Wednesday, December 27, 2006

To Nifong

Kathleen Parker, one of the first columnists to examine Nifong's performance through a skeptical lens, has a new column out. She proposes a new verb: "to Nifong.''

"Now," Parker argues, "we can 'Nifong' someone when we want to trump up criminal charges based on flimsy evidence allegedly for political purposes. In short, when we want to screw up someone's life."

Parker also takes note of Duke President Richard Brodhead's decision to, at last, ask for Nifong to pass the case to a third party. "While official outrage is welcome," she observes, "it seems belated. Where were the passionate protestations when these three young men were being convicted in the court of public opinion? The presumption of their guilt was nearly instantaneous among Duke administrators and many faculty, from whom others in the community took their cues."

Somehow I doubt that having his name remembered as a perjorative verb was how Mike Nifong thought this whole affair would wind up when he was riding high in late March.


Anonymous said...

Great article by Kathleen Parker, but there was a link on the FODU board earlier. Here:

Anonymous said...

KC your a little late on this one. I was the one who posted the link on FODU.

Anonymous said...

KC, sorry if you feel offended, you are doing the best job of anyone here. Just please check the Fodu site once in a while. They are also doing a good job, but not anywhere near what you are contributing. Your articles have been great, so perhaps we need to see that you are doing more analyzing then searching. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Sorry KC, I just had it out with someone on another board.

You are really doing a great job. I didn't mean to offend.

Anonymous said...

I find the FODU board to cumbersome to navigate. I would prefer the written articles list to be on top of the page.

kcjohnson9 said...

I'm a strong supporter of FODU, and read the board every day.

I just wanted to post this item as a quick update, since this blog attracts some readers who don't go to FODU.

Anonymous said...

KC you are truly wonderful and without your expert research your readers would be in the dark to much of the truth that we know to date. A question: Had the outcome of the election been different (Cheek elected), would the facts as we know them today be different? I am specifically referring to the conspiracy re DNA and the ultimate dropping of the rape charge. Would the hearing of Dec. 15 been changed because Nifong would have been a lame duck?

Anonymous said...


Since everyone else is giving you a hard time, I figure I will join in. I had a piece last September 1 on Lew Rockwell's page entitled "Nifonging the Standards of Justice, Part I." Part II came shortly thereafter.

However, let me say that I am quite pleased to see you link it because not everyone reads FODU, and the more this stuff is out there, the better.

Nifong surely is not going to put Crystal on the stand after her performance in the videotaped ID process. There is NO way to reconcile that with what the prosecution now is trying to claim.

By the way, Wendy Murphy is wrong. (She is also evil, but we knew that.) Part of the sexual assault charge is that Reade Seligmann (turn your heads if you don't want to read what is next) ejaculated inside her mouth, and she spit it out.

Guess what, Wendy? No Reade Seligmann Brand DNA was found in that part of her body, and no Crystal saliva and (again) Reade Seligmann Brand DNA was found on the floor where Duff Wilson swore it COULD have been found. Oh, yes, DNA still is in play, and Mikey knows it.

If the guy really tries to bring this to the Feb. 5 hearing, then it seems to me that the punishment he will bear will be even worse than if he were to deep-six this thing now. Maybe he is too stubborn or too stupid or just too evil, but whatever it is, I think he would do well to take my advice and to punt. Leaving the country also would be a good course of action.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the recall, I think that Nifong is going to wish that he had lost. In fact, his career would be looking a whole lot better right now had he lose to Freda Black in May.

To be honest, I do not want to see him replaced now, as he is the best thing the defense has going for it.

Anonymous said...

KC, again, you are doing a great job. I am retired and probably have more time to travel through the sites and look for news. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I still say this case will be dismissed this friday. Durham folk will not be burning the town down for New Years Eve.

james conrad said...

KC, the best info and writing on the web concerning this duke mess, hands down. as a transplanted yankee from washington dc who now lives in charlotte nc, this story interests me because its presenting north carolina in such a horrible way. what i was wondering is, you obviously have a great interest as well, what is it? in any event, fabulous writing, clear, concise, informed, a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

Early sighting:

When this is over, "Nifong" will become a popular term denoting incompetent or unethical behavior. As in, "He nifonged the case, so we had to drop the charges."

