Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Violating "Common Sense"

Add Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson to the ranks of those going out of their way to make their opinions of Mike Nifong known. Asked by the N&O's Ben Niolet whether Nifong's barring both the media and the public from his swearing-in ceremony violated North Carolina law, Hudson replied, "I'm not sure it violated anything but common sense."

In response to an email from me, Noelle Talley, a spokesperson for AG Roy Cooper, declined to say whether North Carolina law required the swearing-in of public officials to be open to the public.

Meanwhile, leaders of the Recall Nifong campaign expressed amazement at Nifong's bizarre press conference comments that he's part of the solution, not the problem.

Beth Brewer: "I personally think he is the one that caused this problem. To say now that he was not part of the problem and he needs to be part of the solution is just bogus."

Jackie Brown: "Sadly, his performance today only confirms that he doesn't realize that he is the bigger part of the problem. How can anybody who comes through those doors up there, from a traffic ticket to a murder trial, trust that they're going to get a fair trial?"

Brown's comments get at the larger context: how can a county legal system function with a rogue DA at its head?

Meanwhile, the H-S headline? "Nifong Sworn in without Fanfare." Did Bob Ashley attend the Pravda School of Journalism?

Note: For DIW readers in Colorado, I'll be on the Mike Rosen Show, KOA, at 10.20 Mountain Time today; for DIW readers in Alberta, I'll be on CHQR tonight at 7.05 Mountain Time.


Anonymous said...

KC, you magnificent bastard!

james conrad said...

it was obvious to me that nifong, in the video/ interview after his swearing in, still has no clue what he has done. further, in his mind, hes part of the solution, not the problem. if thats the case, this man needs therapy

Anonymous said...

Nifong either is delusional or is cunning. Here is someone whose thoroughly despicable and dishonest utterings last spring created an atmosphere that few people ever have seen in a college town and on a college campus. Take all of his statements, line them up, read them, and then read his "healing" comments he made yesterday.

It seems to me that what he said yesterday should be part of the Bar charges against him. More than anyone else, he helped to create a crisis, and now he says that HE is the one to solve it?

The guy reminds me of the volunteer firefighter who commits arson so that he and his friends can put out a fire. In those situation, usually the arsonist is punished. One can only hope that Nifong also receives his just rewards.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it odd that all of us, including KC, are ignoring the giant elephant in the room with regard to this case?

Let's get it out in the open and discuss what we all know is there. Enought already.

I'm refering to the bizarre continued support of Nifong and Mangum from the black community. The defense change of venue motion touched on this a little bit, but in spite of everything that has surfaced about the facts in this case, we are all witnessing a phenomenon: a large percentage of black Americans (not all) want these 3 students to suffer *SOLELY* for payback for historical injustices. The election of Nifong proves this point.

Read "The Wilmington Journel" for dozens of other examples.

Remember, these same people overwhelmingly supported double-murderer OJ Simpson for the exact same reasons. "Now you know how it feels", "Now you'll understand what our ancestors went through", etc.

The fact that 3 innocent men are being lynched is irrelevant. In theory you would think that black Americans, of all people, would rally against an abuser prosecutor and corrupt police officers, yet we are seeing the exact opposite?

Enough pretending we all don't see it.

james conrad said...

RE: 7:33 AMEN

Anonymous said...

To 7:33. How can you say KC is ignoring the elephant? Just a few days ago he blogged on Nifong and the Black Community.
He frequently blogs on the very subject you think he ignored.

Anonymous said...


You address an important topic, which can be stated thus: "Why do a lot of black Americans, regardless of class, so vehemently dislike white people?"

Is that your question?

In a large segment (BUT NOT ALL, OK?) of the black community, the following are quotidian "facts" about white people:

1. all white people secretly despise all black people

2. white people think blacks are ugly and stupid

3. sub-Saharan people are responsible for a lot of great scientific discoveries, but the white man denies us our rightful credit

4. white people think all black males are potential rapists

See the "logic"

Understand the hate


Anonymous said...

KC has talked about Nifong and the Black community but not the reasons *behind* the support: revenge for their ancestors, payback for historical injustices, anger, HATE and prejudice against people like these 3 Duke students.

That is what I was referring to as the elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...


You failed to mention the #1 reason for black anger.

Black failure is all whitey's fault.

A Former Liberal

Jay said...

Nifong knows exactlt what he is doing, in my opinion. His press conference statement merely indicates his defiant intention to continue his misconduct to the bitter end. If he loses control of the remaining charges he's toast and he knows that. When he's removed as prosecutor of this case, as is now inevitable, the unraveling of Nifong will be swift.

Anonymous said...

Nifong knows exactly what he has done. He thinks by denying any wrong doing, continuing with this sham of a case people will think "he really must have something". This man is a master manipulator, a pathalogical lier. I am not a psychologist, but pyschos can be intelligent in their procedure on how they carry out their evil actions. Nifong fits the profile. He is trying once again to play the fool to deceive the public that he is needed for the healing. He knows full well what he did trying to railroad 3 innocent young men to ge elected. And quess what... to date NC has allowed and sworn him in to 4 more years. NC and its Governor, and Senators are the problem as well.

Anonymous said...

The black comunity has used the excuse way to long the white man has held him down and are racists. Its the blacks who are racists and feel they don't have to be held accountable for their actions, because of the white man. Get over it. Using excuses for too many years. Stop putting the bkame on the white race when in fact the blacks get more advantages than whites now adays.

Anonymous said...


I'm disappointed, and stunned, by your lack of historical perspective:

Herald-Sun - Jan 2, 2007 - "Nifong Sworn in without Fanfare"

Herald-Sun - April 14, 1865 - "'Our American Cousin' Review - Play interupted by incident"

Anonymous said...


To "capitalize" on the Duke story, why don't you write a book/articles on why ethnic studies should be defunded across America? Time is perfect for such material. Title suggestion:

"Black Studies and the Duke Rape Hoax" [add general subtitle]

I smells a best-seller

Go, boy!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent editorial by DeWayne Wickham in USAToday about misdirected black community outrage.

"of the 3,289 cases in 2005 in which a single black was killed by a single assailant, the FBI says, 91% of the killers were black.
Let me put this another way: The number of blacks killed in 2005 in this one homicide category alone approaches the total of all the blacks lynched in this country from 1882 to 1968, according to records maintained by Tuskegee University."

Anonymous said...

I found that Nifongs interview was incredibly frightening. The man could definitely use some psycological help. He should be part of the healing process? More incredibly, the sherriff when asked, why the doors were not opened, responded by saying that Nifong told him to keep them locked. When Nifong was asked by the press who locked the doors, he said it wasn't him. Lying seems to come easy to him.

Anonymous said...


RP is right about that. I'm sure you could make some quick cash by publishing an article in Vanity Fair or New York Times Magazine. Try mainstram publications like these because they pay the most. Once you publish an article, you'll have more leverage in negotiating a book deal.

I read RP's letter to Shadee. His "cognitive wherewithal" is one of the funniest expressions yet coined to describe not only her, but the Gang of 88.

Good luck with your projects. Dispense with the academic papers if they are not paying the bills (assuming you have tenure)

Anonymous said...

Although I am a big supporter of the Duke three, I really find the racial comments about blacks generall offensive. Generalzing about blacks is no different than generalizing about lacrosse players, duke students, or white people. Commenting about the largely black political leadership in Durham is one thing, talking about black people generally is another.

You know, of all the reasons why blacks still support Nifong, probably the most understandable is that large segments of white people assume the worst about black people and Nifong has twisted the support for the lacrosse players into a type of white power movement. It is not.

