Monday, September 17, 2007

Weidlich Clarification

I have received several e-mails from legal reporter Thom Weidlich suggesting that my two sentences about his review accused him of "intellectual dishonesty," having "some sort of vendetta," and working in "cahoots" with other people at CUNY; Weidlich denies such a connection. To the extent that Weidlich or anyone else interpreted the sentences in that fashion, I apologize.

Since the issue at hand is the clarification of Weidlich's intellectual honesty, I should point out that in writing the final line of his review ("Once again, the players are being used for political ends"), Weidlich appeared unaware of the public statements by two of the falsely accused players (at their post-exoneration press conference) and several of their attorneys (subsequently) presenting a wholly opposite view of my work and motivations on the case. Additionally, in writing the above line, reporter Weidlich contacted neither any of the falsely accused players; nor their families; nor their attorneys.

I hope that the above information is useful in assessing reporter Weidlich's intellectual honesty, and I apologize again if anyone considered my earlier remarks to be either an attack on his intellectual honesty or a suggestion that he was working in "cahoots" as part of a "vendetta."