Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ec in N&O

For those who missed it, the admirable Economics Department faculty letter has also been reprinted in the N&O.


Anonymous said...

It was originally sumbitted to the Duke Chronicle late last week? Has it been printed anywhere (other than the N&O, yea!) yet? I guess we're assuming it will be published tomorrow in the Chronicle?

Anonymous said...

What a great thing for the students to come back to - the Econ faculty letter in the Chronicle. That will be a healing, 'make you feel good about your school' thing, unlike the 88's venomous screeds.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any idea why the N&O has turned around in its approach to the Duke case? (This is obviously more of a question for those who believe they've been biased against the lax boys early on). Is there just so much evidence now that they couldn't ignore it without looking like a Twilight Zone paper, or did they get a conscience, or what..?

pantapon rose said...

The group of 88 gets a brief mention in today's Victor Davis Hanson column on universities and the war:


Anonymous said...

At this point, just about all the major papers editorials have asked for Nifong to recuse himself. The only real exception is the NY Times.

Gregory said...

Methinks that economists, by discipline, must look at mountains of evidence before even beginning to reach any conclusions. Perhaps William L. Anderson can enlighten us about this bald conjecture.

If this hypothesis is true, though, the Economics Department likely waited to look at and analyze the evidence before jumping on any bandwagon.

This natural discipline, forced on them by their training, habit and experience, would not lend the group to jumping on a "Listening Ad" without first reviewing all the circumstances.

This is only a working hypothesis, but the results speak for themselves: Good for them!

K.C. Johnson for 2007 Duke Commencement Speaker! It has GOT TO HAPPEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

"K.C. Johnson for 2007 Duke Commencement Speaker! It has GOT TO HAPPEN!!!!"

LOL, now there's a great idea! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately and not surprising, Duke won't have KC for its commencement speaker. Many college student groups, though, have alternative commencement speakers that they arrange on their own. Maybe the LAX players and their supporters should arrange for KC to be THEIR commencement speaker.

Anonymous said...

re: the N&O turnaround

The Raleigh N&O has always been pretty good at investigating "public corruption", so it wasn't hard for them to turn the wheel when the victim narrative reached a dead end.

I think such investigations are really valuable, rah rah for newspapers, but alas the Durham H-S doesn't seem to have the ... drive to do them. Recently a paper exposed problems with Durham's water tests for lead. Guess which one.