Friday, December 15, 2006

More Meehan

Under questioning from Collin Finnerty's attorneys, Brian Meehan admitted that he and Nifong had several (he didn't disclose how many) phone calls about the case. Previously, we only had known that Nifong did the personal journey to Burlington on two different occasions to talk with Meehan about the case. Meehan admitted under questioning today that he took no notes about this meeting.

In a peculiar slip, Meehan repeatedly called Nifong his client—where, of course, the state of North Carolina was his client.

Nifong's only questions--did anyone, asked the D.A., tell you to lie, or conceal anything?

Meehan: No.

As he had explained in great detail over the previous two hours, Meehan didn't need to be asked directly.


Anonymous said...

keep the updates coming. thanks for this service!

Anonymous said...

KC, is the hearing over?

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on whether or not Nifong may have lied to the court? That is the implication of Meehan's testimony that contradicted Nifong's opening remarks that he did not know about the exculpatory evidence until recently. Would that alone be enough to get Nifong thrown off the case and possibly impeached/disbarred? When can we expect a judge's decision on all of this and what are the ranges of possible decisions?

Anonymous said...

How in the world can he say "conceal" would not include "exclusion of material"?

Anonymous said...

OK, so what did Nifong say at the beginning of the hearing?

Per Neff article:

"Meehan’s testimony differed from a statement Nifong made at the beginning of today’s hearing.

“The first I had heard of this particular situation was when I was served with this particular motion” on Wednesday, Nifong told the judge. After court, Nifong clarified his remarks to say that he knew about the DNA results."

Anonymous said...

I understand that he said he wasn't aware of the exculpatory evidence until recently, but do we have a quote?

Anonymous said...

How do we spell bullshit? N-i-f-o-n-g.

Anonymous said...

Nifong may not have told Meehan to "lie" or "conceal" but he did tell him not to include relevant exculpatory information in the lab's final report. Nifong, an experienced prosecutor (as he is so fond of pointing out), knew full well that he had a legal duty to disclose that very same information that he told Meehan not to include in his report, that very same information that he objected to having Meehan produce when the defense moved for the production of Meehan's entire file. Nifong's "defense" that he never told Meehan to "lie" or "conceal" anything is a non-starter. We know what he did, and it was grossly improper and unethical. Nifong should be disbarred, and soon.