Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Perhaps today’s embarrassing performance at the Durham County Courthouse will finally prompt Governor Mike Easley to issue a statement demanding the return of law to Durham.

Mike Nifong, as WRAL noted, was defiant: “I don’t feel I’m part of the problem. I feel that I have assisted in revealing the problem.”

He “assisted in revealing the problem” by, according to a State Bar ethics complaint, having “engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.

Durham,” continued Nifong, “has some healing to do, and I need to be part of that healing process.” [emphasis added]

How? Perhaps, as John in Carolina noted, by continuing to hide evidence. Right Angles has blow-by-blow coverage.

Meanwhile, Nifong struggled to get his story straight as to why the swearing-in of a public official—the county’s “minister of justice”—was closed to the public.

The initial line? A scheduling snafu, caused by the fact that the building didn’t open till 8.30. Yet, as Liestoppers noted, the building had opened earlier for previous swearing-in ceremonies.

Then he admitted he had played a role in keeping the public out, but the explanation came in the need to protect his staff: “The whole point of this was this was not a media event, This was an event that was required of us so we could get back to work and do our jobs. The message we tried to send was this: This is 2007. We’re here to do our jobs. We’re not here to basically help you guys sell newspapers or press coverage.”

But, of course, his staff wasn’t required to attend the event (I gather that few of them did), and the swearing-in didn’t take place in the D.A.’s office, where it would hamper their work. Moreover, Nifong certainly seemed to be eager to issue public statements when it served his purposes.

And then the explanation was the type of swearing-in: it was a formality, unlike his initial swearing-in (which was open to the public).

By this logic, the swearing-in ceremonies of re-elected presidents should occur outside the public view.

This is a man who appears to be delusional, and yet holds enormous power as his county’s top prosecutor. Where is the federal government?


Anonymous said...

KC ,

Bravo Sir ,
Great observations from this mornings Durham Circus.

You ask where are the Federals?

That again Sir, is the biggest question that is on everyones lips and also a complete mystery?

North Carolina is becoming a national joke!

Sadly todays performance in Durham is confirmation that this DA is a very sick individual indeed.

The man Sir, from all indications is a "Compulsive Delusional Liar" and has lost the plot completely!



Chicago said...


Can you, Bill or anyone else confirm any other swearing in of any type related to local, state, or federal government in the history of the US that was not done in public? I can think of none.

Anonymous said...

"But, of course, his staff wasn’t required to attend the event..."

Are you sure about that? I can envision Nifong looking around the room counting noses to determine who's 'wit him or agin him'.

Chicago said...

Another question-

I wonder if some sort of state law or policy was broken this morning. I can't help but wonder if it is required of public servants to be sworn into office in public. Just a thought. It certainly would not be the first, second or third law Nifong has broken.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina is becoming a national joke!

North Carolina is part of the United States. If the feds don't move soon this will become an amazing national embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

"If we get to the point where it appears that my presence in an investigation or anything like that is a hindrance, then we can deal with that at that time," Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong said,

So Bar ethics charges, NC DAs open letter and editorials from all over the country saying he should recuse himself.

Nifong still doesn't think his presence is anything like a hindrance?

What is he smoking?

Anonymous said...

After watching the video it is clear this man has NO clue about the deep S*** he is in. He really is delusional, a Dead Man walking.

Anonymous said...

One thinks of the famous swearing-in of Calvin Coolidge when he was visiting the family home in New England. He got word that President Warren G. Harding had died, and had his father, a judge, do the immediate swearing-in.

However, I do think that there was a later "formalized" ceremony in Washington after Coolidge arrived there. K.C. is the historian, however, and he would have to confirm that story.

As for Nifong, I hardly was surprised. First, that the ceremony was hidden from the public. Second, that he lied about it.

Isn't that how the guy has operated for the entire Duke case? First, he makes secret deals and depends upon secrecy to push the case, i.e., his secret arrangement with Brian Meehan to hide exculpatory evidence.

