Monday, September 17, 2007

Duke Talk

Ken Larrey has graciously posted the video on my talk at Duke last week.

While there, it's worth checking out the site for Duke Students for an Ethical Duke.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that name. Read Mr. Larrey's letter in the Chronicle today. Good job. Good luck to the Duke Student(s) for an Ethical Duke.

mac said...

I'm listening to the talk right now (BTW, I always thought Levicy was pronounced "Le-VEE-C.")
Now I see: it's LE-veh-cee, like the word "levity," which has odd connotations with regard to the levitation Crystal Gayle Mangum claimed occured while she was being penetrated by multiple "grays" - (the dusky-hued aliens people sometimes are abducted by) - or some other critters, perhaps a stray oppossum or two who happened to stray by for a little slap 'n tickle. Such is Levity.

"Inexperienced"... "idealogue...," which are KC's words, which fairly - (but only partially) - sums up Nurse Levity.

I'm hoping that Bigas watches the tape, shortly before boarding a ship to Venezuala - (hopefully never to be heard from again.)

mac said...

Note of apology:
(Sorry, Bigas: I meant to send you to Venezuela, not "Venezuala," though anyplace would do just fine, since you probably spell just as well in their language as in ours.)

Apologies to all "Grays," too, and to the marsupials, particularly the much maligned oppossum. (I once heard that chickens actually cross the road in order to prove to 'possums that crossing the road, in fact, could be done.)

I still don't know why Grant Farred crossed the road, however.

mac said...

Now the tape is out of sync with the voice, making KC look like he's appearing in Kung Fu Theatre. That is appropriate, however, as he's really kicking butt!

("and KC throws a high roundhouse kick to the head of President Brodhead...Brodhead goes down...he gets he's down again...folks, it looks like President Brodhead is incoherently gazing at his navel...the fight is over, the fight is over, the fight is over!")

Debrah said...

Just finished watching and listening to the video.

Excellent clarity, but someone in the control room had the audio a bit delayed.

Not a huge problem.

Enjoyed it more the second time around.

I just love the way KC pronounces the words "saw" and "law"....and as I said before, his voice is just as clear and concise as his writing....with little physical gestures and pauses to punctuate words.

Take note: Everything off the top of his head. No notes at all.

It was so cute when he came out from behind the podium and put one foot on top of the other.

For a casual lecture, the black pants, black bowtie, and black leather athletic shoes are a good combo---mufti chic.


Sound from the audience was intentionally muffled--a good thing--to give audio focus to the podium.....however.....

...I hope everyone was able to hear a little background "Diva yell" right at the end......

Thank you, KC. We love you!

Such Diva madness!

Debrah said...

Both Ken Larrey and Stephen Miller are such great guys.

Such gentlemen...and, no doubt, members of Duke's lacrosse team, and the majority of Duke students are the same.

As I said before, I recognized Stephen right away as I came into the lobby. We all remember his excellent columns and his cable TV appearances.

We had an amusing chat about his appearance on O'Reilly the same night their camera crew caught Mikey in his bathrobe. GOL!!!

I can't say enough about Ken Larrey. He was also out front in the lobby when I got there. I didn't know who he was at that time and went to him to ask where the best place would be to get something to drink.

It was still so hot that night and I had gotten there early to get some books signed.

I couldn't believe how kind and helpful he was...even though he was so busy. At the time, I didn't realize that he was the person responsible for organizing the whole evening.

I'm glad I listened to the talk again...unfettered by natural distractions of actually being there.

Upon reflection, most of the questions asked were quite good ones.

I recall that night having the idea that about two of them weren't. I had somewhat of a different impression listening to them just now.

(BTW, I hope all of you are able to extend the video the width of your computer screen. It's much more like watching an actual television presentation.)

Anonymous said...

Please identify the initial speaker? I guess that is the "Stephen Miller" Debrah mentioned? Just who is he? and Ken Larrey?

...somehow missed that :) thanks

Anonymous said...

KC ...

I just finished hearing your talk at Page Auditorium ... or at least most of it (my computer or my connection gave up at minute 59) ...

