Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Only in Durham

N&O columnist Jim Wise scoffs at Mike Nifong's latest bizarre idea--that he is the figure uniquely qualified to lead Durham's healing process.

Wise wonders whether "he's going to lead the quarter-million of us in a round of 'Kumbaya'." Nifong in reality "seems like the guy who set the barn on fire saying he'll go fetch the water hose."

And, remarkably, the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau is devoting resources for a "Durham Image watch," designed, reports Wise, to "identify misinformation that undermines Durham's image."

The first item of "misinformation," it appears, is that the rule of law applies in Durham.


Anonymous said...

"Identify away", I say to the city of Durham. I am giddy with anticipation as to what hairbrained responses might be offered up by these nitwits to refute ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

I saw it posted elsewhere that Jim Wise is formerly of the H-S. He was caught in the purge upon Ashley's arrival.

Chicago said...

Jim Wise is one of the many former HS writers that was outstanding that the HS let go of when they were purchased. Many can be added to that list including but not limited to Al Featherstone and Jim Furlong.

Anonymous said...

Misinformation such as elected officials going to the press and feeding them stories (that they know to be, at best, dubious) that Durham Co.'s largest employer and main reason for positive image is a haven for the worst sort of racist rapist imaginable and is protecting "hooligans"?

Durham looks bad because of information that is coming to light, despite a deep and abiding tradition of hiding information. Things are so bad that trying to paper over with PR is not going to help. Better to 'fess up and try to make some positive change going forward.

This has caused so much pain and damage all around. Leadership would do well to start the healing process by acknowledging the truth. Duke is not perfect, and there are individuals there who bear considerable blame (I’m not thinking of the team) but by comparison and on balance, they really are not the bad guys here.

Anonymous said...

Before this case, I never really worried about bully cops or corrupt prosecutors.

I'll tell you one thing.. If the media can't get this case right, then they can't get anything right.

They might go the way of the dinosaurs if they don't start analyzing information, instead of just giving both sides an opportunity to speak and slapping a byline on it.

Anonymous said...

The ominous thing about Durham, that I cannot get out of my head, is that so many of their leaders (and supposedly the people) are not bothered by the fact that there is no evidence of a crime - just a shifting series of narratives from the accuser. Apparently, in Durham, in a trial involving extreme liability for the defense the fact that the sole source of testimony/evidence keeps changing her story does not strike many folks as much of a problem. As if "beyond a reasonable doubt" could still be in reach.
I would not want to live there. I prefer America.

Anonymous said...

One of the most entertaining articles I've read. Nearly fell off my seat laughing at the "Kumbaya" comment.

But one change I would have made. The title of the article

"Time heals all wounds, not DAs"

should have been

"Time wounds all heals, including DAs"

Greg Toombs said...

3:59 - 'heels' :) Good one.

hman - the combined forces of the local grievance industry and opportunistic Durham politicos see the rape hoax as a chance to further their own agenda in leveraging money from and power over Duke. Their hopes remain alive, however weakened, beacause the facts still don't matter.

That the Duke administration chose to play along out of a misplaced sense of class guilt is a key piece of the tragedy. That mispaced guilt has not, and I predict will not be, diminished. Duke's stature is another question.

pantapon rose said...

Here's something I've wondered about since this cases's beginning: the accuser, at the time of the events, was on call for a notorious prostitution service in Durham, yet she's always described as some variation of 'dancer.'

But when you work for a prostitution service, and go on call for that service to a bunch of guys at midnight, doesn't that make you a prostitute?

I'm not saying this should affect our view of her credibility (although it would during any trial). I'm just wondering why the press seems to insist on labeling her a 'dancer.'

Anonymous said...

Re: Label of "dancer"

From what I understand she worked for "Allure Escort Services and Bunny Hole Entertainment". She was hired as a dancer for the party. Was she at other times a prostitute?

Well, my dad used to say "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, in all likelihood its a duck"

Anonymous said...

The accuser had worked for an escort company for two months, doing one-on-one dates about three times a week.

She was an escort.

Anonymous said...

Hman, that's what's so compelling about this case. Even putting aside the fact that the defendants are obviously innocent, it's 10 times as obvious that there is insufficent evidence of guilt to proceed with a criminal prosecution.

And yet the case continues.

Anonymous said...