Second, we do not call the guy Liefong for nothing. He lied to the judge, lied to the press, and lied about everything else in the case. Literally, not one thing he has said is true.

Anonymous said...

This comes from Wikipedia about Coolidge and his swearing-in:

Vice President Coolidge became President on August 2, 1923.

He was visiting at the family home, still without electricity or telephone, when he got word of Harding's death. His father, a notary public, administered the oath of office in the family's parlor by the light of a kerosene lamp at 2:47 a.m. on August 3, 1923; Coolidge was re-sworn by Chief Justice William Howard Taft upon his return to Washington, D.C.

So, I got it correct (I hope).

As for Nifong, the intent was to deceive, as he has done all along.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the Democrats are in power in North Carolina. Corruption is flagrant in the legislature. Only in the last six months have Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte newspapers begun to reveal just how corrupt. Local talk show hosts are leading the way. It looks like we are going to have to depend on them to add Nifong to the long list of unethical and scandalous behavior

Anonymous said...

To be honest, we would have ripped fong a new one no matter what choice he made on the ceremony. JiC puts it well in his latest:

But Nifong’s swearing in confronted him with two choices:

1) Bad – Hide from the public, put out a false cover story and take a pounding for that

2) Worse than Bad – Have the cameras record and the public witness his swearing to uphold the Constitution, and then face the national scorn and anger that would follow that.

Nifong knew his Bad choice was the best he could hope for.

Anonymous said...


My video is up now. Sorry for the delay. Had trouble keeping my connection to YouTube. I've got the "healing process" and the "revealing the problem" quotes on the 3-minute video.

Jon Ham

Anonymous said...


Delusion is right on.

I've had continued correspondence with Julia Lewis @ WRAL. I described Nifong as 'up to his eyeballs in legal problems, up to the top of his head in denial'.

Jon Ham:

Thank you, great work!!

Michael said...

Interesting body language by the son.
Wife was smiling and supportive though somewhat worried.

Thanks for putting up the video.

Anonymous said...

The non-public ceremony really is a non-issue. Making a big deal about such a minor aspect of this whole matter tends to trivialize it and makes those of us in the anti-Nifong crowd seem rabid and unhinged. It reminds me of cable news and round-the-clock coverage of every inconsequential aspect of some pretty white girl's disappearance. There are very important aspects of this matter, and there are trivial aspects. This swearing-in stuff ain't even half a molehill.

Anonymous said...

Judge Hudson who cares what race he is?

The real issue is he knew Nifong was ducking the public and became a Nifong enabler.

Anonymous said...


I agree about the son's body language. That was my main thought watching that video, that he was hanging his head in shame. I feel sorry for what his father has put him through.

Chicago said...


My thoughts exactly. I felt pretty bad for Nifong's son who just sat there with his head down. It is not that poor kids fault that his dad is corrupt, delusional and full of himself. I hope that his kid turns out ok.

Anonymous said...

2:34- how about we make all swearing in ceremonies private? We can just issue a press statement later telling the citizens who we put in office

Anonymous said...

Where are the Feds?
Waiting for the local show to play out. There are lot's of options. General Assembly opens session this month, that will take some of the heat off Mikey, remember we have a Speaker of the House that will probably be Federally indicted. Within 60 days I think we will see this over, except for Nifungu's problems. The Federal file is open the only question is when it will be acted on.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone guess the "problem Nifong has revealed"?

I suspect this is just more posturing however, I would love hear more about this problem he has revealed and needs to be part of the solution too...or am I just not educated enough to understand social engineering?

Anonymous said...

In March 2006, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney & a State Department Special Agent were charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements in connection with the 2003 prosecution against two alleged terrorists. (one of which happened to be arrested in North Carolina!)
The Prosecutor and Special Agent were indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit. "A report by a special Justice Department attorney assigned to review the case found that the prosecution had failed to turn over dozens of pieces of evidence to the defense. The "pattern of mistakes and oversights," along with possible misconduct, was so egregious that the government had little choice but to withdraw its case, his report said."
So, where's the Feds is right! They can't pretend they've heard nothing about Nifong and his wrongdoings.

kcjohnson9 said...