To the contrary, it just happens in this case that because of black political leadership in Durham, wealthy white lacrosse players are the despised political outcasts, but in most cases of injustice (not in most cases of arrest) it is the minority or powerless defendant who is rounded up and charged or overcharged. That despised defendant could be black (as in the Tulia Texas case) or white and mentally ill (as in John Grisham's book The Innocent Man) or child care workers, but it is driven by political desires and goals.

What makes the Duke situation unique, among other reasons, is that capable defense attorneys, articulate and truly innocent defendants, the internet and a committed community of supporters have exposed the hoax in real time, rather than through a post-conviction process. There is no doubt in my mind, though, that if Nifong needed the support of white Durhamites, he would do the same to a black defendant.

In short, generalized comments about blacks just feed the beast of mistrust and do a disservice to the defendants.

Anonymous said...

to 7:33 and 8:07

"Most" blacks DON'T feel or think that way about whites or race relations. It's only the blacks that whites see and hear about that are the ones that foster such feelings and notions. People like me who are not public or vocal figures never get interviewed because what we say will not make a good sound bite.

The vocal minority seeks to suppress the views and feelings of the truly mainstream blacks. But the overwhelm majority of blacks don't feel the way those vocal-minority black spokespeople verbalize in public and to the media. Most of us think they're idiots too. I just don't know any blacks that feel the way you've supposed in your posts. . .and I'm the kind of man that has flowed effortlessly within both cultures all my life and I have both well calibrated.

The biggest sin for blacks like me is that we just want to be very good at what we do and make a lot of money and be left alone by people like the Group 88. Those of my race and of my political and social persuasion don't have the time or the inclination to counter or even condemn the some of the idiotic drivel that is espoused by the aforementioned black vocal minority. We just want to live the American dream in peace.

We’re not a monolithic community or culture and the values imbued in most descent black people are surprisingly conservative even though they are mostly democrats. It’s tough to be a conservative black but I take on all comers because I deal in pure logic and I think and draw my own conclusions on all issues.

I became apoplectic a few years ago when I heard an NAACP state president say “they knew what’s best for black people.” And blacks who disagree with them, he stated, are somehow delusional, misguided, or are a traitor. I wouldn’t let that idiot organize or think through making me a ham sandwich.

Regards, CFP

RattlerGator said...

This case continues to amaze me and I began this response long ago -- you start to make a response and it just makes you stop and pause in many ways.

8:07 a.m., in response to 7:33 a.m.

"3. sub-Saharan people are responsible for a lot of great scientific discoveries, but the white man denies us our rightful credit"

This, perhaps, begins to get at the problem with the remarkably disappointing African American response to the Duke Hoax and in ways the writer may or may not fail to comprehend.

And I write this as a black man who recognized the hoax from the beginning and commented on it at the time.

What I continue to admittedly obsess about, though, is my belief that the black response is mirrored in the initial white response in North Carolina. The white response has subsequently flipped but the black response has not. That's because these initial responses are two sides of the same "disrespect" coin, and that victimization runs far deeper in the black psyche for obvious reasons.

If K.C. is going to write a book, I sure hope he doesn't gloss over Barney, Goober and Gomer Pyle. White males, it is said, constitute the only remaining "safe" group to ridicule in our mass media and remember what white male group was apparently the first and remains the only specific white male group to be safely assaulted in this manner.

To use my terminology, the effect of Mayberry R.F.D. is that white southern males were "niggerized" (Andy Griffith doesn't define the show -- he's the exception -- Barney and Goober and Gomer Pyle define the show; I'd be willing to bet the change from the pilot or original first episodes demonstrates this) and, historically, this is occasionally the case with Southerners in general -- black and white. To be niggerized is to be marginalized in a uniquely cultural way (sometimes for the entertainment and social satisfaction of the outside group, sometimes for the attainment of political goals, etc). Maybe this belief gives away my social science background (PolySci) to the detriment of my point, maybe not.

However, if you take a step back from this situation you realize that town-gown disparities are legendary nationwide. That means that this situation, writ large, is not a “southern” thing or a "black" thing. Local communities "target" student populations for various reasons, good and bad. The uniqueness of the Duke Hoax comes from the town-gown template playing out in a unique statewide context. With sports and politics lurking below the surface, and most everyone involved loath to admit that obvious fact. Which means that this particular outrage does have a uniquely "southern" component as well as a national African American component.

In Florida we joke about the University of New Jersey at Coral Gables (the University of Miami) but that situation plays out in an international city with residents from all over the globe where Spanish is on equal footing with English.

That ain't Durham and that ain't North Carolina. The Duke Hoax was (is?) a perfect storm allowing unique black and white prejudices and perceived slights to coalesce. This mutual black-white bias served to flip the standard script and make an ordinarily privileged insular minority (white students at Duke University who are athletes in an elite, minor sport) feel the full brunt of what it is to be a non-privileged insular minority suddenly becoming, against one’s will, a political toy.

And that litany cited accurately by the commenter at 8:07 is the reason why our political system (at its best) attempts to protect insular minorities. A craven State Attorney who is a constitutional officer with authority separate and apart from the executive branch of state government is uniquely capable of completely corrupting the genius of our political system.

Anonymous said...

"not a monolithic culture"?

I'd love to agree with you, but how do you explain away Duke and OJ? Black voting patterns? Overwhelming support of affirmative action?

And I qualified my statement.

Let me ask you a simple question:

Wouldn't you agree that the opinions in The Black Commentator represent those of a large segment of the black community?


Anonymous said...

To CFP 9:58am, Have you read this editorial in the Wilmington Journal, a member of "Black Press USA Network". Are these the people you call mainstream? They certainly don't sound that way. These are educated blacks, and also note, that this is not written by one person. This was written, by the "editorial staff". Here is a link to the article in case you missed it.

Anonymous said...


great post, great writing

1 cavil: don't you agree that this "privileged" thing has to go?

nigger, please!--LOL

Why don't you speak up publicly?


Michael said...

KC, any way you could make the blog wider or put in a note to show people how to do links with [a href] tags? Most links get truncated making it hard to get to the original document.

BTW, here's a link to an interview
with Collin's mother:

Metro Magazine Interview

Anonymous said...

The Metro Magazine article was quite good. It did have this information on the grand jury proceeding which I didn't know before. It provides the reason that Nifong did not want to hear the prospective defendants' versions before the grand jury convened. I wondered because even the malevolent prosecutor would want to know in advance what the defenses might be. The quote is from Mr. Finnerty.

The DA is required by law to turn over any evidence he has to the grand jury. This technicality in North Carolina law allowed the Durham DA to charge the three young men without seeing any exonerating information they could have provided. “That’s why you’ve read so much about defense lawyers wanting to offer cab receipts, telephone receipts, eyewitness testimony, [evidence as to] who they were with, what they were doing — the DA did not want to take these because, if he took it, he would have to, by law, give it to the grand jury.”

Chicago said...

