Friday, June 01, 2007

Nifong: I'm Going Down with the Ship

In the last 24 hours, a rumor has been circulating that Mike Nifong would resign today as district attorney.

ABC-11's Tamara Gibbs, however, is reporting this morning that Nifong told her he will not resign before his ethics trial, scheduled for June 12. So, for now, the trial is still on.


Anonymous said...

I guarantee that Nifong's own lawyers despise him, for disregarding their advice (which surely was to settle without testifying), and for being a fool and a general asshole.

Not a good posture for entering a trial. Spread those cheeks wide, Mikey -- you're gonna get what you deserve, in spades.

Anonymous said...

What would be the Vegas odds for
disbarment vs other sanctions/
suspensions? Sense that the Bar is going for the throat...?

Anonymous said...

Nifong will be disbarred.

The entire NC justice system has been embarrassed by him and he will not only be made an example of, but he will get what he deserves.


Anonymous said...

To 10:20-
Right for the jugular!

Anonymous said...

Nifong is one person I truely dispise, regardless that I had nothing to do with the LAX case.
I am still waiting for his answer....WHY? Was this worth it?How does your son look you in the face? Aren't you emabarrassed for your son?
I will be livid if Nifong receives a pension after the crime he committed.

I hope he is well greased when he becomes a zebra!

bill anderson said...

My hope is that the ethics trial will be the least if Fong's problems. Not only do I hope for disbarment, but also the recommendation of a criminal investigation.

If Nifong goes down with the ship, I can only hope he takes a number of other criminals with him!

Stephen said...

Regarding Nifong Junior; I have often thought that at some point during this persecution, probably several times, Cy and Defendant Nifong MUST have considered that what they were doing to the Duke three, could be happening to THEIR son. They proceeded to persecute anyway. Which tells me that regardless of whatever Juniors needs or requirements might be, they would happily throw him under the bus if it fit within their personal and political agenda. If I were Junior, I would be looking over my shoulder and I would be very afraid. I would be praying that whatever popped up in my life was compatible with mommy's and daddy's personal plans and desires. At least until I could escape.

Anonymous said...

Who will be the first rat to turn?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have ever been a parent, though I suspect not. It's quite possible to compartmentalize and treat your own child in ways completely different from what your political agenda, abstract values, etc. would dictate. (For example, many people who don't really think abortion is a good idea--not the absoluters, but those who lean against--readily admit that they would probably help their teenage daughter get an abortion if she were pregnant and wanted one.)

Even if Nifong did step back and think "this could happen to my son" (which I'm not sure we can assume--he appears to have developed tunnel vision early on), he would have found a way to conclude that the situation would be entirely different then.

Chicago said...

Either Nifong is a fool or he has no ethics what so ever. This argument is nothing new obviously.

I can not help but wonder how many other people he prosecuted are innocent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 11:06 for verbalizing the parental-exemption thing. I couldn't form the words, but you are correct. The same way limosine liberals (for example) compartmentalize THEIR living ways vs what others "should" have or "should" do. Nifong nor wifey ever thought of Jr. as being part of this.

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes to a trial. If he steps down now, and the Bar doesn't go ahead as a result, he'll always be able to say that he was pushed out, or some other BS, rather than have to face the consequences of his lies.

Anonymous said...

"It's quite possible to compartmentalize and treat your own child in ways completely different from what your political agenda, abstract values, etc. would dictate..."

I think being a parent actually helps one more broadly empathize with other children's plight, rather than compartmentalizing. If being a parent doesn't provide one with moral imperative, nothing will. That Nifong could still act as he did is a further sign of his character.

I hope Nifong receives mercy of some kind - not that he deserves it, but he is becoming a pitiable figure in some ways. His view of the Durham world around him implied that this (get the white boys) was the way to succeed. He may not be worthy of mercy, but God is merciful - thankfully.

I am more concerned about the unrecognized racism that exists probably far more pervasively now in the black community (at least in Durham). How ironic and sad.


Michael said...

re: 11:11

Reminds me of Judge Garrity who presided over the desegregation of Boston's schools while his own kids were exempt from busing because he lived in the wealthy town of Wellesley.

