Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Still Channeling Selena

When last heard from regarding the case, Newsday columnist Steven Marcus channeled Selena Roberts, as he:

  • provided a one-sided summary of the Coleman Committee report;
  • criticized Chaminade High School for selecting the falsely accused Collin Finnerty as a volunteer lacrosse coach; and
  • allowed a senior Duke administrator to engage in anonymous character assassination against Finnerty and Reade Seligmann.

He recently returned, with a negative review of the Yaeger/Pressler book. Marcus concluded his review by asserting, “Yaeger cites Pressler’s 100 percent graduation of Duke players as his crowning achievement. Someone [sic], I don’t think he’ll be remembered for that. It is highly irrelevant to the issue.”

Think about that statement for a minute: is it “highly irrelevant” for a 16-year college coach of a team that fields more than 40 players per squad to have had a 100 percent graduation rate?

The remark captures the odd nature of how many in the media (and, more important, at Duke) approached this case. Perhaps Marcus is a graduate of BYU or Liberty, where underage drinking is considered indicative of negative character. But at most colleges, academic achievement is generally seen as much more important than whether or not students consume alcohol. (I speak as someone who doesn’t drink.)

Before coming to Brooklyn, I taught at Williams College, and served two years on the college disciplinary committee. Almost all of our cases involved academic integrity issues—not underage drinking violations. Yet reflecting the Wonderland that was the lacrosse case, much of the media and the vocal element of the Duke professoriate acted as if drinking provided the key insight into students’ character, with academic performance—to borrow Marcus’ phrase—“highly irrelevant.”

Marcus concluded his column with grudging praise for the blog but a negative prediction about Until Proven Innocent. A DIW reader asked Marcus how—regardless of his opinion of me—he could so easily dismiss co-author Stuart Taylor. After all, Taylor, a Harvard J.D., is currently senior columnist for National Journal (which nominated him for a National Magazine Award for his columns on the Duke case) and a contributing editor for Newsweek. He previously covered legal affairs and the Supreme Court at the New York Times, which nominated him for a Pulitzer Prize.

Marcus’ response? “I have no idea who he is.”



Anonymous said...

Marcus has no idea ---- Period!

Anonymous said...

A rare typo from the good professor:

complement vs. compliment

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, you don't have to have brains to write a column.

mac said...

Who is Stephen Marcus?
Is he related to Scott Thomas?

mac said...

Liberty used to be the spiritual
equivalent of VMI, but now
it's relaxed its grip a bit.
It's still Evangelical, but it
wouldn't throw its students under
the bus.

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 1.49:

Got it: made the change!

Anonymous said...

K.C. Johnson's blog is an often-lopsided ode to the players and his sycophantic devotion to them. Alas, he too has written a book.

Anonymous said...

Marcus’ response? “I have no idea who he is.”

Perhaps Marcus only has room in his noggin for one idea at a time?

Topher said...

These hater columnists are all hacks. DIW is really a "reading absurd columns so you don't have to" kind of thing for me. If I had to read all this myself instead of reading little clips from KC, my head would explode.

Anonymous said...

"A DIW reader asked Marcus how—regardless of his opinion of me—he could so easily dismiss co-author Stuart Taylor. "

Marcus is the sort of idiot there's no point talking to and little point even talking about.

I think we'd be better off focusing on the question of why Newsday is paying good money for this bilge, and whether they can be persuaded to stop.

Questions of the sort the DIWer asked would be better directed to Marcus' editor, and to the editors of rival papers who might enjoy a chance to mock Newsday.

Anonymous said...


re: "sycophantic devotion"

Sycophant: A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

Are you suggesting that the lacrosse players are influential people from whom one could win favor?

You make no sense.

Anonymous said...

In an earlier column, Marcus quotes Ben Bradlee as saying "We don't print the truth; we print what people tell us." Marcus goes on to say that "Our responsibility is to accurately quote responsible persons in the pursuit of a story. It is not necessarily our obligation to prove the veracity of those statements." One could argue that this position is at least microscopically better than the pomo position that there is no objective truth, but it's hard to see that there is enough of a difference to justify the price of a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

K.C., the link to Marcus' earlier Duke article (which is in your earlier blog about Marcus) no longer functions. Is it cached somewhere else? I remember getting really pissed off reading that earlier Marcus column, and I would like to re-live that wonderful experience.

