Thursday, July 19, 2007

City Council Filings

Liestoppers is reporting that two familiar names have filed for election to the Durham City Council. Former Nifong citizens' committee co-chair Victoria Peterson--fresh off her demands to burn down the lacrosse house--has tossed her hat into the ring.

Will the pro-Nifong darling of the People's Alliance, Diane Catotti, join forces with the homophobic Peterson in the "something must have happened" slate?

Peterson has been joined by "Spoiler Steve" Monks--whose write-in campaign for DA targeted only potential Cheek voters in what came across as an ill-concealed attempt to split the anti-Nifong tally.

Candidate Peterson is in action below, after her expulsion from the Nifong ethics hearing.


mac said...

Peterson! That should be entertaining!

She should hire Grranus as her campaign manager.

Please, please, let it be so! The irony!

Anonymous said...

you couldn't make this stuff up!!

is there still time for Floyd to file?

Anonymous said...

Wow....Vickie certainly would add some..."character" to the city council. Good luck with that, Durham.

mac said...

That means that we'll get to see a repeat of the tape of Peterson,
sticking her head in front of the camera after she'd been ejected
from the Bar hearings!

Anyone got a link to that?

Anonymous said...

Nifong would be a good candidate!

mac said...

Thanks, KC!

mac said...

Hey Victoria!

"The truth is out there!"
(didja see Elizabeth Hurley in "My Favorite Martian?")

Anonymous said...

Victoria Peterson for Prosecutor!

Anonymous said...

Nifong will unseat Bell as the next mayor. GOOOOOOOOOOO Mikey!

Anonymous said...

Wait...are you seriously trying to tell me that Durham has a government? No way. No frickin' way.

Sorry. Any government that would allow last year's travesty of justice to boil within its midst, without so much as an official cocked eyebrow, does not deserve the title "government."

Frankly, Durham (at this point) is an insult to the notion of government. Its judicial responsibility was so far outta-whack that Durham will be in "time out" for a long time to come.

It would be nice if Durham became something other than the third-world wanna-be that it is...but, I wouldn't make book on that.

2 to 1 ... Durham never grows up.

Anonymous said...

Durham deserves no less than clowns like Peterson.

Anonymous said...

Will the pro-Nifong darling of the People's Alliance, Diane Catotti, join forces with the homophobic Peterson...?

I freely admit I'm pretty stupid.

Why is the adjective "homophobic" pertinent?

Anonymous said...

10:27 pm,

Peterson Runs On The Homophobe Ticket??

Anonymous said...

This could only happen in the Peoples Republic of Durham!

Anonymous said...

The descriptor "homophobic" is relevant because it encapsulates in a pithy way what a horse's ass the chest beating, phony "progressive" populist Ms Victoria really is.

Anonymous said...


What explains Peterson's conversion from Christian Conservative despised by progressives to the current version?

Anonymous said...

She was never a "Christian Conservative", she has always been an angry race baiting welfare whiner with a basketfull of grievances . Oh, and Homophobia is not exactly unknown within the "Black Community", don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Blacks hold the title for anti-gay bigotry. When are some of these jungle bunnies going to be held accountable for their prejudice?

Anonymous said...

I still really don't know much about North Carolina politics in general or Durham politics in particular, and am still a little confused about whether Nifong is an anomaly or whether the whole state is just plain nuts. However, it looks like it would be prudent to assume the latter.

Anonymous said...


Jungle bunnies? Come on man, don't go there.


Anonymous said...


obviously you did not click on the link that me provided at 10:34. After you do so, you might understand my question.


mac said...

The Peterson link - provided by a poster called "me,"
was really informative!

Some of the leading candidates would do
well to move to DC, and would be
fitting replacements for
Hizzoner, Marion Cracklin' Berry.

I thought Peterson looked almost normal compared to some
of those running.
Meaning: her criminal record doesn't include bad check charges,
DUI, and charges related to

She appears to be, more than anything, a local version of Aunt Esther.

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Does the Banana Republic of Durham have any citizens who are not completely nuts?

Maybe it really IS the lead in the water. I'd switch to Pepsi if I were them.

Anonymous said...

If this is any indication of the mentality of Durrrrrh, I would only hope that they (the "city" of Durrrrh) would secede from the union.

What an embarassment to the US!!! What a slap in the face of North Carolinians!!! What a bunch of loonies!!!

If the people there actually elect these two nuts, they will get exactly what they deserve. Morons leading a city.


Anonymous said...

If Marion Barry can be re-elected Mayor after being caught on video smoking crack with a hooker and repeatedly saying, "That God damn bitch set me up" then why can't Petersen be a city council member?

Anonymous said...

What did the comedian say "Of all the phobias, homophobia gets treated the worse. Sure, you might be afraid of heights or open spaces, but if you express a fear of homosexuality and all sympathy disappears."

Anonymous said...

Laney Funderburk, the former Duke alumni director, also filed to run for city council as a Republican.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, Victoria Peterson has run for office many, many times.....and lost.

She has a chance this time around...simply because she was a leader of the pack and a promoter of this Hoax. The black community might now consider her the Mother Mary....right after they bestow the title of Christ on Mikey.

Let me add another bit of information to illustrate just how bizarre this woman is.

She has always made a big deal about gays and their lifestyle....yet when she thought she could be in front of a camera everyday, she was Michael Peterson's biggest supporter during his murder trial....always right out front with her pie hole flapping.

Trouble for big Vicky P, however. During the trial, it was revealed that Michael Peterson was bisexual and had hired male prostitutes over the internet. Also, it was widely known around Durham that he engaged in sex with men while working out at the YMCA gym on Chapel Hill Rd.


Poor, poor Vicky P.