Nifong would have expected professional courtesy if his kids ever had a problem.

As a parent, I've explained the value of a good name and the responsibility of maintaining that good family name to our kids. It's also a responsibility of the parents. A good name can be destroyed in a few minutes while taking years or decades to build up.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a purpose in life. Nifong chose to allow his purpose in life to be an object lesson for demonstrating how hard you can be hammered when you screw up real bad.

Perhaps his destruction might give a few other slimey lawyers pause.

Is there anyone who still believes the "officer of the court" nonsense about lawyers...especially after the personal injury lawyer knowingly exposed everyone to TB on three aircraft flights, two of them after he knew his illness was drug resistant?

Anonymous said...

Jeez. Between Nifong's antics and John Edwards channeling dead kids, I can't see why anyone would do business in North Carolina. The state has truly become a joke.

--Haywood Patterson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for NOT resigning, you f@#king snake! It's your turn in the barrel. I'll be watching every minute with glee.

Anonymous said...

As I read stephen's comments, I don't believe he is questioning the expectation of how Junior might be treated in a similar situation but rather the reaction of the parents if his needs/requirements conflicted with or stood in the way of their personal/political agenda. Considering the decisions and behavior of Nifong Sr throughout this case, if I were the son, I don't think I would want to find out.

Eric said...

If he resigned as DA today, the trial would still continue. He still has a license to practice law. The bar's procedures are quite clear as to what he'd have to do to avoid the trial, and it goes *WAY* beyond resigning as DA.

Anonymous said...

If defendant Nifong gave up his bar card today, would the trial continue?

Anonymous said...

Even if Nifong resigns, he'd have to turn in his bar card as well to avoid the upcoming hearing.

Since everything Nifong says is a lie, who knows what he's up to now. If he does resign today it will probably be at 4:59pm EDT.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15 asked,

"If defendant Nifong gave up his bar card today, would the trial continue?"


Doubtful, because there would be little point.

The bar's worst penalty is to take his bar card (permanently). The Bar cannot fine Nifong, or put him in prison where he belongs. Nor does it even have to power to remove him from office (although it is unlikely that Judge Hudson or the City will continue the farce of tolerating a disbarred shyster as DA, once his license officially is toast).

Anonymous said...

To 10:33-

Actually the corotid... Jugular is just a vein.

Anonymous said...

Many enjoy leaving "best comment" endorsements here.

In the event Nifong is reading,

my favorite comment about the whole case was brief and to the point:

"Fong, Fong, Fong. What were you smokin' boy?"

Get the hell out of Durham, shitwad.

You kid should be in protective custody.

Anonymous said...

the backwaters have been known for deals...nifong may be stupid but the mafia protects its own...

Stephen said...

To 11:06; You are correct, I am not a parent. I believe that you are right in some, probably most cases, but not all. Although not a parent myself, I was a child of very ambitious parents. My position within the family relative to that ambition was always made abundantly clear to me. The lines were clearly drawn and the consequences of violating them understood. The agenda would always have priority. I would not be allowed, in any way, to interfere with "The Plan". At least I was warned. Maybe Junior was too. I hope so.

Anonymous said...


This is off-topic and I may have missed it:

Has anyone said what was the reaction to Brodhead's appearance at the LAX finals - from the players, parents, fans? I would have been tempted to accidentally spill my beer (or coke) on him. I know that would not be nice...


Anonymous said...

Reading these latest comments has me concerned:

1)AG Cooper has Pontius Pilated this case, essentially citing an apparent lack of criminal wrongdoing by Liefong and DPD as his reason for moving on. (he's bleeping kidding, right?)

2)If Liefong resigns as DA AND gives up his law license, the NC Bar goes away, along with the pending trial.

3) The US Attorney General is a lame duck eunich, so his legions won't be investigating this case.

Is THAT all there is? No criminal investigation of this malicious, baseless year-long prosecution? Millions of dollars in legal fees paid by the 3 Dukies defending against criminally false charges. No charges against false accusers Crystal Mangum, Mike Nifong, Sgt Gottlieb & others in DPD and DA's office?

And what if the Dukies decide not to file civil suits in order to just put this nightmare behind them?