I now believe that a standard Journalism degree in an American college would entail the normal Bachelor of Arts requirements and the following:


Discussion of the history of White Guilt and how it can be manipulated to sell newspapers or television advertising. Prerequisite: Completion of Angry Studies 100 (Angry Studies for whites).


A further discussion of the requirement of injecting race into any news item, even weather reports (i.e. "If it weren't for the White Man's machines, it would be a lot cooler today."). Prerequisite: Injecting Race 101.

INJECTING RACE (Senior Seminar)

Each student is given an independent study assignment involving his or her going out on street corners to start fights between people of different races, genders or socio-economic backgrounds. The student will write a paper detailing which invectives worked best and speculate as to why. Prerequisite: Injecting Race 220.


This is a basic course in ignoring fundamental facts, using "unnamed" sources, and just generally making things up. Prerequisite: Criminal record (or similar experience or training).


This course builds from False Reporting I to teach students how to not only lie and omit, but to also acquire a general false "theme" about one's false reporting. Penis.


Every good national reporter has to not only hate him or herself, but to also let that hatred drip from his or her work product. We teach the student how to take that self-loathing and use it against white or rich or male or rich white male people. Prerequisite: Intense self-hatred.


Before the interspeciesists limited it to horses, K.C. had won three consecutive Triple Crowns. A History of Ward Churchill Downs (L'ville Press 1898). MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gregory,

Is there a Ward Churchill Downs syndrome?

Anonymous said...

Marcus's prior illusions

Anonymous said...

This Marcus guy reminds me of a fellow I saw on cable t.v. news the other day. The reporter was interviewing people who were about to watch one of the presidential-candidate debates. The guy being interviewed was pontificating about the Iraq war, and how important it was to his decision about which candidate to choose. The reporter asked the guy how he felt about Bush's "surge" strategy in Iraq; whether he believed it was working or not. The interviewee just stood there, staring blankly at the reporter. The reporter asked again: what are your feelings about the surge? The guy said something like: "I don't know what that is. I've never heard of it."

As I was watching this exchange, I was wondering why this fellow would agree to be interviewed on television when he clearly didn't have a clue. Why didn't he just say something like "I'm sorry, but I don't really pay attention to current events. I'm just watching the debate to kill time while my laundry dries" (or whatever)? Instead, he volunteers to go on camera, and ends up looking like a fool.

Reading about Marcus leaves a similar type of impression. If these people can't be bothered to learn a few basic facts about the subject matter on which they're opining, why should any of us waste our time listening to their ill-informed opinions?

BTW, the man on t.v. was a middle-aged black guy with glases. Anyone know what Marcus looks like? Maybe it's the same guy.

Anonymous said...

"If these people can't be bothered to learn a few basic facts about the subject matter on which they're opining, why should any of us waste our time listening to their ill-informed opinions?"

And why do so many people waste their time listening to ill-informed opinions?

Anonymous said...

To anon. @ 3:34: Marcus is a white dude. Are you a journalist trying to inject race? ;)


To Inman: We shouldn't make fun of people who have "Montgomery Ward Churchill Downs Syndrome" - The fact that they go to Kentucky race tracks to spout off ant-white, fake Native-American truths in a fruitless search for bankrupt department stores is far too sad for effective comedy. P.S. Hurry and kiss and make up with Debrah already.


This is word-for-word from the latest (July 16, 2007) Marcus invective:

"The Duke case does not need profiteers but an objective look back by someone, say, of Bob Woodward's ilk."

This is word-for-word from a previous (April 30, 2007) Marcus invective:

"Profiteers, and why not, will now start to make money off the Duke case from books to movies. Former coach Mike Pressler is up first with his 'tell all' book this summer. Pressler had to settle for a Division II job at Bryant after Duke threw him under the bus in the earlier stages of the controversy. He and the other really deserving victims are the three players who were finally cleared of all charges.... The players will have to recoup by either writing a book and/or consulting on a movie."

