Friday, May 11, 2007

Report Countdown

The N&O reports that the Chalmers/Baker report is due for release at 4pm. City Councilman Mike Woodard has already called for an outside review, a request that seems like common sense.


bill anderson said...

It is 4:08 and no report. Guess they are on Durham-in-Wonderland Time. Or, maybe the report is in the style of "The Emperor Who Had No Clothes."

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

What a convenient release time. Just right for ducking under the radar of any news organizations who actually report news instead of one party line or another.

Anonymous said...

An outside review?
Hopefully that'll be an
out-of-state review.


Anonymous said...

Just read Baker's input on Liestoppers. Can you say "Blow smoke?"

Anonymous said...

I hope these kids sue the crap out of the city of Durham.