Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Feinstein's Flexible Standards

Without citing any evidence, John Feinstein recently declared that Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and Dave Evans were “probably guilty of everything but rape.” He also falsely implied that the captains had never apologized for holding the party, misrepresented the findings of the Coleman Committee report, and fumed about the three players receiving support from “conservative white America.”

In his interview, Feinstein didn’t confine his criticism to the three players. He also blasted the Brodhead administration for not resuming the season after April 10, 2006 DNA tests revealed no matches to any lacrosse player.

People of good faith can disagree over this decision: it seems to me that Nifong and his allies among the potbangers, Group of 88, and Herald-Sun had so poisoned the public atmosphere that Duke could not have guaranteed the players’ safety.

But this criticism is particularly rich coming from Feinstein. In a May 8, 2006 article—nearly one month after the DNA reports came in—Feinstein didn’t mention his belief that the season should have been restored as soon as the DNA tests came back negative. In fact, he wrote, “Whether Duke plays lacrosse next year really doesn’t matter.”

But he did reveal the key to the case in that May article: if in 1998, Duke had chosen the candidate that John Feinstein had preferred for its vacant AD’s position, “this never would have gotten to this point.”

There are many lessons to be learned from this case. One of them, however, is not that Duke, or any other academic institution, should make a habit of listening to John (“I don’t think I’ve been proven wrong”) Feinstein.


Gayle Miller said...

What part of "innocent" does this moron not understand?

Anonymous said...

"There are many lessons to be learned from this case. One of them, however, is not that Duke, or any other academic institution, should make a habit of listening to John (“I don’t think I’ve been proven wrong”) Feinstein."

There are many people and institutions that this case has shown are unworthy of being listened to. Prior to this case I might have thought that Black Studies was a worthy course of study (albeit a course of study with few applications in the job market.) However now I would tend to ridicule anyone who majors in the area.

There are people in authority that I thought were charged with objectively looking at evidence instead of applying ideology to the evidence. This case has certainly increased my skepticism in general.

Anonymous said...

Come on KC, if this is the Feinstein that appears weekly on NPR then what do you expect? NPR is the radio version of the NY Times, hardly an unbiased, objective news source.

Feinstein's just placating his masters/mistresses in the MSM in order to keep his paychecks rolling in. As it's been said about this case before (paraphrasing), "it's no longer about the truth."

Anonymous said...

I think Feinstein has been thoroughly marginalized.

Next topic...

Anonymous said...


You're so right about NPR. Best things on NPR are BBC News and Ira Glass's "This American Life."

Also "The Leonard Lopate Show."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps memory fails me, but I seem to recall that the other candidate in 1998 for the AD job at Duke was an Af-Am woman. Alleva was Coach K's guy and he got the job, but Keohane and others on the academic side wanted the woman, who at the time may have been AD somewhere in the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

"I think Feinstein has been thoroughly marginalized."

Not while he's still drawing a paycheck from NPR.

"Next topic... "

Not while he's still drawing a paycheck from NPR.

Anonymous said...

Feinsteiin is just another, in a long line, self-loathing liberal.
He is to be pittied and shunned.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps memory fails me, but I seem to recall that the other candidate in 1998 for the AD job at Duke was an Af-Am woman. Alleva was Coach K's guy and he got the job, but Keohane and others on the academic side wanted the woman, who at the time may have been AD somewhere in the Midwest."

"Other candidates included ACC associate commissioner Tom Mickle, Duke's director of sports services from 1981 until he moved into the league office in '89; Iowa State athletics director Gene Smith; and Utah athletics director Chris Hill.

"From the beginning of the selection process, our search committee consulted with leaders involved in athletics from across the country, including many with knowledge of the special place athletics plays at Duke," Keohane said. "A point that often surfaced in these conversations was that the right person for Duke was right here on campus, in Joe Alleva.

Few were more vocal in their support of Alleva than Krzyzewski."

Paper: The News & Observer
Title: Duke names Alleva athletics director
Date: February 26, 1998

Anonymous said...

It looks as Feinstein is trying to crash and burn on the Duke case the way that Wendy Murphy has done so. Bon voyage, sucker!!