Dancer vs. Prostitute:
Dancers generally bring their own "muscle" to make sure the crowd keeps its distance; prostitutes don't want or need the distance.

Prostitute vs Nymphomaniac:
One does sex for fun, the other for money.

Now which was the FA?

John Bruce said...

Whether it's the Durham authorities or Duke, these are a bunch of bush leaguers, and events have gotten inside their decision cycle. They're singing lullabyes to themselves prentending things are under control.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re 3:58

Before this case I might not have been an ideal prosecution jurror. This case has made me far far less ideal from a DA's perspective. I would not be willing to assume anything. I start as a not guilty vote and they need to convince me and they get no benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re 4:55 "Now which was the FA?"

Roberts [aka Pittman] quoted Mangum as saying she did not want to leave as there is more money to be made at the house. Her driver decribed driving her to Raleigh to meet individuals and couples in hotel rooms.

Which do you think she is?

Anonymous said...

re 3:58 and 4:55 PM

"Most people want either less corruption
or more of a chance to participate in it."

I used to think this was way too cynical, however people who work in the Criminal Justice "industry" tell me that police lie, prosecutors lie, judges lie, and need you to believe otherwise in order for the system to work!

So those who desire better have their work cut out for them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that is regarding 3:58 and 5:26 PM

Cedarford said...

On Nifong "fixing" the damage of the Duke Rape case, one local Durham wag had it right:

Nifong healing the community from the effects of the Rape case is like Typhoid Mary healing the community after a Typhus epidemic is raging.

On dancer vs. whore vs. shy college student....

The press is usually right to just describe the person by the activity they were doing that is relevant to the story or incident. Like "climber killed in fall on Pike's Peak", not "soybean fungi expert killed in fall on Pike's Peak".

Or "golfer hits school bus with stray ball, on injured by broken glass" is how the story reads...not "electrician injures student accidentally with broken glass".

Michael said...

Just reading some of the old blogs on this case and the name Manju Rajendran came up a few times. Apparently a professional rally organizer.

For all of those concerned about a "wall of silence" back in March, we have a wall of silence when it comes to apologies for their actions over the last 9 months.

I kept up with the news on this case since it started but only started reading this blog in early December. There is a huge amount of history prior to that that's simply amazing. I don't think that I'll have any time to go through it in the near future.

Anonymous said...

KC and All,

The Bar Grievance committee will meet this week, a little birdie told me so. Nifungu will be the subject of this meeting, more charges will follow.

Mikey, you reading this? YOU ARE TOAST!! You can still teach Womyn studies at Duke, until we fire Brodhead. GET a contract!! Tomorrow

Anonymous said...

good bumper sticker -

"I'd rather live in America than Durham"

Anonymous said...

I am a first-time poster who is unsure if this is the proper place for this link. But I found it unsettling for a 'real' newspaper to take on such a juvenile editorial voice. Sorry if I am in the wrong spot or this has been covered before.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....

re: Kemp 5:55

Nifong gets some period, two weeks maybe to respond? Or could these become public this week?

Anonymous said...

JLS says....

re: Cedarford 5:47

Then by your standard the newspapers should have describe Mangum as a woman about to be involuntarily committed cries rape? About to be committed indeed is what she was doing when she claimed she was raped?

As for what she was doing at the lacrosse house:

1. She thought there was more money to be made? Hooker?

2. She was taking her clothing off? Stripper?

3. She was too drunk/out of it to perform? So apparently she was not dancing in any meaningful sense of the word. Apparently she was not that exotic either?

Michael said...

6:08 Yeah, probably Cash Michaels.
A local rabble rouser that doesn't
let facts get in the way of his

Anonymous said...

News flash! Durham does not need to heal! Durham has not been injured. Nifong has not been injured. The accuser has not been injured, except by her own self-destructive nature. The only people who have been injured are the 3 Duke Lacrosse players and their families. The hypocrisy within this man is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Durham Image Watch ?? LOL. Don't those ministers of misinformation realize that this blog and others such as Liestoppers "are" the Durham Image Watch.

Here is a city that is rotten to the core and the Visitors Bureau is ready, willing and able to engage in yet another spin campaign. Think after Feb 5th Cathy Davidson will be available as a Spin writer for the Durham Convention and Visitor's bureau. In the meantime, production of that off Broadway media hit known as "Durham-in-Wonderland" continues.

