Sunday, May 20, 2007

Men's & Women's Lacrosse Advance

The Duke men's and women's lacrosse teams both will advance to their respective Final Fours.

The women's team defeated Johns Hopkins, 12-7. The men's squad overcame a 6-1 deficit to oust UNC, 19-11.


Anonymous said...

The woman are heroines - can not express in words how much respect I have for them and their Coach. The guys are okay too.

Anonymous said...

"The women's team defeated Johns Hopkins, 12-7. The men's squad overcame a 5-1 first quarter deficit to oust UNC, 19-11. "

Ok, ok, ok ... 19 - 11 ... I was excited in my posts on the other thread, so sue me ... bottom line --- Duke beat them like a rented mule! Congrats to both the men's and the incredibly loyal women's teams for advancing to the Final Four!

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both teams! The first half of the men's game made me extremely nervous! Duke played amazing in the second half.
Next up:
Women play UVA and the men will play Cornell. Best of luck and again congratulations on making it to the Final Four!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Ah, girls, win it for the Gipper - spelled 'Reade - Dave - Collin - Pressler'!!

Oh, you guys rock too!! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the best two teams in the country are playing on SATURDAY.

Cornell fans were hoping for a Memorial Day showdown ...

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 5:39 said...

...The first half of the men's game made me extremely nervous!
Me also. It must have been the field.
After they got the lay of the land...the guys just took off!
I think Greer scored 7 big ones this time.
About 1900 people signed on to monitor the game at LaxPower.

Anonymous said...

I have written a letter to Coach Kimel and the women of the Duke Women's Lacrosse team, thanking them for their courage in supporting their fellow students, members of the Duke Men's Lacrosse team, during the Nifong Hoax.

Perhaps this will be a magical year in which both the Duke Mens and Womens Lacrosse teams with their respecitve National Championships.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah boys and girls...we're all rooting for you. How wonderful would it be to shove 2 champ banners in the face of those who tried to take it away

Anonymous said...

I really want Duke to beat Cornell next week for three reasons!

1) Most importantly, they would advance to the finals.

2) Cornell is one of the few teams Duke lost to this season.

3) Cornell is the school of that worm, Josh Perlin, who wrote that "Seligmann Not Worth the Hassle" editorial criticizing Brown University for recruiting Reade!

I hope Duke beats Cornell's ass!

Anonymous said...

Win it for Reade!!!

If both the men and women's teams won, it would be sweet, sweet revenge. What Kirsten Kimel and her charges did last year to support these guys was brave, heroic, and an act of real integrity.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's very nice that the women's team supported the men's team--but let's not lay the burden of winning to vindicate the men's team on them. They are their own team, facing their own athletic challenges (and formidable challenges they are--a semi-final against their tough rival Virginia, and--if they succeed there, a final most likely against the Northwestern team that throttled them 17-5 earlier this year). Hard enough the men's team has to play with the burden of this history, let's just let the women play lacrosse.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only guy who saw today's New York Times article on the Duke lacrosse team?

It might be the worst article yet given what we know now.

Here is one paragraph:
"The rape charges were dropped in December, and last month the North Carolina attorney general declared that the players had been wrongly accused and that all charges had been dropped. Those three athletes are no longer on the team"

By the way, that's exactly the way it was written.

That paper is a disgrace.

Tawny2 said...

I didn't know the N.Y. Times had another lacrosse story until I read 12:10 am's post. Then I read Pete Thamel's 05/20/07 column. Good God! Any writer who stoops so low as to quote the truly rebarbative Shadee Malaklou should have his press card shredded.

The article is long and I have admittedly paraphrased the responses of some of those who chose to weigh in on the current state of LAX.

Among the elect is Professor Robert Thompson of Syracuse University who worries that "complexities" in the Duke case "could be glossed over if the team were to make a run to the national championship."

And what "complexities" concerned the good professor? Mr. Thamel explains, I assume with a straight face,"The Duke players hired strippers for their party and were heard by neighbors making racist remarks that night. Reports later surfaced that 15 team members had been arrested in the three years before the party in March 2006. (Most were for misdemeanors like public urination, under-age drinking and violating noise ordinances.)"

It probably comes as no surprise that Shadee Malaklou was "uncomfortable with the potential of turning the Duke lacrosse players into heroes who had overcome adversity." And I'm sure she is given her obvious acrid hatred of those individuals she once referred to as "Joe La Crosse Player."

“Everyone thinks since the charges were dropped that they did nothing wrong,” said Malaklou, who majored in cultural anthropology and women’s studies. “They think college kids will be college kids and boys will be boys.”

Perhaps I'm being unfair to Professor Thompson and Mr. Thamel, but to me this looks like a lot of old wine in new bottles. That is, the "unconsionable" behavior of the men's lacrosse team [hiring a stripper and answering Kim Roberts' sexist, racist remarks in kind] must constantly be referenced.

In regards to Malaklou, I think I'm on pretty solid ground. Again, of all the people Thamel could have interviewed he chose her!

I don't know quite what to make of the team's new coach, John Danowski who "does not minimize the team’s behavior before his arrival in July." Perhaps this is why he has mandated that the team perform 570 hours of community service.

I have nothing against community service. However, if anyone should be forced to do community service I believe it should begin with Crystal Gail Mangum.

And speaking of strippers, if paying to watch members of the opposite sex take off their clothing means that you automatically owe your community something then I and many other women I know should be picking up trash by the roadside right now. At one company where I worked the two [female] vice-presidents used to let several of us leave work early so we could get to L.A. and reserve one of the really good tables at Chippendale's.

At the end of the article Mr. Thamel mentions that "the team has made connections through its community service, but there are still some raw feelings on campus. Donna Lisker, the director of the Women’s Center at Duke, wrote in an e-mail message that she would like to see the men’s lacrosse team do well in the tournament." Perhaps, but I rather doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Lax is a lame sport!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Lacrosse, but the uniforms are cute. I don't like football either and the uniforms are not cute. Which means nothing in relationship to these sports. I love golf, soccer, tennis and baseball.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone is constantly recording the team at the ronald McDonald house.