Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Orwell in Durham

On February 1, Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta described the William J. Griffith University Service Award as one of the University’s two “most prestigious awards for student leadership and engagement.” It was intended, declared Moneta, to “recognize the individuals whose influence and achievements have made a significant and positive impact on University life.”

The Student Affairs website states that the Griffith Award goes to “a select number of graduating students whose contributions to the Duke and larger communities have significantly impacted University life. Students whose efforts demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of effective university, communal and global citizenship are eligible for this award.”

Those who have followed the lacrosse case might recognize the names of two 2007 recipients: Chauncey Nartey and Shadee Malaklou.

Some people might consider sending an e-mail that prompted a Duke officer to file a harassment claim and being president of a fraternity suspended by its national overseers (Nartey) or publishing an op-ed in the local newspaper containing unsubstantiated, slanderous allegations against dozens of Duke students (Malaklou) to be disqualifying acts for an award that honors those who made a “significant and positive impact on University life” and understood the responsibilities of “effective university . . . citizenship.”


Anonymous said...

Duke continues to give the lacrosse players the middle finger. Please do not tell me that the people at Duke were not aware of the activities of these two individuals.

Anonymous said...

How much more embarrassing can the Duke administration and faculty get? Are the trustees asleep or oblivious?

Anonymous said...

These awards are for people who need awards. Otherwise they would have taken their marbles home and sulked.

Out here in the real world, we know what such awards mean. Don't employ them.

Anonymous said...

WTF??!! Do the idiots running Duke still think "something happened"? Why reward students that fueled a mob-riot against factually-innocent students? Why reward students that contributed to the single most significant degradation of Duke's public reputation during the past 100 years?

Are the fools at the helm at Duke really this stupid or self-destructive? Freaking amazing.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina resucurrected itself but Duke University is out of wack and in need of new leadership. Thankfully, our children don't attend Duke. If the colleges they do attend, on par with Duke (and more expensive), are this horrible, at least we can sleep nights because we don't know about it.

Thanks for caring about the truth, KC Johnson et al. Thanks for exposing such absurdities.

Anonymous said...

Who nominates for this award? Who votes it in?

kcjohnson9 said...

Faculty nominate.

It is awarded through the Office of Student Affairs (Larry Moneta).

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's official. Duke University has learned nothing, absolutely nothing from this experience. Bigotry and lies are rewarded; integrity and honesty are punished.

Anonymous said...

Modern academia appears similar to Hollywood in its affection for awards:
They love to get together and honor each other, especially for qualities (diversity, service) that they all consider themselves to have.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage.

This is the Gang of 88 acting with deliberate ill-will, from knowledge that nothing happened. It really says something that they couldn't be (or at least weren't) stopped. It shows that they are extremists and have significant power. They have repeatedly shown that they don't care about Duke and indeed, seem to show glee in inflicting damage. They have shown that they know there is no accountability in the academy.

Duke should do everything it can to thin the ranks, both of the G88 itself and of students it admits who go on to become the next "award winners".

Anonymous said...

This must be a joke - who would give these two an award for outstanding anything but dopes?

Anonymous said...

I give up--absolutely give up. I'm an alum and I've finally given up on them. This is an insult to anyone that values anything remotely resembling the truth. Pressler's book certainly has the right title!

Thanks, KC, for continuing to let us know what *really* going on!

Jack said...

To anoymous @ 1:41 pm

Why are you outraged? This is an award Duke created, and awards to itself. There is really no "validity" to it, no right or wrong recipient, no outside objective criteria by which to measure who deserves to win. I think the term "outrage" is misplaced; this is Duke's silly little ditty, and they certainly don't care what anyone here thinks. As for thinning it's ranks, why should Duke, based on the recipients of this award, consider such a thing? Those within their ranks WANTED these people to win. It’s unlikely that anyone at Duke feels the way you do, so why should they change. The sooner people get it that Duke is a private, self governing institution, unaccountable to the public in general, never mind in the blogosphere, the less angst over the school’s inexplicable behavior.

Anonymous said...

1:51: "This must be a joke - who would give these two an award for outstanding anything but dopes?"

This is an excellent point--this is probably an effort (however misguided) at humor. Can anyone confirm whether Duke, in fact, made such a boneheaded award? I mean, throughout the Hoax the Duke "brain trust" never failed demonstrate raw stupidity. But even I can't imagine they are this stupid.

Anonymous said...

No award for Steven Miller?

Want to bet that when they are seniors, Elliot Wolfe, the people at Duke Students for an Ethical Durham, Christian Butler, et. al. are passed over?

These people did more to impprove the Duke and Durham communities than all the adults at Duke put together, with a handful of notable exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Antioch College in Ohio is currently in the process of biting the dust. The admin there publicly stated that more alumni need to contribute if the college is to survive.

Not gonna happen. Antioch alumni generally don’t have productive jobs in society that generate income. That’s because Antioch doesn’t really teach anything that contributes to society, so no one feels the compulsion to give their graduates an income.

No income means no contributions the college.

As Duke apparently continues to travel down the path of goofiness that “schools” like Antioch have already blazed, the admin there may want to keep this life lesson in mind.

dsy said...

i sent my contribution to the duke annual fund in honor of coach pressler: $0.88.

i commented that it was my first and last contribution to my beloved alma mater until RB and his gang o' tards are all gone.

T'93 PhD'03 MD'04

Anonymous said...

But I guess that they got some great "diversity" points for presenting these awards!

After all, isn't "diversity" the most revered of virtues these days?

Anonymous said...

I'm not outraged, nor is the ghost of George Orwell. As long as the students' contribution is to the administration's PC meta narrative myth, the awards are appropriate snd well deserved. For us common folk no awards needed, truth and justice will suffice.

Anonymous said...

And no award for KC, in honor of his obssessive behavior? Shocking, just shocking. Write Duke immediately. And while you are at it, write Brooklyn College and suggest they give him a collegiality award too.

Anonymous said...

dsy--I like your idea. Maybe I'll also send $.88 when I get the next alumni letter. Maybe we can start a trend.

Anonymous said...

Larry Monteta is a clown and always has been one. Nothing new here. Most of Nan's hires are clowns, as well. Brodhead was stuck with them. But now we are not only stuck with the Moneta, Trask and Burness gang but we have ole "deer in the headlights" himself-WHATEVER THEY DID WAS BAD ENOUGH Brodhead. Duke's BOT is asleep at the wheel. $.88 per year from now on.

Anonymous said...

I am always interested in the personal attacks on KC. My guess is that if you can’t argue with his logic and conclusions you resort to calling him obsessive and questioning his collegiality.

Actually this is the same tactic that a third grader uses.