Orange Lazarus

Anonymous said...

KC and ALL,

I just returned from meeting, AKA drinking, with my Bar buddy.

The Bar Grievance committee will meet next week, MORE trouble for Mikey. I mentioned last week that my friend thought Mikey would surrender his law license next week.


I really don't have a clue, unless the Bar is going to say, Mikey resign and give up your license, or we are going to ask Roy Copper, NC AG, to prosecute you for lying, etc.


This will be over VERY SOON.

Mikey can only hope the Fed's don't go after him. Maybe that is part of the deal, we will not push the feds, you get the HELL out of here and dismiss all charges.


Anonymous said...

How did I post twice the same information?

Must be bad liquor.


pantapon rose said...

Bunnyhole Entertainment is known as a low-class prostitution service in Durham. Their escorts are rarely hired to just dance.

Anonymous said...

Michael referred to earlier blogs and Manju as an organizer: More on her here:

Anonymous said...

"Allure" was the agency called to place the order for the "dancers". Not sure how Crystal got invited... guess Allure only had Kim available.

Anonymous said...

6:44pm Kemp:

"I really don't have a clue, unless the Bar is going to say, Mikey resign and give up your license, or we are going to ask Roy Copper, NC AG, to prosecute you for lying, etc."

The NC State Bar will be doing everyone (except Nifong, of course) a grave disservice if they eschew completing the investigation and complaint in favour of 'forcing' Nifong to simply give up his license.

The Bar must request that criminal charges be filed if they hope to recover any semblance of a decent reputation.

This is one situation where Nifong's bulheadedness may come in handy...

Anonymous said...


Nifungu, formally charged has months to appeal. What I am talking about is a settlement, no appeals, maybe they take his license for 5 years, and he can come back. SETTLEMENT, lawyers love that stuff.

This is a death penalty sort of thing, they are NOT negotiating, take our offer or go to HELL.

That is how pissed off they are.

Mikey, give it up because you will not make a good prison bitch.


Anonymous said...

Remember Cpl. Addison? From momtothree on the Liestoppers blog:

There will be a lot of revisiting of things said and done in those early days of hoax hatching. One person whose comments deserve a lot of attention and revisiting is Durham Police Cpl. David Addison, the spokesperson for Crimestoppers and the first (and only?) police spokesperson who appeared on television to talk about the [alleged] crime.
Liestoppers last September featured Addison for the first in their Enablers series and did a great piece. That piece was so damning it should have gotten even more attention then it did.
Addison’s comments over the crucial March 24 through March 28 period, and especially his comments on local television which were replayed in the national media, are truly extraordinary. He says, as an official of the police department, that A BRUTAL CRIME TOOK PLACE, it happened folks, there is REAL EVIDENCE that it happened, and THESE 46 LACROSSE PLAYERS ARE THE POOL of SUSPECTS. And we need the ones who know what happened to come forward (i.e., THEY’RE NOT TALKING.).
Here’s a sampling from Addison's comments and also includes claims attributed more generally to "investigators" and "police".
March 24: [From a WRAL report on the DNA collection from the players] Investigators say the team is sticking together and not talking, so police collected the DNA to help identify the suspects. “You are looking at one victim brutally raped. If that was someone else's daughter, child, I don't think 46 (tests) would be a large enough number to figure out exactly who did it," Addison said. [The story goes on to say]…But the girls were convinced to stay and police say that's when one of them was raped and beaten for about 30 minutes. The victim called police from a grocery store at 1:22 a.m. on March 14. WRAL March 24, 2006
On March 24, the Durham Herald-Sun reported Durham Police spokesman Cpl. David Addison as saying investigators had “’really, really strong physical evidence’ from the crime scene (610 N. Buchanan Blvd where the party was held and the bathroom the alleged victim said the rape and beaten took place in) that police will be able to compare with DNA results.” Liestoppers quoted this via Cash Michaels, however the link for this quote is no longer available. [Only the most recent of Cash Michaels’ columns are retained at the Wilmington Journal. Anybody have his very early ones? They might make for interesting reading].
March 25: "We're asking someone from the lacrosse team to step forward," Durham police Cpl. David Addison said. "We will be relentless in finding out who committed this crime." He emphasized the seriousness of the accusations -- first-degree rape, kidnapping, assault by strangulation and robbery. News & Observer
March 26: “That brutal assault, that brutal rape that occurred within that house, cannot be explained by anyone,” Addison said ABC News
"We're not saying that all 46 were involved," Durham Police Cpl. David Addison said recently. "But we do know that some of the players inside that house on that evening knew what transpired and we need them to come forward." ABC News
March 28: “Although we have received many calls expressing concerns and anger about this incident, we have not received any calls which will allow us to assist in resolving this case," said Durham CrimeStoppers Coordinator Cpl. David Addison in a news release issued Tuesday. "We are extending our plea for information and help to our Duke family, who are also part of our community." Addison said that anyone with information about the case could anonymously contact Durham CrimeStoppers at (919) 683-1200 or send him e-mail. Durham CrimeStoppers will pay cash for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. WRAL March 28, 2006
I see a lot of liability here for Durham. Wonder who had David Addison go out and say these things. Hard to imagine he did this on his own. It seems like an orchestrated campaign, and it put an overwhelming degree of credibility behind the accusations. The police in an official capacity were out there trumpeting this was a real crime that had occurred and that the lacrosse players were the suspects.
Later, as John in Carolina chronicled back in June, the wording, at least in terms of statements issued by Crimestoppers’ backed off to “the complainant” and “alleges.” But, the fire storm had already erupted, and by that time Nifong had stepped forward as fire stoker in chief.

