Friday, January 12, 2007

Nifong Is Off the Case

Lara Setrakian of ABC's Law&Justice Unit has reported that Mike Nifong has sent a letter to AG Roy Cooper requesting appointment of a special prosecutor.

Under North Carolina law, as we all have learned, only the DA himself can recuse himself from a case. Significantly, the Nifong request removes his entire office from the case--including Linwood Wilson, or any of the ADA's who could be subjected to pressure from Nifong to try the case regardless of evidence.

If Cooper accepts the request, the special prosecutions division will have to review the entire case file. It seems extremely unlikely, however, that any prosecutor would go ahead with the current version of events, as laid out in the notes produced by Linwood Wilson on December 21.

The N&O's Shawn Rocco has an illustrative photo of the embattled ex-lead prosecutor here.


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M. Simon said...

Anon 6:19PM,

The FAs drug and alcohol abuse are the result of her abuse as a child. They are not the cause of her problem they are a symptom.


M. Simon said...

The Durham DA will have a new name:


Anonymous said...

I am thankful that God hears and answers prayer and I believe His hand, in response to prayer, has been working to expose injustice in this case.

God is powerful and He has influenced sharp minds to gather and work to expose this injustice, and in so doing influence others in our legal system to clean up their acts; thereby bringing greater justice to our entire country for all people of all races and gender.

Much thanks to God, KC, Bill Anderson, Gaynor, Liestoppers, Crystal Mess, LaShawn and so many commenters, hate to try to list them and risk leaving out one or two as many are responsible for assisting to bring this case to an end.

M. Simon said...

bill anderson et. al,

I followed the OJ case every day (I was as they say in the trade - between assignments).

I too came away with reasonable doubts.

The police work was sloppy. It looked like evidence was enhanced, some manufactured (the miraculous appearance of blood on the gate after OJ gave his blood sample), etc.

I also knew that the LAPD was a rogue organisation because I follow the drug war closely. The jury was on the front lines of that war. They had to have heard stories. (The Rampart case several years later only confirmed what I knew).

The verdict surprised and gratified me. I thought the case was full of reasonable doubt.

The drug war has corrupted our criminal justice system in numerous ways. Look up "testilying" for just one example.

I wrote up a bit on all that Duke Meets OJ

Anonymous said...

Also, James Coleman, the late Ed Bradley and Thomas Sowell have participated powerfully in bringing about justice in this case.

I have great admiration and respect for the courage and integrity of James Coleman to speak out so strongly in an arena that is seemingly unfavorable to honesty and candor; namely Duke under this administration.

9:05 AM

Anonymous said...

What we have learned. We have once again been reminded that rape is a horrible, degrading crime which all men and others of goodwill should stand against. Even false allegations of made by a sick, addicted prostitute must be investigated fairly by a honest legal system. We have learned that those who work hard must redouble their efforts to protect the products of their hard work. There are many vultures that want to make a meal of your labor rather than call up self determination and produce their own. We have once again seen feminist are very short sighted and boiling with self hate. We have learned to stand up to injustice from weak men with to much power, like Mr. Nifong. And sadly we have learned that Black People would rather live out a lie than stand as individuals and search for the truth. They may not have the innate ability to discern truth.

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