Anonymous said...

to 2:26Pm

Maybe instead they should give him a "profiles in courage" award considering he put his professional and academic reputation on the line taking on the state of NC, an insane DA, the MSM and a community bent on destroying three innocent young men.

Anonymous said...

dsy --

The $.88 contribution is perfect. But when I do it, I'm going to send it in coin -- a Washington quarter, a Jefferson nickle and 53 Lincoln head cents.

Anonymous said...

oops ... 58 cents

Anonymous said...

Sorry 2:26 – it’s not obsessive behavior. It’s his job, and he’s going to be compensated for it. Check the web page counter at the bottom of the main page; he’s had well over a million hits. Million equals best seller.

Now, how many of the 88 have ever had over a million people read their droppings?

People want to read what Johnson writes because they want to, not because they’re forced to. Something the knuckle draggers at Duke will never figure out.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Chauncey Nartey and Shadee Malaklou could be nominated, let alone win, any award at Duke is truly discouraging. Their outrageous behavior over the past year deserves scorn, not praise. But with an administration that is led by Richard Brodhead, what else could we expect?

After reading the Pressler book, I thought it was interesting that the one person that was at the top of the grail was none other than Brodhead. Not the cowardly DA Joe Alleva, the professors that openly denounced the team in their classes, but the president that betrayed them.

One of the most disheartening things about this tragic affair is that Brodhead remains as Duke's president. Does the man not have any integrity at all? At this point, the only thing that he could do to right his several wrongdoings in the handling of this case--apologize and step down from office.

He just doesn't understand the level of pain that he caused so many people on so many different levels.

Anonymous said...

In response to 2:26, K.C. will most certainly win an award for his courageous coverage in this case--calling out the academy on their left leaning flaws.

Anonymous said...

Here are the current numbers for this site:

Total 2,570,475
Average Per Day 10,524
Average Visit Length 4:08
Last Hour 369
Today 3,804
This Week 73,667

A select few may call this "compulsive behavior." I doubt too many publishers would see it that way, though...

Anonymous said...

The Orwellian descriptive works quite well -- the whole place is becoming Animal Farm, and giving the award to these two confirms that some pigs are certainly more equal than others!!

Anonymous said...

I’m just surprised and grateful that there aren’t add banners all over this site. I’m also grateful continues to offer this free service. There are still a lot of unheralded free-speech heroes left.

Anonymous said...

To 2:26:

The Gang of 88 and those of like mind should be as "compulsive" as KC. Maybe then they would have a prayer of having something to their names worthy of the term "scholarship."

mac said...

Jack 1:54,
For people to become blase about these issues is to give up.
That's what you want, yes?

To keep insisting that we give up our outrage, admit defeat,
and not be moved by this "private, self-governing institutions'"
repeated offenses against academic freedom is like saying:

"I surrender."

Let's see: go back a couple hundred years, and tell the folks of that era
that the Crown was undefeatable, that they Redcoats aren't going anywhere...
we might just as well remain a colony or province of Royal England...

Happy 4th! Glad that no one listened to that kind of argument back then!

Anonymous said...

2:57pm, I totally agree with you. Relative to Brodhead, a true and effective leader would have stepped up during the Hoax and would have stepped up in the aftermath. Brodhead has done neither. He seems not at all sympathetic to the pain that he has caused an alumni constituency who truly loves Duke University. As John Burness asked "apologize for what?". There is a mean spiritedness in Allen Building that has never been there before. And where is the Duke BOT?

mac said...

Consider next year's nominees for the award: would they even want it?

We have a Sports Hall of Fame in my town. It became more of a matter of who-you-know (or are married to) - than what you might've actually accomplished.

Once it got watered down enough, no one who was (or is) a serious athlete really wanted the award.

Anonymous said...


You're a philistine and a "Babbitt".

Anonymous said...

Forget the awards. It's just Duke. The Libs have overrun the place. See if those two ever win another award outside the safety of PC.

mac said...

Rick 2:14
just as I was about to post this, I saw that you had an admirer
in 3:23. (What'd you do, scorn her?)

As to your well-made point:
Similar to Antioch's disastrous experiment was the attempt to turn Virginia's schools into
swamps and lairs of Outcome Based Education. No grades, no competition, no measurements...

Should have had inscribed upon it's gravestone:
"Nolo contendre."
A fitting epitaph for Antioch, as well.

Anonymous said...

Such an award is like a hug.
I won't spell it out any further.

heartmind said...


Deep Sigh. My son received this award in 2004. He tutored, he was involved in outreach ministry all four years he was there. He headed up a campus ministry that contributed to Durham youth. He was in an end of life program which reached out to those who were terminally ill. He assisted in hiring faculty- none of whom are 88'ers. He did much else as well- both at Duke and in the community. Yes, it causes pangs now because of whom he now shares this award. But PLEASE, y'all, my son is employable. He just received the top five awards in his graduate program upon graduation in May. (In GA) We all run risks when we categorize people as either "those right-wing hooligans" -or as Griffith award winners- or any other category we choose. The mind enjoys categories because it simplifies life. Let's keep in perspective that these two are not the norm but exception. Today I have felt insulted by my fellow hooligans.

mac said...


Please don't feel insulted by us: it was Duke who chose to dishonor
the award by nominating Nartey and Malaklou.
Your son ought to be asking if he can give it back
and have it replaced with another award, something that
hasn't been sullied. I'm sure there are others who've gotten
the award who are similarly capable, and of fine character as well.

When I commented on the Sports Hall of Fame awards,
I failed to mention that earlier recipients felt slighted by being
on the same list as the undeserving.

Congratulations on having such a fine son; I'm certain he's very employable.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has read Orwell's 1984 will be familiar with the concept of Room 101.

I'm beginning to suspect that there is such a room at Duke and it is operated by the 88. People go in and don't come out until they are sufficiently indoctrinated and have abandoned all reasonable principles. Once the process is completed they are forever oblivious to how irrational they appear to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

KC is left leaning himself. He supports a socialist presidential candidate whose wife is a professional victim.

What he went after were the folks slightly to the left of that position. Not left-leaning, but hardcore Marxists.

Funny that some think of him as right wing - maybe it is his relentless pursuit of the truth that strikes so many democrats as being out of step with their agenda.

Also, diversity is appearence only - no one who is not in lockstep with the metanarrative need apply.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline 3:37 : The inmates are running the asylum right now. There is no way that this should detract from your son's accomplishments or cheapen his contributions to the community. Thanks to him for his unselfish service and good example. All I can say is that William J. Griffith must be spinning in his grave, or if he had (has?) a sense of humor, laughing his ass off. After all, Brodhead just got a Sheldon.

heartmind said...

