Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cassese to Lehigh

Kevin Cassese, one of the unsung heroes of the case, has been hired as the men's head lacrosse coach at Lehigh.

Cassese served as interim coach of the Duke squad following Mike Pressler's dismissal. Refusing to be intimidated by the predictable criticism of his appointment by North Carolina NAACP head William Barber, Cassese used the press conference introducing him as interim coach to become the second Duke administrator, faculty member, or coach—after women’s lacrosse coach Kerstin Kimel—to publicly express support for the players targeted by ex-D.A. Mike Nifong.


Anonymous said...

The NC NAACP completely destroyed its credibility with its racist statements and actions in the Duke LAX case.

No reasonable person -- of any color -- will ever take that organization seriously again.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Boy, what a great person they chose for a coach! (Obviously the president of Lehigh isn't a spineless wonder.)

Kevin Cassese, the best of luck to you and yours!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a shame that the good guys have left and taken jobs in other states and we're stuck here with the idiots (Klan of 88), morons (New Black Panther party), imbeciles (NC NAACP), and buffoons (DPD and DDA's office). Oh well, that's why it's called Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think that the NCNAACP is any different from any other state NAACP? They have all become racist, reactionary pressure groups that don't have a thing to do with the "advancement of Colored People."

Anonymous said...

Good luck at Lehigh. Pittsburgh is an underrated city.


mac said...

NCAAP is fast closing shop; they're gonna be bankrupt in a couple of years. Their last hope was in a president (Bruce Gordon)
who actually wanted to do things that helped black folk, like encouraging enterprise etc., not just potbanging-types of activities.
The NAACP saw Gordon's emphasis on social services (via the NAACP)
as a duplication of services that are already provided by many other organizations.

Too bad: he was a relative voice-of-reason, shouted down by some of the same types we've seen who continue to say "something happened."

Anonymous said...

Are you guys writing about the NCAA or the NAACP? Just asking. There seems to be a little confusion (for a change.)

And btw, of course the guy is leaving. Being head coach at another DI school is better than being an assistant at a DI school. Not everyone is willing to hang out at Duke and harangue people 4-evah.

A Lurker on this Blog

Anonymous said...

I think it somewhat ironic that in politically correct society one cannot refer to a black person as a "colored" person ... One has to use the sanitized "of color" the NAACP should in actuality be the NAAofPersonsofColor. NAAPC...and notice how conveniently PC that acronym is.


Anonymous said...


where's the link to his intimidation refusal???

Anonymous said...

Inman--I agree. God, I'm sick to my stomach of the childish double standards.
Get the pacifier out of those mouths of yours! When are black people in this country going to grow up and stop being so parasitic?

Anonymous said...

At this point, may I offer the letter that I wrote to the Duke Chronicle, whihc was published March 30, 2006. Many folks were willing to stand with the lacrosse players, just not the ones tha mattered, like Broadhead and the BOT. To wit:

"Alum weighs in
By: Thomas S. Inman
Issue date: 3/30/06 Section:

As a graduate of Duke (1974), I follow with some interest news stories that affect the school. As the father of an 18 year old male lacrosse player and a 10 year old daughter, I am particularly interested in the current and unfortunate situation regarding an alleged sexual crime involving a Duke lacrosse player(s).

I am interested for numerous reasons.

I am interested because it is readily apparent that the media is all too willing to assume the guilt of the lacrosse player(s). White, male, athletic, smart, ... all qualities that are not part of a currently popular diversity curriculum.

I am interested because, if the allegations were true and it was my daughter who had been harmed, I would want retribution, revenge, if not blood.

No society should condone criminal, forcible and indignant acts of a sexual or otherwise degrading nature. But then again, no society should condemn any group for an apparent involvement, prior to proof of complicity in those acts.

Assume for a moment that the alleged victim has made a false accussation. Further, assume that the supposed evidence upon which the authorities are pursuing the case was, in fact, self inflicted and that the evaluating nurse was unable to parse the difference between a self-inflicted vaginal trauma and the result of a sexual assault.

My point in asking for these assumptions is this -- the facts are simply not known. One can construct numerous plausible fact patterns that fit the reported situation, absent the facts.

But the lacrosse team has been branded -- and will remain so even if exonerated. And the University administration has abetted that act. I consider the University's public position an affront to a proper sensibility and sense of justice. For, it is clear that a basic tenet of our American sense of "innocent until proven guilty" has been violated.

