Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Butler, Again

Another great column by Kristin Butler in today's Chronicle--on the civil suit settlement; and ending with the astonishing Committee on the Affairs of Black People endorsement of Victoria Peterson.

How can there be no outrage in the N&O and Herald-Sun that a major city PAC had endorsed a bigot who claimed that Duke Hospital tampered with the DNA evidence and who advocated burning down the lacrosse players' house?


Anonymous said...

"How can there be no outrage in the N&O and Herald-Sun that a major city PAC had endorsed a bigot..."

Because the people who endorsed that bigot are their subscribers. Duh.

M. Simon said...

Some nice comments at the Chronicle from regulars.

I don't think Durham can stand a "patterns and practices" discovery.

I don't think they can afford (politically) a settlement.

Which ever way they turn they are screwed.

Nifong was right about Durham in general not just himself "We're f**ked".

Anonymous said...

I think we know the answer: Political Correctness always comes to the top at those two papers. The N&O was willing to take leave of its PC policies for awhile, but now is returning to what it does best.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its is not fair that all the citizens of Durham have to pay into the pot equally. It would seem appropriate to give Beth Brewer’s family a free pass and have Victoria Peterson pay more then her “fair share.” I know can’t be done but it would be fairer.

Gary Packwood said...

KC said ...

...How can there be no outrage in the N&O and Herald-Sun that a major city PAC had endorsed a bigot who claimed that Duke Hospital tampered with the DNA evidence and who advocated burning down the lacrosse players' house?
Because the City of Durham to include Duke do not see prevention of problems as a community value.

They wait for their own people to trip and fall so the people will learn a ...'valuable lesson' from those in charge.

This is the most evil form of politically correctioness in organizations.

You don't know what is expected of you; you don't know how to find out and you are never quite sure which Marxists have the rules memorized.

Prevention of problems (journalistic outrage for example) is the great enemy of those Royalists who advance their PC agenda.

Remember when safety training was first made a requirement in factories? The shop floor managers said ...you mean we have to teach these idiots how NOT to hurt themselves before they learn that 'valuable lesson' on their own?

The N&O, Herald-Sun and Duke are not going to change until the depositions start and the questions about prevention of problems start peppering the room as the court reporters types a written record of these idiots advancing their own personal disposition towards being PC and so very much ...in charge.

Anonymous said...

KB sez that the settlement is to be paid over 3 years? Thought it was 5?

Anonymous said...

Hey KC... A pleasure meeting and chatting with you for a few minutes over at Duke the other night. I am impressed.

How about letting Kristin Butler takeover your blog while you are over in Israel? Not a bad substitue for the best, now, is she.

Anonymous said...

That PAC only endorses blacks, and there are only two blacks running for three seats.

Anonymous said...

Outrage is an entitlement of only the politically correct, and they enjoy that priviledge at the drop of a hat. They have also arrogated unto themselves the words passion and celebrate,among others, as in "She has a passion for celebrating diversity". Shame does not apply to the pc crowd, either.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and you'll soon pick up on the code words of their lexicon.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Starn and Allison had their charges drop -- is there no end to the evil, profane and world destroying actions of the Durham DA's office?!?

And the reason? "Freedom of expression"... What a crock -- haven't they read the fine print that reserves this Constitutional right only to you, KC?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05 wrote, "That PAC only endorses blacks, and there are only two blacks running for three seats."

Who is the other candidate, OJ Simpson.... Marion Barry?

If the best Durham can do for their city council is Victoria Peterson the city is in far bigger trouble than I thought. This woman is a certifiable nut.

Anonymous said...

Starn and Allison are pathetic jokes. Throw in Kathy Rudy and you've got yourself a true cross section of the whackos on the Duke faculty.

If their goal was to make themselves look like complete idiots, they should be congratulated on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

I was today in Harlem (near redline subway station) and local Victoria Peterson wannabe was handing out Jena6 fliers. I learned that it is a civil right to attack a lone whitey by a group of african-americans. They are planning a march for Jena6.

I'm speechless. NAACP is truly a hate group living in a wonderland where the exact opposite of everything is true.

W. R. Chambers said...

All politics are local. It's easier to feel righteous than it is to think clearly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Boy, aren't you having fun."