Thanks Mac for your comment. Yes, when undeserving people win established awards (and Wiliam Griffith's name has been tainted as well) it cheapens the award.

3:57- I just want to make perfectly clear that I don't see this board as "right wing"- I believe we are far more diverse than that. I simply was using that category as an example since that characterization applied to this board from time to time by outside commentators.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Nartey and Malaklou represent what Duke has become and what those in power want it to be. It's up to the greater Duke Community to decide whether that will stand and whether Duke will go the way of Antioch. Being located in Durham may ultimately be the deciding factor.

Anonymous said...


KC defies labels. I expect Diogenes would have no trouble recognizing him.

Anonymous said...

In what dual universe are these people living?

Anonymous said...

How enlightening. The Duke administration self congratulates students for unethical behavior and minority status.
This Duke administration and its' actions have done more to promote racism and elitism on a conscious and subconscious level than any one instance I can think of.

I won’t succumb to hate but you can bet I will not forget,

Pathetic - simply pathetic

mac said...

Haskell 4:02
I apologize in advance for my low-brow humor, but...
"Just got a Sheldon" sounds so funny, in a Southpark sort-of-way.
(Pharmaceutical ads on TV DO work, don't they? Someone call Senator Dole! Bob might need a Sheldon, too!)

You are so right though: "there is no way that this should detract from (her) son's accomplishments."

Anonymous said...

KC might ask William J. Griffith or his family what their view is of these selections. Probably they would not answer, but they might. Bill served as an admirable, decent Dean of Student Affairs for a long time.

Anonymous said...

The selections are made by Larry "water-buffalo" Moneta.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

KC, I could NOT believe it when I first read what you typed about Nartey and Malaklou. I re-read it - and I still can't believe it!

Why, oh f**king WHY does the Duke University administration have to KEEP proving it is utterly and completely without a single shred of redeeming morality?

(By the way, KC, you questioned yesterday whether Brodhead was scared of the Gang or was one of them. Well, Brodhead allowing this award to be given to those two reprobates proves he's not scared of anything - he's something to be scared OF!)

Anonymous said...


The poster at 2:24 said it best. The political tenor on campus right now along with Moneta/ Broadhead/g88, determined who won. This blog has no effect on Duke administrators or representatives.

Your son sounds fabulous, back when he was a recipient the tenor was more sound, the context more fair and deserving. He is very employable.

I don't think anything that has happened on campus the past year and half will change how the power holders of Duke see their role and philosophy. They are not sorry and would do it all again. They feel,I believe, that for a long time they were the oppressed, now they want to be the oppressor to certain groups. This award proves that.
I do think young men who are in helmet sports and white are under siege and will be attacked again at the least provocation. They are an endangered species at a school like Duke. Thank god the truth won out in the end.
Thanks again KC for your work. The book may help a broader audience understand what happened at Duke and in Durham. I think it will have an impact beyond the group on this blog who
support you. It's critical to get it written and get on Oprah, that's where you can reach a wide audience and have a huge impact.
I also think all you Dukies should send .88 cents to the annual fund. Dartmouth alums took their board to it's benefit, that is another way to go,

Anonymous said...

correction> Dartmouth alums took back their board and took back their school.Participation and contributions are watched, carefully.

Anonymous said...

It's crap like this that makes me wish the families had taken Duke and all related folks to court and had their day. Damn.

Anonymous said...

It's crap like this blog that makes me think that Duke should take KC johnson to court for being a nut job.

A concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Simply shocking.

As a Duke student I am embarassed of my Univeristy.

Anonymous said...


The slave doesn't want to be free... the slave wants HIS OWN slave

Anonymous said...

concerned citizen> just wait until the book comes out and a broad citizenry reads it, then you can be concerned

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen,

Duke will NEVER take KC to court. If it did, he'd get discovery on all of its moonbats from Brodhead to the Gang of 88.

No way can Duke afford to let that happen. It would be the equivalent of Brodhead taking what is left of Duke's reputation and putting it through the shredder himself.

Anonymous said...

Concerned citizen: Duke would be stupid to sue KC because 1. (as kc fan said) discovery 2. they have no basis for a suit.

Gary Packwood said...

There is a bit more to winning these awards than meets the eye.

For starters there is Duke Community Standards to deal with and a student judiciary system that does indeed seem like something Mr. Orwell conjured up from some deep understanding of royalists and the monarchy.

If you can somehow adhere to the Duke Community Standards and avoid the judicial are good to least for consideration of an award.

The statistical reports below are fascinating and several disagree with statistics that came out of Nifong's office concerning out-of control students at Duke.

But more importantly it is apparent now that the G88 have not been reading the Duke statistical reports as they crafted their statements and many comments about bad boys on campus.

It is almost as if a graduate students in engineering/mathematics designed the report format below to challenge the G88 to 'put up or shut up' about problems on campus.

Not much sexual assault on/off campus and campus crime is pretty tame compared to what I have been reading from the 'frightened' students.

I recommend the reports below for your reading pleasure.

Disciplinary Statistics (2005-2006)

Undergraduate Judicial System (2005-2006)


Duke Community Standards

Anonymous said...

KC just erased a bunch of comments. What a sleazy thing to do without saying anything..

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Orwell who essentially defined ammoral as one who, " always somewhere else when the trigger is pulled..."

This was in reference to those writing from afar in defense of the communists who were executing, at Stalin's order, many in Spain. Of course, Orwell was at ground zero and saw exactly what was happening. His accurate reports were rarely published, if at all.

It seems to me Orwell's quote accurately describes the actions of the BOT, Brodhead and the administration.

Anonymous said...

Per Gary PAckwood above

Disciplinary Statistics (2005-2006)

Undergraduate Judicial System (2005-2006)

Duke Community Standards

Anonymous said...

Brodhead seems to have no fear of the Trustees. It may be that they are allies of the Group of 88, just a Brodhead apparently is.

Who is on the BOT? How are they chosen? Is there a way to get a more centrist BOT? Also, how many other colleges and universities have far left Boards of Trustees?

Anonymous said...

Someone please provide a link to the article done on KC which he included in one of his posts. It was last week some time, but I have no idea how to find it now.
It was an excellent story about KC.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this year's award is something of an aberation. At its most basic level, it's a big, sloppy, wet kiss for the anger studies department from the admin to reassure them that when the heat blows over, things will return to normal and the admin will willing grab its collective ankles anytime anger studies tells them to.

Anonymous said...

A few things that caught my eye in the disciplinary three I the radical change over time.

There was a huge shift from primarily RA reported events to police reported events. There is also an upward shift of Greek reporting vs. non-affiliated, even though total non-affiliated events remain higher. When did Gotlieb start patroling campus? It sure appears that the PD have it in for Greeks.

