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Malveaux: "No Comment"

The day after Attorney General Roy Cooper’s press conference declaring all three players “innocent” and victims of a “rogue” prosecutor, commentator and soon-to-be Bennett (N.C.) College president Julianne Malveaux gave an interview to NPR. Malveaux remarked,

Those kids don’t deserve an apology. They hired strippers . . . They were known for hooliganistic behavior separate and apart from what happened to this woman. So, no, they don’t deserve any apologies at all . . . Not from the professors, not from anyone else.

Furthermore, obviously the woman—the victim in this case—has changed her story a couple [sic] of times . . . Well, frankly, I believe that something did happen there. We know that something happened. We know [sic] that these guys lied about their names, so she had difficulty identifying [them]. Something happened to this woman and she deserves a lot of our compassion.

Rev. [Jesse] Jackson, you know, offered to pay her way through school, and I think that’s a fine offer. I hope she takes him up on it. But I really, you know—I think something happened here. I think these guys are bad apples. They may not—you may not be able to prove rape; you may not be able to prove anything. But something did happen there, and it was something that was wrong.

The Greensboro News & Record, appropriately, condemned Malveaux for her comments. It noted,

News circulates to the Triad that the new president of Bennett College said on a National Public Radio show that the Duke lacrosse players wrongly accused of rape don’t deserve apologies . . . Malveaux later softened that pronouncement on the nationally broadcast show, “News & Notes,” adding that Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong should apologize, as he eventually did. The players are hardly heroes but what they had to go through based on flimsy evidence was an injustice, whether you’re white or black, rich or poor. Beyond that, Malveaux, as a college president now versus a self-employed commentator and business owner, ought to choose how she expresses those views a lot more thoughtfully and carefully.

In yesterday’s News & Record, Malveaux was asked about her comments. Her response? “I made those comments before I was president of Bennett College for Women, and I'm not going to talk about them any more.” Then, echoing the Brodhead administration’s mantra, she declared, “I’m moving on.”

Malveaux did, however, condemn the News & Record for having the temerity to publish letters to the editor critical of her position (a position, again, she declined to defend). “I would have preferred,” she told the editors, “that your paper had not taken the position of running as many letters as it did . . . I think it was a little mean-spirited ... to run [some of the letters] over commencement weekend.”

Exactly what were the letters that so upset Malveaux? There were four of them (hardly an excessive total), reprinted below.


A News & Record editorial in late March announcing the new president of Bennett College called her “a seasoned, forceful speaker” who is “equally comfortable in front of large audiences and television cameras.”

Indeed, Julianne Malveaux appears to be comfortable and forceful speaking on topics, even when she doesn’t know the facts.

Recently, after the North Carolina attorney general declared the Duke lacrosse defendants innocent, Malveaux said on NPR, “Those kids don’t deserve an apology. They hired strippers. ... They were known for hooliganistic behavior. ... So, no, they don’t deserve any apologies at all. ...

“Something happened to this woman and she deserves a lot of our compassion.”

If “hooliganistic behavior” refers to drinking, perhaps in excess, that may be true. However, an investigation showed them to be respectful young men and very good students.

Yes, “something” did happen but not the “something” that Malveaux suggests. A disturbed young lady made a false claim of rape. These young men have been slandered for more than a year and it’s time to stop.

That someone in Malveaux’s position would speak with such authority about a topic that she obviously has no knowledge of is just very sad.

Beth Brewer


“They’re still hooligans!” the incoming president of Bennett College, Dr. Malveaux, declared on a recent NPR radio panel discussion. “Those kids don’t deserve an apology.” She indicated that, in her mind, the entire lacrosse team and the three young men whose lives were basically ruined, then were declared totally innocent by N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, “do not deserve an apology.”

The entire team? How about the entire Duke University student body? How about the entire state of North Carolina? If a few of her students are falsely accused of a crime, then declared totally innocent, I hope she has a different attitude.

Do we really need another person in Greensboro who seeks to divide rather than bring our community together?

Jim Turnage



Bennett College has a fine leader in retiring President Johnnetta Cole. She is a refined and smart lady with elegance who will be badly missed. Her replacement, Julianne Malveaux, is anything but that. She is a nasty, foul-mouthed ultra-liberal and leftist who never has anything good to say, just continues to cut individuals and groups down. She is like a mean-spirited black Molly Ivins.