GaryB said...

The lesson's learned should be to stick to the data/evidence when confronted with other situations in your own life, try not to become a pompous opinionated fool, avoid being a racist from the right or the left ... indeed, avoid being right or left since ... that's where the fools reside. Murphy or Rush -- separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

This is his way of reconciling his want for them to be guilty and the fact they were always innocent. He is doing little more than repeating the "they are no choirboys" routine (but also managing to say they are guilty of serious crimes).

Also this is his way (as others do too) to state that they should not be seen as martyrs- Rubin Carter (the Hurricane) had a criminal history etc. would John F. ever say- well remeber he is guilty of something? Of course not.

Lastly, it is clear (IMO) he has not read the AG reports, any of the discovery etc. is that too much to ask before a national figure comments on the case?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Geez, can't someone stuff a sock in him? You can borrow mine.

Anonymous said...

Does this Feinstein person have any assets to collect on? It's clear to me his statement is actionable, knowingly false (coming after Cooper's exoneration of the defendants) and as such, slander or libel. The only problem is, he's such a twit, I'm not sure he's caused the Duke 3 any harm!

Anonymous said...

Despite incredible odds, the Duke lax team is the only aspect of the University to come out of this travesty stronger and with their dignity and integrity intact. Pretty much everything else remotely associated with Duke Univ. has been compromised. And this just drips with irony.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is John Feinstein?

Cedarford said...

Navy should reconsider having this mendacious, treacherous POS broadcast their games.

Sportswriters, at least insightful about people within their ranks, named Feinstein "Junior" early on.

It was taken from John McEnroe, Jr.

Who as anyone who follows tennis knows was a gifted, but arrogant, immature, insufferable little prick.

Anonymous said...

John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors were more fun to watch that all the players today rolled in a ball - except for Hewitt.

Anonymous said...


Lee hammer KNBR Station manager.

KNBR is the flagship station for the SF 49ers, Giants, and Warriors. It is a big deal that Ralph Barbieri & Tom Tolbert have this fool on their show. He has appeared before & Ralph sent him a e-mail warning him about Mr. Feinstein's remarks.

Ralph Barbieri likes to make little jabs about the Dule Lacrosse Team.

Anonymous said...

99% of journalists give the other 1% a bad name.

Anonymous said...

"Who the hell is John Feinstein?"

He wrote "A season on the brink" and a few other books.

Look him up on Widipedia and you may recognize the face. He's the fat guy with a big nose that you see on TV once in a while on a sports show.

Anonymous said...

You missed my point. Who in hell is John Feinstein?

M. Simon said...


Watch yor backside KC.

A tenured professor is under threat of firing for quoting the George Washington Thanksgiving Proclomation a bit before thanksgiving 2006.

The Angry Studies folks can get vicious.

Anonymous said...

May, 2006: 7 Member Duke Lacrosse Ad Hoc Review Committee Statement:

"One member of the faculty recently has been a prominent critic of lacrosse players who have enrolled in his course. The professor himself was a lacrosse player in college and a lacrosse coach. He has had many lacrosse players in his history course. Based upon his experience in the Spring of 2004, when he had ten lacrosse players in one of his courses, he wrote a letter to the Dean of Arts & Sciences complaining about the decline in classroom behavior of lacrosse players in particular and athletes in general."

Mr. Feinstein apparently is just as flexible with his facts as he is with his standards. Below is his interpretation of the above written statement:

John Feinstein May 2006:
"What's more, according to a report released on May 2 by seven members of the Duke faculty, there was a written report two years ago sent to top Duke administrators telling them that there was a serious problem with the behavior of the lacrosse team. What this tells us is that this party was far from being an isolated incident, it was part of a pattern that the school chose to ignore."

Gary Packwood said...

The Office of Homeland Security and Duke
Feinstein in his article quoted by KC, says... we all lack facts (about the Rape Case).

That may be the understatement of the day.

Ryan's e-mail and the Black Panthers actions were all reported as news items by the Office of Homeland Security of the United States of America. That is how I learned about the Duke Rape case.

