Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lacrosse Ad

Page 5a in USA Today has a full-page ad paying tribute to the members of the 2007 men's lacrosse squad for their accomplishments on and off the field. The ad was purchased by Duke graduate (class of 1957) Bob Pascal and his family.

Click below for a larger version of the upper two-thirds of the ad.

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Anonymous said...


For those that don't know who Bob Pascal is, he was a football star at Duke. He later become County Executive of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and had at least one run for the governorship.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I hope the Duke alumni association sees a dip in their alumni donation revenues due to outstanding alums like Mr. Pascal. By the way, I concur. These outstanding young men deserve a loud round of applause. Duke faculty and administration ought to be ashamed of themselves for treating these guys the way they did.

Anonymous said...

At least some former and/or present Dukies know what justice is all about. Thanks for the ad and thanks for being a true believer in Duke athletic/scholars. Nothing could be finer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Pascal!

I would've signed on to your ad in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Pascal. I am continually disappointed by all the Americans (including news reporters) who do not care about injustice and want to continue the oppressing the Duke innocents. Fortunately, we have the good ones who will go down in history as caring about and recognizing truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Bob Pascal-and Duke Lacrosse!

A proud Duke Lacrosse grandparent
G. Holman King
Granbury, TX

Anonymous said...

Folks like Mr. Pascal--real leaders--act, and when they do they do so on high principle. They don't quibble, whine, double-speak, etc., they just *do*.

Contrast Mr. Pascal's gesture with the *spectacle* we call Brodhead.

Why can't the Duke BOT get someone like a Mr. Pascal to try to rescue Duke? After all, Brodhead is simply no longer relevant to anyone but himself and his enablers.

LarryD said...


Maybe because the Board of Trustees of Duke are part of the problem?

Tawny2 said...

Wonderful! Tends to put a certain notorious ad published in April 2006 in perspective. Kudos to Mr. Pascal and his family for such a fine show of support for the Duke players and their families. They deserve it.

On the other hand, I am enjoying the thought of the reception this ad might garner in oh let's say certain quarters of the Duke University faculty. I certainly would like to be "listening" to some of those conversations.

I was also pleased to see in USA Today that the NCAA granted Duke's request for an extra year of eligibility for the men's lacrosse team. Apparently, "The waiver affects all players who were not seniors during the '06 season, and it grants them a fifth year of eligibility regardless of whether they play at Duke or another school." This, of course, means that Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty will be covered which is simple justice.

A good newsday.

Anonymous said...

This is nice. Would have been nicer six months ago.

Anonymous said...

The ad should be e-mailed to every one of the group of 88

Anonymous said...

"This is nice. Would have been nicer six months ago."

Agreed. While I applaud Mr. Pascal's iniative, this ad did not take a great deal of courage. After all, everyone whose brain can be penetrated by reason already knows the truth. This kind of public support would have nice in the darker days a year ago.

I don't mean to take anything away from this gracious act, I am just saying that this would have been nice a while ago.

just my $.02

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr.Pascal and his family> more Dukies should come out and do whatever they can to override the actions of their official reps> admin and faculty at Duke. I like the idea of a change in the board of trustees as per someone mentioned happened at Dartmouth. Take back the realm Duke alums and help the silent majority on campus find their voice for justice. Don't let this happen again in Durham as it easily could.
There are still many forces who won't even listen to the truth as it is kown. Your work has just begun.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 4:53 said...

...Agreed. While I applaud Mr. Pascal's initiative, this ad did not take a great deal of courage. After all, everyone whose brain can be penetrated by reason already knows the truth.
Most educated people in America were just vaguely aware of the Duke Lacrosse mess...until today. More importantly, they had no idea that the members of the Duke Lacrosse team were champions on and off the playing field.

Duke didn't bother to inform America about their champions so thanks to Mr. Pascal, now America knows!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Pascal and Family.

Anonymous said...

Late or not, this is a great ad. As important as it is to remember those who acted and spoke so terribly against these students, it's even more important to point out the good character and acts of the team, which overwhelm whatever mud their critics can dredge up.

In that vein, this public announcement is even more satisfying than the Duke Conservative Union ad, though they both hit their mark.

Anonymous said...

ill see what i can do to get this more views

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Pascal.

And I'll second that notion that you should be on the BOT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mr. Pascal for the great ad! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

To: 8:13 If somehow we could insure that this ad reaches Broadlies and the rest of the'88' that would be the ultimate....if you can do that...kudos!!!


don t. said...

Thanks, Bob, for doing what the administration should have done. A class act for a classy bunch of guys. Will be happy to help defray the cost...just let me know where to send the money.

Now if we can get rid of the feckless stumblebum and his witless minions.