The decision to suspend the lacrosse team's games, if a consequnce of this controversy, was an abhorrent act of a magnitude equal to the alledged sexual misconduct, for it represents a rape of a basic tenet of American justice, ... and apparently done simply to ameliorate popular opinion and agendas.

Can a thinking and responsible society hold an entire group accountable for alledged acts of a few ... even before facts are known and the law has decided?

I think not. But Duke's administration has decided otherwise.

Thomas S. Inman

Class of '74"

I'm not blowing my horn, but the nail was just to darn easy to hit right on the head. Why didn't Brodhead and others step up. Oh and I'd now be willing to bet that one of the responses came from the Gang of 88 ... perhaps even from Walla walla whatever her name is....

Stuart McGeady said...

to P 8:52 ...

Lehigh is situated in Bethlehem, on the eastern end of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, far from Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

The Group88 are a group of rascist thugs that's why this whole mess had "legs" of a sort that will not readily go away.

Anonymous said...


Good letter. Glad to see a Duke alumnus has a pair.

Remember the translation of "alma mater"? Nourishin mother.

Yep, Brodhead, Moneta, Chafe, McClain, et al are nourishing mothers all right.


Anonymous said...

I googled Cassese. I found his statement to the press, including the following:

"I would like to offer only one comment in reference to the legal issue that is currently ongoing. This matter is now before the courts where I am certain that the truth will be established. All three players have maintained their innocence from the start. While I have coached all of them, I especially know David Evans well from having played alongside him during my senior year. Based on what I know of David’s character, I find it impossible to believe he could have done the things he is being accused of. While I never had the opportunity to play alongside Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty, I will, as with David Evans, support them until there is evidence and a court decision that leads me to conclude otherwise...."

"...IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE..." ---- Now, with 20 20 hindsight, Cassese is one good damn judge of character. Bravo for someone who was willing to take a principled stand. Bravo for someone who has shown fortitude and leadership.

Compare this fine person with Brodhead. Ugh.

Congratulations on the appointment at Lehigh!


Gary Packwood said...


Lehigh is situated in Bethlehem, PA which is a comeback city.

Perfect choice.

Best of everything to you, your family and team.

AMac said...

For the record, here is Thomas Inman's letter at the Chronicle's site, and here are the 5 comments it elicited.

It is instructive to take a trip down memory lane by quoting from the lengthiest of the five. "anonymous22" presents the talking points of the early stages of the Rush to Judgement, which can now be read with the benefit of the testimony of the disbarment hearings (&c.):

Regardless of whether or not the rape actually happened, they should still be punished for refusing to cooperate with the police, and for trying to protect the people who are potentially responsible. Again, regardless of whether or not the rape actually took place, something horrible obviously went down that night. As of now, the team has only said that they didn't rape anyone. They haven't even addressed the racial epithets that they were reportedly screaming at the women. The only people who really know what went down that night are choosing to keep quiet. If the allegations are so wrong, why not actually say something? By keeping their silence, they are allowing people to assume the worst of them. They mainly have their own silence to blame for the damage done to their reputation, which you seem to have such an issue with.
A myriad of questionable things took place at that house, and it boils down to a group of scared little boys who are failing to step up and tell the truth, whatever that may be.

Has anonymous22 apologized to the men s/he slandered? Or is it more likely that he or she is one of the bevy of "Something Happened" contributors to the threads on this and other blogs? Alas, the question provides its own answer.

Unknown said...

Kevin Cassese is, without question, the finest all around lacrosse player to ever attend Duke. Great in every facet of the game, scoring, assists, transition, defense and especially face offs.This includes the great Matt Danowski, Some would argue the best college player ever and certainly among the best.

It is gratifying to know he is also a person of outstanding character with the courage and conviction to state and stand up for what he believes. I remember when he made his statement, it gave me chills.

An interesting part of the Duke hoax is the players/students present as outstanding young adults and the Duke administrators as spindless, lacking strength, resolve and moral fiber.

Anonymous said...

Great choice for Lehigh. With the now apparent parity in college lacrosse due to rapidly expanding high school programs and fewer colleges participating in division 1 , Lehigh could be a dangerous team in the next 2-5 years.

Agree with you Jack, Cassese is/was a do it all player and very underrated at the face off X. He and Doug Shannahan could be long lost brothers.