Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remembering the Good

One argument of my talk last week at Duke was to remind people that while the Group of 88 might have betrayed the principles of the profession, there were many professors (and students) at Duke who did the right thing.

The Friends of Duke site has a listing of all whose performance was worthy of praise; I reproduce it here:

Duke Faculty for Truth and Justice
(in alphabetical order)
No Name Department Comments by/about
1 Abdulkadiroglu, Atila Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
2 Adams Jr., Alfred G. Law School -
3 Aitken, George Medicine - Orthopaedic Surgery -
4 Allard, William K. Mathematics -
5 Andrews, Paul Medicine - Obstetrics & Gynecology -
6 Attarian, David E. Medicine - Orthopaedic Surgery -
7 Augustine, George J. Medicine - Neurobiology -
8 Baldwin, Steven Chemistry 1. What about Mike Pressler?
2. The administration’s mismanagement of lacrosse
3. Steven Baldwin Speaks Out
4. Baldwin's Significance
5. Duke’s Devil of A Mess
6. A gutsy and wise Duke Prof
9 Barr, Roger Pratt - Biomedical Engineering -
10 Bashore, Thomas Medicine - Cardiovascular -
11 Becker, Charles M. Research Professor of Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
12 Bejan, Adrian Pratt - Mechanical Engineering -
13 Beresteanu, Arie Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
14 Blum, Jacob J. Cell Biology -
15 Bollersev, Tim Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
16 Bonaventura, Josseph Cell Biology -
17 Brown, Robert G. Physics -
18 Byrne, Laura Music -
19 Cant, Nell Medicine - Neurobiology -
20 Coleman Jr., James E. Law School 1. Report of the lacrosse ad hoc review committee
2. Special prosecutor should take over Duke case
3. Editorial made rape case about race, class
4. Profile in courage – James Coleman
5. A tribute - The Sin of Omission
6. "A Wrongful Convictions Reality Case"
7. Lacrosse players tap legal team
21 Conitzer, Vincent Computer Science and Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
22 Conover, Christopher Public Policy and Health Policy -
23 Cunningham, Coleen Medicine - Pediatrics -
24 Delong, David Biostatistics & Bioinformatics -
25 Delong, Elizabeth Biostatistics & Bioinformatics -
26 DeMarchi, Neil B. Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
27 Dwane, Peter Medicine - Anesthesiology -
28 Eastman, Susan Divinity -
29 Enterline, David Medicine - Radiology -
30 Eraker, Bjorn Economics and Finance Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
31 Esclamado, Ramon M. Medicine - Surgery -
32 Evans, Lawrence Physics Time to address the real classroom issue
33 Fitzsimons, Gavan Psychology and Marketing -
34 Fluke, Donald J. Biology -
35 George, Linda K. Sociology and Psychology -
36 Grabowski, Henri G. Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
37 Gustafson, Michael Pratt - Electrical Eng. & Computer Science 1. Michael Gustafson Speaks Out
2. Juxtapositional Fallacies
3. A Year To Remember
4. A Good Read
5. A Bad Read
38 Graham, Daniel A. Economics and Law Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
39 Hardman, David Medicine - Anesthesiology -
40 Hartemink, Alexander J. Computer Science -
41 Heinz, E. Ralph Medicine - Radiology -
42 Hodgins, Lewis Medicine - Anesthesiology -
43 Hoover, Kevin D. Economics and Philosophy Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
44 Hull, Gary Markets and Management -
45 Hylander, William L. Biological Anthropology & Anatomy -
46 Mark, Jonathan Medicine - Anesthesiology -
47 Kedem, Gershon Computer Science -
48 Kelsoe, Garnett H. Medicine - Immunology -
49 Kennedy, Chris English (and Athletics) 1. Promote Athletics-Academic Discussion, not Debate
2. Paper backs injustice
50 Kern, Frank Medicine - Anesthesiology & Pediatrics -
51 Khan, Shakeeb Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
52 Kimel, Kerstin Women's Lacrosse Head Coach 1. Months later, unanswered questions haunt Duke
2. Something's Rotten at Duke
53 Kraines, David P. Mathematics -
54 Krzyzewski, Mike Men's Basketball Head Coach 1. Krzyzewski Meets With The Media
2. Krzyzewski Says Party Scandal Could Have Hit Hoops Team
3. Support was absent, coach says
4. Coach K Comments on the Duke Lacrosse Case
5. Krzyzewski: Lacrosse players, families "incredible"
55 Kussin, Peter Medicine - Community and Family -
56 Laughhunn, Dan Fuqua - Business Administration -
57 Leventoglu, Bahar Economics and Political Science Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
58 Liao, Lawrence Medicine - Cardiovascular -
59 Livengood, Charles Medicine - Obstetrics & Gynecology -
60 Lochm├╝ller, Charles H. Chemistry -
61 Lodge, Andrew J. Medicine - Surgery -
62 Loveland, Donald W. Computer Science -
63 John F. Madden Medicine - Pathology -
64 Major, Nancy M. Medicine - Radiology and Orthopedics -
65 McCann, Richard Medicine - Surgery -
66 McLendon, Roger E. Medicine - Pathology -
67 Moretti, Eugene W. Medicine - Anesthesiology -
68 Moses, Michael English -
69 Nechyba, Thomas J. Economics and Public Policy 1. Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
2. Interpretation of letter misses mark
70 Parkins, Robert Music -
71 Peretto, Pietro Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
72 Reed, Randy E. Music -
73 Reppy Jr., William Law School -
74 Richardson, Lawrence Classics, Latin -
75 Richter, Dan Nicholas - Soils and Forest Ecology -
76 Robinson, David T. Fuqua - Finance -
77 Roland, Alex History -
78 Salzman, James Law School -
79 Samei, Ehsan Physics and Radiology -
80 Sexton, Daniel Medicine - Infectious Diseases -
81 Smith, Kathleen K. Biology -
82 Sporn, Thomas A Medicine - Pathology -
83 Staelin, Richard Fuqua - Business Administration -
84 Stanley, Dennis Keith Classics -
85 Strandberg, Victor English -
86 Taylor, Curtis R. Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
87 Taylor, Donald Public Policy -
88 Tower, Edward Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
89 Wahl, Miriam Medicine - Pathology -
90 Wallace, Dudley T. Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle
91 Weinberg, Stephen University Writing Program -
92 Weintraub, E. Roy Economics 1. Professors call for investigation, welcoming of all students
2. Economics professors letter to the Chronicle
3. Disagreement is not McCarthyism
4. 'A Relief For This to Be Over'
93 Wells, Richard L. Chemistry -
94 Wharton, Robin P. Molecular Genetics & Microbiology -
95 Wilson, Peter R. Fuqua - Business and Finance -
96 Yao, Tso-Pang Medicine - Pharmacology, Cancer Biology, Radiation Oncology -
97 Yildirim, Huseyin Economics Economics faculty letter to the Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Not surprising to find so many in medicine, where the oath says "First do no harm," as well as the hard sciences. Such individuals are from disciplines where following the metanarrative will lead to demonstrable disaster, while following the facts will lead to correct (even if uncomfortable) solutions.--Buddy