Anonymous said...

7:11 - geez, that post was tough enough to read on LS w/o the benifit of paragraphs. Good topic, by why post it here in its unedited state? :>(

Anonymous said...

Kemp, Is there truly a feeling he will punished harshly for his crimes?

I was at a gathering of quite learned folk yesterday and the feeling of the Bar action was a cynical slap over the wrist.....they look after there own!

This man cannot get off with a reprimand , he should be banned from ever practicing law again..any where!


Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: GPrestonian 7:06

Until the point Nifong dismisses these charges with prejudice, ie the cannot be refiled, the defendants certainly benefit getting this over.

But like you I hope federal prosecution is not precluded.

Anonymous said...

Wilt: Bar action is a joke. Democratic governor appoints one member (local democratic party hack) and one of the other members is black so Nifong has at least 2-1 advantage.

There is absolutely no chance of any kind of serious sanctions.

Nifong is safe.

Anonymous said...

The Bar does not have an easy decision and is probably hoping that the victim looks really bad on Feb 5.

They cannot give a written reprimand to a prosecutor who withholds evidence in a capital case and then disbar Nifong for what he did. If they did, The black community will go nuts over the severe punishment because it will discourage prosecutors with not perfect evidence or claims from black victims against well to do whites with resources from pursuing charges.

They are in the same position Nifong is, they cant win and are going to pay for what has happened.

Nifong will dismiss the charges, the State Bar will give him a suspension for five years stayed upin certain condtions including resignation as a DA and the agreement not to practice in the Triangle area and any DA office anywhere in the future.

What will allow this to happen is the fact Duke and the State of NC will pay anyone with a potential claim huge money and money tends to heal a lot. The Feds wont get involved if the state handles this properly which is done by trying to be fair to all the political and social reasonings for each side, no matter how crappy some of it actually is.

Right now everyone is just covering their ass with partial dismissals and initial bs ethics charges so it looks like they are each doing the right thing when they are really covering their own incompetence.

Just watch.

Anonymous said...

7:23pm JLS:

...the defendants certainly benefit getting this over.

JLS, you are right, of course. The sooner Nifong is removed by whatever legal means, the better off the LAX lads are.

I'd just hate to see the quid pro quo from the NC State Bar be that they will not prefer criminal charges to the NC AG in exchange for Nifong's resignation & surrender of his license.

Anonymous said...

Bring in congressional civil rights investigation led by, say former judge and fellow african american Alcee Hasting and civil rights hero Al Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

Someone raised a good question about why the press continues to call the accuser a "dancer" when it appears she was and is a full-time prostitute. I had an email conversation about that same point with the lead Herald Sun reporter on the case. He said the paper assumes that the fact the accuser is, in his words, an "escort" means that she is in fact a prostitute. They just aren't going to call her that unless she's convicted of the crime of prostitution.

So no one in the press really thinks she's anything other than a pro. Makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Humm, we must be talking to the same people, I need a break, lawyers can out drink me, not.

