Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rae Evans in Baltimore

An excellent story from AP's Aaron Beard, who is covering the Final Four in Baltimore:

Rae Evans--who attended today's game--remembered the pain of the cancellation of last year's season:

So when this year's team reached the NCAA semifinals, she sent an e-mail to co-captain Ed Douglas, which Douglas then read to the team, reminding the team to savor this year's experience

Evans told Beard, "You can never take this away from them, that they're at the Final Four. They're all my heroes, I can tell you that. Every single one of them."

As for the game? "This is a time for joy and celebration. It's not a time to look backwards."

You can read Beard's full story here.


Anonymous said...

All the more reason to enjoy watching Nifong get toasted by the NC State Bar next month!!!! Will there be a tailgate next to the courthouse beforehand????


Anonymous said...

The link for Aaron Beard's report did not work. Here is the correct link:

Aaron Beard Report

One Spook

Gary Packwood said...

Moms do know don't they!

It is important for the team to focus on the job at hand and not on the past ...or especially what the future holds ... for Durham-in-Wonderland.
This case has not even begun to get interesting.
Focus Guys on the task at hand!

Her timing was perfect.

Michael said...

This article emphasized innocent and false allegations and rogue prosecutor. Perhaps Mr. Wise could learn a thing or two from Mr. Beard's article.

Class act by Mrs. Evans. What we've come to expect.

One Spook said...

Ok ... I've created an account lest I be confused with "Anon posters."

Anonymous said...

I think that Duke2009mom has a great idea about tailgating before the trial. Of course, the better "roasting" will be going on inside the courtroom.

The Bar will be serving roasted Fong, grilled Fong, Fong boiled in oil, and flayed Fong. One hopes that the courts will have side dishes of flayed Levicy, Chalmers, Gottlieb, Himan, Wilson, and Brodhead, along with some others.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Bill says: "The Bar will be serving roasted Fong, grilled Fong, Fong boiled in oil, and flayed Fong."

Now THAT's a meal I'd love to stick my fork in! And because I hope to be as classy as Rae Evans, I won't say WHERE I'll stick it! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Hi little Spooky!

One Spook said...

Hiya MC!

Anonymous said...

yeah right. heroes? only to you people. to the rest of the world they are still drunken racist whoremongers with an interest in sodomy and american psycho who got off because they had a mentally ill accuser. check out the recent washington post article. these men are not heroes. far from it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:21

I don't need to read it - I already saw KC's dismantling of it and it's obviously not worth my time. But thanks for bringing your bitter tears to the party, we may need some salt.

By the way, here's a life lesson it sounds like you need:

Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it.


~Duke '91

Anonymous said...

To the above 7:21am poster. Mr. Nifong, you shouldn't be drinking so early on a Sunday morning. Try to stay sober tomorrow and enjoy Duke's performance in the championship game. Those lacrosse folks sure are a classy lot aren't they. Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

"drunken racist whoremongers" is kinda tough on the DPD, let's wait for the fake reports before we condemn them 7:21.

I'm soo sorry the metanarrative collapsed on you and your friends. better luck on your next hate whitey frame job.

Mr X

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there was a frame, conspiracy or whitewash. Nifong was in a conspiracty to hide evidence with Meeham and no one else. i am sure Rae Evans is a nice lady, but her son Dave helped bring all this on the team, with his idea of a good time.

Anonymous said...

Do you think she ever said to Dave, WTF.

Anonymous said...

@ anons 2:21 & 3:16

I'm not sure I get your point, can you elaborate? For instance, are you implying that anyone who hires a stripper deserves to be falsely accused of rape? Or do they just deserve to have their reputations tarnished and seasons canceled? And does that apply to everyone who hires strippers or just white males? And should we apply this standard to everyone who engages in legal activities which you happen to dislike?

Anonymous said...

Wow - talk about confusion. No, I am writing that Dave Evans was one of two Captains who orgainzed this event with horrible results. Not forseeing this event could go bad is part of his error in judgement. I don't care about strippers or strip parties. I would certainly say "What were you thinking?" or WTF? The extension to "everything I don't like is all in your head." The was no frame, whitewash or no conspiracy is not complicated and should be easly understood.

Anonymous said...


Now Bobby Ashley, that's no way to talk!
Someone might kick your ass for such lies.


Anonymous said...

the 7:21 post was not a lie:

drunken whoremongers:the team was having a drinking party lasting several hours by the time the captains, including Mrs.evans son, called for some whores to perform a two woman lesbian sex show

racists: several comments attributed to the team were racist including the n word, 'we asked for white girls not n---rs, and the famous cotton shirt comment

interest in sodomy: the defense admitted and even named the player asking to see sodomy with a broomstick. it was peter lamade, if i recall the press stories.

interest in american psycho: the mcfayden email says it all in all its sick and sadistic glory.

as you can see everything in that post is a fact and you are just mad because i brought it up but you must know i am not the o nly one who thinks that about these men. they are nobodies heroes. rapists or not.

Anonymous said...

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