Friday, July 20, 2007

Cooney: Problems with Inquiry

Police knew as of March 16, 2006--from Dave Evans' statement--that there were photos of the party. Yet police never executed a search warrant to obtain these photos.

When looking for 20-30 minutes, not possible to find it with the electronic and digital record: shows that there was no opportunity. Police either had all this evidence or knew of its existence before seeking indictments.

Electronic evidence wholly incompatible with Mangum's Dec. 21 story: yet DPD and Nifong treated this story as credible. Police never followed up on evidence presented by Mangum's "driver," Brian Taylor, that determined exactly when Mangum arrived at the party (around 11.40pm).

Cooney also showed the photo of Officers Ben Himan and Richard Clayton at the Elmostafa trial--a visual that effectively demonstrated his general point that the DPD engaged in witness intimidation.

Another investigative issue: from where did the DPD obtain evidence that the players were calling each other by their numbers? Neither Mangum nor Kim Roberts had ever made such a claim, no other evidence so existed, yet it appeared in the police affidavit for the March 23 NTO.


Anonymous said...

They didn't want to confuse themselves with any facts!

Anonymous said...

Not possible to find what?

Anonymous said...

Find a time sieg could have commited the crime. He had a electronic documentation.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooney has been stellar.

His presentation has been both factual and thorough. Someone mentioned earlier that he was doing all the work for the committee and he certainly has left no stone unturned.

I'll be interested in hearing the lines of questioning from the panel members. Also, at a minimum, if Wilson and Gottlieb are not eventually brought up on criminal charges for blatant misconduct, the work of the panel, in my opinion, will not be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

And WHO is empowered to bring Wilson and Gottlieb up on criminal charges? Only Cooper or Gonzalez, right? Do you think THAT will ever happen?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Cooney has done a great job too. But he has not really done "all of the work" for the committee as 1:04 states. Cooney has provided the committee with a framework for their investigation, and I am afraid that the committee does not have the expertise to pursue this investigation. I beleive that a tenacious attorney, like we saw in the Nixon/Watergate hearings, is required to help the committee structure their inquiry. Someone like Cooney would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Two questions --

* any place that the photo referenced of Himan and Clayton is available for us to see?

* I thought Jarriel was the driver who took Mangum to the party?

Anonymous said...

Of course the committee has the expertise to pursue an investigation....they have a rape center counselor/victim's advocate, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Charge Wilson and Gottlieb?
They can't even charge Mangum.
Justice is a joke in Durham.

Anonymous said...

Please give insight into this committee. We need to know who they are KC.

mac said...

North Korealina wants to un-earn
it's reputation. Probably why
they would resist a federal investigation.

May be why Dole broke her own thumbs while sitting on them:
she's pandering to the NC infrastructure.

Must be painful to watch for some in NC,
like watching Katrina drown
N.O.; for others, when you ask them what you think of Katrina,
they ask:

"For, or against?"

When Durrhh drowns under it's own
ungodly corruption, some
people will cheer while others will
laugh. A few - a very few -
might mourn.

Anonymous said...

Looka here, dem boys might nota been in da house but dey was in Durham, that's "we don't need no stinkin' facts Durham!"
Well, whatever . . . and you can take that around the block and smoke it . . . like smoke it, you know man . . . but don't right (write)it down . . . 'till later, you know. Let's see, we got wite boys, check; dey's in Durham, check; dey's Dookies, check; dey's heterosexuals, check; dey's out of towners, check: dey's is Yankees, damn . . . and dey is wearing tight pants . . . damn if this isn't most guiltyest group of people I has ever seed, check. So what's wrong wit dat, huh?