I have a call into the state AG's office as to whether the private ceremony violated NC's open meetings law.

This is, I agree, a minor issue. But it's nonetheless remarkable that Nifong actively sought to prevent the public that he serves (and pays his salary) from attending the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

I think the Feds will wait for the case to be dismissed (soon no doubt), wait for the Bar to act (a little later, hopefully resulting in disbarment/resignation), and then wait for the civil suit. In the civil suit Nifong and company will have to testify under oath in depositions and either (1) take the Fifth, which should interest the feds; (2) tell the truth, which should also interest the feds as it will probably confirm criminal civil rights violation; or (3) lie, which, if it happens in a federal case is itself a federal crime. So don't hold your breath for the feds to appear, but as Kemp observed, their file is open and it won't be closed for a very long time.

james conrad said...

kc, where are the feds? good question. as a washinton dc kid myself, i suspect the DOJ is reluctant to get involved in a state matter unless the state shows it just cant or wont act. in light of the nc BAR's complaint, i am guessing the AG will just let this deal perk along awhile and see what happens

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad video, it looks to me like he dragged his son along. Nifong's son looked like he didn't want to be there.

james conrad said...

RE: where are the feds?......a better question might be, where in the hell is the governor who appointed nifong or for that matter, wheres the legislature? its my understanding the state AG is not authorized to investigate and or disipline/remove DAs who break the law. i havent heard of hearings at the state level, nevermind legislation thats very badly needed

Anonymous said...

He’s now listed as a verb in The Urban Dictionary. In time, Webster will probably include "to be nifonged" also!


Anonymous said...

According to Mike, "The whole point of this was this was not a media event..." He said he wants to be part of the "healing process."

You can't write this stuff. I'ts like reality TV on drugs.

Well the next healing process is 5 Feb. Hope Mike wants to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't this creep Liefong use the deputies to get his son quietly out of the building before the spoke to the media? He has to know that the media would be all over him after pulling the lock the door stunt. What an a-hole. Child endangerment charges anyone?

Anonymous said...

Nifong needs to play the same role in the "healing process" as a cancerous tumor. He needs to be cut out and discarded.

Anonymous said...

2:34 Anon:

He was damned if he did, and damned if he didn't, as far as an open or closed ceremony goes.

It's the continued lying to the press, and by extenion, us, that's the problem.

Update: KRD Durham, LS Forum

"Man, Tivo is one of the greatest inventions…

"When asked who made the call to keep the press out, Nifong replied, “I don’t know that there was such a call.” Then a reporter tries to clarify, “But it wasn’t you?” Nifong replied, “There’s no reason for me to make such a call, I scheduled it at 8:00 knowing full well the courthouse opened at 8:30.”

"Then the sheriff’s deputy is interviewed, Capt. Bill Wrenn, “I went up and asked did they want to let anyone in the building, and I was told no.”

"Anthony Wilson (wtvd11 reporter) then asks, “Who told you no?”

"Capt. Wrenn replies, “I asked Mr. Nifong.”

Sounds like someone forgot to give the Sheriff's Office a copy of the playbook. Meehan, too. I wonder if Ashley Cannon still has hers?

jnr said...

short memories, people---
LBJ was sworn in on Airforce One after JFK's assassination-a uniquely non public venue-even if owned by the taxpayers--the famous photo can be found with a simple google inquiry

and as for where are the feds? c'mon guys/ladies--first of all the feds don't intervene in a local prosecution while adequate remedies exist(albeit not yet fully realized) within the state system-remember, the issue at the moment is the 3 players' liberty, not whether Nifong has committed crimes-if(as it plainly appears) Nifong's behavior has compromised the case, it should and will be dealt with by the judge, an appeals court, or the Bar. There is no compelling reason for the feds to preempt the state process.The boys are, after all--and this seems lost in much of the huffing and puffing on this blog-represented by obviously talented and diligent counsel, who are doing what they have been retained to do-namely defend the case and protect their clients' rights.When the time comes, I am sure they will know how to file lawsuits seeking compensation for their clints' harm wrought by Nifong and anyone else who can be proven to have acted maliciously.whether a criminal civil rights or other violation has occurred, will be evaluated on the whole record then.