Most events are non-affiliated, on-campus, white male, freshmen, non-athletes...

OF MOST that the five year average indicates three (3) sexual assaults and two (2) smoking violations.

Hardly the chaos the Gang of 88 would be delighted to report to back-up their statements. But what kind of "progressive" ever allows the truth to get in the way of a meta-narrative?

Anonymous said...

While the decision to award these particular recipients is distasteful and disgusting, expect to see much more of this at Duke.

Now that untold millions--from other sources besides from the actual egregious offenders--have been used to settle with the lacrosse families and Coach Pressler, the Gritty Gang of 88 and those of their ilk feel unstoppable and smug.

After all their shenanigans, they have gotten by with each and every sick word and deed. Not one dollar will ever come from their semi-educated pockets.

The very least that we all can do is to keep the pressure on and illuminate every unethical and malicious act that they inflict upon others.

As long as these grotesque bubble-butted Duke "professors" continue living well while doing so little, their malformed "diversity" schtick will continue.


kcjohnson9 said...

To the 5.46:

I have removed zero comments from this thread. Whenever I remove a comment (which happens to around 1% of the comments, if they are off topic or vile), the blogger software indicates it and leaves the time of the original post.

It isn't possible to "erase" comments with blogger.

Anonymous said...

It is not likely that Duke is worried yet about money. I believe that for 2006 Duke's endowment fund gained the second highest percentage of all the big schools. As a percentage it beat Harvard. When you have 3.4 billion dollars, you worry less. I bet their fund managers are not affirmative hires.

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo damn pathetic!

Anonymous said...

To 5:10PM--

You've pulled this "Concerned Citizen" BS before.

I had no idea that banality could be so sterile.

If you are so "concerned", then let us know what you're going to do about your "concerns".

Or cut the crap.


Anonymous said...

Does the Duke lacrosse team actually know what peculliar stuff is being done in its name? This could really hurt recruiting, since not all all lacrosse players are racist trogladytes like you guys on this blog.

A HS lacrosse coach on Long Island

Anonymous said...

HS Lacrosse Coach:

This is no longer about lacrosse. This is about justice and fairness and ethics and morality. Duke lacrosse will continue to attract the same type of players that it has in the, athletic, motivated, white OR black or other .... Duke lacrosse will survive and prosper.

The question is -- will Duke University and the notion of hiring and promoting unbridled angry vindictive and (based upon the comments of this blog) less than worthy faculty be condoned in the future. That is the question.

Anonymous said...

TO 7:08PM

aka "High school lacrosse coach".....aka "Concerned Citizen"......

I think you finally have it! Duke's Gritty Gang will "really hurt recruiting".

Next time, dispense with the antimacassar niceties.

Just tell us how many times you had to audition for those Geico commercials.


Anonymous said...

coach 7:08
Why would this blog hurt recruiting? What will hurt is what the 88 and the rest did. If I have a child that is good enough to apply for one of the top team in the United States of America, I would be stopped by the fact that my son might be railroaded by a bunch who don't like sports. Why worry about color? Schools want the best players.

Just because you see everything through the prism of race, most of us do not. My daughter's school was nationaly ranked for water polo. The 4 years she was there, there were no black players. Made people wonder. My son was in crew. No blacks. Some people wanted to make something of that. Maybe blacks don't like water sports. At both universities, more that half of the basketball and football teams were black. NO Italians. I never thought they were racist.

Christy said...

That is "troglodytes." Spell check is your friend.

Guys, relax. I just Googled those two. For Nartey the 2nd and 6th links are to here and Liestoppers. Then it is all downhill from there. For Malaklou the 1st, 3rd, and 5th links and almost exclusively thereafter are sites pointing out her bad behavior. Know that probably for the rest of their lives, unless they do something else notable (and how likely is that?) the first thing anyone finds out about them will be shameful.

Anonymous said...

jacqueline 3:37

Good to hear you are proud of your son. But Duke is not the first place that has used awards to further a political point of view.

I know that the families and friends of Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, Sakharov, and Mother Teresa must be horrified that the Nobel Peace Price in recent years has gone to crooks, murderers, and fools: Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Cater, in no particular order.

Michael said...

re: 2:26

I'm on a few stock trading boards and it's funny sometimes to see the battles between the bulls and the bears and sometimes they resort to personal attacks.

When you're a better trader and you're knocking them out of the ballpark, the real test of ability, your trading account balance allows you to just laugh at the folks sending you insults. Because living well is the best revenge.

Seems to me that KC is living well and laughing at his detractors. Maybe mildly amused would be a better description.

Anonymous said...

I recall that Malaklou's scribblings--some of which were in the H-S as the editors there tried to print anything they could from the Gang of 88 and followers--were almost comical.

She strikes me as a little short stump of a woman whose views of men are most likely formed by close proximity to eunuchs like Orin Starn and Hardt.


Anonymous said...

""Who is on the BOT? How are they chosen? Is there a way to get a more centrist BOT? Also, how many other colleges and universities have far left Boards of Trustees?"

You can view the names of the BOT at the link shown below. However, I'm pretty sure they value their privacy and would prefer to remain anonymous since the LAX affair landed in their lap.

Anonymous said...

Duke University BOT

Michael said...

Maybe shadee won the award for her outstanding journalistic work:

Let's talk about sex, baby

A snippet from one of the funnier replies:

[And here is the truth , Shadee, and it is a simple truth: Men don't like sluts. They do not want to fall in love with a slut. They won't let themselves.

Duke men want a future, and it usually includes the idea of marriage and children. They are not going to pick a woman who has been around the block with every Tom, Dick, and Mohammed. ]

While doodling around at The Chronicle, I also saw another of her missives that I haven't seen before. Of course she has to take a potshot or two at the players, even as they are exonerated but she's pretty mild about that before hitting out at Duke for a non-existent problem.

In their victorious (read: voracious) spotlight last Wednesday-and against the backdrop of their Sheraton Raleigh Hotel conference room-former lacrosse players David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann thanked a horde of supporters, including KC Johnson, the players' teammates, friends and adoring family.

Duke University, Inc.

Board of Trustees Chair Robert Steel wrote in an e-mail to students Wednesday that Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann are "honorable" men and that they have undergone tremendous "agony" in the past year. His e-mail followed in the volley of male camaraderie that trails Duke's lacrosse men and reads like a lovesick tribute to the now-exonerated players.

It also read like a propaganda piece, perhaps in an attempt to convince, even Duke students, that these men were innocent all along.

But it was never about Evans, Finnerty or Seligmann.