Within 77 days, this moron flip-flopped worse than Shamu on "Buffet Fridays" at Sea World.


"J. Harvey Blog invented internet writing, but K.C. perfected it." Al Gore, Inauguration Address (never delivered). MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

Who is this Stephen Marcus? What are his accomplishments?

It is always interesting to read criticisms from non-producers about those who have the talent and perseverence to actually produce a book.

So I went to amazon to see what Steven has written. One book came up:
The Other Victorians: A Study of Sexuality and Pornography in Mid-Nineteenth-Century England.

Might this have been written by the same Steven Marcus?

Anonymous said...

That is th point, Marcus doesn't have any idea . . . .

LarryD said...

Is there a Ward Churchill Downs syndrome?

No, but I think what you're looking for is Narcisstic Personality Disorder:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy. The disorder begins by early adulthood and is indicated by at least five of the following:

1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

3. Believes he is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

4. Requires excessive admiration

5. Has a sense of entitlement

6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

7. Lacks empathy

8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

Anonymous said...

"Fake Native-American truths" -- LOL

Did you know:

Adolph Hitler, in the process of fashioning the "Final Solution", showed much admiration for the United States policies regarding the Native Americans (viewing them as racial inferiors, wiping out populations, etc.).

You people are ridiculous. If this is the crowd KC attracts, no wonder he had to bring a lawsuit to get tenure!

Anonymous said...

If all you can find to write about in the time of Qeen Victoria is something about other Victorians (whatever that is) and pornography you haven't got a clue as to how the world developed to the point it has . . . talk about proportinallity . . . but that is the way the Duke Group88 think as does this backward sounding journalist (read his excuses for the reporting on what went on in Durham) who don't seem to understand their chosen profession . . . and oh, yes, you are to attempt to find out the truth as are the police . . . it goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

***Marcus’ response? “I have no idea who he is."***

Once again, KC shows that he and his contemporaries have a God complex.

You are not God... you cannot draw conclusions about people being unwilling to speak with, or who haven't heard of, a frikkin' history professor from Brooklyn College (who had to sue to get tenure, by the way -- blame liberals!!!)

Anonymous said...

Marcus, response was referring to Stuart Taylor.

Speaking of a complex....where is your reading comprehension skill? Anger management skills?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Mr. Marcus,

"...Can't Duke lacrosse players do better? Kids being kids doesn't cut it. ..."

And what makes them morally superior to any other college student attending State U.? If you use myself as your behavioral baseline, then all Duke attendees must exceed the morality of Jesus Christ himself!

Excepting this country's fine religious and social-service-oriented institutions' applicants, I have no doubt that a school's "higher moral ambition" is not the top reason children choose to apply. What happened to learning for the sake of learning? Or the potential social and professional networks? Or the dream of physical achievement/athletics?

Developing moral fortitude in children is earned through a tencious achievement of excellence in the child's respective opportunity. Certainly one can apply ethics and morality to their chosen vocation, but it takes deliberation, introspection, and a lifetime of practice.

To assume a Duke student has a higher aptitude of moral application than, say for example, their NCCU or UNC counterpart is ignorant ... and I dare to submit --- looking at Duke demographics --- racist.

I have leveled your argument and I volunteer you to respond.

The Anti-Marcus

Anonymous said...

In an earlier column, Marcus quotes Ben Bradlee as saying "We don't print the truth; we print what people tell us."

Yet if you'd told Bradlee in a DC cocktail party that his 'news' was worth no more than gossip, he'd have gone high-and-mighty on you and quoted journalistic slogans till doomsday. Provided that Marcus has accurately quoted Bradlee, of course - it may be Marcus's own policy to 'quote what people tell us'. Then his mission is easy: to find the people that parrot his own opinions.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. @ 4:13: My use of "Fake Native-American truths" was meant to describe the pablum vomited out of the mouth of Ward Churchill as some type of fake victimization defense for his vilification of heap bad pale face. If you had read the entire post, you would know that. [scratches head] Must be a journalist!

If you are defending Native Americans on this blog, I would suggest you probably will have nothing to do.