We agree, Mikey's best case is a five year suspension, gee wonder how we both got that idea? I have not heard anything about a Black on the committee, you must know something.
It will happen next week. Rembember I said last week, Nifungu would give up his license, wonder where I got that idea?

I think we all smell that. You are probably close to the real deal, BUT the Fed's are still out there and I don't think they are to be denied, they really don't give a sh*t about the NC Bar, they see a Federal crime.

I don't see anyone cutting Mikey any deals, less than 5 years. I see this, do the deal this week, or never have a license and go to jail. I bet he gets religion!!
Remember, these boys have serious clout.

I still think he's going to do time.

Bottom line, no Feb 5 hearing. DONE DEAL by the 12th, maybe before, remember, Duke classes start the 9th, Reade said he would not come back if he had charges still pending, I am thinking Mikey is going to do the right thing, and take a hike, Monday, Tuesday, SOON.

My only regret is that Leroy won't get to met his new wife at Butner.


Anonymous said...

What good will return of license do for Nifong 5 yrs from now? Who would employ him?

Anonymous said...

Attorney General in Hillary admin?

Anonymous said...

One sad thing is regardless how this all turns out Durham, NC will always be the new Scottsboro AL - at least for next 100 yrs or so.

Anonymous said...

License back in 5 years? Well, it would mean that he could work pro bono in prison for his new husband, leroy!

Ha Ha


Anonymous said...

But seriously if a person were disbarred for 5 yrs in a case without national publicity he could hope to work again. Not in this case.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Hillary, remember that she was the main lobbyist to bringing in Janet Reno. Reno became famous in Miami because she prosecuted a number of faux "child molestation" cases that in the end were hoaxes.

Read Dorothy Rabinowitz's book, No Crueler Tyrannies, to get a sense of "Reno Justice." Judge Napolitano of Fox News wrote a book a couple years ago in which he details incidents of how Reno used torture to get "confessions" from people who had not committed crimes.

Or course, Reno had hardly warmed her chair when she kicked off the biggest government massacre of people in this country in the 20th Century. And after it, she became the most "popular" person in the Clinton Administration.

Thus, I can only conclude that many Americans really have no problem with prosecutors who break the law, use torture, and even kill innocent people. We had better be glad that Nifong at least is facing a bump in his road; it could be much worse.

Joe T. said...

A buddy of mine informed me of an interesting yahoo group Interesting to see how vicious the posts were back in March, then their dropping out as the DNA evidence came in, and now the way the potbangers are trying to explain themselves away.

Anonymous said...

Some DA's have pretty sordid pasts - Guiliani (as fed prosecutor) and Spitzer - just elected NY gov.

Anonymous said...

8:19 said...
"What good will return of license do for Nifong 5 yrs from now? Who would employ him?"

Nifuck will just become one of the "former prosecutor" talking head idiots on one of the cable news stations. Doesn't even need his law license for that.

Anonymous said...

I think Kemp would make a better talking head. At least he is clever, funny and dead on.

Anonymous said...

Of course, getting rid of Nifong, and/or Nifong dropping the charges does not restore the reputations of those three innocents.

That will not happen until someone gets the AV to admit that her claims were a complete fabrication!

When and how will that happen?

Anonymous said...

Kemp is probably right. I am thinking Nifong's play's the disability route with NC Bar, claiming his cancer has returned, and is allowed to exit out in good standing, state benefits and retirement intact. NC Bar is privileged to let corrupt attorney's exit out of reprimand if they prove disability. GS (i dont know) but go to NC Bar website.

Anonymous said...

Here is my read -

* Nifong drops case

* Nifong claims to have been a "victim" of a misinformation/
distortion campaign by Sgt. Gottlieb

* Nifong leads Durham in a "healing" process by calling for a public lynching of Gottlieb

* Nifong hopes that all is forgiven, and that he can then go on to vesting into his pension

IMO, it is almost certain that Nifong will be seeking a "fall guy" before this sordid tale is over.

Anonymous said...

Who is Brian Taylor?

Anonymous said...

Brian Taylor is the guy who drove Crystal to Buchanan. A regular of Crystal's at her dancing venue.

She spent several hours over at his house before the party, getting dressed, trying on outfits for him, and who knows what else.

Anonymous said...

Here is my read:

Nifong is safe. Bar panel has 3 members and Nifong has at least 2-1 advantage (assuming there is one honest bar member in NC, otherwise 3-0 advantage).

