire her?

Anonymous said...


You have inside dope. Is there ANY chance the Nifong hearing will be televised? That would be SO sweet! At the very least, do they allow reporters to attend? I want to hear every juicy bit of his torture.

Anonymous said...

So, when is he talking to Roy Cooper? Two months and counting. I think Easley is lying - Where is OZ? These boys hace follen into a black hole and may never surface? No Law enforcement or State Offical will help them,

Anonymous said...

Don't know about TV. I'll ask Bar Buddy, but I would bet he doesn't have a clue, yet. My bet is that Bar won't give a damn, it's open to the public, and lawyers like to hear themselves on TV. Someone would have to ask and the Bar Counselors would have to give the OK, but this is not a court room, so my bet would be they say yes. Remember they televised the election board hearings on Speaker Black's corruption. I should say they let cameras in, it was not televised live, too boring, which will probably be the same case with Mikey's trial.


Anonymous said...

"Nifong also has these qualities. Depsite his disavowal of him now, Easley did pick him once. Birds of a feather, etc."


Birds of a Feather !! Exactly, if Nifong was not exposed and ever got a conviction on the 3, even if Easly knew that the case and evidence was manufactured and a set-up, he'd be lining up as Nifong's best buddy. Easley reminds me of that old Southern Governor trying to keep his job in the movie "O' Brother Where Art Thou. Except the actor George Durning was more endearing... Another thing the movie and the state of NC have in common - their justice system.

Orange Lazarus

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the three defendants will be forced to a trial. Elected Democrats and their chosen handmaidens (the special prosecutors) are dumping Nifong to appease white Democrats and will continue the prosecution of the players to appease black Democrats. Otherwise, too much risk of Republican victories. Democrats cannot win in North Carolina without lots of black votes. Three rich yankee kids are not worth the risk of losing one or more elections.

Anonymous said...

"Three rich yankee kids are not worth the risk of losing one or more elections."

I think you just squarely hit the nail on the head. If you consider all the angles, this theory makes sense. Dems won't alienate their base.

Anonymous said...

"Three rich yankee kids are not worth the risk of losing one or more elections."

I think you just squarely hit the nail on the head. If you consider all the angles, this theory makes sense. Dems won't alienate their base.

So, we might actually get to see Precious on the stand.

Anonymous said...

After lagging safely to rear, Easley speaks out.

...and everybody loses on that. It looks bad for the team. It looks bad for Duke. It looks bad for the state. It looks bad for the judicial system.

Interesting that Easley left himself out of the "looks bad for" list. The main reason he's speaking out is that it looks bad for him.

Why is it that Easley can't speak to the citizens of NC directly. Why does he have to go to New York (twice now) to do so?

Anonymous said...

From a long-time civil lawyer, I have a couple of questions. What is the statute of limitations for libel/slander in NC? In Ohio it's one year from the date of publication, which would mean the clock is ticking for state law libel/slander suit. If the suit is filed [Defendants would include fake victim, Group of 88, others, including Nifong - even unindicted LAX players have arguable claim for comments re: not coming forward, wall of silence, etc.], the pending criminal action may delay discovery in civil action. But, I would pay money to sit in on depositions. Those will be priceless. No book until the transcripts are available, Prof. Johnson. Horowitz must be salivating at the chance of reading the transcripts of the depos of the leaders of the Group of 88. Those pontificating windbags won't be able to help themselves. Taking the depositions would be so much fun. I'd be as excited as a kid the day before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Poster (8:29PM) has just illuminated it all.

This post provides the reason for this long nightmare.

If there are any truly justice-driven and objective Liberal Democrats in NC, show yourselves now.

Do something overt to stop this madness.

No one--no matter from which part of the country they hail--is willing to come out and admit the truth. The enormous albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party is the relentless extortionist behavior of the black community, which votes Democratic about 97% of the time.

How can this blog not discuss politics? Huh?

Is anyone home here? My life is not comprised of euphemisms and tap-dancing around the obvious. Life is too short.

Muzzling a discussion of politics as it relates to the Duke lacrosse case is ripping and raping all of us of the core issue.