That was my first thought as Jesse and Al shoved each other in front of the cameras over a 'shy, soft-spoken mother of two'. The adrenalin high of excitement on the faces of the cameramen as they raced to get a picture of this really good looking kid with his wrists handcuffed behind him. The potbangers rat-a-tat-tatting drums on the sidewalk in front of 610 Buchanan like it was a Stones concert (except for the 'castrate' signs). The deliberately slow strut of the New Black Panthers who refused to look at cameras because it's so unchic to admit how much fun you're having over a rape.

This white guy with a mole in his forehead 'choking' himself on camera. That cop in court crossing his massive beefy arms in front of a scared cab driver. Judge Stephenson barking 'no!' when Reade's attorney pleaded for lower bail. Gottlieb scribbling 'notes' months later. Meehan grinning in his witness chair at this scared young attorney who didn't look old enough to order a beer.

Oh, they were all having so much fun.

KC, thanks for making it stop. I owe you one big time.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Mr. Fungi at 6:26:

How can you "run into Debrah's sycophancy"? No sneakers I ever put on let me pitty pat past her posts. No sirree. I always had to first log on to DIW, then I had to log onto his comments, then I had to scroll down past the thousands upon thousands of posts until finally I got to Debrah. Nope - no running involved there at all.

Is it possible you physically 'run' past her on a fine autumn evening as she lingers on the sidewalk? If so, please give her my best as you jog past.

I should add that I don't think it would be too wise for you to give her yours. If Debrah's fist is half as fast as her fingers on the keyboard, you may want to duck first.

If you don't, however, you can always call on Ms. Butler from your hospital bed to write another "poorly written article" about a sore loser.

Bye bye.

Debrah said...

"How can there be no outrage in the N&O and Herald-Sun that a major city PAC had endorsed a bigot who claimed that Duke Hospital tampered with the DNA evidence and who advocated burning down the lacrosse players' house?"

Of course, this rhetorical question KC has posed has an answer.

That same answer also explains the reason Mike Nifong, the Gritty Gang of 88, and their posse of enablers have been able to operate the way they do.

However, this show has just about drawn its last curtain call.

One would be amazed to discover how many people from all spectrums are fed up with enduring vile bigotry from those who are the parasites of our society.

Debrah said...

I see there is a fungus among us!





ROTFLM-T's-O !!!

Debrah said...

Perhaps a free lesson in life is in order.

Praising someone as much as I want...because I feel like doing it....and will continue to do it.....

.....is not sycophancy.

It might possibly come close to that if I were employed by KC and wanted him to favor me because of my compliments.

It might possibly come close to that if I were entering into some business deal with KC and I wanted him to do business with me over a competitor and the compliments were to draw him my way.

However, since neither of those scenarios exist.....the Diva is a freewheeling ball of fire....existing only to shower the world with exquisite opinions.


Please note that there are many, many people praising KC. Not just the Diva who adores him.

And when I say that KC is hot-to-the-max.....

That's what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Mr Fung - We are much to world seasoned to care qhat bullies say about us. Don't give us the fight.

Anonymous said...

Re: 6:26 p.m.

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the same "see you, losers" post recurring with more frequency than a Barbara Streisand Farewell Concert over the last couple of weeks?

Goodbye, already!

Debrah said...

TO 6:54PM--

Very funny!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Best not to respond to trolls, it only encourages them.

I would love to write an article to the Chronicle, i'm a 20 year resident of durham and worked at Duke Hospital that long.

I wouldn't want to have to pay for any part of the 30 million but we might be getting off cheap. I would invite anyone reading this letter to consider, "How many people you know, insist "something still happened at that party!"?

Please read Until Proven Innocent!...Nothing really happened at that party! CGM, Nifong, Meecham, members of the police, DA's office, conspired to rob the three boys of their civil rights and damaged their good names for the rest of their lives.

Think about how many people you know, think "something still happened at that party."

NOTHING HAPPENED. So these boys reputations are going to be damaged for the rest of their lives. Tried and convicted in the international media. For the rest of their lives.

You never know a jury in Greensboro where the trial would be held, might think it is worth a million dollars a year for the rest of their expected lives might be a more realistic figure for the damage done.

I certainly don't want to pay that.

But I have to admit if there was a trial it would be very interesting to follow in the news. Still i wouldn't want to pay the penalties that would come from it!!!!

Anonymous said...

