Friday, September 28, 2007

Fred Friendly Roundtable

Kimel: role of upperclassmen to welcome newer members of the team--assimilate them into team and culture.

Margaret Jablonski--student affairs person, UNC: Student Affairs has right to act independently--have to recognize conflict between individual rights and community rights

Jack Ford (as moderator); seems to be treating suspension of students charged with felonies as among the more controversial elements of the case--even though it's not my sense that Brodhead's initial suspensions were particularly controversial

Lawrence McMichael: suspension is fueling the presumption of guilt: the more that public figures weigh in, the worse the person is making things for his client

Levi: would ask faculty not to make inflammatory statements (in private meeting)--yet, of course, Brodhead, on 4-3-06 when he met with African-American Studies faculty, appears to have made no such request to organizers of the Group of 88 letter

Would have even more problems if it were a group of profs who made such a demand

Levi: "There's free speech and there's also ill-judged speech"

Jablonski: need to have pr person--deal with team members, with parents. Should have conversation with members of team and their parents

Wellman: dangerous to get too far out in front of case before knowledgeable about facts of the case

Steptoe: important for press to have presented a full picture, rather than just rely on most extreme voices; why did media not take into account prosecutor's self-interestedness


Anonymous said...

What are "community rights"? Does she mean public safety concerns? The word "rights" should be reserved for a description of those rights enumerated in the constitution of the US and the individual states, MOO.

Anonymous said...


I knew Fred Friendly, and I thought he was very PC.

Anonymous said...

Within a very short period of time, after the allegations were made many non-media, non-academic common sense people had applied the "smell test", and this case failed.

By the second week of April 2006, it is clear that the media was not going to dig too deep into why a bunch of upper middle class, white suburban college kids were apparently getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

Nifong certainly got way ahead of the case. His seventy plus interviews thre fuel on the existing fire that the NO and Sheehan ignited.

Anonymous said...

Jack Ford (as moderator); seems to be treating suspension of students charged with felonies as among the more controversial elements of the case-

He probably thinks the accused were 3 black football players. I wonder if someone whould tell him the truth?

Anonymous said...

I don't think suspending students charged with felonies is particularly controversial. Going on record to trash their reputations, telling a public audience "whatever they did is bad enough", that's controversial.

Anonymous said...

Given the way America's civil tort system distributes liability, suspension of even accused students might be considered a mandatory liability-limiting manoeuvre.