Friday, December 15, 2006


DNA Security seems like quite the professional outfit.

Brian Meehan was, among other things, remarkably unprepared.

He admitted that he hadn’t thoroughly reviewed the defense motion, nor had he looked at any of the attachments.

He repeatedly called Nifong “Nee-fong.”

He said that “it was the “custom and practice” of DNA Security to “intermingle” material from multiple cases on the same worksheet. These entries might have come from people in other cases DNA Security, we were informed, keeps no communication logs. Company officials “don’t necessarily keep notes on every meeting”; it doesn’t keep meeting logs, or keep phone logs, and doesn’t think that he exchanged emails relating to the case.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if action or arguments on the line-up motion took place?

Anonymous said...

It's apparently been set for an evidentiary hearing on Feb. 5. According to, I think, Court TV, various police officers and the AV will be expected to testify at that hearing.

Anonymous said...

Is hMeehan a Knight-who-says-Nee?

How can Meehan's company be licensed to do this work? Incredible, literally!

Unfortunately, this cuts both ways - if the DNA results are tossed, exculpatory evidence is tossed.

Anonymous said...

Feb 5 is an eternity for these boys...come on Alberto, fast-track the Fed investigation.