"How can there be no outrage in the N&O and Herald-Sun that a major city PAC had endorsed a bigot who claimed that Duke Hospital tampered with the DNA evidence and who advocated burning down the lacrosse players' house?"

It must be that Group of 88 members have stifled any dissent, reaching beyond Duke to local papers. That is the only explanation for why people are not outraged. They fear the wrath of the secular progressives!!! Given their omnipotence, it is amazing any of us can walk around with a free thought in our heads.

Diva madness!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Toadstool & Mr. Chopped Liver,

I'm so glad you decided to take on Debrah. You couldn't handle KC due to a slight deficiency in debating ability. So now you think you can jump on Debrah.
Foo, el, Foo, el. She plays Whack-a-Mole with the likes of you every morning before breakfast. Might be a good idea to keep your eyes open.
Kristin probably has your number too. Oh well, you ilk has an overabundance of arrogance anyway. Watch out for the

Oops, Debrah got a troll while playing Whack-a-Mole. Sorry Toadstool. Better luck in another life.

Anonymous said...

Longtime DIW readers won't believe their eyes watching this video. Hard to believe the stuff that passes the smell test these days.

Debrah said...

H-S letters:

Serve and protect?

Durham may be the City of Medicine, but it's not the city of justice. Mike Nifong got 24 hours for trying to send three innocent men to 30-plus years in prison. Real justice here.

The Durham police could have ended the case very early, if they had done the job they are paid to do. Facts emerged that one of the players was in a taxi going to a ATM machine, buying pizza and checking into his dorm, at the same time as the alleged rape was taking place. This was backed by a man that was driving the taxi. These facts were made available to the Durham police, and what did they do with this evidence? They arrested the messenger, the taxi driver.

The Durham police department failed to understand that they work for the people, not the district attorney. Their job is to investigate all facts in any given case. To serve and protect does not mean to serve the whims of the DA and protect your own butt.

September 18, 2007

DA should live here

Finally Durham has an opportunity to be able to leave recent fiascoes concerning the District Attorney's office behind. What does it get us? Another fiasco! This is hardly the way the citizens of Durham need to be served.

David J. Saacks may be extraordinarily well qualified, I don't know. I do, however, think that if he wants to represent Durham as District Attorney, he should live here. The N.C. Legislature feels the same way, but Governor Easly feels otherwise. Another fiasco ensues.

If Saacks wishes to serve as DA, he should move to Durham. If he is unwilling to do so, he is not worthy of wanting to represent the people of Durham. Let's hope that Easly and Saacks come to an understanding that Saacks will move to Durham or will ask the governor to remove his name from consideration.

Durham does not need to be injured with yet another political squabble. We need to be served by a qualifed person who lives among us and is truly worthy of representing the people of Durham.

September 18, 2007

mac said...
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Debrah said...

TO John @ 8:23PM--

I hate to tell you, but that song was a hit in 1988. Videos have progressed a bit since then.

I'm sure about this tune and when it was popular because I was dancing it up to this song in Georgetown that summer with a handsome Iranian.


Anonymous said...

To Debra at 8:29

Doesn't he kind of look like KC to you? KC and Rick - separated at birth?

Anonymous said...


you are really slow despite all of the strong work you did on this blog.

please wake up and see that there will be no racial harmony. this endorsement proves it.

still for barack?


Debrah said...

TO John @ 8:34PM--


Not at all.

That guy with the red hair looks excatly like David Caruso from CSI: Miami...who used to be married to, and has a child with, Rachel Ticotin...who is now married to Peter Strauss.


Anonymous said...

Durham must go down with their flags flying. The officials will tell Barry and Sulliam " This ain't NYC guys - see you in court." If a jury can come to a seven-five count against a 5'2-120 lb guy forcing a gun into the mouth of a six foot 180 lb women - anything is possible. I hope there is a trial.

Debrah said...

It's so disturbing that we can't enjoy the last days of Wonderland because of the sick banned poster.

I wish there was a way to have someone like that arrested.

mac said...

Sounds like Kristin Butler has a slight antipathy for Barry Saunders. Personally, I think he's a wuss; I hope one day a lacrosse player gets a chance to make him cry (Kristin Butler will probably have to do the honors, though.)

His commentary probably will cost Durrhh another, say, 15 mil.