If you are defending fake Native Americans like Ward Churchill on this blog, then you will also probably want to begin defending fake rape victims. Join the crowd! Good things are happening in Durham!

Myself, I would rather defend real Native Americans and rape victims, and, yes, real Professors who teach real subjects of real import.

P.S., I know that Native Americans have enough backbone to withstand any "heap bad pale face" comment. Your belief otherwise is based on racism, pure and simple.


K.C. Johnson speaks 794 languages, but he only dreams in 512 of them, 294 in color. From: Back of Cap'n Crunch Box (above the "Find the Cap'n's treasure" game). MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

A side note that is probably of interest to the readers here, Ward Churchill was fired on Tuesday from CU Boulder for plagiarism

wayne fontes said...

To Anon 4:21

I assume you are the same anon who recently informed us that KC doesn't
have subpoena powers. Thanks for that .

Why do do you keep bringing up KC's tenure battle? He won and in the process generated a lot of criticism for leftist academics. Does this bring up a painful personal memory?

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 3:34 said...

...I was wondering why this fellow would agree to be interviewed on television when he clearly didn't have a clue. Why didn't he just say something like "I'm sorry, but I don't really pay attention to current events. I'm just watching the debate to kill time while my laundry dries" (or whatever)? Instead, he volunteers to go on camera, and ends up looking like a fool.
Save that thought for the future. You will see more of him.

People who have overdosed on self esteem and assertiveness training [aka G88 training] will be the middle class majority soon.

We will see millions who will volunteer to be assertive; look like a fool but feel good about themselves.

Perhaps they are they new target market for the NYT!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that it must absolutely burn Mr. Marcus up to get torched by a history professor who writes on a blog in his spare time.

KC has a wonderful way of exposing the statements of writers like Marcus (such as the claim that 100% graduation rate was meaningless) as the absurd comedy they are.

Anonymous said...

"***Marcus’ response? “I have no idea who he is."***
Once again, KC shows that he and his contemporaries have a God complex."

He is referring to Stuart Taylor, the COAUTHOR of a book that Marcus was reviewing in this column. It is not unreasonable to think that Marcus should know who he is or refrain from reviewing the book.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 5:00 said...

...A side note that is probably of interest to the readers here, Ward Churchill was fired on Tuesday from CU Boulder for plagiarism.
Not plagiarism. They used the weasel word ...integrity.

"BOULDER-The University of Colorado Board of Regents today voted to accept
President Hank Brown’s recommendation to dismiss Professor Ward Churchill from the
faculty of CU-Boulder for conduct that fell below minimum standards of professional

I think that means that he grew to be a pain in the ass for everyone after many years of hanging from a cross and pot banging.

Or as my Dad would have said...He done wore out his welcome.

Anonymous said...

K.C. Johnson's blog is an often-lopsided ode to the players and his sycophantic devotion to them. Alas, he too has written a book.

This was a direct quote from the Marcus article, FWIW...

Anonymous said...

Excuse my tardiness, but I see Nadine Strossen, Pres. of ACLU has passionately endorsed KC's book. Where was the ACLU for the past year, then?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 wrote, '***Marcus’ response? “I have no idea who he is."***

Once again, KC shows that he and his contemporaries have a God complex.

You are not God... you cannot draw conclusions about people being unwilling to speak with, or who haven't heard of, a frikkin' history professor from Brooklyn College (who had to sue to get tenure, by the way -- blame liberals!!!)"

I'm sure KC doesn't need me defending him, but pray tell what conclusion does he draw? He simply notes that Marcus hasn't heard of Taylor. He then writes, "Oh."

So the conclusion he drew was "Oh." You've really got him there, excellent point.

You sound kinda angry there 4:21, have a beer and order yourself a stripper. Maybe you'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

GP@5:31 It was refered to as plagiarism in all the Colorado papers and news broadcast in the state

Anonymous said...

If you read the actual document from the committee which fired him (Ward C.), there are at least 3 actual plagarism examples for which they found him guilty. I guess they just chose to title the article "integrity."

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 5:35 said...

