Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wade Smith Summary


Collin a wonderful man—the first 10 minutes he spent with him, knew that he didn’t do it.
“we learned that there was absolutely no way that he could have been at a party where anything happened—as clear as it could be. He had a wonderful, wonderful alibi.”

Alibi a strange word to use—since nothing occurred

Praises professionalism of Jim Coman and Mary Winstead—“they didn’t leave a stone unturned.”

“often reminded what a thin membrane separates our society from chaos”—everyone is vulnerable to rogue prosecutor; what protects? “honest police and hard-working prosecutors; people who investigate first and act later.”

“We are absolutely dependent in our culture on good police work. Without them, there is no protection.”

Recommends that people re-read The Crucible

Players didn’t deserve it—but “North Carolina didn’t deserve it.”

Hopes the world will take our word for it that Nifong’s behavior is not typical of NC—many good prosecutors and police in the state

As You Like It, “Sweet are the uses of adversity”; confident that each of the three players will do something positive about this experience

Closes by remembering Kirk Osborn; regrets so much that he could not be with the defense team today


Anonymous said...

Someone at the press conference should ask who KC is so that he could say hello or wave for the camera.

Anonymous said...

BTW, thank you KC for putting this up. Otherwise, I'd have only the brief summaries of the MSM tomorrow...

Unknown said...

Can someone tell all the information that Smith had on Finnerty's alibi?
I was listening to him as he started to tell it and they went to commercial and I missed it. I have wanted to know this a long time, as it relates to Fong's incompetency.

dericksch said...

Alibi a strange word to use—since nothing occurred

I don't think so. Alibi is Latin for "elsewhere," and to have an alibi simply means you were elsewhere from the time and place alleged; it doesn't imply a crime was committed at that time and place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KC for your fine and perceptive work on this case over the past year; you have been incredibly informative and forthright-
D Anderson, Seattle

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what Collin's alibi was also - demonstrating that he was not even at the party makess Nifons crime even worse.