really--do you think that the current
attorney general, who has championed abolition of habeas corpus, sanctioned torture and promoted all the other law enforcement excesses that have come from the "war" on drugs and terror is going to step in to a state rape case where the local judge has yet to even decide evidence suppression issues which may gut what's left of the criminal case? As a former Federal prosecutor, and practising defense attorney, I can tell you I would be astonished if DOJ got involved at this stage.As for the prosecution of the former Asst US Attorney-if you read the case carefully, it was a Federal prosecution in which he and the agent supposedly committed their misdeeds, and many would say (i have no opinion)became a craven political prosecution of an AUSA who made the terminal mistake of embarrassing his superiors both in word and deed.It is, as we lawyers are fond of saying, totally inapposite.
And, given the evident ideological bent of many commentators here, it is somewhat paradoxical to hear calls for federal intervention--but then again there are already plenty of strange bedfellows in this sad tale already...

Anonymous said...

I think the problem that Nifong has helped to reveal is this: there is massive incompetence and corruption at every level of the Durham government.

Nifong can fulfill his wish to be part of the solution by: (1) immediately issuing a public confession to all his crimes; (2) naming those in the police department (and elsewhere in the Durham government) who helped him perpetrate the fraud, and agreeing to testify against them; (3) publicly apologizing to every member of the Duke Lacrosse team and their families; and (4) resigning as DA and stating that he will sign over all future pension or other payments he may receive to the LAX defendants he tried to railroad.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the You tube video and I couldn't believe Nifong's son just sat there with his head down.

He must be looking for a new family rigth about now. I would to if I have two a**holes like them for parents.

Anonymous said...

Nifong cannot differentiate when he is lying, or speaking truthfully - it has become a total blur to him - even on inconsequential issues as the 'swearing in'.

To point - it was done so "they" could get to work, and was not "ceremonial".

OK- sounds good, but - since no one from his office attended, don't see how 'office productivity' was affected and - Nifong lollygaaged about after "8:30" when he should have been "working", in his own words.

Its a 'nit' issue, but speaks volumes to his being pathological - pure & simple.

Anonymous said...

I think that JNR has a good point, and while I really try to avoid commenting on other issues (i.e. Iraq War, behavior of Bush Administration, etc.), I, too, would be surprised to see the feds enter, at least now.

Federal prosecutors tend to be political animals and if a case will enable them to look good, they may try to take it. The Bush Administration might wish to try to curry favor with blacks or act as if it suddenly has discovered federalism, which would discourage them from taking the case.

I can only hope state authorities do what they are supposed to do. As one who has written very critically of federal criminal law and its application, I have not been at the forefront of calling for the feds. Now, I think that given their history of being able to use the law in whatever way they wish, they can move in if they choose. But for the time being, I hope that the NC people just do their jobs.

As for having Nifong caught in another lie, can any reader of this page say he or she is surprised?

Anonymous said...

Nifong lies freely. Nobody can deny he lies as his statements are inconsistent. Most recently, after claiming that he read a medical report proving rape, he filed papers that said there was no medical evidence of rape. So, he lied today. He needs to keep his supporters in line and as long as he says something, they will repeat it and spout it out as proof that he is right.

Look, there are people freed from death row by judges based on incontravertible DNA evidence, and the prosecutor still claims that the person is guilty. It would take a total and complete beating and jail time to get any reflection out of this monster.

Anonymous said...

Nifong's wife looks like a beady-eyed sow. No way can she not be like him since she's married to the guy for so long. Isn't she also a lawyer?

That name of hers is "precious". Cy, short for Cynthia. Isn't that special? Just like a goo-goo-eyed parasite, which is what Nifong is.

