Friday, July 20, 2007

Attorneys' Presentation

Jim Cooney, Joe Cheshire, Bill Cotter, and Brad Bannon are present to represent the players; Cooney is presenting.

Cooney volunteered to do a presentation for the committee; Justice Whichard agreed. Neither Reade Seligmann nor Collin Finnerty had any particular interaction with the police--since they were never interviewed. Dave Evans the only defendant to have interaction with the police. It is undisputed that Evans cooperated with the police completely. Evans offered to take polygraph, was denied, then volunteered to take DNA. Evans didn't have anything of import to offer the committee.

The three clients also were worried about distracting from the committee's focus. Focus is not what happened to the defendants--focus is what happened during the investigation.

Presentation in two parts: what happened, what the false accuser said, background.
Second: 13 areas that committee should look into. Defense doesn't believe it's seen all the documents relevant to any inquiry.

It might be there are adequate explanations for these 13 issues--but if so, the defense never heard them.

Finally, not here as part of civil lawsuits. Defense attorneys are not being paid to be there today. Presenting because they are officers of the court.


Anonymous said...

Be afraid, be very afraid! Some on the committee seem to have made up their minds about the Hoax before the meeting. For example, you have Aurelia Sands Belle, who was appointed to the committee by Council-Nazi-Member Diane Catotti.

Aurelia Sands Belle is the Executive Director of the Durham Crisis Response Center. On April 11, 2007, the Crisis Response Center issued the following:


Today Attorney General Roy Cooper announced the decision of his office not to pursue charges in this case. It is always the prosecutor's perogative [sic] whether or not to move forward with a case. The circumstances from which these charges arose - a party where women were hired to gratify young men - only served to denigrate men and women and further reinforce harmful stereotypes. The fact that underage drinking took place at this party highlights the reality that alcohol is a well-known aggravating factor in sexual assault, especially on college campuses.

Rape is not sex; it is an act of violence and it dehumanizes all involved. This dehumanizaton is further emphasized by the differences in race, gender, and class."

Isn't it funny how a "Fake" rape is not about sex, and the subsequent "Fake" dehumanization is further emphasized by race-baiters, gender-nazis, and class-haters.

The person who appointed Ms. Belle to the committee, Diane Catotti, specifically called for "diversity" on the panel. Apparently, expertise in criminal procedures was not a PC goal.


As in the Muggle world, a writer in the Magical world, K.C. Johnson, has topped best seller lists with books such as "Reade Seligmann and the Missing DNA," and "Collin Finnerty and the Order of the New Black Panther Party." His latest book, "Guilty Until Proven Innocent," is also expected to top the charts and bring to an end his work on the series. Hogwarts Book Review Service, at p. 45 (Hogsmeade Press). MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

There never was an investigation. This just wasn't a Hoax. It appears to be a Frame UP!

AMac said...

Prof. Johnson --

It is my understanding that the Whichard Committe lacks the power of issuing subpoenas: testimony cannot be compelled.

Since an appearance cannot be required, there will be no such thing as "taking the Fifth." Just don't show, or don't answer.

It seems that there would be no legal consequences for anyone who chose to lie to the Committee--e.g., a procedure to arrive at a verdict of "Perjury" does not exist. There will be no "Contempt of Committee."

The Whichard Committee would have such a weak mandate and such diminished powers because that is how it was chartered by the City of Durham.

Are these assumptions correct?

Anonymous said...

This is what I have been saying for weeks, in response to all the eggheads saying Who's Gonna Take the Fifth? Who's going down?
this committee has no stripes and no teeth. Period.

Anonymous said...

Can you bullet point the 13 areas the defense pointed out as areas to investigate?

Anonymous said...

Just think about that for a second....this DA indicted people without ever talking to them or the person who accused them.

Wonderland indeed.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 1:28: That would be nice to see. Anyone who has seen JSwift's suggested questions of the DPD knows that there is a lot to cover. It would be interesting to see how the defense attorneys broke down those questions. Could it be:

1. Actions of Mark Gottlieb in the Frame.

2. Actions of Benjamin Himan in the Frame.

3. Etc...?

Or, is it something like this:

1. Failure to investigate.

2. Failure to follow proper procedures.

3. Etc...?


Another interesting personality on the Whichard Committee is an African-American female lawyer who previously served as Rockingham County District Attorney. Belinda Foster had a website which stated:


40% of defendants executed in Rockingham County during the last 100 years were prosecuted by Belinda J. Foster! Other defendants are serving life and/or long prison terms. Currently, she has one defendant on death row.

Belinda J. Foster prosecuted the 1000th man executed in this country."