Does Feinstein think that Duke University is a functioning Monarchy that operates separately from the United States?

Where is the closest Homeland Security funded training program to Duke University?

North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU’S) INSTITUTE OF HOMELAND SECURITY in Durham!

The President of Duke University is going to interact with the Office of Homeland Security when the Black Panthers are in the loop and people are talking about rioting.

You suppose NCCU was feeding news into the National Homeland Security News Alert System?

So many people here on this board are talking about Broadhead doing such and such with respect to the Lacrosse Team and the coach as if Broadhead made those decision in a vacuum.

Since 911 we don't allow civil security decisions to be made in a vacuum such as we witnessed in old fashion functioning municipal monocracy.

Duke's work in Homeland Security and Terrorism is advanced research on national policy and academic courses...and not practical 'on the street' civil security training.

Feinstein needs to ask real world questions about real world problems that impact Duke and then work with other Duke Alums to build a cadre of Duke students to help with National Incident Management training in Durham...for real people.

Lets get at the facts Feinstein before blathering on while building your career.

Anonymous said...

Newsom/Chirstian Murders

One wonders why Houston Baker (Tennessee), the Gang of 88, AAAs departments, the pot bangers, the media (Nancy Grace, Feinstein, et al), and other "social justice" frauds aren't out front of this horrible crime?

This is truly gut-wrenching

Anonymous said...

Best things on NPR are BBC News

You must be joking, right? New York al-Times and CBS "News" look like a honest newsmedia compared to BBC. It recently refused to air its own documentary because it described a member of British armed forces in Iraq in positive light. Yeah, they admit it openly.

> A tenured professor is under threat of firing for

Welcome to Amerika. This war is lost. Gang88 won.

Anonymous said...


Some good recent posts on law school thread. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


While reading pages 53-54 of "Freakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner tonight, I came across a jarring statistical set complied by the Tuskegee Institute.

Since the formation of AAAs study programs, (post 1969) there have been zero (0) lynchings of blacks. In the past 47 years, almost my entire life, there have been three (3) lynchings and a total of nine (9) since 1950. These are total lynchings of blacks and not just those attributed to the KKK.

Many create the perception, the big lie, that many blacks suffered this cruel and despicable fate.

So the next time someone, like the Gang of 88, or the AAAs program tries to normalize black lynchings and suggest that many, many suffered like Emmett Till, please immediately call bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The New Black Panthers do not represent the Black Panthers. The latter is problack; the former antiwhite. The New Black Panthers were found to have concealed weapons when marching across the street from Duke, was it improper for the DPD to not arrest them?

Anonymous said...

Prior to this case I might have thought that Black Studies was a worthy course of study (albeit a course of study with few applications in the job market.) However now I would tend to ridicule anyone who majors in the area.

I think it's time we be brutally honest about Black Studies and Feminist studies....they really aren't anything that ought to exist in separate departments at all.

Black studies ought to be just incorporated into the regular curriculum, black history being....duh...history, and woman's history being...duh...history.

The reality is that the original courses were a sop to the local radicals by the local liberal profs. You want studies in these areas? OK. We'll get together some of the current populist dogma, and call it a class. Unfortunately, there were people ignorant enough to actually MAJOR in such tripe, and when they graduated with a degree in it...particularly an "advanced" degree, the departments had to be created to hire them to justify the original existence of the classes...sort of akin to a self licking ice cream cone.

So now you have "professors" of worthless dogma teaching follow-on generations of students of worthless dogma. This is as asinine as every kid in the ghetto thinking he is going to be the next Michael Jordan, if he just keeps shooting those hoops. Unfortunately, the NBA doesn't have that many openings...nor does any career involving Black Studies or Feminist Studies.

Both are the ultimate exhibits of the old canard, 'Those who can...do, those who can't...teach.'

Anonymous said...

12:54 Prior to this blog, I doubt you or some others knew the meaning of canard or meta-narrative.

Anonymous said...


Now Serena, you must stop showing up on KC's blog like this all the time. Come out and be a woman about it. Don't hide and post pretending to be someone who just happens to show up defending yourself and your loser friends. From the subjects you guys study, you have no legitimate education at all.