The Nifongs looked like sneaky pathetic criminals out on work release.

Anonymous said...

How Nifong handled his "swearing in" is a very big issue.

This shows his character. He's a slimeball.

Anonymous said...

"LBJ was sworn in on Airforce One after JFK's assassination-a uniquely non public venue-even if owned by the taxpayers--the famous photo can be found with a simple google inquiry."

Nifong's taken the oath of office in an emergency swearing in because his predecessor was assasinated and it's crucial to the nation to keep the office filled? I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

If it was, as he claims, "just a ceremony so we could get back to work," why was his wife and son there? Do they accomany his to every "day at the office"?

Anonymous said...

jnr @

Even LBJ, after an assination of a sitting President, had enough sense to have members of the press present to document and provide to the public eyewitness accounts of the events that transpired on AF1. That way the public is assured that everything was done above board, with the proper oaths given and sworn to.

Contrast that with Nifong, who refused the public (except for his guests) and the press access. For all we know, he mumbled his responses or crossed his fingers behind his back.

Anonymous said...

It is really scary that anyone who has worked where he has for as long as he has so plainly expects to get away with it, even now.

That someone so seriously flawed could wield the power of the state for so long and actually get away with it all this time is one side of the coin; that all this experience has taught him that he can manipulate reality to avoid consequence is the other. There is no way that this is the first time he has pulled this sort of thing -- I'll bet he has made a career of it. Thanksfully, it will be the last and we can only hope that others learn from this.

Agree that using the son as a prop in this situation is tantamount to abuse. Too bad it backfired.

Anonymous said...

Just posted (6PM ET, Jan 2, 2007)


Anonymous said...

Michael Barone has some good comments about the Duke case on his blog. Here is the link (you have to read down, as it is in the second part of the column):


He gives K.C., DIW and Stuart Taylor kudos, and also links the Wall Street Journal piece.

Anonymous said...

KC, are you going to take on Shadee Malaklou's Duke Chronicle piece "Official, but not over" next?

Anonymous said...

KC--gp is right if you haven't read that girls latest than please do. She really is full of hate for the entire lax team. If I remember the last line correctly,[paraphras] she states that when she goes for a job she will be looked over because of the Lax story. But if it was a Lacrosse player going for a job the employer would say " I'm sorry for everything that you have been through and give him the job over her.

Anonymous said...

That is as close as I could get to the exact words without my printed copy in front of me.

Anonymous said...

Here is my theory of the future of this case. Nifong and Crystal go to court on Feb 5. Nifong already, even today, knows that she can't identify the perpetrators, even though, it was a hoax. That's why he stated to the NYT, that if she can't identify the suspects in court he well move for dismissal (no mention of the flawed line up getting tossed). He puts Crystal on the witness stand and she states, that she is not certain it was these three (being not certain is something she has used before). Nifong moves for dismissal, no cross examination, just a dismissal. Nifong is off the hook, letting the hoax believers, believe something happened and Dave, Collin and Reade off the hook. Now when Nifong will be asked what happened to his case, he can still insist something happened, but the police haven't found any suspects yet. Nifong off the hook, the police on the hook, looking for three more suspects that don't exist, because nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Hi KC;
Great work again, no surprise. However, you're not serious (are you?), when you suggest that Mike Easley might take ANY action on this issue? He's been a hoax enabler all along, and part of the reason why NC is the current laughing stock of "justice." He is an NCCU grad! He appointed Nifong! Please...there is this little thing we call politics. BUT WORSE, he has a JD and knows the answer to many questions the NCAAP does not. For example; When is it OK to conceal exculpatory evidence?

A. Never
B. When the accuser is Black
C. When up for re-election
D. When you are a delusional demagogue appointed by a do nothing governor
E. All of the above, except A

Good luck getting any action out of Raleigh.

--PT Barnum Confidant

Anonymous said...

7:31pm VIM:

Close enough! ;>)

7:45pm wjd:

Nifong may not even have an opportunity to put her on the stand and ask that question - that's not what the hearing is about.