What has been at stake for our campus, since the beginning, is not whether or not the lacrosse team raped, kidnapped and/or assaulted a Durham stripper, but rather that a racially motivated gang bang is entirely possible on Duke's campus, and that it can be perpetrated by Duke men. This has been the argument heralded by both student activists and concerned faculty.


It's amazing reading the comments on her columns - so many of the columns are intensely critical of what she has to write.

gak said...

I'm speechless, this really is a wonderland

Mad Hatter said...

Off Topic:

Hope this 4th of July is more meaningful than ever to those who follow this blog.

Anonymous said...

You can view the names of the BOT at the link shown below. However, I'm pretty sure they value their privacy and would prefer to remain anonymous since the LAX affair landed in their lap.

Who are these people? Do any of them live and work in the real world?

Michael said...

re: 5:46

[KC just erased a bunch of comments. What a sleazy thing to do without saying anything..]

1) KC responded to you in that he didn't erase anything so you're just another false accuser. Perhaps you'd be so graceful as to offer an apology to KC.

2) It's his board. He can erase anything that he wants to and he doesn't have to provide a reason. He has stated the conditions for post removal and it seems that he follows his conditions from my observations.

He's doing a massive amount of work and policing a board that runs 24 hours a day is additional work. Sending a note explaining why a post was removed is extra effort. That is if the person who wrote the post is even available via email.

Anonymous said...

KC...what are the rules of this blog?

Anonymous said...

I just googled Nartey. I had no idea he was black. From Liberia. Is he a US citizen? What are his overseas relationships? Has Homeland Security checked him out? Good God....a Duke University degree should not in any way innoculate any individual from the scrutiny and jurisdiction of the law of the land.

Thomas Inman '74

Anonymous said...

TO Mad Hatter--

Indeed it is! There will be fireworks galore tonight; however, none so bombastic as to eclipse the resonating sounds of justice we have all experienced in recent weeks.

Such a beautiful day....and a festive, balmy night ahead. Neighbors across the street have their veranda fences adorned with American flag banner skirts....... my faithful, yet vain, feline Kitty Diva watches intently from her veranda perch while kids roll by on skates and scooters.

Such a glorious evening to celebrate! Let justice prevail for all!


Michael said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jul 4, 2007 1:29:00 PM wrote:

>Well, I think it's official. Duke University has learned nothing ....<

Oh, they learned everything. But, they understand nothing.

Gary Packwood said...

No justice, no peace 6: 23 said...

...A few things that caught my eye in the disciplinary three I the radical change over time.
....There was a huge shift from primarily RA reported events to police reported events. There is also an upward shift of Greek reporting vs. non-affiliated, even though total non-affiliated events remain higher. When did Gotlieb start patrolling campus? It sure appears that the PD have it in for Greeks.
...Most events are non-affiliated, on-campus, white male, freshmen, non-athletes...
...OF MOST that the five year average indicates three (3) sexual assaults and two (2) smoking violations.
...Hardly the chaos the Gang of 88 would be delighted to report to back-up their statements. But what kind of "progressive" ever allows the truth to get in the way of a meta-narrative?
The 3 sexual assaults and 2 smoking violations caught my eye also but perhaps for a different reason.

Having been through this nonsense before at a private university campus, I can pretty much look at the numbers and determine if the student athletes and the frats know that they are being set-up... which of course ...they are!

Competitive young guys will start playing 'spider and the fly' with those who are trash talking jocks and frats...and the competition can get to be ....shall we say ...rather intense.

The appointment of these two students for this award is, in my opinion, a continuation of the 'spider and the fly' game only this time the Office of Student Affairs is making the move on the chess board.

The Women's study department will feel as a group that they can't survive in the long run on campus if they are surrounded by jocks and frats.

Duke alums need to take a close look at those Duke Community Standards and ask forcefully...whose standards?

It would also be helpful if the Women's Studies Department and the Office of Student Affairs are reminded by the BOT that the Duke Judiciary Board is not a proper court of law in the State of North Carolina or in the United States.

Those 'Duke Standards' are arbitrary and have little to do with the real world where higher education is offered to some of the best and brightest in the USA and fact ...the world.

The only way for Duke to win the 'spider and the fly' game is not to play at all.

Anonymous said...

Monetta's gotta go. The hyprocrisy of the Griffith awards this year is severe. The awards are not only a big wet sloppy kiss to the Gang of 88, but are a slap in the face to the lacrosse players, who were disparaged by both recipients, as well as an insult to previous, deserving award winners.

The respect of the student body for
Monetta and other student life employees must have diminished greatly in the wake of the hoax.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you alums who have sent donations of 88 cents to Duke. I eagerly awaiting my 2007-8 annual fund solicitations so that I can do the same and encourage my kid to do likewise.

1960's alum with a child alum

mac said...

Thanks for the link to "Let's talk about sex, baby."

I couldn't get past the "retired sex-kitten." My stomach turned immediately. It's like a big jock from the offensive line saying:
"I'm a retired stud! Herr-herr!"

Yes, of course you are.

Once my stomach settles, I'll go back and try to read the stuff. Need some ginger root in the meantime.

Anonymous said...


You can bet your last dollar that Chauncey (the name sounds honorable--unfortunately the guy isn't) and Shadee (boy does that one sound right) got at least 90 votes. They can count on the 88 loonies, plus Broad-head, and Monetta. I'm sure that they could locate a few more morally bankrupt votes around that place.
This vote is a hands down winner for Boner of the Year. Buffoon, moron, pathetic, unconscienable, loser----just a few names for the crowd at DU. DUmb, anyway.

BTW, AA--that should be Abominable Academic(less).

Anonymous said...

why anyone is surprised is beyond me. even KC is a barack supporter.

i know people on this board want to limit this incident to CGM, nifong, broadhead, the 88 and the lax team. but its about black v. white.

you don't have to admit it but ultimately, enough episodes like this will make you see. some people have to learn the hard way.


Anonymous said...

What would the Office of Student Affairs and the Womyn's Studies Department have to say if a white male student wrote and had published in the Chronicle the male equivalent of Shadee's "Let's Talk about Sex, Baby"?

Same double standard as with McFadden and Nartey.

Anonymous said...

To those alums who are planning to contribute a symbolic $0.88- please remember that Duke will then be able to count you as donor, boosting their alumni totals (if not their cash reserves!) That means that your sarcastic gift will actually help the University, which is not what I think you intend to do! We write them a note EVERY time we are solicited for $$ explaining exactly why we are not giving, and what changes need to be made before we would ever contemplate doing so in the future.

mac said...

I decided to try without the ginger root. I read it; I really need ginger root now.

What a set of assumptions! Us guys are all Sir Humpalots, drooling on ourselves as we consider our next conquest?
Maybe those are the guys she hangs out with. (Maybe someone should hook her up with Polanski:
he's likely be a sensitive lover, compared to what she thinks she sees at Dook?)