Although Malveaux doesn’t start work at Bennett until June 1, her pronouncement preceded her appearance. She said that the Duke University students accused in the rape case were hooligans and did not deserve any apologies at all.

The News & Record said it well when reporting her comments and noted, “She ought to choose how she expresses those views a lot more thoughtfully and carefully.” Leopards don’t change their spots, nor will she change her foul mouth. I have read her columns for years and know what to expect.

Bennett College, you deserved another great leader. You could have done much better. Could you have done worse? I doubt it.

Al Myrick



I read with regret Julianne Malveaux’s comments in Summary Judgment (April 21). The article quoted comments made by the new Bennett College president on an NPR radio show in which she stated that the Duke students did not deserve an apology from anyone.

My first thought was, if these students had been African American and accused by a Caucasian young woman, and all the other circumstances were the same (from inviting a stripper in to the fact that no DNA of the students was found on the accuser), would Malveaux’s comments have been the same? I watched the press conference given by the attorney general. Clearly, these allegations were false, and it is a shame when we cannot admit when a wrong has been done no matter what the race or socioeconomic standing of the accused.

What message do we send, especially to young people, when we don’t stand against injustices perpetrated upon all people? No past injustice done to anyone makes a present injustice justifiable.

I am an African American, and I am sorry that these young men and their families had to endure this. I am also very sad for this young woman who is obviously troubled, and grateful no charges were pressed against her.

Mary E. Johnson


Mary Johnson’s comments are particularly well-taken. And, as Beth Brewer noted, “That someone in Malveaux’s position would speak with such authority about a topic that she obviously has no knowledge of is just very sad.” That, now, Malveaux would refuse either to defend or apologize for her statements is even sadder.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Mary E. Johnson's comments are particularly reasoned and objective. She has contributed significant truths to this dialogue which Malveaux should take to heart and mind.....if she (Malveaux) is to have any credibility as a leader in the field of education.


Anonymous said...

What is the world coming to when the president of a college can make unfounded claims, wholly refuted by the AG, one moment and refuse to comment the next?

I'm checking into a foreign exchange program in Australia from my daughter!

Anonymous said...

The college president's remarks are outrageous. If I were Seligmann< I would ask her personally for an apology. Many people seem to take the position that these three guys deserved what they got because of rumors about the teams behavior and because of the party itself. I think that is crazy--but if you go along with that, how do they justify their attitude towards Seligmann. He showed up at the party and left minutes after the strippers arrived. he has said he did not like the party's theme. he has condemned the actions of his fellow teammates where they are alleged to have said racist things. What has he done to deserve this sort of reaction? It is so unfair to talk about reputations and rumors regarding dozens of people when it was three criminal defendants that were subjected to the harm.

I also don't know how I feel about Crystal not being prosecuted. She should be treated like any other criminal, and mental health experts should assess her mental capacity, not people who are motivated to sweep this fiasco under the rug.

Anonymous said...

It is for examples such as this that I prayed for civil suits against Duke Administration and the Klan of 88. The depositions would have been devastating to this ilk. An opportunity has been missed and I can only hope the settlement was big enough to justify letting them off the hook.


Anonymous said...

Like Nancy Grace - Who cares about this rinky dink college and leadership.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That woman needs to lose her job. End of story. Every parent of kids going to that school should be burning up the phone lines demanding her immediate dismissal. If Imus can lose his livelihood the way he did--this woman needs to go.

White people had better wake up and start holding racist blacks and their supporters to the same standards we are held to. You might be next.

Anonymous said...

Malveaux's comments and subsequent silence are disappointing and inappropriate for her position. I must say, though, that I have read columns by her and listened to her on some TV appearances---this is who she is!

Anonymous said...

Bennett is a joke college, so it might as well have a joke president.

Every parent of kids going there thinks just like her - they're getting what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right. Bennett College is getting someone who thinks just like those who go there. Their past president was no reasonable person either concerning political issues. I don't know why so many are surprised by Malveaux. She has always been a loudmouth. An abusive high yellow redhead who is constantly trying to prove how "black" she is.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Two words: Bennett...College...'nuf said!