She will be examined by the defense re: her 3 photo ID sessions - those are at issue in the Motion.

That, and how the PD came to violate accepted practice for ID sessions as well as their own guidelines for photo IDs. Look for Gottlieb to assume Meehan's role this time. Is he going to take the 5th, or is he going to implicate Nifong? If the latter, there's a very real chance that Nifong will be sworn and take the stand (be still my heart! :). lol

I'd really be surprised if she's asked to ID them on Feb 5. What's the purpose of a meaningless ID 10 months later (which is the point of the 2nd part of the Motion - no court ID if it goes to trial)?

But, I don't think it's going to get that far - read the 3rd paragraph again. There's no way that the Judge can allow Nifong to examine or cross anyone who's in a position to implicate him (that old conflict of interest rearing its ugly head again). That's why I think he'll be recused by the Judge well before Feb 5.

Anonymous said...

--PT Barnum Confidant

Just in case the NC NAACP is reading, a couple more multiple choice questions:

When is it OK to libel or slander the defendants?

A. When the accuser is a Jessie Jackson Scholar
B. When they're athletes who party hardy
C. When they're students from a University everyone loves to hate
D. When your initials are WM, VP, or MN.
E. None of the above

When is OK to grant interviews to the MSM?

A. To encourage death threats from hate groups
B. To get a couple extra votes from CM (he wields many)
C. To get a plug from DW
D. To guarantee the jury understands and resonates with the objectives
E. B and D

Anonymous said...


I guess you are more published than most of the Duke 88.

Michael Barone on US World Report

Durham-in-Wonderland, by Brooklyn College Prof. KC Johnson. And here's a definitive piece from the Wall Street Journal editorial page by Johnson and Stuart Taylor, the evenhanded and careful legal writer for National Journal. Johnson and Taylor are apparently writing a book on the case, and I'm sure it will be terrific.

Anonymous said...


Nifong could tell the court, if he is still handling the case that Crystal, cannot with certainty identify the current suspects as her attackers and move for dismissal. That would still leave the police with a crime to solve and still gets him off the hook. At this point in time, he wants to survive and retire. No defense attorney would turn down a dissimal. This would also give Nifong backers, that "something happened"

Anonymous said...

gp thanks I have been on this case from the start. With all that has come down in the last few weeks my brain is on over load.

KC. I sent Professor Baker a letter today, I haven't heard anything back yet. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Anonymous said...


That's a pretty likely scenarion, WJD, if, as you say, Nifong is still on the case. I really don't think he will be past mid-January at the latest.

The cool thing is - if your scenario plays out, or if the Judge recuses him, it won't save his ass. Too much heat to let him off now. The harm's been done, and he'll still face Bar sanctions and possible criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

gprestonian: I know that Nifong is in big trouble, but this sort of action, will let him survive a little longer. Perhaps long enough for him to retire. I know in most places it is like working for the feds 25 at 55. You can retire at 55 with 25 years of service. Perhaps in NC it is 30 at 60, but this could help him hang in there a little bit longer.

Anonymous said...

To 8:05 pm:
I totally agree that Gov. Mike Easley has been AWOL during this whole mess. While he does not have any direct line authority over Nifong and other DAs once they are elected or appointed, he could at least speak out about the matter. If he is too embarassed to criticize Nifong (whom he appointed), then at least let him lead the charge for legal reform in NC so such abuses don't happen again. He is showing a real lack of leadership and it will come back to haunt him.


Anonymous said...

The question I keep coming back to is why does the Fong keep spouting the same lies and what makes him so arrogant in his conflicting, opaque, and seemingly stupid responses to the hard questions being asked by the media ? Today was just another prime example in a littany of Nifong double speak.

Other than pure stupidity, the only other answer I can arrive at is that the Fong has cut some type of back room political deal with the Governor and the State Bar. This may be off base, but I suspect that the Fong has some sort of political protection at the highest levels in NC. I'm waiting to see the end game to this tragedy and I'm afraid the Fong may escape the justice he deserves. Afterall, in NC as in Louisiana, "its jus bidness".

