Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Council Video Up

The link is here; click on May 21, video. Lacrosse case discussion starts at 1:31.


Anonymous said...

Durham Mayor wants to honor Duke lacrosse.


Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is rich. Quite rich. I love that one.

Indeed, one could not set out to write a book either with the cast of characters or with the ending. Reality outpaces fiction.

Anonymous said...

would not venture downtown for that ceremony!

Anonymous said...

What is this about??

GaryB said...

May 22, 2007 7:56:00 PM

That's just weird. To make sure the downtown is safe for the team, they should probably secure it by firing the DA, the police chief and certain memory challenged officers.

I'd also recommend temporary closure of businesses that sell pots, pans, large spoons etc. Weird performance-art dance displays should be permitted, but only in press areas.

If Professors want to make sure that students are "heard", I suggest a campus wide teach-in about blogs.

Anonymous said...

What about honoring the Women's Lacrosse team and the Women's 2007 Basketball team that made it to the championship game? Does Mayor Bell actually think people cannot see through his motive?

Tawny2 said...

Well, I watched the city council tape. I'm glad that at least some effort is being made to get an independent review of the DPD "investigation" of the Duke hoax.

I see what the Chronicle's Jared Mueller meant when he referred to Howard Clement's tendency to go on a "rambling, impromptu solioquy." I couldn't understand a thing the gentleman was saying.

As far as the city's offer to honor the Duke Lacrosse players, I admit my first unworthy thought was that the players should say thanks, but no thanks. However, its up to the guys [and their attorneys].

I just hope Mayor Bell doesn't seriously believe that anyone is going to accept his bland explanation that the invitation is being extended to the team due to their athletic skills alone and no other reason. Ulterior motives in Durham? Absolutely not.

Anonymous said...