Reade, Collin, and David have gone through a year of hell because the Liberal Democrats must always appease the black electorate--most of whom are so ill-educated on the issues that they enter the voting booth with a pre-ordained and pre-written script for whom to vote....given to them by the party faithful. They also get free rides to the polls. Rock the vote!

The hell this case hasn't always been about race!

The hell this case isn't about the Democrats kissing the posterior of Liberal black racists!

Just as the old-time Democrats of the South had to come to terms with their slaveholding ways......they must---along with ex-KKK-white-hood-sporting Democrat Robert Byrd---come to terms with the erosion of our very culture and the justice system of this country by catering to the racists and extortionists among us today.

Liberal politics is the very cornerstone of this continued injustice. Anyone who denies this is a liar or a fool.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:08 pm

"No one--no matter from which part of the country they hail--is willing to come out and admit the truth. The enormous albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party is the relentless extortionist behavior of the black community, which votes Democratic about 97% of the time."

When you are dealing with pandering liberal Democrat poiticians, truth and justice are always the first casualty. A sad commentary about this country's values when it really sucks to be rich, white, male, and innocent !!

Anonymous said...

So Easley again dumps Nifong in public.

Gee, why didn't he step in
when it mattered?

Charlie Rose? What could be more irrelevant to NC core constituencies, a meeting of lawyers in New York?!

He is behind the curve, cya, scum.

Mike Easley is Mike Nifong with a higher grade of communications skills.

sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

When push comes to shove, the NC Democrats will drop the charges. The reason they will do is a political calculation.

If they upset the black base, some of their base will stay home. A voter who stays home costs you one vote.

If they upset some white NC Democrats by trying to railroad these kids on account of their race, some of the white Democrats may switch and vote GOP. A voter who switches is twice as bad for you as one who stays home. A voter who switches costs you a vote just like the voter who stays home. But in addition the switcher adds a vote to your opponent.

So ultimately the NC Democrats will opt to risk the stay at homes over risking the switchers.

Anonymous said...


The problem with your analysis is the Democratic primary. The AG will not want to risk having to run against an NAACP-backed, black candidate screaming about how the AG dumped on all people of color.

Anonymous said...

"When push comes to shove, the NC Democrats will drop the charges. The reason they will do is a political calculation."

Anyway, sooner or later the case will terminate in favor of the defendants. At that point, the "angry black" crowd will be angry no matter what.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: anon 9:47

You certainly have a point with the primary, but my rebuttle point are:

1. The primary is irrelvant if you can not win the general.

2. In the primary you might lose black vote to other Democrats, but that only make that threat equal to white voters switching to other Democrats.

re: anon 10:00

Exactly those demanding a show trial will be mad when the judge tosses the ID, will be mad when Mangum does not show to testify etc. They are angery. I have long thought the AG's office would be better off dumping this case sooner rather than later. The later they wait the closer the next election is. In politics things are forgotten when they take place this far from the election.

Anonymous said...

The supression hearing is the end of this case. We all know that CGM cannot handle cross-examination. Moreover, the SPs in this case are not going to suborn perjury.

Politically speaking, that's the best outcome for the AG's office--simply hang CGM out to dry at the hearing. The judge will toss the ID, and without the ID, the case is over. Actually, what the AG's office is hoping for is that CGM simply does not show up in court. That would really solve their problems.

The problem for the SPs is that they have to talk to CGM before the suppression hearing. And it is highly likely that in such a conversation (which will have to be recorded, as the SPs would be damned fools not to), it would be painfully obvious to anyone that this woman was not victimized. (Query: would conversations between the SPs and CGM be discoverable under NC law?) Thus, ethically speaking, they really would not be able to put this woman on the stand for the suppression hearing, and if they cannot do that, then they take the heat politically for not believing a black victim.

The other problem for the AG's office is that the judge may not like having this political hot potato dropped into his lap. Judges, I would think, don't like to do the dirty work of prosecutors, and if they serve up CGM and she gets torn to shreds, the judge will likely be very upset that he has to toss a case that should have been tossed by the prosecutors.

My guess is that the SPs cross their fingers and hope CGM is a no-show. Or that CGM decides to drop the charges herself.