The Griffith award? Really?

Anonymous said...


I have been a sporadic poster. I just sent the following email to

Feel free to resend with your name (mine is redacted out to avoid the inevitable google reference...but I know some of you know who I am).

ES Trinity 1990

Please forward this email to Mr. Moneta.

Mr. Moneta,

PLEASE tell me this is not true. PLEASE tell me that you did not single out two students (Nartey and Malaklou) best known at Duke (and now thanks to the internet, throughout the US) as fringe whack-jobs whose attempts slander and harm their peers have been met with almost universal criticism.

Let's forget that the Duke administration has yet to address the faculty who have done so in violation of the Faculty Handbook, but rather seems to want to defend their repulsive, unethical behavior. Also feel free to dismiss the harm done to the coaches and student athletes, or the scorn being heaped on the university embarrassing the alums.

How could you possibly honor these students, whose only noteworthy achievement is slinging mud in a semi-articulate manner?

I couldn't possibly be more ashamed right now of Duke.

My $0.88 donation to Duke is in the mail.

Evan Skowronski Ph.D.
Trinity Class of 1990
Millersville, MD

Anonymous said...

Or not...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Debrah:

1. We can't be shocked that the faculty Frankensteins gave an award to their favorite little Igors.

2. We should maintain unblinking vigilance of Duke's behavior and illuminate it whenever necessary.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to your son. I'm sure he is a fine young man. He comes from the chicken salad group of honorees. This year's recipients are from the chicken shit group.

BTW, even the chickens are offended about this year's selections. They recognize Moneta's work as bull shit.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your work. It is totally refreshing to find someone willing to put forth the efforts that you have.
For those of you who wish to be critical of KC, go find another blog. This is his domain. I might not like all of his ideas, but he presents them in an honest, straightforward way.
What doesn't make sense? KC's having problems with recognition at Brooklyn College and Duke's faculty and administration has all the earmarks of the Keystone Kops. (OOPS, shouldn't have slammed the Kops that way)

Anonymous said...

Another Academic posted at 9:00 on procedure thread. I think Polanski got under his skin.

Michael said...

KC handles criticism very well. For the most part, it seems that he doesn't respond to it.

There are some very bright people that I work with that take criticisms very seriously to see if they have an error in their work as they want their work to be the best that it can be.

Most of the criticism here seems to be in the form of innuendo and name-calling which is easily deflected, laughed at and left on the blog to make the point that the poster isn't to be taken seriously.

We are a motly and boisterous set of people here and trying to keep a group like this in check is a tough task.

Anonymous said...


actually, if enough give just $.88 then the average donation will drop substantially... That statistic may overwhelm the increase in participation. It all depends on the metrics being used by the Development Department to measure success. Assuming, of course, that they have metrics.

Thomas Inman '74

Christy said...

Won't it cost Duke more than 88 cents to process that 88 cents? Part of the point, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline (Jul 4, 2007 3:37:00 PM ) said in part:

" My son received this award in 2004. .... Yes, it causes pangs now because of whom he now shares this award. .... Let's keep in perspective that these two are not the norm but exception. "

I'm sure you son was and is outstanding. It is deeply embarassing to those of us associated with the university that actually outstanding students seems to have been the norm of years past, and the exceptions (people who do not deserve the award) are the norm now. Most people at Duke do not share the "PC above all" values of Brodhead and the 88, and we do not like what is happening.

mac said...

True. It remains a present insult to Duke students when Duke Student Services
couldn't find a truly deserving set of students to receive the
award, out of many who certainly are not of Chauncey Nartey's foul ilk.

Anonymous said...


There may be a class action complaint available to all who have been slandered by the result of Duke University's Administration's failures.

Clearly, there are those on this blog who feel that the reputation of themselves or their family have been adversely affected by Duke's Administration's failures and the consequence of their affirmative words and actions.

I know that I feel, as a graduate of Duke University, that my reputation has suffered as a result of this travesty. Others may feel the same.

I hold Brodhead singularly responsible.

I know this is a stretch, ... but how would the law look at this complaint?

Thomas Inman '74

Anonymous said...

The very opinionated Malaklou can neither think straight nor write very clearly, and she's not embarrassed one bit to make a complete self-contradictory fool of herself. Around Duke - hell, around anywhere - that makes her nearly invulnerable.

Sad to say, Shadee may go far: got everything she needs, a big mouth, no shame, people payin' attention. She might even become one of those priveleged types she hates so much (look at the cash they're offering Rosie O. these days).

Anonymous said...

TO 9:44PM--

I have just the right man for you.

All who feel "damaged" by the declasse Gang of 88, Brodhead, and the rest from Duke's underbelly, just call John Edwards.

He will be able to "channel" the depths of your souls and then prance around before a jury with his whiney and pregnant-with-angst voice so that even the most practical juror will vote to award you millions.

Then later Elizabeth, his always-grieving-about-something wife, (who, btw, loves pornographic lowbrow language if an Edwards supporter engages in it), will go on Oprah to tell the world what a hero John-boy is.

Note: Even though Edwards chose to sit back and do nothing as three young men going to school in his state were denied justice for over a year.......John-boy will prick up his ears when he sees huge dollar signs.


Anonymous said...

People, people...we should have seen this coming. A brief refresher of Shadee's oeuvre:

“For every smug remark by a smug, white attorney representing a smug, white lacrosse player, there is a woman cringing. Not only was Cheshire’s guest column unprofessional, but it was completely insensitive to the multitudes of women who have been victim, in one way or another, to the lacrosse players’ actions…Much of this emphasis on ‘innocence’ has ignored the gender and racial prejudice of the March 13 party. If nothing else, Nifong is holding the lacrosse players accountable for that; and as a woman at Duke who knows just how much these men get away with, I’m thankful….A rape may not have occurred on March 13, but as a woman on Duke’s campus, as a Woman’s Studies major, and as activist for survivors of sexual assault, I assure Mr. Cheshire that these men are not innocent, nor are they upstanding citizens of Duke or Durham law….Nifong might not be in the right legally, but that doesn’t mean he's not doing the right thing.”

You can't reason with have to fight it.

As far as Ms. Malaklou's future employment...don't be so sanguine about her lack of prospects. She seems eminently qualified to teach in the humanities department at any number of Mickey Mouse schools. She's a G88 trainee, you might say.

Anonymous said...

arthur shockley....

Surely no thinking person penned such an eggregiously factless statement. For, simply put, it says: "The lacrosse team is guilty because I say so. I have a personal knowledge that allows me to testify in public."

Who is Shadee...? (please excuse my ignorance in that regard).