...Excuse my tardiness, but I see Nadine Strossen, Pres. of ACLU has passionately endorsed KC's book. Where was the ACLU for the past year, then?
Waiting for KC and the defense attorneys to 'suit up' in their farm boots, flack vests and Broadhead decoder rings so they could clear a path through the barn yard.

The ACLU took one look at that graduation rate and just KNEW there was no lacrosse action that needed scrutiny!

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 5:40 said...

GP@5:31 It was referred to as plagiarism in all the Colorado papers and news broadcast in the state.
Yes, in our papers over here in Houston also.

I didn't believe what I read so I went to the university web site and downloaded their press release. The record of the entire case is here

I'll be more than willing to send you a copy if you will give me an e-mail address. Just click on my name.

Anonymous said...

Is Duke a state school?

Anonymous said...

KC right on as usual, Marcus is no better than the NYT writer Duff Wilson. No one takes him seriously, it seems in cluding his boss who isn't interested in the facts of the story only what they are told.
Keep the light shining as long as you can.
Maybe write two books, you could fill one on the media alone.

Anonymous said...

Steven Marcus?? I have no idea who he is.

Anonymous said...

It's fine that the ACLU is behind KC's book, but who really cares. They are not who they say are, they completely turned their backs on these three innocent young men when they normally shout out and support the downtrodden. They have no credibility with me anymore.

But it is good for KC because it sends hope the book will be read by a wider audience and maybe some minds will be changed.

Anonymous said...

Ralph @ 3:43

and the corrolary question:

And why do so many people waste their time voicing or writing ill-informed opinions?

and Gregory:

Are you referring to the General Bernard Montgomery Ward Churchill Downs Syndrome? Damn Brits.

Anonymous said...

Priceless KC

Anonymous said...

Follow up for Gregory:

Or the American profiteers:

"Dollar General Bernard Montgomery Ward Churchill Downs Syndrome"?

Damn Capitalists.

Anonymous said...

wayne @ 5:12

Actually, the bone head who brought up the tenure battle is in effect saying that KC lost. Let me repeat "bone head" (or its relative "pin head").

Well, frankly I admire the heck out of KC's resolve to see justice done and, more importantly, to see justice done for himself. He looked at the system and said to himself "This isn't right." And then did something about it. And he prevailed...the system found that in fact, he was deserving of tenure. Which, under the circumstances, MUST mean that his scholarship and behavior were above and beyond that which was required.

Otherwise, the interia of the system would have made it all too easy for the weasels to use their words.

The fact that he fought for what he believed is a mark of true character. The fact that he won against odds and (probably) against a substantially more powerful economic opponent ...

...let me just say ...

I tip my hat to KC Johnson.

Oh, and with respect to theat vermin Ward Churchill....exact ooposite ... it would have been all too easy for the weasels to PC their way out. Churchill must be a really bad, bad actor.

Anonymous said...

The downside of the Ward Churchill saga is the illustration of how difficult it is to get rid of a tenured professor. Churchill's case has gone on for 5 years or more, and he now wants to appeal.

No matter that the guy is a demonstrated liar, plagerist, bigot, and traitor. He had tenure.

Loosening the Left's grip on academia is a worthwhile fight, but it is very, very difficult.

D White

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Steven Marcus. He has been covering college basketball and football too long where it doesn't seem to matter whether you graduate from college or not. What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

To Inman: I was going to suggest "Surgeon General Bernard Montgomery Ward Churhchill Downs Syndrome" in an effort to kill this beast before too many people get hurt!!!!!


About Marcus, I am not going to waste any more internet ink on him after this post. He wrote a May 10, 2007 article about community college softball. No wait, it's worse than that - Division III community college softball! The "Newsday" thing must have fooled me, it sounds important, kinda like "Newsweek."


Marcus did put his name on the byline of a very early article that was picked up by MSNBC. The article, dated March 30, 2006, contained this doozy:

"Within minutes of BREAKING FREE of the house, the woman was driven to a nearby supermarket ...."

Later in the article, Marcus showed he wasn't sleeping in "INJECTING RACE (Senior Seminar), when he reported:

"The accuser, a BLACK woman who was one of two exotic dancers hired by the lacrosse team for the party, told police her THREE attackers were WHITE."