Feds will not get involved.

Case is dismissed on "technicalities" allowing Nifong and NAACP to play the victim card.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea what lawyer is representing Nifong in the State Bar matter? My guess would be the most politically-connected lawyer in North Carolina who is not already representing someone in connection with this sordid affair. Of course, with 40 some odd players, all the Gang of 88, Duke, newspapers, a variety of policemen, and the like needing lawyers, Nifong may be down to Nub & Goober, Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

Anonymous said...

you're "reading" in Braille

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Liefong is up In Mayberry, NC. Seeking advice from Goober, Floyd, Barney & Co. He might even elicit help from Ernest T who always seemed to avoid real jail time for throwing rocks.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the 8:40 post, I have written on Giuliani's record as a prosecutor, and how he literally helped to make the recession of 1990-91 even worse. Candice E. Jackson and I had a paper a while back that deals with the predations of Rudy.

Elliot Spitzer ran what the ancients once called an extortion ring. Notice that each time he would go after a marginal Wall Street firm, his campaign contributions from Wall Street would spurt.

The difference between these guys and Nifong is that Nifong basically thumbed his nose at the law and told the rest of us that since Durham County was his territory, he could do what he damned well pleased. He could get a gag order on the attorneys, but he could not gag the rest of us. I have no time either for Rudy or Elliot, but I have even less time for the Fong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for the Rudy information. He was my early favorite for Pres 2008 but that has already changed

Anonymous said...

Have any newspaper stories been written on who Brian Taylor is, aside from being the one who drove the false accuser?

Michael said...

A lot of interesting stuff turning up on Nifong at LS. Not surprising as it appears that some are digging into his past and others are coming out about him. His temper and megalamania come though. I imagine that it spills over into his home life.

Something interesting is that he had a very similar case 12 years ago which sounds like it would be close to the time his son was born or very young. A second child (he has an older daughter) can be a very stressful time in families.

With the internet, it gets harder and harder to hide his really stranger behaviour over the years.

Anonymous said...

to 9:59 PM


And I'm here ta tell ya', I ain't got nuthin to do with that nutjob Nifong guy. That woman he's workin' with ain't near purty as Charlene!!! I'm still tryin to woo her away!!! If I file one of them there lawsuit thingy's in this, mebbe I'll have enough for my gold tooth and she'll see how handsome I really am!!!


Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: 10:15 Taylors statement is posted at:

Since I don't know how to make links, I will just paste it below. All italics is there version of his statement. I read it in his own hand, scanned into a PDF file. I have not read this version to see if it is exact.

Handwritten Statement of Jarriel Lanier Johnson, Raleigh, NC. The driver for Crystal Gail Mangum made - 6:37 - 7:50 p.m. April 6, 2006

[statement starts on Friday, March 10, 2006]

I was called by Crystal on March 10, 2006 to drive her to Holiday Inn Express in Wakefield.

[Saturday, March 11, 2006]

I picked her up at her parents house around 1:50 p.m. She said her appointment was at 2 p.m. We arrived at the hotel around 2:20 p.m. After I dropped her off I returned home. About 2:50 p.m. I left to pick Crystal up at the hotel. After we left the hotel we returned to her parents home. There we stayed for a couple of hours until about 7 p.m. At that time I asked her if we could go to my parents house so I could shower. With my parents being there we decided to come back to Durham. Once back in Durham we rode around for about half an hour, then we went to Forest Hill Park. We stayed there for about an hour or so. Then Crystal asked me if I would take her to Hillsborough. We got to Platinum around 11 or 12 where she went in and I remained in the car.

[Sunday, March 12, 2006]