What is funny to me is the complete lack of integrity here. Everyone knows this case is garbage. Everyone. Yet no one will simply do the right thing and dismiss the charges. Why? Because of political implications. How does one justify that? It's just life.

I wish nothing but ill to all of these people.

GS said...

WRAL must have read KC posts

Nifong: Grassroots Groups Trying to Run Him out of Office

Anonymous said...

Upset the black base? Upset the black base? Who else are they going to vote for? There is zero upsetting of the black base. Complete nonsense.

Nifong, Easley, Gang of 88, Brodhead, are the worst type of cowards. They are attempting to string-up three boys for no reason. They will never upset the black base because there is no alternative as defined by the pre-conditioned hate drivel delivered.

What is the @#$ alternative vote?

This is evil plain and simple. They know the voters will NOT vote the alternative.

Anonymous said...

Writing as a person living in Raleigh, North Carolina, Easley is hardly ever heard from while he's here in town. You might be interested to know that besides graduating from NCCU law school, someone created teaching jobs for Easley's wife at NCCU and now she's employed by NCSU - while he's been governor.

Anonymous said...

No way in hell will there be a trial of the Duke 3. That case is history just "waiting for the fat lady to sing."

Seriously anyone who thinks there will be a trial is fooling themselves.

Now I hope there will be a trial for Nifong on at least civil rights violations. I hope all the corruption on this case is rooted out by the federal AG.

Durham Liberal Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A reasonable person is positively sprinting to distance him/herself from a complete fraud of a human being! I am so shocked!

Victoria Peterson, NC NAACP, Waheema Lubiano, Chan Hall, Kim Curtis, Houston Baker and Adolf Hitler must be next in line.

Seriously, I see no significantly different philosophy distinguishing these people from Adolf Hitler. They are positively identical in logical comprehension.

Anonymous said...

10:25 PM said: "My guess is that the SPs cross their fingers and hope CGM is a no-show. Or that CGM decides to drop the charges herself.

What is funny to me is the complete lack of integrity here. Everyone knows this case is garbage. Everyone. Yet no one will simply do the right thing and dismiss the charges. Why? Because of political implications. How does one justify that? It's just life.

I wish nothing but ill to all of these people."

SteveDinMD: Your analysis is right on. There is too much political downside for all parties in decision-making positions for them to act responsibly. Everyone reflexively wants to kick the can down the road. The Governor, who appointed Nifong but refused to dismiss him, let the case fall into the AG's lap by default. The AG's office wants to leave the heavy lifting to the judge. The judge, who is also an elected official, wants to leave it to the jury, or, barring that, to an appeals court. It's sad, really, that political self-preservation prevents clearly innocent people from receiving justice from those with a specific sworn DUTY to give it to them.

What, then, is the likely outcome? I, like you, believe that all responsible officials are secretly hoping for CGM to disappear. Frankly, this is a real possibility for her. She's a prostitute living on the edge, and consequently can't be relied upon to appear promptly for hearings and/or trial. Her untimely death, too, is far from a remote possibility, and would be a welcome relief for all concerned. I therefore expect the SPs to pursue delaying tactics to let such scenarios develop as they may. If CGM does, in fact, show up for an evidentiary hearing at some time in late Summer, regardless of how badly mauled under cross-examination, I expect the judge to disallow her photo line-up ID, but nevertheless allow an in-court ID by her of the defendants. Though legally incorrect, such a ruling would be politically expedient and correctable by a jury or appellate tribunal -- but not on an interlocutory basis. It would also kick the can down the road to a trial (next Autumn or Winter?) by which time CGM again might die or otherwise fail to appear. The SPs, however, face risks in going to trial with the current charges in light of their required due dilligence in reviewing the case file. The SPs would face certain humiliation in court (regardless of verdict) and possible Bar sanctions if not careful.

From the standpoint of professional/political triangulation, then, their best recourse might be to modify the bill of indictment to reflect charges less explicitly refutable. Theft, Robbery, and/or Assault & Battery would make a MUCH better case for them to prosecute than the one they inherited. That's not to say that the allegations would be in any way provable. That's really not the point anymore. The new set of allegations would have the virtue not being explicitly DISprovable, which is all these people need right now to preserve both their professional reputations and political viability.

Anonymous said...