Id. (emphasis added)

It is nice to know that Marcus got the skin color of the false accuser and the falesly accused correct, but his reporting only mentioned one of Mangum's "theories" of the crime.

Marcus then goes on to quote some "judgment rusher" who said:

"You have to get rid of the coach, you've got to scrap the team and you've got to start again."

I would ask Mr. Marcus how he feels about ending his March 30, 2006 piece with that quote, especially now that he admits that Pressler was one of the real "victims" of the fiasco.

Mr. Marcus, I'm afraid, is a PC race-baiting judgment-rusher.

The symbol for "Johnsonium" (pronounced "John-so'-knee-um") in the Periodic Table is "JO," and it is described as "elemental truth." MOO! Gregory

GaryB said...

"Fake Native-American truths" --
Jul 25, 2007 4:13:00 PM

I believe you missed the refereed context -- the claim wasn't that Native American Truths are false but that former Prof. Ward falsely claimed Native status. I'd like to see the DNA though.

As for the Native truths -- no worries, they were as brutal and as beautiful as anyone else. They'd still be here (more vastly) if they had happened to develop immunity to small pox. Good National Geographic article on the Maya this month by the way -- the rise and fall sans white people.

Anonymous said...

No, Marcus didn't graduate from BYU. He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook. What? People in NY don't drink? Underage? Hah! I know better.

He has worked at Newsday since 1972. Man, talk about not seeing much of the world. Newsday is a complete rag; not even fit to be used as toilet paper. Who gives a flying EFF-YOU-SEE-KAY what a nobody like Steven Marcus thinks about anything.

You think Reade Seligmann or Collin Finnerty will be writing a piss-ant column in a 5th rate rag someday?

Marcus isn't worthy to shine the shoes of either of these fine lads.

Jamie said...

Monsignor Marcus laments that:

"...athletes from such a prestigious institution could do nothing better with a free spring night than engage in (mostly) underage drinking and sleazy entertainment more befitting the hard-up members of the population."

Alas and alack! Besides the fact that he has no argument worthy of the name, methinks Marcus is a hypocritical ass, and a disturbingly elitist one at that.

mac said...

"Alas, he too has written a book."

Unlike Marcus, KC can do more than accept hand-me-down quotes.

mac said...

I think there's a kind of envy Marcus suffers from
(sort of like Farred's "prowess envy")
but it involves journalism and
writing skills.

Q: How many books will Marcus sell in his lifetime?
A: Depends upon the book company he sells for.

mac said...

"Someone I doubt he'll be remembered for that."

"Someone?" Someday, maybe Marcus will learn how to self-edit.

Newsday isn't a blog, and he's being paid to write.

Anonymous said...

Gregory --

But then we need to consider:

"Pediatric Surgeon General Bernard Montgomery Ward Churchill Downs Syndrome"

...since so many of the victims of the beast were children or young people.

One Spook said...

Go to the link that KC provides above, negative review, and review the reader comments about Marcus' lame, pathetic column.

The commenters absolutely destroy Marcus. He is a has-been who never was and should retire.

Then read Michael Gaynor's commentary on Marcus column here: Gaynor rips Marcus

In a way, it is almost impossible to believe that any person could be as daft as Marcus.

Does he not realize that everything he writes is archived on the internet, and that his foot is so deep in his mouth now that only the back of his thigh is showing?

One Spook

mac said...

On Ward Churchill?
Thinks he's Geronimo,
acts like Geritol-Schmo.

Anonymous said...


Marcus quoting Bradlee--Don't confuse me with the facts. I need a story and ole Mikey Nifong helped me out with a little storyline that is simply irresistible. Now please don't axe me to cornfuse it wid sumpfin reediculus like facts. We all no that "something happened" at 610 Buchanan that night.