Anonymous said...


Sorry about that link. I clicked on a previous link when posting it.

Otra vez:



wayne fontes said...

See Malveaux is learning. It reminds me of when Kieth Jackson (the tight end, not the announcer) was involved in a domestic dispute in which he hit his girlfriend. When a reporter asked him about it he said "the bitch deserved it". Naturally outrage was sparked. The school had to call a press conference to allow Jackson to deal with the controversy. He stepped to the podium and said that he was young and inexperienced in media relations. He explained "what I meant to say was no comment".

Anonymous said...

Bennett stats: avg high school gpa = 2.46...91% of students scored below 1000 on the "recentered" SAT...that is about a 890-900 for the "old" SAT....they deserve Malveaux

Anonymous said...

Malveaux the Clown has a good ring to it. (Sometimes one can see why certain countries in the world have NEVER worked. The ones run by the Malveaux types of the world). Would her logic dictate that lynched Emmett Till would never deserve an apology because he rudely whistled at a white girl?

Anonymous said...

Probably the only person in Durham who knew what he was talking about is Nifong, and he was/is lying, so what does this say to Malveaux. Well, she is a liar for starters . . . very divisive, yes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Take a look at this outrageous letter in Durham's Weekly Reader today:

Familiar formula

Money + Power = Respect (to some degree).

The money that was lavishly exhausted on the lacrosse defense represents old money spent strategically: One portion went to legal expenses while the other went into a public relations campaign. According to ESPN, Bob Bennett, an ex-Clinton lawyer, headed the external public relations campaign for the accused. Duke University followed suit retaining their external public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller, whose clientele include McDonald's, BP, and Cisco.

Further, with the lynching of Mike Nifong there are still questions outstanding. His methods were clearly reprehensible. Yet could it be that he knew something we refuse to recognize -- the negative equity of African-American women in the presence of white men of privilege? Was he attempting to employ the same tactics in reverse frequently used to demonize black rapists?

Why is it that the accused in this matter were allowed to surrender under the cover of darkness, completely prepared for the "perp walk," as opposed to being apprehended and drug into jail like the folk from lower castes of this country we see on "Cops?" Was Nifong attempting to beat the Joe Cheshire defense squad to the punch of media deflection and misdirection as they vehemently inundated the press by painting the accuser as the stereotypical black jezebel?

Rush Limbaugh called the woman a "ho" but still has a job.

Cheshire and others are riding the horse of justice. I wonder whether they plan on doing any pro-bono work for others in jail who have been wrongfully accused?

July 2, 2007


Anonymous said...

This shows a pathetic lack of information and ability to analyze.

Crystal is a "ho"...the Rutgers team are collegiate athletes.

"Old money"...I don't think so.

Chesire et al have a long history of pro bono work.

Mr. Robinson is a sad, ill informed fellow and he's now "outed" himself!

Anonymous said...

That is Durham. Those people will never change and they don't want to.
Mike Nifong caused untold damage with his lies. The ignorant and the not so ignorant people like Robinson will be telling lies about the lacrosse players for the rest of their lives.
Talking about how bad everything is and how bad white people are as they collect their welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

It's called W-E-E-K-L-Y
R-E-A-D-E-R for a reason.

Anonymous said...

"Klan of 88" - an even better moniker than "Conspiracy of Dunces."

Malveuex's statement that her comments were prior to being Bennett College - and therefore not relevent - is amazing. The drive-by media's double standards are in play. By all accounts, her compassion is saved for non-whites and/or females. To have a non-apologetic bigot as its president must be some deal for those who selected her.

If someone wrote a book, it would be too crazy to be believed...


Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

1. Of course Rush Limbaugh does NOT have a job. He has a business. I guess one more reason for the left to be anti-business is that being in business allows one to not be PC if one so chooses.

2. Malveaux has a long history of hate speech. For example about Justice Thomas she said, "The man is on the Court. You know, I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease. ..." The longer this goes on the more shocked I am that some here including the founder of this website who started out left of center fail to understand the implications of whose side they are on politically.

Anonymous said...

TO 2:55PM--

It's really from the H-S. I just call it the Weekly Reader because the quality and the circulation have reached rock-bottom.