I do not believe in the death penalty, but I do appreciate Ms. Foster's MOXY! Anybody who uses an exclamation point (!) in describing their work in killing people MUST BE an interesting person.

On her website,Ms. Foster wrote something that tied into Mike Nifong:

"There are prosecutors ... who take advantage of celebrity cases and manipulate [them] for a specific advantage. Recently, there was a police officer, whose father is the police chief, charged with rape. I chose to do what a professional and experienced District Attorney would do and not attempt to capitalize in any way politically .... I could have put the matter in the press .... and made various speculations about the case and the police, especially since some of my opponents supporters suggest that I don't 'get along' with police. That isn't who I am as a prosecutor and more important it's objectivity that provides both the victim and defendant access to the court, without an appearance of bias from either side. I decided to avoid the appearance of impropriety and not ignore the ethical rules of conduct. Further, I chose not to speak to the media about the case, but instead will allow the evidence to come out during the trial to ensure fairness. The matter is now in the hands of the Attorney General."


K.C. Johnson is a Wizard of unparalleled skill, righteousness and grace. Lord Voldemort, for one, cannot even speak his name. K.C. decided long ago to let Harry struggle with Voldemort as a "character-building" exercise. From: "Hogwarts, A History," at p. 4,134 (Hogsmeade Press) MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

kc johnson is brilliant! bet he's good in bed!

Anonymous said...

Why are we wasting our time with this committee if they have no ability to "do" anything? Get this crime into court with the same speed and vigor that the indictments were issued.

Truth rules


PS Gregory, do you MOO so much because you're full of BS?

mac said...

MOO is "My Opinion Only."
Gregory is my friend.
If you hurt my friend,
I will beat you silly.
(Just kidding: never met Gregory.)

I agree with you about the committee, which appears to be a
measure to delay or hinder any possible prosection(s).

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 2:54: Indeed, that is true. Exercise regimens and diets have never worked for me, as, I suspect, they have been developed to eliminate human fat. On the other hand, I am full of bullshit.

Why do you people believe that the Committee can do nothing? They are doing something right NOW: Publicizing the DPD's conspiracy to violate laws. NBC 17 is providing a live webcast of the hearing. I am listening now, and it is freaking awesome. Thus far, I am very impressed with the committee (except Aurelia Sands Belle).

Additionally, they have subpoena power. The committee can force anyone in the state to appear and testify - or bring documents. Any statements made during committee proceedings will be able to be used for impeachment purposes in later civil or criminal trials (i.e. prior inconsistent statements).

Finally, it is providing the Duke Three with invaluable free discovery for their civil trial. Good God, the boys don't even have to pay for the appearance of their attorneys today!

Note: This list is not exclusive, but it is awesome, man.
Legal Services for 5 cents
The Lawyer is IN

Libraries and bookstores across the country will stay open until midnight for the "K.C. Johnson" release parties to celbrate the publication of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent." Children across America are expected to again show up in droves dressed like their favorite characters. Games will be played, including "Pin the TALE on the Dukey." Press Release, July 20, 2007. MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

To mac: Thanks for getting my back, bro!

The committee did a good job on day one. Of course, that is because day one centered around the testimony of the defense attorneys. Most of the committee members seem to take very serious their public responsibility. I will be interested to see how the committee progresses, as I am concerned it may become a "heap on Nifong" exercise, when it was obviously a conspiracy. DPD was a necessary actor playing a lead role in the conspiracy.

"Ony two people have ever survived the Arvada Kedavra curse, Harry Potter and K.C. Johnson. It is also true that Mr. Johnson's 'Habeas Corpus' curse is the most deadly of the deadly curses." From: "Hogwarts, A History, at p. 3,253 (Hogsmeade Press). MOO! Gregory

mac said...

I'm for the committee if it shows evidence of a conspiracy...
which should be obvious;
equally concerned, as you are,
that Nifong will be the only one

He's like the proverbial single hand, clapping.

Anonymous said...

mac @ 3:07

hahahahah ....

Thanks....I thought MOO meant:

(1) mentally ordered out,
(2) masticating olives & onions,
(3) Move over, Oliver!,
(4) Master of Orgasm (in deference to whoever thinks he's good in bed), or
(5) Misogynistic Outpouring in ODurham (the O is silent).....

Anonymous said...

Gregory....some good observations above....Are you sure the committee has subpoena power?

Excellent point regarding free discovery.

Also...and I apologize for not knowing her name or official position ... the questioning of the police woman / chief (I assume she is with the Durham PD)... in effect was:

"So, let me understand this. Officers under my supervision and for whom I have responsibility disobeyed direct orders and policy in conducting the sham 'identification' used to secure an indictment? Is that correct?"