Around 2 a.m. I go inside to find her, she asks if we can stay for about another hour. She then asks me if we can stay just one more hour. We leave at 4:30 when the club closes. She then tells me that she has a job at the Millennium Hotel. We get there at 5:15 a.m., where she goes in and I remain in the car. At about 6:15 a.m. she returns and I drive her back to her parent's home. We say good bye and I head back to Raleigh. I arrive at my parents home at 7 a.m. and go to bed. Around 2 p.m. that afternoon Crystal calls me asking if I could drive her that night. I agree and ask what time, she says around 4 p.m. As I get close to her parents house she calls me and says that Matt [Matthew Murchison, her boyfriend] is coming over to bring her something. I told her that I would wait until she called me at the the car wash on Fayetteville St. Around 5-5:30 p.m. she calls me and tells me that he's gone. About 5-10 minutes later I arrive at her parent's house. Her daughter lets me in. I sit there and play with her kids while Crystal is getting ready. Once she is ready we leave and ride around for about half an hour. We then go over to Forest Hills Park and sit and talk. Around 8 or 9 she asks if we could go to Raleigh to find this guy she met. I say okay. We drive around downtown Raleigh trying to find this guy. We have no luck so we decide to get a hotel room and wait to see if he calls. This is about 9 p.m. or so. We go to get something to at a Chinese place over on Wake Forest Rd. Once we get our food we take it back to the hotel and eat. After eating we get into bed and watch TV. While watching TV we engage in sexual intercourse.

[Monday, March 13, 2006 - Day of the Duke Lacrosse Party]

Around 12 a.m. I leave. I tell her to call me in the morning so I could pick her up. At around 11 a.m. Crystal calls me asking me to pick her up. I arrive at the hotel around 11:30 am. I call Crystal to see where she is and she tells me that she went for a walk. I drive up and down Lane St. trying to find her. She calls me back asking me to meet her at the hotel.When I arrive she is with an older gentleman that she says wants to see her perform. I go back down and wait in my car until I see the man come out. After I see him leave I go to the room and help Crystal gather her things. We then head over to my parents house and hang out for about 20 min. I told Crystal that I was going to wash my car and she suggest we go to one of the pay car washes. While there I began to wash my car while she talked on the phone. I then told her that I was taking her home. On the way to I-540 she told me she needed to use the bathroom and wanted me to pull over. Once I did she got out of the car and started walking down Creedmoor Rd. I pulled my car over and got out to chase her down. She told me to leave her alone. I went back to my car and pulled up in front of her. Once again I pulled over and asked her to get in. She again told me to leave her alone. I went up several yards and waited until she came towards me; again I asked her to get in the car. She then got in. We went back to my parents house where we talked it out. We sat on the couch for a little while and then went to my bedroom. While there we talked and she knocked over her drink which spilled on my phone. After that it was around 4-4:30 p.m. and I took Crystal back to her parent's house. Later on that night I noticed that my phone wasn't working properly. I called Crystal and told her that it was mess up. At that time she told me that she had a bachelor party to work that night, and asked if I could drive. I agreed. Later on that night I couldn't get my phone to work and called her to let her know that it's not working and wouldn't be able to take her. She said that was okay and that Brian would take her. I told her to call me when she got home and she said okay. About 1 a.m. or 1:30 a.m. I received a call from Tammy asking if I was Crystal's driver that night. I told her no and she hung up. I tried calling Crystal for the next couple of days and didn't hear from her until Thursday. Looking at my datebook on my cell phone I realized that the dates that I engaged in sexual intercourse with Crystal was off by a week. Our last encounter together was the Sunday prior.

Anonymous said...

bill anderson: Your Guliani comments are total BS, taken directly from left-wing attack memos. I live in NYC. The city was in ruins before Rudy (high tax corrupt anti-business city). Rudy made it the best city in the world. I don't vote for Rudy though but that has nothing to do with his NYC record.

Anybody who forms his opinion on pres candidates based on some anon sources on internet forum is a moron.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

Regarding the last bit of Taylor's statement. If you read it in his own hand it is quite clear he changed the date he said he had sex with her after the police read his statement and probably under pressure.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: 10:31

Bill Anderson was talking about Rudy the Federal Prosecutor who played havoc with the US financial markets with his indictments and prosecution of people in the financial markets some of whom were creative people helping the economy out of self interest and not breaking the law. That hurt the US economy.

You I believe are talking about Rudy the Mayor of NYC who helped the local economy AT A DIFFERENT POINT IN TIME, by cleaing up Times Square and fighting street crime.

They are two completely different things. I agree with Bill Anderson that Rudy the prosecutor was pretty sorry. I agree with you that Rudy the Mayor did a good job.

Anonymous said...

Surely his DNA must be in her knickers, nearly everyone else's in Durham is !

Anonymous said...

I am not arguing against Rudy the mayor. Even people who don't like him say he turned things around in NYC, and I can agree there.