There are some very good points above about the abandonment of basic proceedures in the legal system by the prosecution.Certaianly you've done yeoman's work in researching the NC criminal justice code and following the transcripts.Someone at the Volokh conspiracy rec'd you for a Pulitzer and I would certainly agree.(Don't know if it is given to a blogger.)
Still,Gov. Easley's comments strike me as not too little,but too late.Samuel Johnson wrote a cutting parody to a Duke(of Bedford)?who was a supposed patron-but absent in times of his want.Easley,like Johnson's patron is guilty of throwing the struggling man a rope after he's reached shore.
Also,I think it's time for me to send a few buckws to the defeense fund.Finally,I earlier critcized the NAACP for becoming a racial organization,and certainly race is the second most powerful factor in the case.Behind a corrupt DA.)But,you've commented several times on the stellar role Prof. Coleman played and I think we -or at least I should keep in mind his behavior in the best traditions of American justice and academic inquiry.

Anonymous said...

what is really telling about Easley's comment is that he does not really take the blame for the screw up. Note that he says that he appointed Nifong because he thought he would be good at "keeping the office running" until someone else could be elected. Well, that was exactly where Nifong failed in the most awful way. So, Nifong was successful as a campaigner - after all, he did get elected. But, in the area where Easley says he, easley, was most concerned, procedure and operation, Nifong was the most incompetent. Really, what Easley has done is to damn himself and his own judgement almost perfectly.

Anonymous said...

4:06 AM,

As a prostitute with 3 children living in Durham, Crystal Gail Mangum is not living on the edge. She is in the mainstream of the African American community. She has a good income from the government, a trade to fall back on (is that the right way to phrase that?), is an outstanding student at that paragon of scholastic achievement, NCCU, has the support of her family, is highly regarded by her customers (bareback anal - that's got to be worth something, eh?) and will no doubt run for mayor someday. And could very well be elected. Angry black crowd was mentioned somewhere in a comment - that is triply redundant, and in the case of Durham, all encompassing.

As for the democrats who run this state - they will not clean house, they will always pander to their base, and will make sure the the maternal government will always prevent any negative consequences from bad behavior or choices. Nifong will get a pension, Crystal is set for life, the black community will continue to spin conspiracy theories to support their biases, and life will go on.

If Nifong was so sure that a rape had occurred, why didn't he track down the DNA contributors to Crystal's collection?

As I wrote, she will go far in politics - at least what most of them do or want to do to the electorate is already documented as a behavior she has no objection to.

Anonymous said...

I just read the CCI report.

One recommendation on admissions standards is specific to athletes:

Reduce the number of athletes admitted near the low end and reduce the number of teams afforded the prerogative to recruit athletes near the low end

Also on admissions, there's this line:

As an indication of this intuitional priority, the Committee suggests evaluating applicants’ response to a required application essay question on engagement and experiences with difference.

I do think the report is being handled reasonably. It is clearly written with an agenda -- that diversity is necessary (for excellence) and that there are a number of things that tend to be hostile to diversity and therefore must be lessened: insensitive/unaware/hostile admits, socially powerful fraternities, alcohol, (self-)segregated housing, athletics, etc. At the same time, it is well written and does present one viewpoint. If this is balanced by other viewpoints and any decisions carefully made, there is some good here.

The report states:

Black students as a group have lower GPAs than white students, even when adjusted for pre-college differences in test scores and background.

Here's where it gets dicey. What attribution does one make here? Is this a consequence of racism, or is acting as though this is either untrue, or can only be a result of racism something that actually contributes to racism? How does one discern angst caused by feelings of inadequacy from that caused by perceived racism? Is it possible that difference in terms of performance might be one dimension along which students naturally sort themselves? Is diversity of aptitude or achievement desirable?

If you are going to not make any allowance in admissions for athletic excellence and recognize the things that athletics adds to the undergraduate experience at Duke, how can you abide making the same sort of allowance just to meet some sort of diversity target? After all, it is the case that Duke has high standards for athletes – they just make an allowance. There are a great many players who qualify athletically but who do not make the grade academically. In the same report, there is praise for making just such allowances to get more artists admitted.