What I find very sad is that I was a resident of Durham for 3 years (2002-2005) and I had excellent relationships with both blacks and whites in Durham and still do. I also had excellent relationships with both blacks and whites from Duke. I still maintain many of those relationships with people from both groups. Not once in those 3 years can I remember even one incident in which a black or a white knocked each other over race or a Durham resident knocked a Duke student or vice versa. The most I remember is people "talking smack" about Duke vs UNC, but that was limited to a sports rivalry. I also saw a community which relied heavily on Duke for revenue to economically boast sales and a University that relied heavily on Durham residents to fill jobs. Duke provided for Durham and Durham provided for Duke (and still does). I saw no racism in Durham and my job there took me into both good and bad neighborhoods. It makes me want to cry to know that the national preception of Durham and Duke is painted by racial divide and town/gown tension. For this, I blame Nifong 100%. Nifong was the person from day one that spoke about the town/gown "Durham problem requiring a Durham solution." I assure you, from 2002-2005, Durham did not need any "healing." No town or group of people is perfect, but I saw no racism what so ever while living there.

One thing I do remember is that Durham Cops had a lot of spite for Duke students. I felt they had an attitude of jealousy towards the Duke crowd. This was evident to me in the type of interactions I had with Durham Cops (not arrests, but conversations). I would talk with Durham police if I saw them in a grocery store or something and they were very kind. However, if you spoke to them at a Duke sporting event, they often had a different attitude and were very smug and bitter. However, these were cases of white cops having distain for white kids. Blacks were not involved in either case. I also remember some white Durham citizens having disdain for the white Duke students, again I point to jealousy and not racism.

I commend the Duke Police who have some excellent officers of all races. Specifically Officer Tony Shipman and Officer Mack (RIP).

May God bless Durham and Duke.

Anonymous said...

10:45 Michael:

Good idea.

Here's the code I use to post working links on blogspot:

<*a*href="*full link here*"><*b>*your description here (article title, etc)<*/b><*/a>

Remove all the asterisks '*' [i had to put them in so you could see the code]- there needs to be a space between the 'a' and 'h' as in 'a href=', and insert your URL and description.

This code also bolds the description so it's easier to see after you've visited it once, since blogspot doesn't underline the link (at least in my browser).

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Nifong playing the race card to gain black votes.

Jesse Jackson offering to pay for the stripper's tuition even if it turns out she's lying.

Al Sharpton leading protests through Durham.

The New Black Panthers roaming throughout the streets while making death threats.

Duke Black Studies professors tooting their horns.

These people realize that their careers (and reputations) would not exist without racial tension, and that's why they jump to the chance to create it in such inncidents. They are at fault for throwing fuel on the fire of hate. If they would have kept their mouths shut until the facts came out, many of their followers in the community would have also done the same. Most white people don't have a problem with black people, but only with these ignorant spokespeople who pop up in the media to further their pathetic agendas and egos.

The black community needs more leaders who can see through the BS and actually make a difference, such as Bill Cosby or even Charles Barkely.


Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of self flagellation lately about the 1898 riot in which the whites of Wilmington, NC used violence to overthrow an elected black government.

Modern-day events in Durham have shown that the fears, if not the actions, of the whites in Wilmington were justified, to wit, blacks in power over whites behave no better than whites in power over blacks.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing you on the Rosen show in Colorado this morning.

Anonymous said...

OK, Team Good discussion but the removal of Liedong is paramount at this stage.

I understand the race issues or some of them , but let's maybe try and keep this board transparent and not rake over the embers of the past.

Nifong is the problem today, tomorrow and everyday he gets to put his Goofy,Smirky looking face of his on the TV screen. My wife has to pull me down off of the roof every time that fool exposes his lack of credentials to the real world!

We can clean up the rest of Durham after lunch!

Anonymous said...

11:49 well said Nifong and Crystal are the real problems in Durham and both of them need to be stopped at all cost. The two of them are killing the justice system for everyone.

Anonymous said...

you can listen to KC's interview on live in a minute:

Michael said...

It looks like it will be available in mp3 format too.

I think that the point of Nifong
deliberately not taking evidence from
the students so that he wouldn't have
to present it to the Grand Jury would
make for a good topic post.

Anonymous said...

Not related to this thread but a very interesting interview with Collin's family. Based on this article did an assault on a gay man in DC really happen?... doesnt appear to have. Looks like another "fact" that was taken out of context by the media.

"A Visit with the Collin Finnerty Family"

Anonymous said...

Re: Race
I think that we lose our way as soon as we forget that no-one choses the circumstances of their birth. There are lots of good reasons, imho, for criticizing what people do but there are never good reasons to bang on them because of who their parents were.

Anonymous said...


Does anyone have Mary Finnerty's email address?

One of the brilliant photographers I work with, Joy Goldkind, lives on Long Island. I'm sure I could persuade her to do a portrait of the Finnerty family.

For those of you who are interested in finding out what's going on in the Finnerty family (read between the lines), the interview with Mary Finnerty is a must-read.


Anonymous said...

Anyone following the case knows the 'assault' charge was for throwing fake punches and the 'victim' was not gay and says he isn't gay.

I have never before heard of being found guilty of any kind of assault when everyone admits that you never touched your alleged victim, but this was earlier in the case when the powers that be were still working with the 'white racists' against 'oppressed minority' playbook.

One thing we should remember is that the evidence that this was a false accusation and that the DA was out6 of control, violating protocol at every turn has been around for MONTHS and MONTHS.

It was common knowledge no player DNA was found on the accuser, except for those in denial who believed 'secret DNA' evidence existed that the DA who couldn't keep his mouth shut had failed to leak. For anyone who bothered to read the motions it was also common knowledge that the accusers stories were simply TOO DIFFERENT to be explained away as the trauma from a legitimate victim, nothing but a lie can explain that Kim is alternatly a thief/rapist facilitator and a fellow dancer torn apart from her right before her rape.

The only reason the DA's and the NC Bar finally saw fit to do something publicly is that the relevations about an AGREEMENT between Nifong and the DNA lab is such an egregious violation of ethics and law they couldn't sit back for fear the legislature might step in and change the rules by which they operate, mandating more laws on disclosure and harsher penalties.

Anonymous said...

KC I love your interview. You just said in your interview that Crystal couldn't be sued, because she has no money. The families can get a judgement against her and they can put a lean on any all monies that she may will make for the rest of her life.

That has been done in to some people that I know. She can never file for bankrupcy on that judgement so she is stuck right there.

Even thou she may never pay up she will get the hint that she is going to be held accountable, for what she says and does.

Anonymous said...

Sue her anyway, other than then the moral victory, stop her from selling her "story" for profit.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Crystal will be included in the various lawsuits that are going to be filed. Remember, there are 43 lacrosse players who were not charged at all, although people are waiting until the criminal ordeal is over.

Trust me. This business is going to be in the courts for a while.

K.C., you and Stuart did a very good job on the radio today. The rest of the nation KNOWS this is a hoax. I only can hope that Judge Smith figures that out in February. This farce MUST come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Duke U has just let Collin and Reade back to Duke if they choose to return. Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Look int a crystal ball:
With no comment on the accused adn what happens to them.
What do you think Nifong's fate will be.

A. Business as usual.
A1. Busines as usual but Nifong is recused.

B. A reprimand but Nifong stays in office.

C. Nifong is disbarred and leaves office.

D. Charges are raised against Nifong with no real consequence.

E. Charges are raised with consequence but Nifong does not go to jail.

F. Nifong goes to jail.

G. Duke hires Nifong to head their legal studies department.

Anonymous said...

To Chicago--

I agree with most of your post. Like you mentioned, I as well have had lifetime friendships--some very close--with people who happen to be black. Growing up, I was never taught all the negativity and my personal sensibilities have always served to embrace life from every prism.......however.....

.....this lacrosse case has brought out in bold relief---much more glaringly than the OJ case---that most in the black community harbor, are taught, and are steeped in a perverse hatred and resentment against white people.