Case closed? Please tell me I'm wrong, and that justice WILL prevail.

-Sleepless in Smithfield-

Anonymous said...

12:47 - The mafia has MUCH more integrity, ethics and moral character than this sorry lot.

Chicago said...

Keep in mind Nifong could very well resign at the clock stroke of 4:59pm, after all, he loves to do that.

Anonymous said...

Some bloggers will be very disappointed when Nurse Levicy and Gottlieb are not put in stocks in a public square. Having bought into the SANE propoganda, maybe DUMU will not be closing their doors. Where is the SANe in the DeAza case or was it an ordinary RN and MD, as in most rape complaints? Gottlieb has coved his behavior. Nifong and Meeham are going to take the fall.

Anonymous said...

12:59 - Liefong (very clever) has embarrased the North Carolina judicial system and made it the laughing stock of the national justice community. I think they want his head on a pike. Also, I recall on the "60 Minutes" broadcast where (I think) Rae Evans promised, on national TV, that Mikey would "pay every day for the rest of his life". I believe they are angry enough to follow thru. Additionally, the way in which Nifong treated the defense attorneys, especially Kirk Osborn, would motivate them to provide any support required to roast Mikey on a spit. I truly believe that at the end of the day, we all will see the justice we all so badly want.

Anonymous said...

He's probably hanging in there for a few more bucks. I doubt he will show up for the trial, though.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Even if Nifong resigns as DA, does that mean he still shows up on June 12?

God, I hope so. Reade and Dave are going to be there. And NO one deserves more to watch Mikey's arrogant smirk wiped off in open court than those two.

Anonymous said...

If "Captain Nifong" is "going down with the ship" and, I think he will, I'm sure he's already scuttled all the lifeboats and is planning to take down as many others as possible. The Bar proceeding could get very interesting and I think certain members of the DPD are desperately looking for anything that can float to save themselves.

I've marked June 12 on my calendar.

Anonymous said...

1:00- You are correct, the mafia has better ethics and they would put a hit out on anyone that had disgraced the family business like this. The Durham mafia still all think they are immune from any fallout. They may be right.

To those saying Mikey will resign at the end of the day or not show at trial, on what do you base these predictions? I think there is something really wrong with this man and he still believes that he will escape.

Eric said...

The rules for resigning are in a document with a gigantic URL, but a Google search for


will return the full document (currently the first result).

The relevant portion appears to be subsection (d), which states that the attorney must agree with the following four conditions:

(1) the resignation is freely and voluntarily rendered, is not the result of coercion or duress, and the member is fully aware of the implications of submitting the resignation;
(2) the member is aware that there is presently pending an investigation or other proceedings regarding allegations that the member has been guilty of misconduct, the nature of which will specifically be set forth;
(3) the member acknowledges that the material facts upon which the grievance is predicated are true;
(4) the resignation is being submitted because the member knows that if charges were predicated upon the misconduct under investigation, the member could not successfully defend against them.

In other words, he can't just surrender his license at this point -- has to agree with the facts alleged, and accept that he'd be found guilty. If he accepts some of the allegations, and rejects others, then he can't surrender his license until his trial is finished. It sounds like essentially the approximate equivalent of a no contest plea. Note that none of this, of course, would prevent him from resigning from office as D.A. immediately!

Anonymous said...


Hope I'm wrong, but what if 'Fong brokers a deal with his fellow NC Democrats in power where in exchange for his resignation as DA and turning over his law license, he is bullett-proofed from any criminal and/or civil action coming from the City of Durham and/or the state of NC?

The deal also keeps his bloated pension intact, and he gets a job with a state-run college teaching (choke choke) Ethics or (I'm gonna puke:) Criminal Justice.

Talk about a soft landing!

anon said...

If there were to be another incident of prosecutorial or police misconduct while Nifong remains in office, there would be more supporting evidence for change within NC's legal system.

I hope Gottlieb has to excort him out.

Cedarford said...