It occurs to me that Duke athletics is resented for being excellent. Watching basketball (both teams) in particular, it is clear that Duke athletes are not one-dimensional. On some level, I think it really irritates some to see a team that is racially mixed or even predominantly white, with a white coach, defeat an all-black team or even lose a close contest with grace and dignity that at times far outshines the class shown by the opposing team. I think this is yet another reason why there was so much pent-up rage that was loosed on the Lacrosse team last Spring.

If anything, I would guess that the words and acts of the G88 have lessened the weight of the recommendations in the report. To his credit, Broadhead does seem to devote considerable time and energy to Duke and perhaps now, with Central Campus planning underway and the events of the past year in mind, is a good time to explicitly discuss some of these issues. I just can’t understand how it is that with all that Duke does in the name of diversity today, that there are such vocal demands for more. Maybe it is na├»ve of me, but perhaps it is possible to have a frank an open discussion that results in greater understanding, justice, and results that truly will help Duke to move forward.

Anonymous said...

If Easley is really serious about his disdain for out of control Nifong the double crosser, he should start the process of having Nifong's pension revoked. After all, putting in his two or so years and maximizing his pension were among the chief motivators for Nifong's blatant prosecutorial misconduct in the Duke Hoax.

I cannot think of a more appropriate punishment for Nifong than disbarment, termination as DA, and permanent loss of pension for abuse of power and lack of "honorable public service". It has happened in other cases throughout the country, why not this one?

Anonymous said...

Given the enormity of Nifong's prosecutorial misconduct in this horrendous Hoax, as evidenced by the mounting legal tab running into the millions for the 3 falsely accused, once all is said and done, there needs to be a punishment that fits Nifong's crimes.
It has been said by a number of knowledgable inside sources that one of Nifong's primary motivations for his ghastly, inexcusable actions in this case was the need to stay on as DA for two or so years in order to maximize his pension. His firing of Freda Black started the ball rolling, then along came the Duke rape allegations, and Nifong's re-election game plan was "off to the races" (pardon the pun!). Nifong, by his own admission, did 50 to 70 interviews with the local and national media (in this case, the "Electronic Lynch Mob"), without ever interviewing his Precious "victim" to see if any of her multiple, conflicting stories had some semblance of credibilty or coroborating evidence.
For all but the "Rush to Judgement" crowd who have been steadfastly unswayed by the mountain of facts proving the cruel and utter fraudulance of this Hoax, reasonable, open-minded people of all persuasions are NOT persuaded by the "fantastic lies" that are the bedrock of this case. For all but the "intellectually blind", this case has gone on far too long, like a tired, old taxi cab to hell, sputtering on fumes while the meter is still running like a well-oiled machine.
At some point, hopefully sooner than later, this evil cartoon will be over. NC Governor Easley has recently made some telling, unflattering comments about his failed Durham DA appointment, Mr. Nifong, who agreed to take the reins of the Durham DA position, more or less until the clock wound down, "late in the 4th quarter", if you will. But alas, Nifong "speaks with forked tongue", much to Governor Easley's dismay. (Can you identify the biggest understatement here?).
Hopefully, there is a high level legal team at work that will seriously bring Nifong to task for his unprecendented indiscretions that have mooned Lady Justice, deprived 3 students of their constitutional rights to due process, slandering them before an international audience, causing their families to spend millions for their legal defense - not to mention the untold, ongoing heartache of the falsely accused and their family members that no one can put a price on, and cast Durham in a less than complimentary light, to say the least. For all of this, Mr. Nifong should be dealt a punishment that fits his crimes, including but not necessarily limited to:
1) Disbarment.
2) Termination as DA.
3) Loss of his precious pension for his complete and utter lack of "honorable service" as a public servant.
Recalling the infamous OJ case, although Simpson was found guilty in the wrongful deaths (a P.C. way of saying "murder") of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, Mr. Simpson's pension is "off limits" in terms of the $33 million or so civil judgement rendered against him.
Governor Easley, in light of all that has taken place here, for the sake of justice, please do the right thing and get the process moving to take Nifong's pension away! Such a move has taken place in other states involving "dishonorable public servants" (not sure about NC), so there is precedence, and besides, no one has acted more dishonorably in a high profile case than your own Mr. Nifong!