This is undeniable from what we have all witnessed.

It's something that only they can cure....and the rest of society cannot and will not continue to place a pacifier in their already largesse-laden mouths.

I am personally offended by those of my generation who have benefitted from every kind of special treatment imaginable---financial, as well as special admissions to universities without the GPA and the SAT creds---who hold the kind of cancerous views that would put three innocent men in prison for decades.

This fact cannot be glossed over any longer.

Mike Nifong is a typical '60s seedy Liberal who knows how to play the black mentality like a fiddle. He is to be shunned and hopefully jailed for his open criminality.

Mike Nifong is a leper on our society.


Anonymous said...

Racism is always going to exist because blacks need it to survive and hide their laziness and failures. If there is any issue that a black leader can turn racial, it solidifies his standing and job within the community, and causes liberal white america to feel shame thereby increasing the pressure for more social programs.

This may sound good to your average for nothing black person, but the blacks who just want to be people trying to live the american dream and be productive without the label of hate end up suffering because they are shunned within their own community or not given opportunities that they would otherwise get.

I say this as someone who has a company that hires and fires a lot of people. I have never hired a black person and never would despite seeing many of them that are trying to work hard and appear qualified. I dont need the racial tension and certainly dont need the NAACP calling me when I fire one who was doing a poor job. As for Asians or even hispanics, I hire them all day because they work and dont blame their problems on the white guy.

Anonymous said...

Great news VIM!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Do you agree with RP that all "studies" with a decidedly political bent should be defunded?

Take away their power.

Take away their jobs.

Duke Mom

Anonymous said...

While I do not expect either student to return to Duke -- for their own safety -- this is significant because Duke University is saying, in effect, that the two remaining felony charges are baseless. When the two were charged last spring, Duke was following its usual policy of suspending students indicted for felonies, and that is understandable.

However, this gesture by Duke, while symbolic, is another blow to Nifong. My guess is that Brodhead was behind it, and his statement after the dropping of the rape charges left no doubt where he stood.

I do wish that Brodhead had spoken forcefully earlier. I seriously doubt that he ever thought these guys were guilty, but who knows why he was not more forceful. Some have speculated Bob Steel being the "man behind the curtain." I just don't know.

One thing does bug me, however. Steel is an undersecretary of the treasury, so he has good connections in Washington. Is he in favor of a federal investigation of Nifong, or is he trying to HINDER such an investigation? This is a question, NOT a statement, but I am curious.

cf said...

Duke lacrosse defendants Colin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann are both expected to be reinstated today as Duke students in good standing, two sources close to the case told ABC News.

Michael said...

I think that this will make it a lot easier for them to transfer to other schools.

Some schools will not release official transcripts to students that aren't in good standing.

Anonymous said...


Jeez--that "lazy" remark is gratuitous in the extreme. Can you narrow your brush a bit?

As to not hiring blacks: IMO, that is not a way to manage your business. There are a lot of talented blacks who want to work for an honest day's pay, just like everyone else. Think about what you're writing. It's immoral. Incompetence can be documented, etc

If you spent more time recruiting, I'm sure you would be most pleased with their performance.


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased about this. It is really an important rebuke to Mr. Nifong and will allow these fellows to transfer quickly to other universities, which I assume they will do, just in time for the the spring semester and possibly the LAX season! This was a much needed and significant step in the right direction for rehabilitating Duke's reputation.


Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson,

I agree that Brodhead is behind reinstating them. He is likely spending most of his time trying to figure out how to save his job. I suspect this is just part of his trying to get Duke alumni to stop demanding that the Trustees fire him.

Anonymous said...

rattlergator, cfp and chicago, thanks for your essays. There are many people of good will on both sides of the racial divide and I urge them to continue to try to reach across that divide. This passage from the Metro Magazine article on the Finnerty's tugged at my heartstrings:

In May, they went to Durham for their second son Kyle’s graduation from Duke. The visit had been planned as a celebration for the whole family, but they wound up leaving Collin and the younger children at home. After the festivities, the Finnertys caught a yellow cab back to the airport. “We were guarded, talking about graduation, the weekend and Kyle — nothing else,” Kevin said. “The black cab driver drove us to the airport and got out to help with our stuff. Out of left field, the driver gives me a hug. And then he’s crying, he’s teary, he’s shaking my hand with two of his hands. He’s holding on to me. ‘You don’t know me,’ he said, ‘and I don’t know you, but I am a parent, too. I want you to know that I am praying for you and your son.’”

Anonymous said...

To Duke Mom 2:02PM---

I don't want to take anything away from anyone that belongs to them.

Given all that KC has uncovered and posted on this site, most of the Gang 88 at Duke do not have the true scholarship to hold the positions they hold.

Why were they hired? Just ask Bob Wilson, former chief editorial editor of the old Herald Sun. He wrote a concise and to-the-point analysis.

Many of the Duke Gang 88 were hired to make Duke appear more inviting to improve the image of "diversity" at the school....even though, as KC has shown, they do not have the background or the scholarship cred to be "teaching"---or more accurately, indoctrinating---unsuspecting students.

In light of their vicious attacks on Duke students---Collin, Reade, and Dave--- and thereby assisting the railroading of them by rogue DA Nifong, I feel that they should be scrutinized and their qualifications, or lack thereof, should be made public.

People should know that affirmative action bums are at Duke to cause trouble in a place which hired them to do good work.

So, yes.......when people behave like the Gang 88, they should suffer the consequences.


Anonymous said...

The more I think about it, the more I realize this is an in-your-face from Duke to Nifong. They are now catching onto the real damage that this Carolina grad has done to the place he would have called dook.

This action by Duke is the first act of sanity we have seen from that place since last spring. Let's hope that even more sanity prevails!!

Duke would not have done this unless the people there figured: (1) the remaining charges are baseless, and (2) more importantly, there is NO chance of a conviction. Had they thought that there was a remote possibility the two would be convicted, they would not go out on the limb.

Again, I am thinking out loud, but I think my twisted mind is making sense for a change....

Anonymous said...


Not hiring blacks is not a good way to manage a business? Ill start to worry about it if I suddenly cant find qualified people of other races to fill positions or the company starts to fail. Its been around awhile.

I laugh when you say incompetence can be documented. Once its documented, its completely ignored by the NAACP or someone else who wants to claim the firing is race related. They ignore the truth and blame race. Sounds like we have a similar problem involving the black community and Duke lacrosse players. Innocence can be documented, but blacks dont want to believe it because they still want revenge for years of perceived wrong. I thought OJ was classic payback..set a black dude free who does not even interact in his own community to make up for the white injustices of the past. If anything, convict OJ because he shunned your race and hung out with whites. LOL. Now I guess you are owed some white lacrosse players. Setting a guilty black man free I can handle on occasion, but wanting someone to go to jail who is clearly innocent because he is white and the victim who lied is black is too much.

As for my hiring practices being immoral, that is one good thing about being in the USA and not having a company that gets government funds or grants..I can hire whomever I please and you black folks that continue to play the race card are only hurting your fellow black man. You just dont get it and probably never will because most blacks are afraid of failing when put on an even playing field with those of other races.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous @ 7:33 a.m.

This black guy in New York certainly hates white people, doesn't he?

Man Is Rescued by Stranger on Subway Tracks

Who has ridden along New York’s 656 miles of subway lines and not wondered: “What if I fell to the tracks as a train came in? What would I do?”

And who has not thought: “What if someone else fell? Would I jump to the rescue?”

Wesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker and Navy veteran, faced both those questions in a flashing instant yesterday, and got his answers almost as quickly.

Mr. Autrey was waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking his two daughters, Syshe, 4, and Shuqui, 6, home before work.

Nearby, a man collapsed, his body convulsing. Mr. Autrey and two women rushed to help, he said. The man, Cameron Hollopeter, 20, managed to get up, but then stumbled to the platform edge and fell to the tracks, between the two rails.

The headlights of the No. 1 train appeared. “I had to make a split decision,” Mr. Autrey said.

So he made one, and leapt.

Mr. Autrey lay on Mr. Hollopeter, his heart pounding, pressing him down in a space roughly a foot deep. The train’s brakes screeched, but it could not stop in time.

Five cars rolled overhead before the train stopped, the cars passing inches from his head, smudging his blue knit cap with grease. Mr. Autrey heard onlookers’ screams. “We’re O.K. down here,” he yelled, “but I’ve got two daughters up there. Let them know their father’s O.K.” He heard cries of wonder, and applause.

Anonymous said...

The more I read this blog the more I'm convinced that many of you have no clue about black people. How can anyone jump to the conclusion that a view expressed in the Wilmington newspaper is representative of "most" black people?

Anonymous said...

Duke inviting Reade & Colin back to school, how great!...What a joke, next we'll hear that Reade & Colin's families are inviting Nifong over for a turkey dinner.

Why in the hell would they ever step foot in that city again? Nice gesture Brodhead, but you aren't going to be able to cover your cowardly ass that easily.


Anonymous said...


stupid post. So one black guy did a good deed for a white guy. I guess that totally refutes the arguments set for by others regarding the overall black opinion toward whites.

There are exceptions to everything. Not every black is a race baiting liberal because there are actually some good black conservatives like Armstrong Williams who want to get past labeling people because of race. People are people. That still does not change the overall impression of the community as a whole.

Anonymous said...

it's too bad those boys didn't drink lemonade instead of under-age alcohol that night. they might've made better decisions with less catastrophic consequences? like just order pizza instead, and no sex workers?

oh, and while i'm at it. peeing on people's lawns? bad idea. glad to see that behavior has stopped as well.

learning moment? a private university that can't keep its students to a code of behavior can expect the unexpected. like bogus rape charges. it's hard to get good help in the public sector, in case you haven't noticed lately. you can follow this trend from durham to 1600 pennsylvania ave.

here's what your durham neighbors won't say to your face: rape charges are indeed inappopriate and wrong, but they did not originate out of a vacuum. let's help these kids behave better next time so there won't be a next time.

and thank god the LAX3 are connected to the well-connected. if they were three blue-collar kids from gastonia, the trial would be ON, m.f.

Anonymous said...

Duke is reinstating the two boys because early enrollment is off by 20%, and it is complete BS that the reason is prospective students fear the animal house culture typified by the false rape allegations.

Parents, mostly white and affluent don't want to send their children to a racist sewer where their children are walking targets for low class white cops with a grudge or local blacks with a grudge.

I don't blame them. Why go to Duke, a hotbed of race hatred and Duke envy when you could most probably go to Princeton or Harvard or Dartmouth??

Neither of those two boys should ever set foot in Durham again without protection.

And sadly, I agree w/the previous poster about hiring blacks, not because they aren't competent or nice or professional, but the chance that should something go wrong, and you made a mistake about them, it is virtually impossible to fire a black without being called a racist, why take that risk?

Anonymous said...

My biggest regret about Mr. Nifong's swearing in ceremony, other than the fact it happened at all, is that he did not have to wade through throngs of protesters to get to the courthouse. Rats!
But today's news from Duke re reinstatement offers some considerable solace, and, absolutely Bill, it was a major departure from policy and a completely in your face gesture to Mr. Nifong. YES!


Anonymous said...

Debrah @ 2:21 p.m.

Can you show that the majority of the Group of 88 are black as you claim?

Anonymous said...

Pissing on Durham would probably improve most parts of that town.

Anonymous said...

In most states, Nifong would have violated open meetign laws.

Does anyone know about the NC open meetings laws and what the requirements are?

Michael said...

Those three kids from Gastonia may
well now be better off thanks to this

Alcohol is a major problem on college
campuses. Our son has been taking
college courses since he was 15 and
frequently asks me why college
students are so into alcohol. And I
show him stories of auto wrecks
involving college students locally
and provide reasons as to why
college students drink but they
don't make sense to him.

The LAX students, to my knowledge,
did not drink and drive. Though they clearly were not good neighbors.

As far as expecting bogus rape
charges go, noone deserves that.
And we shouldn't have to worry
about that in life. A few lie
detector tests could have taken
care of this problem early on.
And they should have. But someone
was in a hurry to get to the Grand
Jury in time for an election.

Anonymous said...

You can't go around forcing every woman who says she was raped to take a lie detector test, though.

That takes thing back to the extreme of assuming all rape accusations are a lie to begin with, which frankly, EXCEPT in cases of black victims and white perpetrators is pretty much where we still are.

Anonymous said...

To 2:51...
that is true but...but after three or four wrong versions of the 'story', then it may be appropriate.

cf said...

I'm glad for the kids, though I have read Finnerty will not return to Duke. Yes, it is a slap in Nifong's face.
Yes, it is Broadhead reading the admission office reports, the letters from alumni an the more sentient press reports.
Unless and until he apologizes and the 88 face disciplinary action, it is just a bandage on a suppurating wound, however.

Anonymous said...


I happen to be a white libertarian.

True, your chances of litigation are reduced by adhering to your nonblack policy.

But I'm curious: do your employees know about your policy?

I have a small business: why don't you give blacks freelance assignments, get to know them AS INDIVIDUALS, and proceed from there?

Also curious about what your business does, as I suspect you run a technical business.


Anonymous said...

My perspective is this particular accuser's story is so pathetic that you wouldn't have needed a lie detector test to determine she wasn't credible.

I am very sympathetic to rape victims and hate to see girls grilled on the stand because they said they had 2 beers instead of 4 or they can't remember every detail of their rape or they admit to being drunk or on drugs.

That is nothing like wjhat this woman has done. Telling totally opposite stories is evidence of lying not rape trauma. You can't be a victim of drug rape and have been struggling with your attackers. You can't have the other dance a rape accomplice and being ripped apart from her. You can't ID people who bear no resemblance to your initial description of your attackers. You can't spit out ejaculate that disappears from the room. You can't be raped for 30 minutes when at least one of the defendants only has about a 2 minute window for the rape.

It goes on and on, all this just from what has been made public. I would be SHOCKED if there werent' many other versions of her story that have so far not made it public or that sympathetic nurses and counselors failed to document.

Anonymous said...

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, where have all the Nifong-support bloggers gone?

Where are all those folks who told us about all the evidence that Nifong had or the 'bombshells' we were going to see any day now?

I haven't heard their brilliant rantings for a few weeks now.

Anonymous said...

They've been reduced to saying over and over again that the case needs to go to trial.

If I wasn't convinced a Durham jury would find them guilty I would agree, a trial and acquittal would be the best thing to clear them once and for all.

But, I think OJ in reverse is not only possible but probable; otherwise the black community, black local press, black leaders, white cops, mayor, etc. would ALL have to admit they had been fooled by a worthless criminal, stripper, escort who did everything but skywrite 'my story is a lie' and they still refused to let it go.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I was pretty sure I saw Evans and Finnerty on a flight from Orlando to RDU on New Year's Eve, but that made no sense.