How the heck could someone be granted a public forum when their ranting is so clearly racist and sexist?

Thomas Inman '74

Michael said...

re: 10:06

That was written in 2006.

Her tone changed in April after they were declared innocent. Though she still holds a grudge.

If she were charged in Durham with a horrendous crime, who do you think she would want for a lawyer? Mike Nifong, Irving Joyner or Joe Cheshire?

Anonymous said...

That just about says it all. The Duke Administration is now giving out awards to those whose behavior demonstrated the most hatred and callousness towards the three innocent young men, their families, and their coach. Next up for an award - William Chafe - the Emmett Till Award for Humanitarianism; Gottlieb - The Trinity Park Maximum Arrest Award; Houston Baker - The Illiterate Farm Animal Award; Al Sharpton - The Tawana Brawley/Crystal Mangum Hoax Award; Kim Roberts - The Spin This To My Advantage Award; The Group of 88 - The Thank You For Not Waiting Award; Ruth Sheehan - The We Know You Know Award - for not knowing; and last but not least, Mike Nifong - The "I Ran, I Lied, I Pandered, I Lied, I Indicted, I Lied, I Won, I Lied, I Lost, I was Disbarred, I was Fired, I'm Going to Jail Award."

Gary Packwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

HS lacrosse coach:

So we're "racist trogladytes [sic]" are we? Isn't it interesting how certain people nearly always resort to labelling those with opposing views as "racists" of some sort.

Apparently the "racist" accusation is viewed by some as the nuclear bomb of verbal sparring. Once the bomb is dropped, the other side should be vaporized. Problem is, some people have used the bomb so frequently, and with such imprecise targeting, that it no longer has the effect it once had.

So go ahead, call me a racist. While you're at it, you can call me a poopy-head, too. It has about the same effect on me. I fully understand that, for people like you who cannot muster any actual facts to support your position, name-calling is the preferred manner of defending your views. So have at it.

Gary Packwood said...

Thomas Inman '74 10:16 said

...arthur shockley....
...Surely no thinking person penned such an eggregiously factless statement. For, simply put, it says: "The lacrosse team is guilty because I say so. I have a personal knowledge that allows me to testify in public."
...Who is Shadee...? (please excuse my ignorance in that regard).
...How the heck could someone be granted a public forum when their ranting is so clearly racist and sexist?
KC's latest posting is a discussion about the Duke students who won the William J. Griffith University Service Award this year at Duke University.

Shadee Malaklou is one of those students who won the award.

Anonymous said...


Excuse me...are you telling me that a Duke student won an award after bellowing that diatribe?

OH MY GOD. I kneel: "Please blessed Lord, forgive those who know no bounds on their racial indiscretion, sexist accusations and general discriminatory intemperence. Amen."

Thomas Inman '74

gak said...

In reading the above comments and conjecture (sp?), it occurs to me that this is Duke's way of getting the last laugh. I'm sure the 3 laxers got big checks. This is Duke's way of flipping them the bird.


Anonymous said...


you need a reality check. Money is not the issue. The last laugh is irrelevant.

By the way, is "gak" a reference to a gutteral choking sound?

Anonymous said...

The big lie is still available…on Mark Anthony Neal’s, Duke AAAs Associate Professor's website. I am very, very surprised that this is allowed and does not violate the terms of the settlement.

You really want to get your heart rate up? Then listen to this broadcast, it will give you a sense of the nature of the attacks on the Duke 3 and shine more light on the appalling fact that NO apologies have been forthcoming.

Brodhead supports them wholeheartedly. He needs to be fired.

“We don’t know all that happened that night …”

That is how the WUNC audio begins, then the 911 call on tape March 13…

Does this violate the terms of the settlement?

“Dealing with clear issues of racism…race, gender, and class…”

The WUNC interview with Mark Anthony Neal, Duke AAAs Associate Professor, and others.

A violation of the settlement terms?

The Duke audio is linked in the lower left part of the page.

Mark Anthony Neal’s New Black Man Blogspot

Mark Anthony Neal’s Women’s Studies web site. The link to the aforementioned blogspot is his webpage.

Mark Anthony Neal’s Duke web site

Anonymous said...

The prior post is absolutely irrelevant.

gak said...

to 11:24
a) just a thought
b) no, they are my initials

Anonymous said...

11:30 Carving the Duke 3 and the Lacrosse team's names in stone, binding them to something that NEVER happened, and keeping the big lie alive is hardly irrelevent.

What am I missing?

Michael said...

re: 11:34

Your first link returned a 404.

Anonymous said...

WUNC Mark Anthony Neal linked audio

I'm sorry, let's try again.

Michael said...

It only takes listening to that for one minute to note several inaccuracies.

Interesting to hear Kim's 911 call and her lies to the police.

Anonymous said...

Following is an excerpt of a story by Shadee Makalou. I think it's quite good, and shows that she has an interesting imagination. I abhor you posters who so cavalierly criticize upstanding students like Nartley and Makalou. Anyway, here it is. (originally published by the Great Barrington Women's Collective) I was moved by it:

Privileged Caucasian males have sometimes been criticized in my columns for The Chronicle, but here in the great town of Great Barrington in the verdant Berkshires I find myself pining for the male-Caucasian discipline that made me more wet than Poseidon.

I was just 18 years old. I was sitting at the bar at the Plaza hotel in New York. I was waiting for my brother to take me to the top of the Empire State Building when a man appeared--and what a man he was (or thought he was!). He called himself Robert, so I initially thought he was gay. Then he explained that he was a college professor who had received his doctorate Ph.D. at Harvard. What a beautiful, intelligent man(for a Caucasian at least). He was just so cute--crewcut and bowtie notwithstanding--the entire package just "worked." Needless to say, I was aroused.

He told me that a friend of his was out of town and was allowing him to stay there. What a swell apartment--on 63d St., between Park and Madison. I was wearing this really sheer blouse (no bra, of course), and my lovelies were making themselves known. (You know what I'm talking about, girlfriends?)

And then the weirdest thing happened. He took a whole mackerel out of the freezer and all of a sudden ripped my panties off and started wacking my butt with this mackerel. Holy shit, what is this? I said to myself. I'm totally turned on.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I found myself nude and spread-eagled on his friend's bed. I cannot begin to say how turned on this still-bowtied man made me feel.

Then he leaves the apartment, leaving me undiddled and alone. What is this? I'm lying there 1 hour, 2 hours--then it hits me. Across the street I notice they are havind a great party--and ther's my Robert staring at me through his stat-of-the-art Zeiss binoculars. He passed those binoculars to everyone at the party, so they could get a good look at my beautiful ass.

I never saw this Harvard man ever again, but I'll always remember that bed, bound and alone.