1,141 posted on 04/26/2006 11:18:46 PM EDT by Ken H

Anonymous said...

That proves it! I cannot claim originality, either!! But, nonetheless, I am having fun.

Mikey is not having fun.

Anonymous said...

Finally...SOMEONE who attributes some responsibility to the mental blob who heads up the University. Believe it. None of this would have gone anywhere near so far if brodhead had not sucked up the the 88 scum bags and the black leaders of Durham and NCCU. (I had to get one more lick in).


Anonymous said...

Damn! I am going to miss Mikey when this is over. Yeah, all of us will have our lives back, but you have to admit it has been a hoot.

(Not a hoot for the families shelling out $80K a month. I sure as heck hope that they get to take possession of some of Duke's endowment and what is left of the Durham treasury.)

Anonymous said...

8:45 PM said; Leaving the country also would be a good course of action.

I think the only place Mikey could practice his style of law is with the Taliban.

Sadly the Fong will not be able to drive his car with personal plates(DA 14) up and down the high mountains !!

I suppose there always Mexico left;Pancho Nifong

Anonymous said...

If Nifong is disbarred ,,,I suppose he can keep the plates?

We will all know who driver is?

DA=Dumb A**!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry KC, but she has obviously been reading The Devil's Den since this started. "To 'Fong" has been part of the lexicon there for a while.

Anonymous said...

All of you are wrong!

....Moi......and then poster GPrestonian......were the first to visit Parker's JWR column......on this website.



Anonymous said...

KC, I came across your blog some 3 or 4 months ago. After bing drawn in by a few of your very compelling articles, I ended up spending the entire day reading your entire archive. Since then, I've checked out most other blogs dealing primarily with Duke. Of all the very good blogs I reoutinely visit, I come to yours (DIW) for up-to-date, thoughtful, full scope updates on the case. From my experience, yours is the best for content, scope and ease of use. Liestoppers is a close second, with Anderson, et al filling out the field. On occassion I cast my net a little wider, including MSM and descenting views for perspective (know thy enemy..)

In any case, just thought I'd take a moment to give you one perspective on the blogs and to say thanks very much.

You are the man!

Anonymous said...

To 9:49PM--

You are right.

Months ago, some poster over on FODU brought up the whole "Nifonging" idea. He was trying to submit it to Wikipedia.

That's probably where Kathleen Parker got it.


Anonymous said...

Well, if 9:53 is correct, then we now know the identity of...theman!! Whoodathunkit?

Anonymous said...

To 9:26PM--

Not enough attention has been paid to the huge mistakes made by Brodhead at the very beginning of this hoax.

Never.....I mean NEVER......underestimate the damage done to these lacrosse players and their chances of getting a fair shake from the Durham community........when the cowardly and nervous Richard Brodhead fumbled about and kissed every azz at NCCU......

......and then put Julius Chambers in charge of a committee to pass judgment on these guys.

I wrote about all this in a column back in October, and I had to do hand-stands to get it printed in the Herald Sun.

KC needs to do more to illuminate this very bad and very damaging move by Brodhead.

He needs to pay for the damage done.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw Nifong (verb) as far back as May, but here is one from June...

Anonymous said...

Great article by Parker, Also the article by Taylor and KC in the WSJ, correctly pointed out that Brodhead and the the group of 88 are enablers who inflamed the fires of racial hatred and placed the defendents into the hands of a crooked prosecutor who's only goal was to lynch the boys and get the Black vote. The Duke administration and professors with malice of forethought subverted the legal system and supplanted it with a social construct (Karla Holloway's term not mine) that rationalizes the use of past racial injustice to convict the defendents based only on their race and class. So in addition to the term "Nifonging" someone, I'd like to submit that the term "88ing" someone also be put into play. 88ing a defendent is using their racial and social standing to indict because they deserve to be convicted due to a history of racial and social wrongs committed by their kind.
I believe this term would afford a proper legacy to the Group of 88's actions.

Orange Lazarus

Anonymous said...