I'm sure Finnerty wants back, per the metronc article. That did make sense.

Anonymous said...

from a non-lawyer: These young men have some options and bargaining power with Duke now. I have never been to Duke, but do they have a home for the President? If so, take Broadhead's Duke home.

Anonymous said...

To 2:43PM--

I'm not here to "show" anything. We are all giving opinions about the disaster that is Durham and Nifong and consequently, Duke......and that is the racist mentality that has enabled this disaster to fester and take hold of the country.

My opinion has been cultivated by seeing the courses the Gang 88 teach at Duke. I don't care if they are black or green or pink humanoids.....they are superfluous and they are troublemaking and they are large-salary-drawing clowns who have no real purpose at a serious university.

You must be one of the little liberals who shows up on occasion to "challenge" everyone on the fact that a horde of racists and radical feminists have infiltrated the ranks at Duke.

I am not here to "show" anything. Just read what KC has posted here. Those are the only facts you will need for your conclusions.

Want a number? Go ask Dick Brodhead.

The Gang of 88 sure scared him sh!tless.


Anonymous said...

I just had to check my address bar because it appeared I had accidentally wandered on to Stormfront.Org.

Anonymous said...

re black signatories

I do know that the department with the highest percentage of signatories was black studies (AAAS).

Whether they are authenti blacks is another story--LOL

Anonymous said...

as a long-time Durham resident who's white, I would encourage each and every one here to just keep up the racist rants. they have ranged from "don't hire blacks, they're trouble" to "you can't ever believe black rape victims". really, WTF is up with you people? are you all on the payroll of the Duke's P.R. Dept.?

also, don't underestimate the ability of a Durham jury to see through Nifong's b.s. -- you have no idea how the DNA story completely destroyed the D.A.'s credibility. besides, where's your faith in Joe Cheshire & The Dream Team II? Joe's gonna turn on the charm and "aw shucks" his way to victory.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I'm not buying it.

If the DA's credibility is destroyed where is any semblance of outrage from the black community?

Far from being/sounding outraged the black press is still DEMANDING a trial and Victoria Peterson is filing complaints about Finnerty for gay bashing a hetereosexual who he never touched.

I have zero confidence in a Durham jury.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the Dave Colin and Reade offered to take lie detector tests. The police should have been the ones to make that decision, not Nifong. Remember the police are suppose to investigate and use every tool at their disposal to gather evidence. They turn the evidence over to the DA, who can seek indictments. The least the police should have done was ask Crystal Mangum to take a lie detector test. Didn't happen here.

james conrad said...

lol, WOW, da kidz are trippin bad today i see

Anonymous said...

I'm just against asking rape victims to take lie detector tests, there are documented cases where real rape victims either failed or had their test come out inconclusive.

There is no need for a lie detector test for Crystal. Her own statements already prove she's a liar since no two statements match up and many are mutually exclusive.

The police should have taken up the boys on the lie detector tests..if they failed they could leak to the press and if they passed it might have stopped this false accusation freight train before it really got going because then those results would have been leaked.

Anonymous said...

So-called lie-detector tests are worthless junk science. As much use as the time-travel machine in 'Napoleon Dynamite.'

Anonymous said...

Years ago I hired a black person to run an IT department. After about a year I had to let him go due to poor performance.

A few days later he called and told me that I had fired him because he was black.

My response was "What color were you when I hired you?."

That ended it although in today's environment I think it would go on forever.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the ONLY way Nifong can salvage his career, his law license and his freedom is to drop the charges.

If he drops the charges, no matter what lie he comes up with, the victim is beaten down by the unethical defense, she had another alzheimer's moment and can't remember who raped her, she needs time to spend with her 3rd child, or whatever, there is no longer any institutional motivation for the NC Bar or the DA's to continue to condemn him.

He will be allowed to say he 'thought' the defense had all the DNA and so wasn't lying at all when he said repeatedly to the judge that all DNA evidence was turned over.

No one will believe him, but they may let him get away with it because they don't want too much scrutiny on DA behavior in NC and the state is already a laughing stock.

I felt his comments today were setting the stage for him dropping the case and going on to heal the community.

I don't think he is crazy enough to keep on with this case now that an ethics hearing is in his future. Hopefully the defense team won't let him go away quietly and they will press for sanctions and possibly civil penalties for his hiding of exculpatory DNA evidence.

Anonymous said...

2:51pm get over yourself. CRYSTAL GAIL MANGUM has set back the rights of all true rape victims for at least the next 20 years. I am a true rape victim, white, and I would now demnad a lie detector test in a heartbeat no matter how it comes out. That way it would show that I have nothing to hide.

Now if that means no females will come forward for a long time well we all know who to blame for that now don't we? Her name is CRYSTAL GAIL MANGUM and the other asshole is MICHAEL B. NIFONG.

Anonymous said...

Please........;As long as we have the current corrupt DA,DPD and all the mess that is attached to them ,Durham will always be the cesspool it is.

Someone in high authority should take advantage soon and pull the plug, let the cess drain from the pool and give the place a good disinfecting!

Anonymous said...

For all of you whining about "underaged drinking," I am a recent Duke Ph.D. from England. We don't have the problems Americans have because we have a lower drinking age. If the drinking age in the States was 18, the lacrosse players would have had their gathering on campus without strippers and this would have never happened.

Anonymous said...

re Brodhead's statement:

What, pray tell, does this Brodheadism mean:

"larger issues require Duke's collective attention"

My dear Dickie (if I may): You could have issued this statement long ago--what are you reacting to?--because it's quite evident you can't lead a great university.

Why didn't you say the obvious in your statement? That the charges are a national joke, even ridiculedd on "Saturday Night"

Here's the thing, Dickie, you have been revealed to be a coward--TRUE LEADERS ARE NOT COWARDS

Why should anyone trust you with their sons if another such absurd situation should present itself?

Dickie, get a parachute and leave-- it's as simple as that.

Yeah, the larger issues that require Duke's attention are basic:

1. can your ass
2. vet the board of trustees that continue to support you
3. defund BS studies
4. fire all the 88 possible, given the limitations of tenure
5. get on your knees--prostrate yourself--and kiss Collin's, Dave's and Reade's feet
6. Give $5 million to each of them--immediately--don't wait for the "justice system" to do its duty
7. rescind point (1) if you have the cojones to act like a man

You will then become my hero. Your decisiveness will serve as a model for all academic institutions that have been hijacked by the likes of Wahneema Lubiano.

Richard, we're waiting. The clock's ticking, and so is your future.


Anonymous said...


Punishing all future rape victims by forcing them to take a lie detector test, when it is proven that sometimes real victims do not pass is not really fair, now is it?

This false accuser and this DA shouldn't be able to hurt the cause of rape victims any more than they already have by going back to the ridiculous old days when the cops demanded a traumatized woman or girl to take a lie detector test a few days after the most traumatic experience of her life.

No lie detector test was needed to show this woman was a liar.

All this case does is give people who believe women lie all the time about rape more reason to spread their lies.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the age 18 drinking age. It was 18 when I was in college (1971-75), and I agree that it would be the right thing to do to go back. However, Elizabeth Dole -- yes, THAT Liddy Dole -- pushed the age 21 limit when she was U.S. Transportation Secretary as a sop to MADD.

Well, it certainly was a MAD policy, and I think that it actually leads to binge drinking. Americans blew it with Prohibition in the 1920s, and still believe that somehow Prohibition works. Well, it doesn't work.

Chicago said...