The quality is about the same level of those little papers kids used to get each week in grade school.


Anonymous said...

that was the publication I was referring to as well :)

Anonymous said...

Catholics too?
From Wikipedia, Dr. Malveax on the Supreme Court:

'On April 19, 2007, Malveaux said on NPR's News & Notes that the Supreme Court's decision upholding the ban on partial-birth abortion would take the country, "back to the Catholic days of you kill the mother to bring the baby into the world." '
Why exactly is this woman taking a swipe at Catholics?
There are only two historically black colleges that are all woman - Spelman in Atlanta, and Bennett. Both need deep subsidies to operate.
Most of the folks I know support Spelman. Their kids go there because Atlanta is more of a draw than Greensboro. Is this some marketing ploy or was she fifth choice? Maybe she's aiming for a niche market for Bennett.
But 'kill the mother'? WTF?
Since her appointment, I guess Catholics (and their money) are not welcome at Bennett.
Or since that comment was made in April and she started June 1 she gets her record expunged? ha.

Anonymous said...

Aw darn, those letters hit over commencement weekend -- maybe brought some negative attention to Ms Malveaux?? Maybe she'll learn something -- certain she doesn't deserve an apology

Anonymous said...

ESPN reported that Bennett was heading a PR campaign for the LAX defendants? Gee, what a surprise. ESPN gets yet another "fact" about the case completely wrong. Bennett was never hired by the LAX defendants -- or anyone associated with them -- to run a PR campaign. Bennett has confirmed this himself.

But hey, Mr. Robinson, don't let any actual facts get in the way of your ludicrous argument. (And BTW, Crystal Mangum IS a whore, as the Durham police discovered early on in the investigation.).

Anonymous said...

It's sad that people like Malveaux are so desperate for Mangum's "rape" fantasy to be true.

No, not sad -- pathetic.

rrhamilton said...

I remember when Malveaux was just a talking head commentator for the news networks -- I think most prominently CNN. She was a scowling anti-white racist then and I thought she had faded into obscurity.

One can't look at her without thinking of that movie about college life, Animal House:

"Julie, fat, hateful, and stupid is no way to go through life."

Bella said...

So she joins everyone else in the "something happened" crowd, better known as cowards. I love how these "educated" individuals show such a complete lack of maturity by refusing to admit that they were wrong. Sad, sad story.

Ralph Phelan said...

I think it was a little mean-spirited ... to run [some of the letters] over commencement weekend."

Aftee what she said she has any business talking about "mean spirited?"

Anonymous said...

This is off the topic but today at my firm, dozens of legal assistants had their last. I wondered why everyone had chosen today as their last day and someone told me it was because working today would allow an extra month of health benefits. I know people have pointed out that dragging out his resignation did little to his pension amount but I assume the cost of healthcare will be much more considerable, especially with a preexisting condition.

Anonymous said...

And here we thought BROADHEAD was a jerk!!!

This Malveuax isn't fit to shine Broadhead's shoes, although I'd like to see her try.

Anonymous said...

In the News-Record article, Malveaux is quoted as saying "My mama says I remind her of a snake. I shed my skin every 10 or 12 years."

Well, she got the "snake" part right.

Michael said...

Their 25/75 percentiles on SAT scores are 720/890. I guess with students like these, the administration can get by making statements that aren't fact-checked.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So, let me get this right. Malveaux is a PhD from MIT and this is as good a gig as she can get?

And, she can speak on public airwaves and offer her opinion but somehow thinks that others' should not have that privilege...H&S should somehow no publish criticism. Why does she think she's special?

Anonymous said...

Malveaux - is that the sniper who terrorized a region for months with the help of a young, impressionable no-mind, or is it the fire-breathing Bolshevik bigot whose race-baiting hate speeches have put her in a position of wealth and power over young, impressionable minds?

Sadly, it's the latter. Say it aint so, mr kayman007!

And here's to you, Mr. Robinson, Joltin' Joe (Cheshire) has left and gone away, leaving a wake of justice in his path.

Anonymous said...


Over at the website there was a "message board" regarding new allegations of grade discrimination. It was there early this morning, but is gone now.

Duke 85 said...