Michael said...

Mac, pass the Ginseng.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

a little off thread, but I hope someone can answer

Did Coach K came out very strongly for the lacrosse team? I remember him saying something about he was not the President or on the Board, so would not make comments-- but how about recently?

Anonymous said...

"Most of Nan's hires are clowns, as well. Brodhead was stuck with them. "

He got rid of Pressler pretty quick when he wanted to. If he's keeping them it's because he agrees with them.

Anonymous said...

That's not Polanski. Shadee Makalou writes a lot of erotica, and she is indeed affiliated with the Great Barrington Women's Collective, which publishes erotica.

Trinity 2007

Anonymous said...

12:20 pm - don't employ them - what a concept. I wonder how much influence the blog community can have on the employers of these scum bags over the long-term. What employer can afford th have militant racists who threaten others on their staff. These firm's customer base would no doubt not view this favorably. I hope that we - the blog community - will help make their life as difficult as they have made Pressler's and others.

mac said...


Yes, 12:40 actually is Polanski; he has a penchant for stories about whacking women on the butt with mackerals.

mac said...

Duke couldn't have found two more deserving students to receive this award? Out of all of their students?

I agree with those who say that the award
was a double-handed middle finger at the Lacrosse Team.

Personally, I would have given the
awards to the three young men,
in part because of the way they've
conducted themselves over the past
year - (including being set up for
false charges of "assault" on a gay man.)

Since I don't have the class and character
of these young men - (who does?) -
I offer to Dook my very personal vertical smile,
a la Braveheart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:50

Do you know if they served mackerel at the party?

I am reminded on an incident from Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin novels. A seaman was taken in sodomy with a goat; the sailor hung, the goat served out to his mess. Soon after, Aubrey and Maturin were drinking coffee.
A: Would you like milk, Stephen?
M: Would it be goat's milk?
A: Well yes, I believe it is.
M: No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Moneta and Burness would never have been admitted to Duke as undergraduates, thus they are surrounded by people vastly more intelligent than they.

DB on the otherhand is intelligent enough to have mastered the art of obfuscation, which is the reason he is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Is there any doubt as to the nature of the real social disaster underway at Duke?

With the Board of Trustees, President, several top adminisrators, and a significant number of Faculty all confederates in this conspiracy, I fear that Duke University as we knew it may be permanently undermined, never to recover.

At least the lacrosse persecution has exposed the rot for all to see, if we will but look.

sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:46

Please do not call them confederates. When I am Dean of Confederate Studies at Duke I will have a hard time explaining them away.

I do believe ridicule to be the best weapon against this crowd.

Anonymous said...

To 2:57:

I think your post is absolutely correct and well-stated.

Would you please seriously consider sending it to every BOT member and to the entire administration and faculty?

You certainly express my sentiments and concerns and, I expect, those of many others as well.

The nomination and granting of this award to these two students for "positive" contributions to Duke is insane... truly beyond belief.

Their "positive" contributions are somewhere on the continuim between slanderous and, perhaps, criminal.

There is a frightening irrationality here that is emblematic of much that is wrong at this great university which I love so much.

Anonymous said...

Is Duke a state school?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get this into the alumini newsletter with some of the above comments. What alumnus wants to keep contributing to this cesspool, and what alumnus could, in good conscience, send a child or family friend to a place of such obvious hatred and racial hostility against white males?

Anonymous said...

Go back to and read Mary Katherine Ham january 07 article about how, In Durham, the liberal G88, Broadheads, black activists, etc may know they have been proven WRONG, but they are absolutely not ashamed of it. It explains a lot.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

per the trash in the 11:50 post

The sicko who wrote that should have and adjoining room with CGM at Dix. On second thought, CGM is not as bad. She's criminal--the other one is so totally perverted she needs to spend her days UNDER Dix.

And Frankenstein thought he unleashed a monster.....

Anonymous said...

OK, there have been bad things done, and not done, by administrators and faculty in this case. But having these two as award winners for contributing to the Duke community? Good gravy, the situation really has gotten completely out of control. Someone clean house already - this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

this is definitely duke giving the lacrosse team the finger metaphorically and it lets you know that the G88 is valued not the lacrosse team who you all are conveniently forgetting were on school probation for other offenses(strange that KC and Neff, et al do not detail just why this team of upstanding men were even on probation) before spring break even happened. before you jump all over me for saying so, your idol David Evans confirms this fact in his statement to the police. from the duke administration point of view:

1. the team had a history of disciplinary problems, hence they were on probation even before this happened

2.the team's actions( having a stripper party) set the situation in motion as the two women did not burst into the party on their own unsolicted. these women were asked to come to the party and then the whole mess started afterward. Please remember Brodhead's unguarded statement"what they did was bad enough", which reflects his true feelings about the team.

4.the Mcfayden email made it seem that duke was hatching a group of Jeffrey Dahmers and the revelation that the novel was taught at duke caused further bad publicity

4. the BOT supports Brodhead and as he suspended the team for perfectly reasonable reasons(all colleges suspend students with felony charges becasue of potential liability), etc, they are not going to back down now. they have paid the duke 3 some money after being threatened with even bigger lawsuits. that is not something that endears a group to a BOT.

5.the followers of the duke 3, ie, blog hooligans, have unleashed, and continue to unleash, a torrent of critical emails, blogs, etc. about duke. a lot of what has been emailed here on campus to the G88 is foul and racist and contains death threats. Brodhead is very liberal and it would only take a glance at some of the trash coming through on those emails to think that most of the duke 3 supporters are members of the local Klavern of the KKK(please note that even this blog has the moderation on now because of this same racist content). Brodhead wants nothing to do with those type of people and definitely wants nothing to do with people who are calling for his head on a silver platter.

Taking all that into consideration, it is therefore no secret that duke would reward two of the students who spoke out against the lax team; this is a definite message. duke feels it has weathered the storm and it has picked the side of the G88 not the players. it is a symbolic F---k You.

Anonymous said...

From a New Jersey Lawyer. I had thought that nothing that the Duke administration could do would surprise or shock me at this point. However, awarding the Willam J. Griffith University Service Award to Chauncy Nartey and Shadee Malaklou takes the cake. Mr. Nartey's later apology does not take away from the fact that he had to know that the e-mail he sent to the Presslers could only be viewed as a threat against their daughter. Yet, he was rewarded with a position on the CCI and a service award. Implicit in any award by a university should be the integrity fo the recipient. Nartey did not show any such integrity and should not have received the service award. As to Ms. Malaklou, if her columns on the Duke Lacrosse incident are any indication of the kind of service she provided the university, the service award cannot mean much. Unfortunately, from what I am hearing, this type of nonsense occurs at other universities.