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Duke Medical Center!

dsy said...

the contrast between this list and the 87/88 weasels cannot be more clear. i can only speak for the medical and research faculty, but i guarantee you that just one of them has contributed more to society and the duke community than all of the enabling 'tards combined. of course, that's not too hard given the 88's parasitic nature. some people give, other people suck.

Anonymous said...

A glass of wine with all of you honorable folks! This post did my heart a world of good. Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

My eyes fill with tears as I read this list. Thank you, KC, for reminding us that there are such people who have the courage to speak, despite whatever consequences there may be.

I have been ABSORBED in this blog, and in the book since it came out, trying to get a grasp of the magnitude of this whole drama, and to seek for meaning and redemptive value in it. Sometimes I have felt discouraged, that there seem to be so FEW who understand the culture-shaking revelations that have been revealed through this entire scenario.

I needed this reminder this morning.

Thank you, KC.


Anonymous said...

What do all of those "-" comments mean? I'm not certain what 3/4 of the list have done to be on the "fair" side... unless they just kept their mouths shut. Unlike, say 88 others.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see that the good guys outnumber the 88.

Anonymous said...

How pleasant to see Anesthesiology relatively well represented. Part of an anesthesiologist's world day-to-day, is to understand the patient's condition, and to keep the patient safe, which sometimes requires standing fast against pressure from other specialists and others perhaps unduly focussed in the situation upon other factors. They must hold to the truth, so to speak, and act upon that truth to see the patient through safely. Apparently, this is a skill, and one developed by too few within the humanities.

sic semper tyrannis

Penny said...

1:30 PM - Amen to that, brother. I agree also that the only ones on the Duke faculty deserving of a place on that list are those that during the fiasco took a pen to paper or in a public setting like a classroom rebuked the disgraceful behavior of the administration and the Group of 88. Remaining silent wasn't a virtue.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the departmental affiliations of the good guys it's hard to conclude that the widest gulf on campus is not the one separating black and white or the one separating men and women, but the one separating the quantitative, fact-based disciplines from what the humanities have deteriorated into. Whether universities survive as useful institutions will depend on whether the antirationalists can be exorcised.