To paraphrase that all-knowing source of wisdom: The reality is the world is changing, the country is changing, and we have to change. If Duke wants to remain competitive and remain a top-notch institution, it’s got to change with the times. Change is very difficult, especially for people who came through Duke years ago. Change is difficult--especially when change is needed for those who are just plain WRONG. The 88ers were wrong, are wrong, and probably always will be wrong.
Will people like Marcus, McClain, Broadhead, Baker, et al ever admit to making a mistake? Yep, the same day Ward Churchill admits to falsifying his credentials and Bill Clinton admits that he really did have sexual relations with that woman.
Will Wonderland never cease?!?!? Sadly, DIW will go on hiatus. More than likely, the clowns from the Enema City (Durham) will only give KC plenty of fodder with which to work upon his return.
Have a great trip KC and we look forward to your triumphant return.

Anonymous said...

Marcus graduated from SUNY Stony Brook?'s a small, small world.

What's his name, Burness, the mouthpiece of Brodhead, didn't he used to be assistant to the president of SUNY Stony Brook? I think yes.

And S-B from Angry Studies, he received the Rose and Lewis Coser award. The Cosers were also from Stony Brook.

How deep is the rot?

mac said...

One Spook,

Thanks for bringing that link back
to mind. The reviews on Newsday are
pretty funny - (I bet Marcus is
seriously consdidering hiring a
stripper to see what one of the
posters was talking about!)

Anonymous said...

Jamie @ 8:20

Marcus did indeed say: "...entertainment more befitting the hard-up members of the population."

What a statement that is! And for the most part correct, ... except for that which was left unsaid ...

There was no reference to crack cocaine, heroin, drive-by-shootings or (in honor of our little CMG) -- prostitution, or for that matter -- corner standing, or cars worth more than homes, pants worn lower than the crotch, prenancy rates among teenagers that swell the population with fatherless children, cars bellowing sound from sound systems costing thousands of dollars, blackened car windows to hide the car occupants, or comics and rap artists who say "nigger" with abandon and a largely black audience that laughs or lauds their work...shall I continue?

So let me get this straight, ...The "hard-up members of the population" have certain entertainment that "is befitting," ... according to Marcus, a paragon of public discourse. Yet, he fails to fully illuminate that entertainment or all those other attributes of the "hard upo members of the population" that were also not of the lacrosse players culture.

And folks, I submit that there is a cultural divide that will not be bridged, and it is this...there are all too many blacks and for that matter uneducated whites who have an attitude best expressed by something for which I was punished as a child...and that word is...


And folks. this has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the mediocrity of a Great Society.

mac said...

Crap, and I was hoping to have a "trophy" child out-of-wedlock, too!
Now you've spoiled my surprise!

Anonymous said...

4:13 Were you aware that native americans use to bash each others babies heads against trees long before anyone showed up to stop them?

Anonymous said...

Great post by AF on today's other thread. Everyone should check it out.

Trinity '76

Anonymous said...

Inman, you remind me of the News&Observer. It was founded by Josephus Daniels, a racist Democrat from days of old who was against integration. The newspaper has been trying to live that down and in doing so, overcompensates to the point of making black criminals look like saints.
You seem to be a good southern boy who came from white racist stock. Some of your long and windy comments portray someone trying too hard. You sometimes get close to apologizing for the Duke88, like on another one of KC's pages. Don't recall which one.
Don't want a quarrel with you since we have witnessed your profanity and infantile nature, (those "F" words and the "C" word about a woman who posts here, that KC erased), when told to look at another pov, but many of us do not share your background and don't have KKK knowledge, except reading from books. Why use those things as a basis of argument?
I guess this is just to say that I get so tired of your writing. Do you kiss every man's ass the way you do KC's? Get some dignity or a life.

Duke '88

Anonymous said...

9:25 is a rabid racist trying hard to seem intellectual.

One Spook said...

Geeeeeze, Duke 88@10:13 ... lighten up, man.

Inman has made some great comments over time here. They're typically better when he isn't too blasted on his vodka.

I don't think any of us are perfect.

We don't gain much here by launching heat shots or beam riders at other commenters ... there are plenty of bad guys and gals out there on these issues, and Inman isn't one of them.

Have a vodka and relax.

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Duke '88 @ 10:13

Thank you for your comments. I am not sure I understand your references to my comments. It would be helpful if you could refer to my words. Please provide quotes so that I can address the specific nature of your inquiry.