Keep talkin', dude!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Butler has shown a level of journalistic excellence that people like Mr. Saunders would do well to emulate.

I still haven't been able to get out and get your book yet KC, but I do plan on reading it when the chance provides itself.


Anonymous said...

For the small-minded Durham relativists who simply cannot believe in today's society that the wrongs heaped upon the Duke Three can be worth $10 million apiece, I offer the following story fom Associated Press last week:

LOS ANGELES—A black firefighter's dog food harassment lawsuit could cost the city more than $7 million, legal experts warned the City Council.
Tennie Pierce filed the racial discrimination suit after his firehouse colleagues secretly laced his spaghetti with dog food. Trial starts Sept. 24 and lawyers warned Wednesday that a jury could hit the city with a huge judgment.

The council spent two hours debating a last-minute settlement offer behind closed doors, the Los Angeles Times reported. Pierce's attorneys have reportedly indicated a willingness to settle for $3.1 million.

After an attorney for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said any deal above $1 million would be unacceptable, the council decided to talk about it again on Sept. 18.

The council attempted to settle the case for $2.7 million last November, but Villaraigosa vetoed the deal as too costly.

With its allegations of hazing, racism and retaliation, however, the Pierce case could be highly unpredictable once it reaches a courtroom, legal experts warned the council.

"This is the kind of case that could have a huge payout, or it could be a huge flop," Council President Eric Garcetti said afterward.

Pierce attorney Genie Harrison wouldn't comment.

Pierce, 51, of Cerritos filed his lawsuit against the city in November 2005, claiming other firefighters fed him dog food in October 2004.

Pierce said in court documents that the dog food incident "was part of a pattern of incidents" at the Westchester fire station "that were done to dehumanize black men."

Firefighters called it a prank and city lawyers said the incident wasn't racially motivated.


There are many other examples out there. The anticipated suit is not about money, but most of the childish Durham minds cannot get past the money. So, to present the case in terms they will understand, the $10 million per person is rather small in today's litigious society.

Anonymous said...

KC - reading "Its not about....". The story of the Crown guy on 9/11 is an inspiration to us all. Walking down 78 flights of steps with a shattered ankly, after being hit with an elevator door when the plane hit, is amazing.

Debrah said...

One of my new phrases is now going to be..."....he doesn't say." .....or......".....she doesn't say."

Many times in KC's posts after he's delved into an issue and examined the various angles, in the end if there's a person with a particular role in the scenario, he leaves a dangling question...."he/she doesn't say."


Anonymous said...

KC: I got the book.

I see you talked to Mr. Mulden. A good judge of people with a military background. I like the fact that you start it off by providing the falsely accused a human face, providing a glimpse into who they really are as people. Well done.

And yes, David would probably run through a wall if told to do so. There's no quit in that boy, as Mr. Mulden properly points out (he gets that from Ray, tough as a coffin nail).

On to Chapter 2....


Debrah said...

Another great column by Dennis Prager.

The Duke lacrosse case is mentioned once again:


Gary Packwood said...

anonymous 9:35...

...Firefighters called it a prank and city lawyers said the incident wasn't racially motivated.
When did we stop using IQ type tests for folks who need to walk and chew gum at the same time in their jobs?

Anonymous said...

Tennie Pierce must be spiritual cousin to Kim Roberts. Pranks were played on everyone at that fire station, not just Pierce and not even just the African-Americans, and as proven by copious photographic evidence, Pierce was among the perpetrators in several of the pranks. So he gets a mouthful of dog food (which is a much milder prank, IMHO, than the several pranks in which Pierce participated which involved stripping the victim and smearing them with what appear to be condiments) and all of a sudden it's "Oh my God, how dare do you racists do that to a black person! I'll make you pay for doing what's perfectly okay when I do it!"

Unknown said...

The head of DCABP, Lavonia Allison, has been consolidating power over there for years, and no one has been able to pry it out of her hands. She's stacked the endorsement committee and restricted votes on the endorsements to such a level that DCABP is now a shell of itself. (They suffered an electoral shutout last year during the school board elections too.)

The Peterson pick was a jab at David Harris, a black candidate whose offenses include opposing Lavonia on supporting Floyd McKissick. In order to not pick Harris, she had to pick Peterson, or go with a white candidate. I'll let you read between the lines...