Anonymous said...

Names of faculty with no specific "reason" mean that they signed the Economics faculty letter on the public site, for all to see, posted by FODU.

Anonymous said...

I personally would add Provost Lange. His appropriate response to Baker and his willingness to address the potbangers indicated a strength of character. He only failed because no one supported his efforts. He said the university would take appropriate actions when the facts were known. I'm sure he believed that. Unfortunately he had more faith in Brodhead and the BOT than they deserved.

Like I say, that's just my impression.

Anonymous said...

The list shows that the convenience of political correctness cannot win out over the demands of proof of the hypothesis. The mindsets are different so the judgments of principal are different.

YEAH - positive thinking (waiting for the proof)

BOOO- political correctness (immediate negative judgements)

Anonymous said...

A disappointing, indeed shocking, representation by the Duke Law School...most of them silent witnesses to this assault on basic constitutional rights.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine it is not too late for other faculty members to endorse the Economics professors' very reasonable and sensible letter. Such an act, although symbolic in nature, can serve as a good vehicle for sending the right sort of message to the Group of 88 from within. Perhaps, this can serve as an initial step to the healing process which is so badly needed in the Duke community.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a collection of those whose fields enhance quality of life and who are empirically grounded.

Doers rather than talkers.

Creators rather than destroyers.

Those who make as opposed to those who take.

People who could easily make a living outside of the University.

Anonymous said...

To add to the previous comments, we see any number of professors from economics, engineering, the sciences, medicine, mathematics, computer science, and business.

In the humanities, we only have four in English/writing, two in classics, and one each in music and history.

Merriam-Webster online defines the humanities as “the branches of learning (as philosophy, arts, or languages) that investigate human constructs and concerns as opposed to natural processes (as in physics or chemistry) and social relations (as in anthropology or economics).” Unfortunately, instead of investigating these areas, many of these professors are merely parroting a world view or paradigm that is based only on their own biases (or to put it more bluntly, their own personal issues). There is no reason why students at any university should suffer because of their professors' personal problems.

Anonymous said...

I second the nomination to add Peter Lange to the list. If there was anything like a real "Atticus Finch" moment in the whole sordid saga, it was when Lange stood up to the angry, agitated, mindless mob of howling, braying potbangers at his doorstep.

Lange vs Morons!

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 1:53. and wondering where is the law school? What a disgrace, but enough good souls in the list to start a revolution for facts, fairness and the constitution.

james conrad said...

yeah,i notice the law school faculty didnt exactly distinguish itself in this case, particularly erwin chemerinsky. patterico did a piece on him

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this list. It was good to see how many faculty did speak out. As other posters have expressed, I, too, am disappointed
and surprised at the very small number of Law School faculty members who have spoken out against a travesty of justice and an attempt to railroad three innocent boys. They should have been defending and speaking out for the legal principles they teach in the classroom.
Once again, thank you for a most thorough and informative post.
Another Duke Mom

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see Professor Moses (English) on this list. My daughter was in his class (Freshman Honors), and raved about him and his course. He is, unlike a few others in his department, a scholar, with a real interest in his students and their education.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the “Lange vs. Morons” video on youtube (anon. 6:01), has anyone ever identified the head moron? I am referring to the woman who got the crowd to protest in front of Lange’s house “so they get the message from this community that it is not OK,” and then made other brilliant comments such as “Why aren’t they punished when these things are proven? This is not the first time this has happened” (apparently Duke students are involved in gang rapes all the time).

Notice that when Lange indicated that the university wanted to know the facts, the crowd answered that the response was “lame” and “bullshit.” Ironically, Duke never did wait for the facts, and the players were punished even though nothing had been proven at that point.

Anonymous said...

The silence of the governing Law Faculty is shameful. They didn't have to run to microphones to proclaim the players' innocence; indeed, that would only have been acceptable by Duke Law standards if the accused had a different skin color. But, they could have held their collective noses and said: "We are a nation of laws. Our supreme law is the United States Constitution; and even rich, white-boy athletes are entitled to the protections the constitution affords." How tough would that have been?

Anonymous said...

In the list that KC Johnson provided above, I am counting 3 music profs (18,70 and 72), 4 English/Writing profs (49,68, 85 and 91) and 5 law profs (2,20,38,73, and 78). I am not surprised about the first two numbers. Considering whose hands the English Department is --at present-- probably that departments' faculty was too scared to say anything. But, the apparent lack of support from the Law School is very disappointing indeed. What/who were they scared of?

Anonymous said...

The lists gives one of the few suggestions, so far, that there may still be hope for Duke.