"hooliganistic"---now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

SAT scores of 720? Combined? OMG

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the positive here. Citizen Mary E. Johnson has this right, and speaks to the immutable moral principles that should always obtain in any situation. Why universities can't attract the Mary Johnson's of the world to run them, I just don't know.

Dan said...

One thing that has bothered me from the outset of this case, and of the leftist response to it, is the contradiction by leftists of their standard mantra of concern for the rights of the "sex worker" to ply her (or his) trade, free of the judgmental scrutiny and condemnation of their "career choices" on the basis of the personal moral code of some outside observers.

One assumes that Ms. Mangum took this "gig" at the lacrosse team party with the full knowledge that it would involve a group of young men who were willing to pay her to strip for them. This was in fact her chosen profession, at least for the time being, and she apparently freely elected to perform a specified service in return for compensation in a free market exchange between consenting adult parties.

Since there is no evidence that anything beyond those specified services occurred, where then is the concern on the part of the political left for the rights of sex workers to freely engage in their chosen profession?

And why the condemnation of the hiring party in this free market transaction of services?

Doesn't the labeling of the lacrosse players' behavior as "hooliganism" unfairly discriminate against sex workers, and their rights to freely pursue their career choices, and discourage this career as somehow having less merit than other more conventional career choices?

Don't leftists typically denounce such moralizing?

Anonymous said...

Laugh now Duke alum, but when Brodhead goes, this woman will be one of the candidates to replace him.

Anonymous said...


You got it right. The duplicity of today's left is amazing.

KC has done a great job; however, this politically left duplicity should be addressed as well.

He can address the extreme right's duplicity also, even though that is taken care of (in a duplictous manner)daily by today's primary media sources.

It's as clear as the nose on one's face.


Anonymous said...

Why do people continually use the word "troubled" when referring to Magnum? She's a seasoned prostitute who chases easy money. She claimed rape in the hope of a financial settlement. No need to complicate it. She should be charged with a crime.

Anonymous said...
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Topher said...

I just found out from Debrah's link that Malveaux got her PhD from my alma mater.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go wash out my diploma in the bathtub.

Anonymous said...

So why does Bennett College exist now?

I guess it is a good thing there is a college for C students. That's better than accepting them to Cal and having them fail at a 60% rate.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that even after the Duke three not only have been cleared but pronounce "Innocent" by the NC Attorney General and Nifong has been kicke out of office, there are still stupid, ignorant, slimey people who want to jump on the ship that has already sunk. I am stunned at the low, low quality of people that are being hired to teach and run colleges. Apparantly you don't need any brains, just an agenda and a hate for white wealthy althletes to get a job in academia today.

Anonymous said...

Universities seem to be quite happy to consider people on the wrong side of the hoax for administrative positions. The current (July-August) issue of the Harvard alumni rag mentions that Brodhead was one of the people seriously considered for the Harvard presidency.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people that said that whatever Cinton did in the Oval Office after hours was "private conduct"

They were mad at Imus for repeating a word said hundreds of times in black music. He had to apologize. Malveaux said how awful it was to look at the girl's faces.

She's is a loud mouth black who just cannot hide her contempt for nice white kids. Her word prove that she cannot be unbiased.

William Jockusch said...

While working on his wonderful summary, KC apparently missed Anne Ream's attempt to justify herself, which only reveals her own bigotry, even more clearly than it could be seen before:

ubg said...

There are those who are so steeped in their feminist indoctrination that they cannot possibly accept that a woman would lie about being raped just to escape a spell in the drunk tank even when all the evidence exonerates the falsely accused.

Jarrel Aniqua said...

These people have to be joking. "They gave fake names to a strippers' service"? You've got to be kidding me. I give a fake name to PIZZA HUT!

These people are complete idiots.

Michael said...

re: 6:28 now that you mention it, is a pretty popular website.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

"she told the editors, “I would have preferred that your paper had not taken the position of running as many letters as it did . . . I think it was a little mean-spirited".

Ms. Malvaux has not yet learned that you reap what you sow. In her perfect world, she is entitled to issue diktats and pronunciamentos of others while our role is to fawn and respond "oh yes"! - certainly not to publish a few civil criticisms of Her Presidential Correctness, for goodness sake.

