Saturday, May 19, 2007

Neff, Taylor at DC Event

For DIW readers in Washington, DC: this Tuesday morning, at 10am, the National Press Club will be hosting a “Newsmaker” Panel on the lacrosse case featuring Joe Neff, who broke more stories on the case than the rest of the print media combined; my colleague Stuart Taylor; and Rem Reider, editor of The American Journalism Review.

The trio will discuss will “how this case ran away with media and what journalists can do differently the next time.”

The panel is in the Lisagor Room in the Press Club building, at 529 14th Street NW (14th Street and F Street, NW), 13th floor.


Anonymous said...

The Duke parallel-universe, race-crime against humanity, truth, justice, and all that is good and right, was referenced on CSPAN this a.m. Evan Coyne Maloney, the producer of the new documentary "Indoctrinate U" was the guest. "Indoctrinate U" is about campus speech codes and the stifling of dissent and free speech. Maloney mentioned the Gang of 88 as a recent example.

One can request a screening by registering via zip code. Maybe the Duke Student body will request the film be screened on Campus? There's also a trailer on the web site.

Indoctrinate U Documentary

Of interest were his comments about the cowardice of ANY administrators anywhere to be interviewed. Maloney also mentioned the lack of accountability and transparency where it should flourish; the college campus.

It's past time to dismantle speech codes, not renew the contracts of those frauds that stifle free speech, and bring some balance into the mix. At $60k per year consumers of education should demand something so simple.

Anonymous said...

Off topic message:

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I am not sure about this but there could be a table setup at the game for this purpose. Be sure to check it out. There are only 9 days left for the drawing. Please help Ethical Durham sell all 1000 tickets.

Anonymous said...

OT: In case you haven't read Insty today, here's an article he linked about the backlash in courts against prosecutors.

Michael said...

re: 1:14

Thanks for the link. It would have been nice if the article used the term "innocent" instead of just charges dropped.

It certainly look as if Nifong will get the fame (or infamy) that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I doubt this is the forum, but would love to know how and why the DPD allowed Nifong to take over their jobs. Is this common in small/medium size towns? Is the DA position so strong, no can fight it? Certainly looked that way to me for nine months. Only Nifong getting too cute, stopped the show.

Anonymous said...

SgT. Gottlieb was smart enough to have his superior sign off on the highjacking of the DPD by Nifong and get himself off the case ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I'll be giving a final exam, or I would be in attendance!

Anonymous said...

Watching the Preakness. Rest In Peace Barbaro.

Anonymous said...

1:14PM's Backlash link:

"Friedman said that while defense lawyers for years have addressed wrongful convictions with jurors, the Duke case is a more powerful tool because so many people know about it. It put the presumption of innocence back on the radar screen, he said."

I did not realize that presumption of innocence was optional.

Anonymous said...

I did not realize that presumption of innocence was optional.

May 19, 2007 6:45:00 PM

Whoever made this comment has said more in 10 words than I have said in thousands. Well done and well-said.

Anonymous said...

KC, were you invited to this National Press Club "newsmaker" panel? If not, was there something in its terms that excluded you? (i.e. professional journalists only, perhaps?). I very much hope the journalists there acknowledge your primary role in uncovering and publicizing the truth of this matter.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Bill Anderson at 7:09:


Mad Hatter said...


Bill Anderson, 7:09 p.m.

Carolyn, 10:17 p.m.,

Double Ditto!

Michael said...

Comments aren't enabled yet for the Sunday post. Perhaps this is something KC has to do manually.

Anonymous said...

Having worked for five years in a Detention Facilty, I root for the quards too. We don/t have choir boys in these place. For sure, I never met Paul Newman. Himan submitted a false statement for the 3/23 NTO - What a surprise. I thought it was gospel. Like every other city, town, hamlet, Durham can have whatever Chief and PD they want.

Anonymous said...

The trio will discuss will “how this case ran away with media and what journalists can do differently the next time.”

Discussing "what journalists can do differently the next time" presumes that in the Nifong Scandal Case that journalists entered the fray from a neutral position and from there they were simply led astray by the dastardly deeds of a corrupt and incompetent DA and DPD.

Were that the case, it would be easy to determine what journalists should do the next time there is something akin to the Nifong Scandal Case -- stick to reporting the facts while they are developing and reserve judgment until the facts have been determined.

Unfortunately, journalists overwhelmingly proved they did not come to the case from a neutral position. A significant majority of them embraced the metanarrative expressed by Lubiano that Crystal was the "perfect victim" and the LAX 3 were the "perfect perps."

The Hall of Shame runs the gamut from a never-heard-of-her reporter like Khanna from the N&O to a nationally known columnist / published author like Feinstein, with others such as Stevenson, Roberts, Wilson, Cohen, Grace, Murphy, Munson and their enabling editors or producers piling on with reckless abandon.

They could not wait to spew their righteous indignation over the race, gender, and class issues they claimed embodied this case, not to mention the horror of underage drinking.

For that reason, the majority of the media got it wrong ... dead wrong. And given what I've seen pass for news reporting in print and television over the last several years, they will have learned nothing from their failure in this case. The next time they will get it wrong again because the next time they will again enter the situation with their pre-conceived bias controlling what they report.

To call journalism a profession simply means that those who are employed in the field perform for money. And Crystal was a professional dancer and escort, too, wasn't she?

mac said...


Don't you wonder if the UBUNTU
Dancer was auditioning for the
vacancy left by CGM?