I am just talking about what he did as a prosecutor. Get Rudy away from that job, and he does pretty well.

But Rudy never was a Nifong. No, the Fong is in a class by himself. That is, "class" without the "cl".

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. Not only was Fong trying to frame these guys, but the police were in it up to their eyeballs. I doubt that the U.S. Department of Justice will have the guts to investigate this case the way it needs to be investigated. Bush will be afraid of being called a racist, and the Democratic Congress is not interested in making other Democrats look bad, so I guess that these criminals well get away with their wide-open and transparent lawbreaking.

Republicans always like to say they are "tough on crime," but in this situation, they are all too happy to back up the criminals.

Anonymous said...

The statement printed here seems to be that of Jarriel Johnson, not Brian Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I posted the orig comment about Guiliani. Well before being elected mayor he engaged in malicious prosecutions which he was forced to abandon.

As a mayor he was fairly successful but not very popular until 9/11.

Anonymous said...


"Does anyone have any idea what lawyer is representing Nifong in the State Bar matter?"


" would wonder why one needs an attorney if one was not charged and had not done anything wrong."

but I guess 'one' has been charged now.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: 10:49 Bill Anderson

I slightly disagree about the DPD. I think the Sgt. on the scene that night and most of the other DPD that interacted with Mangum that night did not believe her rape claim. They treated her claim seriously as they should have, but did not believe it. I believe their actions that night and their telling the Duke PD that this would blow over tells us that.

Now certainly after Nifong took over this case and ran with it, he was able to get Himan and particularly Gottlieb to do his bidding. And really if you are a detective and the DA orders you to do something, I guess the DA is sort of your boss? Usually it is the police that lock into a theory of a case and the DA that acts as a brake on the police. I am not sure the police are set up to act as a brake on a runaway DA? So while I would say that Gottlieb and Himan are at risk for participating in hiding evidence along with Nifong and DNA Security Inc. and Gottlieb for his fake notes months later, the bad guy here is Nifong. I suspect DPD would not have even forwarded Mangum's complaint to the DA had Nifong not jumped in and taken over.

Anonymous said...

I bet Nifong is in such denial that he is representing himself.

Anonymous said...

whoever is lameass enough to rebut
an anon post is simply asinine.

Anonymous said...

Bet ole Liefong thinks he is going to score and easy with Aunt Bea.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re 10:52.

Oops. Well it was titled something like "Brian Johnson where are you?" But sorry, I tried to get what was asked for.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has already been posted .. the N&O has some info on Brian Taylor here:

Anonymous said...

My ideal outcome would be:

1. These kids and their families get fully compensated for all legal expenses and on top of that at least several million each. The money comes from both Durham coffers and a successful civil suit against Nifong and possibly other officials.

2. Nifong is disbared and sentenced to federal prison for civil rights abuses.

3. The accuser/whore also loses a civil suit (I know she's broke but I don't care) and is found guilty of various charges related to her lies and loses custody of her new baby. (Not sure if she has any other kids but if she does she loses them too).

3. Heads start to roll at Duke with mounting pressure on the 88 radical leftists who are gradually ALL forced out, and the entire university faculty starting from the top down who jumped on the bandwagon against the students also go and are replaced by people who move the university away from the Cultural Marxism paradise it was and returned to a credible U again.

4. The Durham political structure is eventually completely overturned like Duke.

5. Racial rabble-rousers and race pimps nation-wide take yet another huge hit to their credibility making them an endangered species.

Fantasy is good!

Anonymous said...

Why is Brodhead still employed by Duke? This is unbelievable. Any CEO would have been fired months ago.

Anonymous said...

Off subject, but as far as paternity, who's the father and where was he on the night of March 13? I would think the paternity testing should be done by now

Anonymous said...

I asked Sunday night who Nifungu had as his attorney, could not get an answer. Durham will never "Change" as long as the Black vote rules. Let's not forget Cecil Hasting, convicted felon and former judge, now serving in the US House from a Black seat in Fl.

Anonymous said...

Alcee Hastings, that is. Freezer Jefferson comes to my mind as well. Black corruption is taboo.

Anonymous said...

Frank Ballance, Black NC Congressman now in jail, bought SUV with Fed money given to a charity. It's a big list more to come.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article about black on hispanics (illegals) crime in Durham.."Durham police did nothing".

Isn't that a wonderful city to send your kids ?