Her hipshot slanders of the Duke players had no backup information, nothing but scorn and animosity and stereotyping.

"They were known for hooliganistic behavior separate and apart from what happened to this woman."

"Rev. [Jesse] Jackson, you know, offered to pay her way through school, and I think that’s a fine offer. I hope she takes him up on it."

Her comments show that she snagged a couple of quick talking points from year-old news, and has long ago ceased to pay attention to the factual events of the rape hoax - but is willing to spew vitriol against athletes and editors
who offer sharp responses to her talking points, and to retain blind faith in a drive-by promise from Jesse Jackson.

And now that she's, you know, presidential, she can insist that no one shall notice her past behavior. Humph. Refusing to allow notice of facts is a main prop of political correctness - but a far remove from the behavior we expect of an educator.

M. Simon said...

According to Malveaux if I change my name I will be harder to recognize.


Gary Packwood said...

Julianne (call me motor mouth) Malveaux and now President (call me cautious) Malveaux said...

...“I made those comments before I was president of Bennett College for Women, and I'm not going to talk about them any more.
Apparently Julianne now sees consequences for herself as a spokesperson for Bennett College yet for some reason the G88 don't see consequences for themselves as spokespersons for Duke.

Why is that?

mac said...
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Anonymous said...

Why can Malveaux describe herself as an economist?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Because she's economical with the truth?

Anonymous said...

seriously, what were her qualifications to be president of a college?

is it just her hate-whitey creds?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see - a mind is a terrible thing to waste but wasting minds is terrible.

I feel sorry for the students of Bennett College regardless of academic achievement.

Malveaux is simply pathetic. Serious minds and should scorn and ridicule this most “iconoclastic public intellectual in the country”.

Michael said...

At least Brodhead is better at running away from the heat.

mac said...

I decided to remove my post because
I see no need to be as hideous
and malevolent as Ms. Malveaux
appears to be.
I thought: "damn; you sound just
like her!"

As Frank Herbert said
(once again):

"We tend to become like the worst
in those we oppose."

I could sense myself slipping
down into the bottomless abyss
Malveaux makes for herself.

Thanks, KC: responding to this one
was a bit like drinking a sip out
of a cholera-infested pool, but
I'm glad you put a bright light on
her, anyway.

8:35, you're right:
I feel so sorry for her new
students; doesn't matter what
their SATs are like: they're still
people. Some of them might be
fine people.

Anonymous said...

Very early on, it was reported that someone (never clear who, a "supporter of Duke University" or of the lacrosse team) hired Bob Bennett to handle public image issues--but I think I heard later that the defense attorneys wanted nothing to do with that idea (likely because the last thing they wanted was fuel for the idea that there was a lot of big-bucks deal-brokering going on) and so he did little or nothing. The author of the H&S letter must have remembered the early reference to Bennett without bothering to notice that there was absolutely no follow up--and that there was never any connection between Bennett and the actual defendants.

Anonymous said...

At least now we know where to send the Gang of 88 for employment. Insanity breeds insanity.

It must be nice for her to have a little Miss Cleo in her. Since she knows something happened that night at that house, she must perform under the name Kim Roberts. Otherwise, how does she have first hand knowledge?

Be careful Bennett Ladies, you're about to take a hard left turn.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what their SATs are like?

Do you want someone working for you who has a 325 SAT?

Not everybody should go to college, especially to a college with an ignorant president.

mac said...

"The facts don't matter, if u have luv."
M. Hardt

"Brains don't matter, if u have luv."
M. Hardt

"Actually, I had pretty shitty SATs.
But I have luv. Go figure."

Phil Anders said...

Malveaux is awful, but anyone with any exposure to her in the past already knew that.

She's being true to form. And certainly doing no favors for herself or for the rest of America's perception of the black intelligentsia.

She should arrange for a scholarship for the "victim", i.e. Crystal Mangum, at Bennett College. Just one sista doing another a solid.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A college president who follows the dictates of political correctness rather than the facts?

Shocking, I tell you, just shocking. We'd never see such a thing at one of the "better" schools....ooops.

Anonymous said...