I would encourage everyone to remember that while the behavior of many black people, specifically in Durham has been very intolerant, negative, and racist over the course of this case, that not all black people in Durham or elsewhere share the same views or lifestyles. Many of us only hear from the mentally ill Victoria Peterson and a few select others. Let us not pre-judge. Let us push for peace and take the high road. I fully support the demand for justice and discipline for the Group of 88, the False Accuser, Victoria Peterson, the pot bangers and anyone else who rushed to judgment. However, there are plenty of hard working black people of intrigity in Durham and elsewhere.

If we blanket all blacks together on this website, we lose credibility. I know that KC Johnson is not a racist in any form and he would not support such a stance by others. Shame on us if we take that stance. A few have flirted with the idea in this thread, I would encourage tolerance.

Anonymous said...


You're my hero.

Duke Mom

Anonymous said...


Where are the Durham blacks with integrity and why haven't we heard from them?

All I have heard from black leaders is that 'things don't look good for 'our' side' and that the false accuser deserves a trial by judge or jury.

And then of course, there was the black college student who wanted the boys tried whether they were guilty or not.

I would love to proven wrong about the racism I believe is prevalent among American blacks, but I have so far seen nothing to make me believe my view is wrong.

I have not heard or seen anything from any black leaders apologizing for the rush to judgement, critizing Nifong's trampling over the boys' rights or one word against the mother/student/veteran/criminal/stripper/escort.

Anonymous said...


Many prominent blacks have defended the boys, including Joyner, Sowell, Bradley, Coleman.

But I'm forced to agree with the main thrust of your argument, as much as it pains me to do so.

Michael said...

One of the local universities had
at least six drug/alcohol-related
deaths last semester. Two were
students jumping off a bridge while
intoxicated. One was drunk driving.
Two were related to drugs and I
don't remember the other one.

I don't know if the drinking age is
a huge factor as at least one of
those students got drunk at a bar.

I read the bios of these students
and think about the waste of young
and talented lives.

Anonymous said...

Nifong might be able to hang onto his license if he drops the case before his ethics hearing. He could hope for a public reprimand only so he could keep his job. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some back channel discussions to find a way to avoid out and out disbarment.

I sincerely hope that is not the way it goes. If he has his pension, the bar might just say f--- him, he's out.

Chicago said...


It is indeed a shame the national media only hears from Victoria Peterson, Irving Joyner and the New Black Panthers. MANY of my black friends in Durham have told me this case is a HOAX and how much BS it is. Many of my UNC friends have also said the same. Unfortunately, that is not who we see on the news.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I hope the defense continues to fight for justice whether or not the charges are dropped.

His comments today are a different tone than we have seen, I personally thought his comments about dropping the case if the accuser can't ID the boys at the Feb. 5th hearing was a not to subtle message to tell her that is exactly what she should do..have some kind of breakdown on the stand and say she doesn't know for sure if these boys are the ones that kidnapped and anally and orally raped her with [you name it/fill in the blank/story of the day].

I'm not a good judge of how far his misconduct has gone to know if he will be pressed/forced to resign as well, nor do I know if he is too stubborn to resign in order to save himself from criminal or civil prosecution.

He has continued to amaze me for the stupidity and obviousness of his lies, including lying straight into the mike about having nothing to do with having the press barred from the ceremony only to have a sherrif's deputy ID him as the person who said not to let anyone in.

I almost wish he could continue on to railroad Durham residents into jail on false charges for the next 50 years, since that is exactly what the county deserves.

Anonymous said...

That is a good point. During the Tawana Brawley episode, I was an active member of a racially diverse church in Brooklyn led by a black senior pastor. A number of people, including the pastor, deeply regretted that Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Maddox were the only "representatives" of the black community whose views interested the media. None of my black friends and acquaintances found that these "representatives" represented the mainstream thinking of their community AT ALL.


Anonymous said...

That sounds reassuring, but if true, then why did Nifong get overwhelming support from Durham's black community in his re election bid?

Although the actual/verifiable violation of the law per the DNA results was not known, only an IDIOT would have believed in November that Mr. Nifong had a case to take to cour or that the alleged victim had been raped, assaulted or had anything bad happen to her at the party beyond some name calling.

Somehow, that strikes me as a nice thing we wish/want to be true, but the facts in evidence don't seem to support it.

Anonymous said...

To chicago---

No one needs to tell us that there are "good black people", for G/d's sake.

Prominent people such as Thomas Sowell and an array of others are always at the forefront of logic and matter the subject at hand.

What we are dealing with is the reality that MOST of the black community LIKE the fact that these three Duke athletes have had a hard year.......and the others just sit back and say nothing....or very little.

Those names that you mention are affluent black men and cannot be touched as far as livelihood and they are used to being criticized by other envious and disgruntled blacks.

You noticed how some were even dissing Ed Bradley---after his death---for doing such a great job on "60 Minutes"....simply because it benefited Collin, Reade, and Dave?

That attitude is pervasive.


Anonymous said...

Debrah, isn't it time to go launder your white sheets?

Anonymous said...

My question for Durham is:

Where are all these well-meaning, fair, and loving black people?

Why have they remained mute since March?

No one can say that any have gone out on a limb against Nifong.

And oh yes......we will be bombarded with Black History Month and MLK's birthday celebration very soon.

Do any of these "good black people" remember what they mouth off about incessantly this time of year?

Here's one. Let me refresh your memories:


Or is cosmic justice or some such madness too much of a kick?


Chicago said...

All I am saying is this. What we see on television is:

1. Cousin Jakki..aka Clyde Young the Tranny

2. Irving Joyner

3. Victoria Peterson.

I am saying if you took a microphone into Food Lion in Durham and started asking random black people what they thought of the case, I doubt if many of them would stand up for Nifong or the false accuser.

Anonymous said...


The American black community has long ago forgotten the lessons Dr. King taught about character and conscience and skin color.

Can anyone imagine MLK going to court to shout 'dead man walking' to some college kid on the word of a bipolar stripper with a history of false accusations whose number of attackers ranges from 20 to 5 to 4 to 2 and to 3??

One of the problems with race in America is that it is a one way discussion, a discussion of racism among blacks is not allowed, even bringing the subject up opens one up to charges of being anti black and racist. Only the african american as victim storyline is approvable for discussion.

Chicago said...

Furthermore, from what I saw at the pot banging event on tv and youtube, most of the people there were white far left liberals. The butch lesbian types that you can observe at a typical Duke women's basketball game. I saw very few blacks on video. However, I only saw tapes so I am not sure.

Anonymous said...

To 4:57PM--

Isn't it time that you posted your name so we can know the race-baiting and irrational coward who is posting such trash?

Who are you? Have the guts to post your name......or are you just the usual BS artist who wouldn't know a black person if he/she bit you on your flat azz?

Are you Mike Nifong's mistress? He will need one after he's fitted for his orange jumpsuit.

Try a new track. You're tired.


Anonymous said...


I don't if "laundering your sheets" is a reference to the KKK, or to your questionable personal hygiene--LOL

Anonymous said...

To 5:08PM--

Unfortunately, you are right.

Witness the limp member poster (4:57PM) .

Every time facts and realities are brought out for discussion, you get a two-digit IQ kneejerk comment like that.

There's been a few little liberals come out from hiding and post trash on this board.

There are a few who think all this is going to blow over.......and we should forgive and forget.

Well, you can be sure that anyone who posts something like that has never invested any time and energy into much of anything regarding race relations.

The only way for black America to progress is to take responsibility. There is no excuse for what has happened in Durham.....and all we need to know is how Mike Nifong got elected last November. Who elected him??????????