What is your point of view? You obviously have not read all that I have written. I suggest that you have a singularly myopic view colored by your review of only a few comments and by your predisposition and politics.

But, I understand that there are other viewpoints and cogent arguments in all fields of study. I accept the nature of inquiry.

So, rather than stoop to your level and deliver calumny, I'll simply ask: why don't you display your intellect and provide some reasonable commentary. On either side of the debate. I don't care which side.

Please. Show me that Duke did not admit idiots.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:17

I don't pretend to be an intellectual nor do I aspire to such a demeaning position. For if all I had was my intellect, than what a sorry life I have led.

One dimensional people often provide great insight, but the least service to mankind.

For, mankind thrives on the multi-dimensional sustenance of thought, tempered by emotion and passion, and subsidiary emotions of anger, envy, jealousy.... and many others...all tempered in the forge of...


My suggestion to you: Learn to read.

Anonymous said...

inman, good show. I'm sure I join everyone in applauding your transformation from a vulgar, childish, profane, and misogynistc soul to a calm customer.
You do display a Jekyl and Hyde thing much of the time. Is Spook right? Are you an abusive alcoholic?
Thanks again!

Duke '88

Anonymous said...

one spook...

thank you for your kind words....

...but tonight's escape is scotch, not vodka ...I am almost finished with a fifth...I wanted a change.

Its amazing how one's body and mind adjust to drugs. I don't even notice them anymore. Kinda makes me mad.

On the other hand, maybe I am mad.

Whichever, be it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Inman: You've really got under the haters' skin. Keep up the good work! Calling you names is the best they can do.

Anonymous said...

Duke '88

I do not in any way consider myself abusive.

I have also been sober for many months on numerous occassions.

But if I had to be honest, yes...I am an alchoholic. It's a disease of my family. I'm not proud of it. And I recognize that on occassion in may past, my sickness has harmed people I love.

I now control my behavior by (1) not driving when I drink (2) not drinking when I work and (3) never ever drinking to excess.

Of course, I have left excess an undefined term.

I should however add that I write when I drink. So far, I haven't had a wreck with someone else's keyboard.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Are you serious about your drinking?


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

You can always go on Oprah. You'd get the attention that you crave and do not have from true achievement. Dr. Phil could show up and talk about everything with you. Then this place would not be filled with your personal information about way too much.
I thought this place was about the lacrosse case, but you've used it as a therapy cruise. It gets old.
Just saying.

Duke '88

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Polanski, don't think so. Just someone with little patience for freeloading bs. You're talented if you could focus.

Duke '88

Anonymous said...

I really don't loathe myself now. Maybe in the past. But now... I actually am at peace. I often smile at life. I look for the good in people, ...all people. I love my family. I enjoy helping young people understand and enjoy life.

I am very much one who prefers to find a silver lining. (With that said, I am still struggling to find the silver lining of the Duke LaCrosse Burning.)

Hey Polanski...would you like to know some of my recent / personal history?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Commenter 11:49, I am gay, and thanks for your enthusiasm.

Duke '88

Anonymous said...

Marcus sounds like a old, bitter New York-er.

The kind with the big chip on their shoulder, with a head full of somebody else's ideas, satisfied serving as the mouthpiece for the malevolent, mean-spirited politically disenfranchised.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duke '88 @ 11:36

I put you in the category of a presumptuous ass. And I put Oprah in the category of a cultural infection.

If I told you that I had been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Page A-1, right hand column with one of those uniquely Wall Street Journal pictures ... above the fold may I add, would that change your view of my success or failure.

(Lets do the math...100 Years, 250 dailys, only 25,000 people out of how many hundred million?)

(The right hand column, for those uninitiated, was reserved for "news").

If I added that in the last year, I was also a subject of another Wall Street Journal article (page C-1), would that carry any weight.

Duke '88,...You presume way too much.

Not only can I point to a personal and family history, I can point to an intersection with some of the brightest minds in the country and even the world.

You, on the other hand, are (so far) dull.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


No dwi's...and life is very interesting.

I am riding a roller coaster that other folks fear. But when you ride it, life all of sudden opens its bosom and welcomes a vibrancy and calm and peace that few can know.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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