Orange Lazarus

Anonymous said...

Looks like we may find out whole the bald cop is after all:

Can't be go news for Gottlieb (or Nifong) that the Blincos trial will restart


Anonymous said...


Interesting scenario:Nifong does promote arrogance and gives the impression he is bullet proof!

so either;

Nifong's best Buddy Easley went round for Christmas diner and found the quarter in the Christmas pudding!


He has some interesting photo's of certain folk in compromising situations given to him by DPD!

My psychologist wife has come to the conclusion from what she has seen of Mr Nifong on the TV that he has a chronic personality/character disorders; Narcissism seems to top of her list!

Anonymous said...

The statements by "Orange Lazarus" may not be as hyperbolic as they seem.

What could possibly sustain that cushion under Nifong's flat azz making him appear so smug? As if all is well.....business as usual?

As I have stated in the past, he projects a smarmy brand of condescension bordering on mental illness.....into a realm of infantilism.

His world is the parallel and shoddy universe of Durham. Even those of us who live in the Triangle have been taken aback by the open corruption of this process.

Most disappointing has been the silence of the black community in the face of this ridiculous prosecution and hoax.

It's been an eye opener into the psyche of those you thought you knew as friends or acquaintances.

Curious, that.


Anonymous said...

To 10:12PM---

I disagree with the idea of "narcissism".

One would have to have at least one fundamentally attractive and redeeming quality for that condition.


Anonymous said...

Deb 10.22

This was only one of his traits, Delusion was another,Moral issues , Lies his head off!

One redeaming feature, he still has a wife and a son, but for how long after todays charade who knows?

Anonymous said...

kc and prof anderson:

both of you have done a great job reporting on this case. many people owe you much.

i hope that you will not stop your efforts once the case has been dismissed because it is only evidence of a broader problem. white and white males even more so have become the acceptable whipping boy of the msm, academic left and "social justice/civil rights" organizations.

the truth doesn't matter to these groups so long as white males are punished for being white. i hope that you will continue the battle against the academnic left, the ethnic studies depts and calling attention to the civil rights organizations that have lost their moral compass.

each of these groups one by one either has or will toss nifong under the bus. they'll blame this all on him. they'll say that he misled them. they'll say that his investigation was shoddy and that he used them. and the supreme irony of all of this is that he too is an acceptable casualty in their movement because he too is a white male. while he certainly deserves whatever is coming to him, and probably more than that, i hope that you two will not let those groups off so easily.

no one made the group of 88 publish their statement. and why didn't the media ask the more important question in may, which would have been, "why is this DA making these types of statments (hooligans) in public before he has indictments." And why didn't they act more aggressively in putting together the misleading statements (eg that condoms were used when he knew well before that the accuser specifically said they were not - we all found out he knew this was a lie over the summer I believe). Why didn't the press, the academics the hate crime advocates speak out against chan roberts statement that the boys should go to jail whether they raped the woman or not because it would be justice for the past.

there are so many leads and so many questions that all of these groups ignored because the accused were white - that, friends, is simple and obvious.

please continue to explore these questions and hold these people's feet to the fire. And thanks for all that you've done so far.


Anonymous said...

To Windbag:

I have thought about that as this case moves toward a finish. One thing is that I am the sole income producer in the house, and I have a wife and three young children. While Frostburg pays me a good salary, it does not cover everything, so I also have to make money on the side, mostly with working with an Internet-based university and also writing for pay.

The problem is that the Duke story has completely swallowed all my non-class time, and I have not been able to do much in terms of academic papers and articles for pay. (During a given year, I will publish at least three or more academic papers, and many more popular articles.)

In other words, this case has cost me a lot of income, and I am going to have bills to pay. Given that, it is hard to know what to do. I have thought of writing on other cases, and most likely will do that. For example, there is a case of a wrongfully-convicted black man in Mississippi who recently had a death sentence (but not the conviction itself) overturned. I'd like to write on that, as well as the Marty Tankleff case in New York.