To: 10:07,

It seemed to me, after reading the archives of Durham-In-Wonderland, that pointing out the failings and indefensible actions of Duke faculity by KC is perhaps the best coverage of the topic anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Orange Lazarus, 88ing is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

To 10:16PM--

If that's what..."it seemed" you, then you're all set, aren't you?


Anonymous said...

Debrah, Just thought you were preaching to the choir, and saying "KC needs to do more..." presumes much on your part...

Need to do for you? For us? His obligation extends to you how?

Get over yourself.


Anonymous said...

To KC, Bill Anderson, national media et al. If everyone spent as much time discussing President Bush's Iraq missteps (that have resulted in true human toll)as they are some false accusations about some lax players in Durham how much better we would all be. Please balance your outrage.

Anonymous said...

Chicago writes:

You know what is hilarious. Nifong is now the one who is a threat to leave the country and he sealed the guys indictments because he said they were "such a threat of flight." What a joke he is.

Anonymous said...

Chicago writes:

Can we please end the pissing contest about who was first to coin the term "Nifonging." Who cares who was first, it is a good term. Use it and Websters will some day pick it up.

Anonymous said...

To 10:27PM--

Listen, if you are that stalking little coward who has been hiding in the wings.......coming out to bite my ankles on occasion.......for the most trivial of issues.....

...then AT LEAST.....AT LEAST.....azzhole.....


When you attack someone and use little letters to throw profanity.....have the balls to identify yourself.

Something tells me that you are the same disgruntled and very cowardly little Liberal who finds it hard to "fight" fair.

You want to curse me? I don't even know you.

But I do know this: If your brain isn't bigger than what you're packing below your waist, you're in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Please do not read further if you are squemish or find semi-graphic depictions of coitus objectionable (I am being overdramatic).

Just wanted to add that if the new claim by CGM is that she was most certainly "penetrated" from behind but not sure that it was a male organ doing the penetrating, then based upon the assumption (that CGM's father gave credence to) that she might have been violated with a broom, I just wonder whether the dimensions of the bathroom where the assault allegedly took place even had enough manuevering room for a woman to be bent over, perform (willingly or otherwise) oral sex on someone and also have a presumably 5ft broomstick thrust into her rectum?

Does anyone have the dimensions/measurements of the subject restroom?

Anonymous said...

10:37..Please balance your outrage.

What does that mean? We shouldn't be outraged becuase its trivial, or we shouldnt be outraged because there are more outrageous things out there?

Sorry, pal, but the idea that some capricious a-hole could have me arrested and tied up for a year with me spending my life's savings on proving my innocence (!) and it makes no difference, is pretty dang outrageous to me. And, oh, by the way , most Democrats in Congress voted to allocate spending for the War and while theres plenty to argue about there, I don't think anyone has to apologize for feeling OUTRAGE about what happened to these kids.

Anonymous said...


Blah, blah, blah.

You are clearly so full of yourself and you presume to tell KC needs to do more of this or that, after clearly doing an admirable job covering the very point you protest goes inadaquetly addressed.

As for my name,it is Mike C in AZ. As for YDKMFA, it is not profane, as you (again) presume to know/need/expect/demand much to much, it stands for You Don't Know Me From Adam.

As for your comments about what is below my waist, I pitty you your troubled mind.

Anonymous said...

You know what? Plenty of people are posting about war in Iraq and President Bush. In fact, if you really don't know where to find discussion boards posting on this subject, I could point you there, so you can go over there and leave us interested in this case alone.
Do you really think you have a right to tell others what they should be interested in?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comments on what we really SHOULD be doing, I think that the poster has made a fair point. Wrong, but fair.

First, there are a lot of people writing on Iraq, and I think that the Democrats are going to have some very interesting hearings coming up starting next month.

Second, I am on the record as being opposed to the war FROM THE START. I write a monthly column for the East Tennessee Business Journal and in my February 2003 piece, "Should We Give War a Chance?" I not only opposed an invasion, but also predicted the insurgency. I have written other anti-war pieces for Lew Rockwell since then.

This case, however, is a FUNDAMENTAL attack on the legal system. It is not simply three white boys being accused of raping a black female, end of story. We have seen a university faculty rise up and demand people be imprisoned, even if they committed no crime. We have seen an attack on all legal procedures, constitutional protections, and even the very standards of proof in a courtroom.