I know it's slim at best, Duke will always be in Durham.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I wouldn't put Coach K on this list. Great coach, but shown to be little more than a company man. He could have done much, much more...with just a few words. I won't be showing up to any of his "leadership" seminars.

Anonymous said...

Greg Dale
Peter Lange
Deborah Jakobs

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we live in a video and blog world. I had forgotten the "Lange vs Morans" video. KC and others, what you have done documenting this case should make it very easy for the feds. There may be a glimmer of hope, but not if we let the work started here end.

Debrah said...

The silence of the governing Law Faculty is shameful.

I couldn't agree more.

In reality, Duke's law school faculty did so very, very little...when you know how much they could have done.

I particularly underscore the hypocrite-in-waiting Erwin Chemerinsky.

I do wonder what exactly they are teaching their students about this case.

Curious, that.

Anonymous said...

KC and others --

I may be duplicating other's thoughts ... but I would like to know the bona fides of this group. It's not that I disagree with the judgment, but I do think clarity of stated position is important. I'm confident that many of this group have stated public opposition to charlatans of scholarship. But to have moral imperative, absolute visibility of position and sentiment is required. question is this ... who among this group has ventured beyond a collective response to singularly denounce bad behavior among Duke's professoriate? I know that Coleman did (for which he deserves great credit) ... as did others ... but substance would be bolstered by many more personal statements, those that by there nature require risk. That is what this institution that we call Duke University needs. That is what this country needs. Men who were willing to hang together or apart founded this great experiment that we call America. Surely there are those who also at this time feel equally compelled to protect its vital traditions of justice... for all.

mac said...


Thanks for highlighting the things "that are better." Nice to see the names of those professors and instructors who weren't willing to throw the students under the Nifong Express.

I wonder how many of these men and women were threatened with retaliation by the 88-1?

It still seems a pitched battle, though not so pre-arranged, the outcome yet to be determined.

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote:

"A disappointing, indeed shocking, representation by the Duke Law School...most of them silent witnesses to this assault on basic constitutional rights."

Their moral outrage is reserved for dolphins caught in tuna nets and melting icebergs.

Duke Prof

Anonymous said...

Re; Anesthesiology
I too noticed that a lot of the Duke MD faculty who found their pair well enough to actually say something about this criminal scam were specializing in Anesthesiology.
For what it is worth, that area of medicine is, far more than most, a team sport. And the issues that fill the day to day concerns of Anesthesia/OR folks are black/white - life/death level of clarity.
If there is a problem in an OR, with a case, you can expect that anyone able to do so will drop what they are doing and run to help. Forget liability. Forget Surgeons egoes.
Think NYC fireman on 9-11. And the money is good.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am surprised and disappointed that most of the law professors were silent as they saw the civil rights of so many students being violated. Is the law school a politcally correct place these days?

In contrast, it took courage for the handful of brave English and writing instructors to speak up, knowing that signers of the Listening Statement could be on committees that determine their promotion, tenure, or salary.

Anonymous said...

6:59 p.m. noted: "Its nice to see Professor Moses (English) on this list. My daughter was in his class (Freshman Honors), and raved about him and his course. He is, unlike a few others in his department, a scholar, with a real interest in his students and their education."

That's the kind of English professor I remember back when Reynolds Price was a young Associate Professor and his mentor, Professor William Blackburn, nurtured
future novelists and lesser talents as well.

Hard Science did not look down on Humanities at Duke then. The loud and growing pool of untalented, agenda-driven "humanists" is disgracing important and essential fields of knowledge at our universities.

Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise that the "Departments" which are used to ( and apply) rigor and logic to their discipline feature prominently in this list. The Klan of 88 do not seem to understand much less comprehend such a simple academic principle. They seem to rely on a certain level of … merde… as the French say… to bolster their argument. Well, maybe not a certain level. More like all of it for what we’ve seen. I cannot believe those imposters can continue to deceive the public much less fellow academics in real fields of study. Years from now I can imagine how much ridicule our era will incur for allowing this to continue.

Anonymous said...

I have, at times, viewed the high praise of Professor Coleman as a little over the top. It just didn't seem he had done that much. Then I think about the grief Bill Cosby receives from the black community for stating unpopular opinions and I realize that to speak at all, Professor Coleman showed incredible courage. I'm glad he'll play a major role in what could be a turning point in our history.

Anonymous said...

So with suggested additions, and the one or two 88'ers who recanted we've got what, maybe a little over a hundred good guys?

Between the original listening statment and the clarification we've got more like 120 bad guys, if I remember correctly. ANyone got the exact number?

Then we've the hundreds of
"good germans" who said nothing.

As a group, the vast majority of the Duke faculty is pathetic.