Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Question for Wendy Murphy

In today's Boston Globe, Wendy Murphy asserted, “I was told by a reporter that the defense refused to release more than 1,000 pages of evidence.”

The only "secret" documents in the case heretofore unavailable for public view are Crystal Mangum's medical records. If Mangum's dwindling band of supporters wants the public to see those files, defense attorneys tell me they would gladly join Murphy and Mangum's other backers in urging the court to unseal them.

Therefore, a question for Wendy Murphy: why is Crystal Mangum keeping the only "secret" material in the case away from the public? Given Ms. Murphy's desire for openness, will she now call for Mangum to consent to the unsealing and publication of her heretofore secret medical file?

The New England School of Law, where Adjunct Murphy teaches, lists the below as her contact information. Perhaps these questions need to be presented to her by the public, so she has an opportunity to respond.
Phone:(617) 422-7410
Fax: (617) 422-7453
This website lists an alternative email for her: wmurphylaw@aol.com