Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mike Nifong, on the Rape Evidence

In his own words:

December 22: “There is no scientific or other evidence independent of the [accuser’s] testimony that would corroborate specifically” a charge of rape.


March 27: “The information that I have does lead me to conclude that a rape did occur.”

March 29: “My reading of the report of the emergency room nurse would indicate that some type of sexual assault did in fact take place.”

Nifong would not obtain the SANE nurse report until April 5.

March 29: “The circumstances of the rape indicated a deep racial motivation for some of the things that were done.”

March 29: “There’s no doubt in my mind that she was raped and assaulted at this location.”

These four statements all occurred before the accuser gave her oficial statement to police, on April 6, so Nifong could not have been referring to that statement when he made the above four remarks.

April 12: “I’m not going to allow Durham’s view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl from Durham.”

Rule 3.8(f) of the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct requires prosecutors to “refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused.”

Procedures exist for a reason.


Anonymous said...

Good one, KC. Hoisted on his own petard.

“I’m not going to allow Durham’s view in the minds of the world to be a bunch of lacrosse players at Duke raping a black girl from Durham.”

Instead, 'Durham’s view in the minds of the world' will be an out-of-control, opportunistic, dishonest DA. Liefong...

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the "DNA will show who is guility and who is innocent" quote.

Anonymous said...

KC, you deserve many kudo's for all you have done. I've been reading your blog, and am quite impressed with you and it.

I keep praying that Nifong, Duke, the police department, the city of Durham, and the gang of 88 will get what is surely coming to them -namely bancruptcy!!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

In the Wilmington editorial it says that Nifong has paper up over the windows of his office--gee, I wonder if that's so no one can see him crying about what might happen to him! Or maybe he's shredding documents before his office is searched during the upcoming (hopefully) investigation!

Anonymous said...

But surely procedures, no matter what reason they exist for, don't apply to Mikey! He's special, after all. (Special, like the Olympics.)

Anonymous said...

This boy is in deepest doo-doo. I cannot figure why he would put himself in that situation, but my sense is that he thought he was invulnerable, and that the fact that the black community of Durham would back him (not to mention much of the Duke faculty and administration) was a factor. Also, he knew that North Carolina has a history of letting dishonest prosecutors off the hook.

What he did not count on was the fact that the attorneys and the bloggers would carve this case apart like a soft turkey. And it ain't over yet. He needs to punt while he still has the football, for after he brings this dreck into a courtroom, someone in authority will take the ball from his hands.

Anonymous said...

KC, the links in the March 27 & 29 quotes don't work, at least for me. Pages moved I think.

Anonymous said...

What is amazing to consider is that in the not too recent past, Nifong would have gotten away with it. While Nifong may not have been able to win the case with his flimsy evidence, in a pre-internet era, he would have never been called to account for lies and abuse of power.

If all the information we had about the case was what we read in the mainstream media - pretty much all that was available to the public just over 10 years ago - many people would still have doubts and questions in our minds as to what happened. Those that trusted the pundits and media figures would have written the players off long ago and ceased to worry about it. This is especially true when you consider Nifong's media enablers would have been even more reluctant to cross a DA who they knew would get away with it, and the media enablers would not have had the benefit of constant reporting and analysis spoon fed to them by KC.

So why did Nifong think he could get away with it? Because in this dirtbag's 30 year career, he probably has gotten away with it many, many times - just usually at the expense of the poor or working class who couldn't afford to pay for decent defense.

I imagine I will have to keep checking in daily with DIW until Nifong is finally prosecuted for his egregious abuse of power. What a sorry man.

Anonymous said...

WRAL article posted a couple of days ago, updated today:

Attorney General Receives 400 Complaints Against Nifong

just in case I'm not the only one who hadn't seen it...

Anonymous said...

Nifong's remarks have put racial relations back 100 years - so sad.
Never did it occur to him that he would be called on his statements. I am sure he is saying "what happened." He believed Geraldo when he said " they will be racing each other to the police station to plead out" He had everyone in his pocket except KC, Bill A and the bloggers. Well done guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

Everyone think about this. Even if Nifong is making love to a paper shreader., we all still have his words on the following

1. court tv coverage

2. Fox News

3. CNN


5. Herald Sun

6. News Observer

7. The New York Times

8. the WSJ

9. all of the blogs


I just wanted to give a little food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I still belive Nifong thought it happened the first week or so. He figure he could stack the deck on the ID, because the DNA evidence will show who was guilty. When the DNA came back with no matches and proof that the "victim" lied about sexual activity, he was trapped.

He probably thought that someone from the party would come forward. Lets not forget that someone probably said the "rape kit" showed a rape. When he got the written results he know he was done.

Anonymous said...

Nice job of showing the contrast in statements from December with what he said early on, KC.

In December, he's saying there's no way to scientifically corroborate a rape. To prove that it happened. It's like he's talking about the accuser having a headache. Other than taking her word for it, you can't prove that she does or doesn't have a headache.

But he's just plain wrong about the evidence of rape. It's just laughable. He needs to start reading your blog, KC, because he'd learn a thing or two about SANE reports and the kind of information that science can allow us to gather after an actual rape.

Obviously, with her other sexual contact in the mid-March timeframe, her partners left evidence behind. He'll just never be able to explain that and it doesn't help that he clearly doesn't understand it to begin with.


Anonymous said...

What happened to all the medical evidence? What happened to the famous edema? No sentient person can reconcile these statments.

Anonymous said...

Cedarford said:

The Leftist Gentiles and secular Jewish Elites of, of great wealth and power - and the hapless "victim groups" they have cultivated - are a minority.

Really? Check out some of the group of 88's other writings and causes to see just how anti-Jewish the radical left has become. I urge the readers of this blog to to pay attention to where they stand on issues such as terrorism.

I do note you said secular Jews.