We did not turn this case into a media circus. Nifong did that. What we have done is to go after the facts of the case, and also show the many abuses of the legal system that Nifong has committed.

There is nothing wrong with this, for if we are successful, we are going to put other prosecutors on notice. You heard of "Nifonging." Well, there also is "K.C.-ing" of prosecutors.

There is not much I can do to deal with policy in Iraq. We will live with Bush's decisions for the rest of our lives. But there sure as heck was something I could do, and that was to do my best to turn Michael Nifong into my enemy. I am proud to have done so.

Anonymous said...

To 11:15PM--




Anonymous said...


If "finito" is what you need, then you're all set, aren't you?

Mike C

Anonymous said...


Email me. I usually don't use this for personal messages, except to insult Wendy Murphy, theman, and Fong, but it would be great to hear from you. You know my email. (No, jackasses, I am not coming on to her. That is what Mikey did to Cy in the courthouse.)

Anonymous said...

Please. Would some of you knock it off?

Anonymous said...

Man, has this thread taken some weird turns, or what!?

KC's forte isn't scooping his blogger colleagues (and yes, they are colleagues, not competitors). His strength is in his consistent, no-holds-barred anaylsis. LS, CM, and JiC have had some great analysis pieces as well.

I lurked here for a long time before I started occasionaly commenting, and it's been funny to watch as othes discovered this blog and started posting here as well as their 'original' blogs of choice. I did the same thing, discovering LS, JiC, and CM from posts here, and on FR.

Oh yeah, & I think I coined 2 '-fonging' terms on FR - 'Tweakfonging' to describe Nifong's tweaking of the DNA report, and 'Delayfonging' to describe his penchant for late discovery production.

So there!!!!! ;>)

Anonymous said...

And now, a new '-fonging' offshoot:

'Bullshitfonging' to describe basically everything that's been coming out of his mouth since the Dec 15 hearing. ;>)

OK, OK, I'm reaching there I know...

Anonymous said...

Please, try to understand me. I am a scholar of (at best) mediocre value. Were Shakespeare alive, he would whip my worthless butt for having dared to comment on his immortal works.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, I've got the best gig of my life. I was the PRESIDENT of a university which, in better times, would not have hired me to wash its restrooms.

Please don't judge me. People expected me to care about some sucker Lacrosse students, falsely accused. What are you people, nuts?? As long as I keep getting my $300,000 salary, why should I care whether HALF of my students would get beaten up, or raped by my best buddy Mike My-fong, or anything?

I believe that there is no truth, no values, no ethical foundation to anything. All I care is keeping my own - if you will - butt safe. If you believe I have different responsibilities, you are certifiable lunatics, and I gently invite you to look up a different university in which to get indoctrinated in Marxism. If you don't like me, tough cookie. I'll always find some other sh!tty students to pay taxes out of which my huge salary is being paid.

Thanks for reading my honest thoughts to the end.

Michael F. Kiely said...

Professor Johnson! The correct spelling is "pejorative," not "perjorative." Actually, months ago Wikipedia noted in its biography of Mike Nifong -- since amended to remove the reference -- that his "association with prosecutorial error has led to an increased use of the word ‘Nifong’ as a verb meaning to use one's power to clumsily railroad a situation.”

Anonymous said...

Lets all be clear on one thing about Broadhead, no matter how much damage control he and his PR firm are trying to do, nothing can change history and his actions. There are consequences for those actions and his role in this hoax. He has proven himself to be a sniveling, weak, self absorbed, lying, creep. Trying to stop the bleeding after limb has been severed is way to late. The damage he and his buddies the Duke 88 have caused has been done, the pain has been felt deeply and it can't be fixed. The best PR firm in the world can't fix it for Duke and Broadhead until the poisen from that school is removed and cleansed. Start by firing Broadhead and the Duke 88, start by terminating some of those ridiculous course electives that breed hate and racism.

Anonymous said...

nifong and its variations are in the "Urban Dictionary" along with other classy definitions such as "donkey punch" "dirty sanchez" and "rusty trombone"