Malveaux probably got her PhD under the auspices of affirmative action. She removed the doubt of her intelligence when she opened her mouth. Has she recruited CGM? She could be a great addition to the economics program at BC. She can become a student lecturer and give instruction in how to fleece a group of "rich, white, LAX players" out of $800.
Is it wrong to call CGM a "ho"? That is a hip hop term, not one to be used in the realm of normal intelligence. We cannot say if the multitude of men who "visited" her body actually paid for services rendered. Only then can she be called a whore. We don't know that she charged so we should not call her a whore. All we know is that she charged to dance.
How many Women's Studies majors do they have at Bennett (BC)? They need one--in the president's office. Academia gone astray--again.

Anonymous said...

J.M.'s comments are fairly thoughtless. She had to know they'd be fodder for conservative blogs.

This stupidity of accusing everyone you don't like of getting their doctorates under the auspices of aa/eo is really stupid, however, not to mention racist. There are plenty of white guys--and others--who got into graduate school w/o aa/eo and proved themselves stupid, too. Or doesn't that matter?

Anonymous said...

*stupidity is really incredible? That's better...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Liestoppers has a recent piece on the first rape allegation made by CGM. Basically, it has two conflicting statements and both (let alone the combination of the two) really don't cast CGM in a favorable light (at all). Just when I thought nothing new (to me anyway) would come to light about CGM, there's more. I also recently read that the medical file on CGM was nearly 1,000 pages. I had heard it described as voluminous but this staggers!

Really, I have pretty much concluded that what happened the night of 13/14 Mar 06 was a scam, with the actual students as the victims. The account I read in the Baydoun book about the call that was placed to order the entertainment had the escort service asking what type of dancers were being requested and the answer being young, white, and as attractive as possible. The response is that they would send a Hispanic and a dancer who was a brunette, with blonde highlights -- our Precious herself.

Once the dancers showed up and were allowed in (despite an obvious deception) Kim Pittman/Roberts basically decided to put an end to things but keep the money. She may have had this in mind from the outset, or perhaps decided this was the way to go when CGM was unable to remain standing. At any rate, she seems to have used the broomstick comment as an excuse to take off, having been paid in advance. To ensure she was able to make a getaway, she made the first racial comment (such as it was) and immediately declared it a hate crime when it was mildly joined by one of the players. She did this so she could loudly announce that she was calling the police, knowing that in Wonderland the police would side with her over dozens of youths who have clearly demonstrated solid character, if not the best judgement -- and at least suspecting that the players knew this as well.

That first 911 call was obviously not truthful, even if only for the internal contradictions it contained. Kim may very well have stolen the share of the money paid to CGM, but the first hoax was ended as she managed to con the police into unloading CGM from her car. The second sprang to life when someone at Durham Access did something very stupid by asking CGM if she had been raped...

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Insufficiently Sensitive said...
Ms. Malvaux has not yet learned that you reap what you sow. In her perfect world, she is entitled to issue diktats and pronunciamentos of others while our role is to fawn and respond "oh yes"! - certainly not to publish a few civil criticisms of Her Presidential Correctness, for goodness sake.
Meanwhile she would expect everybody to believe that ALL white males, simply by virtue of their gender and colour, are privileged.

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6:56 Great Idea! The logo can be a big mouth white guy like a big mouth bass. With a hook in it...or maybe, just a foot in a dirty sneaker.

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Randy, get off the Internet and go make the doughnuts. Be sure to save a few for your parole officer.



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Who is Randy? BTW, I thought the Wide-Mouth Polanski Fish was pretty funny.

MOM, you have a parole officer for abusing your children, don't you? D'you do it before church or after?

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Randy is the name of my lovable transgendered boy/girl child. A borl for short.

Randy has had a few run-ins with the law and he's a registered sex offender, which I'm real proud of. My borl's not afraid of announcing borlself to horl neighbors.

Raaahhhhnnndddyyyyy, that's borl.


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I'm sure you think you've written in English as a first language, but you simply sound stoooooooooo-pod.

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Julianne Malveaux has made my stomach turn for years. Every time I seen her on tv she always seemed so bitter and petty. I think someone who was nicer and had no baggage would have made a much better choice. I can't believe any college would want her as their president. Just about anyone would have been more effective than Julianne.