Believe me, I never have seen anything like this Duke case, and it has sucked the wind out of literally everything else I have done. My kids hate the case and my wife is not happy with it, either, although she is tolerant.

In short, I am not sure where to go with all of this. K.C. and Stuart have the book deal, so we know how they will be spending their nights, but I am not sure what to do with all of my material. I have some ideas, and I am presenting a paper this spring, developing an economic analysis of why courts are susceptible to hoaxes. (I am an economist in another life, and I do have a day job....)

Anyway, that is a long-winded answer to a long question. Short answer: I don't know where I will take all of this.

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if you are looking for an exploding case I may be able to send you one. email me tomorrow at don@bdm1.com (that is a 'one' not an 'el). I will be on road after 10:30 est.

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This case is not about justice anymore. This case for nifong is personal.

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To be honest, the personal angle drives me, also. Here is a prosecutor who openly lies, breaks the law, and laughs about it. He has a "You can't touch me because I own Durham County" attitude, and "I'll prosecute and convict who I want," and "Who needs evidence?"

Nifong is so in-your-face that it is impossible to avoid him. I already had an interest in malicious and wrongful prosecution cases, and when Nifong began to throw down the gauntlet, I figured, why not?

Now, I have not managed to do near the damage that KC and the other bloggers have done, not to mention the attorneys, but I have done what I could.

He never counted on a literal army coming after him, and I want to see it to the end. It is not business; it's personal.

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JLS says....

Yep Bill Anderson this case is and always has been about Nifong. It really is a test of whether a prosecutor this far out of bound can get away with it or not.

And my view is he gets away with it unless he is put out of office and further punished. I have little hope for the legal system if they can not even reign in this bum.

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To Mr.Anderson and JLS.... I couldnt of said it any better.

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It may have already been posted, but WRAL, www.wral.com, has 12 minutes of Nifong's interview posted.

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Hello GPrestonian,

you wrote:

> To be honest, we would have ripped
> fong a new one no matter what choice
> he made on the ceremony

So it is, and I must say that I find the circumstances of this day rather appropriate, and so is the commenting here. This man has sold his soul to have just this one ceremony. He got it -- but not in the way he had pictured it.

Anonymous wrote at 6:23 PM:

> It is really scary that anyone who
> has worked where he has for as long
> as he has so plainly expects to get
> away with it, even now.

I quite agree, this appears to be the actual issue here.

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Thanks for the link to Shadee Malaklou's piece.

Dear Shadee,

Judging from your atrocious prose (forget prose, you can't even spell the Latin accusative "nauseam") and your inability to construct a persuasive argument, I'd guess you are an upper-middle class black woman who was admitted to Duke under "affirmative action."

You will go through life thinking you're a genius and blaming whitey for all your setbacks. I'd do the same if I possessed your cognitive wherewithal.

By the way, Dhadee, this case has absolutelt nothing to do with lacrosse.

Go back to your women's studies textbook.

Yours quite sincerely,

Roman Polanski
Film Director

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Dear Roman - your guess is wrong.

Anonymous said...


What are you referring to?

I'm not RP.

Anonymous said...

That Shadee hag looks pretty shadey.


And her writing is even more lowbrow.

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I go to Duke. I think Shadee is Arab, but Mr. Polanski raises a good point: How did someone as unintelligent as Shadee gain admittance to Duke?

Anyone know? Is there affirmative action for Arabs? Legacy? Money?

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I could identify the perps and I've never even been to North Carolina! Who doesn't know the faces of these 3 students by now? Who's to say she hasn't been studying their faces for the last 9 months! (in between stripping gigs of course). I think that's why Nifong said what he said,so that it looks as though he has no choice but to move forward because she can IDENTIFY them! Then he'll keep his fingers crossed that no one remembers that his ID stint allowed her to "pick a rapist, any rapist!"