Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gonzales' Remarks

Alberto Gonzales hardly shut the door to a federal inquiry into Mike Nifong's misconduct today on FOX News. The AG stated that he had received a letter from Congressman Walter Jones urging Justice Department, and that the letter was "being evaluated."

According to WRAL,
Gonzales said that even though the case is a state and local matter, the federal government could still become involved "if an investigation is conducted in such a way that civil rights laws are violated, that would be something that we might look into."
If that's the standard, then--as this post suggests--Nifong might start worrying.


Anonymous said...

Great info, KC, now that these three have had their civil rights violated, by Nifong, he should order an investigation. He has a seperate, Civil Rights Section, exclusively for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

KC would what came out in court Friday be concidered a violeation of the civil rights of Collin, David and Reade? If it is I will sit and write another letter to the DOJ and include the makings of the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

The professor could explain it best, but it's unquestionable that the three players' civil rights have been violated by Easley-appointee Nifong. Write your letter to Mr. Gonzales.

Anonymous said...

I posted this yesterday, the middle district of NC US attorney opened a file on Nifungu in May, according to the former USA I talked to last night. He is now a FED Judge, you can probably figure out who I am talking about from those facts. The long knives are out. The only person who is going to do any time over this is Mikey. I'd say he has really F**ked up, even more than going to UNC.

Anonymous said...

Sit back, relax and watch how Nifong will nail himself to the cross on this one.

I sense fat ladies entering the courthouse.

KC here is a counterfactual for you: Suppose Nifong comes to the same conclusion that so many of us have--these boys are innocent--and he drops all the charges and issues a public apology to everyone whose life has been sullied and slandered. Would he be off the hook? Or, would his mea culpa further aggravate the situation?


Anonymous said...

Also the Bar is going to act in Jan. They had to pull summons to amend it to include more serious charges. I just don't get it. How does a traffic tkt asst DA get himself into all this trouble? Is he an idiot or so arrogant that he thinks he can ignore the law and every lawyer in the state? This man must be smoking dope. NO one can be this stupid, most UNC graduates could figure this out by now. We'll obviously maybe not.

Anonymous said...

To 10:02: "Also the Bar is going to act in Jan. They had to pull summons to amend it to include more serious charges."

We've been hearing how the Bar was going to act in December, then it is February, and now you say January? Why does it take them over a month to make amendments?

That sounds constipated.

Anonymous said...

Liefong not scheduled for NC Bar hearing in January.

Anonymous said...

It is constipated, they're lawyers. The charges must be approved by the Bar Counselors, since they have changed, they only meet once a month and Nifungu will get a trial, which will take a month or two, blah blah blah. Remember these folks get paid by the hour, so what's the hurry? You know they'll get it done after about 5000 hours of billable time. Disgusting, but true.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Nifong has abused the law at all levels. Whether or not he pays for this is another matter. I can only hope that the authorities in North Carolina are willing to shoot that fox guarding the henhouse.

The issue of "open discovery" should not be an issue at all, but Nifong was able to milk the political sentiment in Durham. Only through the efforts of bloggers like K.C., as well as the defense team for Reade, Dave, and Collin, has this wall been cracked.

I can only hope that the legal profession acts here, because if it does not there will be hell to pay on all sides. Prosecutors will be re-energized to lie and break the law, and people will be encouraged to file false charges.

Anonymous said...

I have this weekend written to the Federal Attorney General Gonzalez and also Senator Dole requesting a Federal Inquiry ASAP.

Nifong and Meehan tampered with evidence....A CRIME! Who knows what the Police Department has done in this case?

No one will be safe in the Durham justice system until a Federal Inquiry has been completed and confidence reafirmed!

I did not waste my time with Easley , Cooper and co.

Sadly, I feel they have been an absolute disgrace to the North Carolina Justice system, who by there inaction have contributed to this whole charade and breach of the Civil Rights of the 3 defendants.

I urge all of you to email the Federal DOJ, Mr Gonzalez and also your NC Senators.

Mr Mike Nifong,the Durham Police dept and GCM must be brought to account for there criminal actions in massaging the evidence against the defendants.


Anonymous said...

It's important to let Attorney General Gonzales know the facts of the hoax case and Nifong's multiple abuses of his office. Please write to him and ask for a DOJ investigation. The feds need to prevent Nifong from destroying evidence, among other things.

Anonymous said...

Disbarment is nothing.

Nifong needs to feel the full pain of his personal savings being sucked into his defense attorney's bank account - as simple reciprocation for what he's putting the 3 guys and their families through now - and he then needs to understand that his retirement prospects include either prison food or catfood.

I'm not [normally] a vengeant man, but this schmuck seriously damaged my school, my sport, but worst of all - any trust in the legal system where I live - some 1800 miles away from Durham.

Disbarment is a wrist-slap - he belongs in jail for his wanton disregard for the well-being of innocent people purely for his own personal gain.


Anonymous said...