I rest my case.

Poster (4:57PM). Go to hell. People like you are the root of the problem.

Stop hiding, coward.


Anonymous said...

To 5:22PM--

Since you are, no doubt, an avid supporter of the stripper Crystal Gail Mangum....who hadn't changed her underwear after having sex with 5 or 6 different men......

.....personal hygiene must be a challenge for you and your ilk.

Not looking good. Try soap and water....then a towel.


Anonymous said...

A classic case of BOTH Munchausen AND Munchausen by proxy.

By various lies, omissions, and distortions, Nifong created the illusion that something terrible had happened in Durham. That 3 Duke lacrosse players had viciously raped a black woman.

He proclaimed loudly to all (especially the black voters in Durham) that he would take care of things by charging and convicting the "hooligans" of first degree rape.

Unfortunately for Nifong, his lies have succeeded in creating an even bigger problem. The disrepute he has brought to the legal system has embarrassed every DA in the state but Nifong.

So now he says he is a healer, that he is part of the solution?


I can think of only one logical explanation for Nifong's behavior.

He is setting himself up for a plea of temporary insanity, if he is ever brought to trial.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:01 pm says:

All this case does is give people who believe women lie all the time about rape more reason to spread their lies.

Well, some people lie, some people don't. Some people would never think of making a false claim against another person, while others would and do.

Based on recent research, in about five years we will have the technology to detect lies by looking at people's brain activity when they are making statements because telling lies is harder than telling the truth.

As someone who usually tells the truth, I would be happy to submit to such a lie detector to get my case in front of the courts.

Anonymous said...


polys, etc, are just tools

helpful, but not everything


Anonymous said...

To 2:53
Can you provide us with another example of hiring strippers leading to a bogus allegation of rape? Just one would be nice.
There is, in fact, no documented correlation between hiring strippers and being falsely accused of rape. The absence of a prior example is some kind of hint, don't you think?
There seems to be no limit to how far some will go to blame these kids.

Anonymous said...

To "RP" aka "Roman Polanski" aka "JC" aka "Jim Clyne"---

My senses tell me that you are the one who has been posting trash on these a few posts above to me....

.....just to cause discord.

I know that you have done so in the past.....pretending to be someone else.

I have tried to be kind to you....even though I think you are borderline insane.....

.....but all that can change in a second.

I hope that you know I will not take your crap.

Peddle it somewhere else. You have a serious manic problem.


Anonymous said...


What are you talking about, and please do not post my name or initials. I have explained previously that someone else has been writing snide comments to Jason T (at his site), John-in-Carolina and Joan at Liestoppers. My research assistant reviewed some history, and found that about 50% of the "jc" posts were not written by me. I did write the laundry post, but I was trying to defend you/humor you. The point I was trying to make is that people get angry because of "perceived" slights. I always enjoy your posts.

I'm silly, manic and opinionated, but I'm not a hater or a basher, so if someone in the future gratuitously bashes you, it's not me, OK?


Anonymous said...


My mistake: I was replying to the person who accused you of KKK remarks.

I multitask, and sometimes make mistakes.

Sorry 'bout that.


Anonymous said...


I don't appreciate your way of posting at all.

Given the topic, your posting such a thing speaks for itself.

Also, I totally believe that it is you who is posting trash to everyone.

This "assistant" crap is BS.

You are a troublemaker and that's your business as long as you peddle it away from me.

Now that you admit to the "launder" post, I find you repulsive.

One--be an adult and post.

Two--spend your time as a troll--as you have many times on this board, and enjoy it.

Pick one.

I don't appreciate your silly role playing.

Did you get excited posting that to me? Do you get off on your goofball style?

Don't insult me by playing nice. I now know with what I'm dealing.


Anonymous said...

I think the posts criticizing the "average" black Durham resident for not standing up for the lacrosse players are pretty unfair. First, the "average" black person has no platform, they are not part of the Durham political mafia. Second, Nifong and company are a pretty scary group. They arrested the cab driver, dressed down Kerry Sutton, assault and arrest people with impunity, and seemingly don't care. Unless you have resources, a lot of resources, you have no chance against them.

Should the vote have been different, I sure think so, and it might be different today. But Durham is a democratic town and the powers that be nominated Nifong. Duke University professors took his side.

I'd by lying if I said I wasn't profoundly disappointed that more people did not see what was blindingly obvious to most of the posters here right away and now is obvious to the whole world. But to condemn all the residents for not doing more is not license for rthe overall condemnation that I keep reading. It is the people in power who are evil, precisely because they have the forum and leverage to control others.

Anonymous said...


Please do not respond to my posts.

I will not respond to yours.

And stop name-calling. You don't know who I am, so don't call me a BS artist.

If you search the boards you'll discover my post with respect to this epigone.


Anonymous said...

I saw the former jc's post about his stalker. JC was the one being assailed by this trickster, making him appear to be a cruel wack job. DC, I suggest you read RP's posts today. They are polite, well argued, and not at all hostile. That's my opinion. The former jc is an easy target on this board because he/she's opinionated.

Anonymous said...

8:44 I saw it too. It was hysterical. I think jc wrote, "you got me"--something like that.

What pissed the real jc off was that the phony jc referred to himself as a "minor celebrity." lol

Poor jc gets picked on. Another poster complained about his lower-case style. He now uses conventional style.

I guess he's trying to be liked.--lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not too familiar with the Herald-Sun, but judging from their web site it must be a pretty lousy paper.

I heard a mention on the radio tonight about two of the players being invited back to Duke. Yahoo News had an article on the U.S. Crimes and Trials page; the Charlotte Observer had a link to the article near the top of its front page; the Raleigh News & Observer has it as the lead story on its front page.

The Durham Herald-Sun has nothing about Collin and Reade's reinstatement at all yet.

Anonymous said...


The Herald Sun be runnin'.

They be hidin'.

Anonymous said...

11:02pm Anon:

Your comment reminded me to check the H-S again. They posted a John Stevenson article at Jan 4, 2007 : 12:09 am ET.

Late, like their 'coverage' of Nifong's swearing-in ceremony.

Neither of the articles showed on the front page - the Nifong 'without fanfares' could only be seen after selecting news/state(??). The 'invite back to Duke' story is under news/Durham.

Anonymous said...

Re Violating "Common Sense"

In these two recent articles, Thomas Sowell points out that Nifong's actions are completely consistent when the goal is saving his career. A must read:

M. Simon said...

This case and the OJ case have a lot of similarities.

I watched the OJ trial from the point of view that the LAPD was a corrupt police dept. (I knew this because I followed the drug war). The defence made the point that the police may have corrupted the evidence. Guess what? We found out a few years later the LAPD was corrupt and had routinely planted evidence as we found out in the Rampart scandal. The defence took advantage of community knowledge before it became public knowledge. In othter words it may very well have been a case of the LAPD framing a guilty man.

In this case we have the DA and police framing innocent men.

In both cases the problem is corrupt police and in this case a corrupt DA as well.

The common thread is the corrupion of the justice system. I believe this is SOP across the country. Look up testilying. It is rampant. This is another case of the system's bad habits catching up with it.

I blame drug prohibition for the bad habits.

M. Simon said...

Just as African American Studies and Women's Studies have corrupted the academy, so has the drug war corrupted our justice system.

Anonymous said...

Here is a site that I think will interest all posters here:

Please spread the word that diversity doesn't mean that leftists should dominate every campus in the country. Or something like that (how late is it anyway?).