My compliments. Anyone who can deliver a well reasoned, coherent talk of that length has my respect. Your talk was superb. Because I have followed this case from March 29, 2006, I have a sense of the facts. Your organization of those facts was singularly damning to the enablers within both the DPD and Duke's administration.

My blood boiled.

Injustice, in the cloak of academic freedom, is surely the most insidious attack on the Constitution and freedom. Truth, however painful, must always find the light of day.

Thank God for sunlight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting it.

Debrah said...

TO 11:34PM--

Yes, the first speaker was Stephen Miller.

Ken Larrey is head of Duke Students for an Ethical Duke. He and his organization are responsible for bringing KC to Page.

Stephen Miller is a Duke alumnus who lives in L.A. He graduated last year. He had a regular column in the Chronicle, was on cable a lot talking about the case, and from his words you can tell he was quite a force against the Gang of 88.

Very, very sharp guy.

Debrah said...

I hope everyone heard Larrey tell the audience that all of his flyers which had been placed around campus prompting everyone about KC's appearance were taken down by Duke.

Did you hear that?


Anonymous said...

I regret not flying to Durham to hear the talk in person and watch the folks around me.

It was a wonderful synthesis of vetted facts (checked ones, not polemical), which put them under analysis and emerged with strong conclusions, named names and awarded praise and blame in the appropriate quarters.

How unlike the Duke administration in setting a model for educational proceedings.

Humble thanks to Professor Johnson, and to Duke Students for an Ethical Durham for presenting the occasion.

Stuart McGeady said...

The audio lags increasingly behind the video until it is a full second or so by the end of the Q & A session. Was this a technical problem? Or was the recording unit frazzled by the sheer energy emanating from the luminous Debra as she basked in the glow of her favorite Professor Johnson? ;>)

mac said...

Gotta watch it again; mine stopped at 57 minutes.

As some have pointed out, the two young men immediately preceeding KC are quite impressive in their demeanor and their sincerity.

What a contrast with "Dr. Luv" Hardt and Wahneema.

KC's classes should be full - (another contrast with many of the 88) - wherever he teaches.

Anonymous said...

If you right click the link and select "save target as" you can download the whole thing and not have to worry about the connection cutting out. Plus you'll have the benefit of being able to watch it in parts or replay the best bits.

It's about 180 megs and took me about 20 mins to DL in the UK.

mac said...

Thank you, 9:25!

Anonymous said...

"Ken Larrey is head of Duke Students for an Ethical Duke. He and his organization are responsible for bringing KC to Page."

Ken and his group did a wonderful job of organizing numerous elements of the event. However, I need to set part of the record straight.

KC accepted my program's invitation to speak at Duke. My administrative assistant helped organize the event. We provided a lot of guidance, and my program paid the expenses, e.g., travel, room and board, speaker fee, videotaping, auditorium.

After KC accepted my program's invitation, we were told that Ken's group was also interested in hosting the event, so we settled on a division of labor.

Gary Hull, Ph.D.
Program on Values and Ethics
in the Marketplace
Duke University

Anonymous said...

Thank you (and your AA) Dr. Hull for planning and hosting this event.

Anonymous said...

My apologies to Dr. Hull for omitting his program in my earlier thanks. He and the program obviously are due equal credit and gratitude.

Watch your back, sir.

Debrah said...

Thank you, Professor Hull !!!

Debrah said...

I'm not sure which software is required; however, I was able to download the entire evening in just a few minutes.

Real Player is what my IMAC has.

Anonymous said...

HEY, That looks a lot like a DUKE Bow Tie!!!

Good work KC, just started the book.


Anonymous said...

Brillant presentation. Clear, concise, well organized and informative. Professor Johnson's speaking skills match his outstanding writing skills.

Many thanks to those enlightened souls at Duke who sponsored the event. Keep up the good work!

Debrah said...

I was just checking out the video again, and I have to correct something.

It's Windows Media Player that most easily accommodates the download.

If this one is used, it can be downloaded in minutes.

Anonymous said...

The website for Duke students for an ethical Duke appears to be having either technical difficulties or has been shut down. Does anybody know which is correct? I have only been able to watch the first 20 or so minutes. Thanks and great work, KC.