Nifong met with Meehan on April 10 to discuss test results. Himan and Gottlieb attended that meeting, according to Nifong. The indictments of Collin and Reade were handed down on April 17, and the indictments state that Himan and Gottlieb were the witnesses who gave evidence. And their testimony was under oath. There is no transcript of the proceedings(an NC dark ages thing), and Nifong didn't testify or probably didn't even make an appearance. He let these 2 stooges do his dirty work and not reveal the existence of this exculpatory evidence. If the feds come in, Himan and Gottlieb will tell all.

Anonymous said...

The feds need to act now. Remove Nifong from the case; install another prosecutor while the federal investigation is being undertaken. Write to Attorney General Gonzales and to Senator Dole. Isn't she a Duke graduate?

Anonymous said...

Did Nifong really think he could corruptly get away with Social Engineering through the court system ?

Was he trying to give the black community of Durham some form of restitution by handing them the heads of 3 white boys from Duke on a platter?

Obviously so .......Until Last Friday, when he was tumbled by his fellow conspiritor..Meehan..and a dam good defense team...!


Anonymous said...


I believe the two DPD investigators are also not yet eligible to retire with a pension. This makes them even more vulnerable to federal pressure since they can be fired for what they've done in this case and thus lose not just their jobs but also their pensions.


Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson and KC- Is this 70 to 80% figure conviction rate without DNA still true when a women is tested immediately after the claimed rape? I have been told that many rapes are not reported until much later ( days , weeks or months) and the DNA has been washed off.

Anonymous said...

The DNA, or, more specifically, the non-DNA, convictions also must have other accompanying circumstances. As I have written elsewhere, DNA is useful if a woman is examined within a few hours of the alleged event so that investigators can treat her body as a crime scene.

The convictions that occur without DNA come when the woman has waited for several days to report the alleged rape. In those situations, the DNA trail simply is not usable because of lack of scientific credibility.

This point is important because CGM was examined soon after the party. Thus, if there had been a rape, given the extensive nature of the medical examination, I can guarantee you that DNA would have been found.

The people who insist that there can be a conviction without DNA are being very deceitful because they do not come out with the whole story. Furthermore, the wrongful convictions have come about precisely because police relied on personal identification and not DNA.

The DNA question is VERY relevant in this case, and anyone who says otherwise either is lying or is totally ignorant of forensic science.

Anonymous said...

both students should be allowed to return to class

everyone knows this case is a joke

boycott the 88's classes, and withhold donations to duke until brodhead is either disciplines or dismissed

Anonymous said...

from a non-lawyer to 747 AM: I agree that they should be allowed to return to class at Duke. However, would they be physically safe in Durham? Under the circumstances, as a parent, I would fear for their physical safety in Durham. If you remember, even in the courtroom some months ago, one of the 3 young men was threatened as a "dead man walking".

Anonymous said...

The young man was Reade Seligmann as he was making his way into the courthouse, and he was given a profanity laced rant by a member of the NBPP inside of the courtroom,just before the judge came out. That was on May 16 or 18.

I was watching cout tv at the time so it is on tape as to the members of the NBPP and what they said.

Anonymous said...

NO-NO-No returning to Duke or Durham. I can not imagine the guys being safe there. To pay another penny to Duke for an education you can get in many other schools would be stupid. Duke, Steel, Brodhead and the gang of 88 need to feel the reprocusions of what they have done. Shameful

Anonymous said...

The road has been paved. On the criminal side, we have Mr. Gonzales. It would be highly unusual for the feds to prosecute Mr. Nifong, but Gonzales certainly leaves the door wide open.

On the Civil Side, these players have a great case for violation of Section 1983, and damages under Section 1985. Further, and as I have posted previously, they have an outstanding case for Malicious Prosecution, and damages that are huge.

The beauty of the Federal angle is that if Mr. Gonzales performs an investigation, it will result in further discovery at the Federal level. It will assist the defense of the players in not only the criminal action, but any future civil action they wish to bring.

If you have not guessed yet, their defense has been masterfully handled to account for these contingencies. The final result may shake out as follows:

1. Mr. Nifong will be under investigation for violation of civil rights;

2. The Durham Police Department will also be under investigation by DOJ for policies and practices that violate civil rights;

3. Durham is going to face a serious case in United States District Court in NC.

Aside from these possibilities, Nifong will most likely be hung out to dry by the NC Bar, which will gain full information from the DOJ and its investigation, and will have little choice if Nifong's actions are deemed to violate civil rights. That is a de facto violation of legal ethics.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He shames the legal profession. He has to go IMHO.


Anonymous said...

if nifong gets a book and film deal, will he have to give profits to the 3, or can he keep them?

new york has such a law, named after the son of sam

Anonymous said...

For Gonzales to make that comment is pretty huge. Normally the Attorney General of the United State of America isn't going to comment on something like this. While it's still highly unlikely that the Fed will get involved, Gonzales' message to Nifong seems pretty clear - we're watching you.

If I were Nifong these comments would probably scare the cra out of me. He's takinga real gamble if he continues on the path that he's on.

Anonymous said...

Next time I get a jury summons, I will point out that it is usesless to be on a jury in North Carolina, because Nifong has shown the world that evidence tampering and prosecutorial misconduct are tolerated by N.C. Attorney general Roy Cooper and Govenor Mike Easley, so therefore there is not justice in North Carolina.