Stephen 10:50 -

Your personal comments projecting thoughts onto Nifong's kid are repulsive.
Butt out. His son has nothing to do with it. Leave him his privacy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. 'Fong's own lawyers must dispise him and they must be extremely uncomfortable. He is going to force them to defend the indefensible. They will look like fools and will be shredded by a panel that will show no mercy. I hope they are being well paid. They are going to take a serious hit and their names will be prominately featured in every article written. Seems not to be a career enhancing event. The casualties keep mounting. Amazing personal, political and financial fallout from one mans politically motivated decision. I don't believe that Reade and David are vindictive kids, but there would have to be tremendous satisfaction watching Mikey and the crew twisting in the wind.

gs said...

By now even Nifong knows that the Bar hearing is a lost cause.

The best is that he gets disbarred.

The worst is he gets disbarred and during the hearing evidence of a criminal behavior by him and others are documented.

But I'm in favor of him fighting all these charges and possible lawsuits. Even if he wins,he will be bleeding money defending himself.

Anonymous said...

cedarford...I disagree.

Nifong went after these three boys, knowing they were innocent. How he could not have had some level of compassion for them knowing this could happen to his own son is quite baffling.

I have three boys roughly the same age and status of the Duke 3...two in college, one graduated. If you don't think this concern has crossed my mind many, many times while following this debacle, then you need to have some children of your own.

Gary Packwood said...

We have been hearing about the mystery witness who was going to tell everything about that party...and bring the hammer down hard on the lacrosse team.

Now perhaps, on June 12th, we will learn who told Nifong about the mystery witness and of course...who that mystery witness really is.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

re: Stephen

What you are missing is that Nifong and his family are members of a protected class. Those that work in the criminal "justice" systems. They know they can protect their son even out of their area due to professional courtsey.

As for the Evans, Finerty and Seligmann family tough luck for them they are not members of the club. The government always protects its own.

Anonymous said...

Sleepless in Smithfield at 12:59:

Just a clarification. I don't think AG Cooper said there was "an apparent lack of criminal wrongdoing"; he just said that his office has no jurisdiction unless there is an existing (i.e. already filed) criminal proceeding. There is no existing criminal proceeding against the DPD, thus no case to provide jurisdiction.

This may or may not be an easy way out, but it is definitely not a finding that there was no criminal wrongdoing by Nifong or the DPD.

Cedarford said...

Anonymous 2:56 PM - If you don't think this concern has crossed my mind many, many times while following this debacle, then you need to have some children of your own.

Don't presume to telepathically fathom on my fatherhood status, f*ckhead. You don't know.

Compartmentalization is normal in criminals and the immoral. They view their prey entirely differently than they do comporting with friends and family members.

Anonymous said...

cedarford - "butt out" and f*ckhead? I think you should borrow 5 bucks and buy yourself some manners

Anonymous said...

"mystery witness" ? a fabrication from Team Nifong. talk about digging a deeper hole. He'd be crazy to try to pull off a mystery witness defense now.

upon writing this post, I now believe that Nifong will tell us about many "mystery witnesses"
Sorry to have doubted you gary!

Mr X

Anonymous said...

NIfong chose to make his name a (negative)household name. Now he must suffer the consequences!
I would have thought twice before bringing this type of embarrassment to my child/children.
I hope NIfong is proud to represent his family on Father's Day!

WestToast said...

How can he testify?? His remarks under oath would be admissible in any later proceeding to impeach a conflicting story.

Even if criminal prosecution is doubtful, his lawyers must have advised him repeatedly to take the Fifth. Once he testifies he may waive it for good.

His pension: bet its exempt from judgments etc as was OJ's.

Anonymous said...

westtoast - Someone earlier said, "the first rule of damage control is when you are in a hole, quit digging". At first I laughed, then realized that Nifong has not yet figured that out. He will keep digging! To the delight of us all. If you are correct about his pension, and I suspect you are, I hope it all goes to satisy the eventual judgements.

Anonymous said...

I guess the other DAs in NC don't like Nifong.

Thirty of the state's 42 district attorneys attended a news conference at the General Assembly building

Noticeably absent from the news conference was Nifong, who was sent an e-mail notice about it.

"I didn't ask him," said Garry Frank, district attorney for Alexander, Davidson, Davie and Iredell counties, and president of the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys.

'Nifong effect' worries N.C. prosecutors

Anonymous said...

Nifong doesn't have enough brains, class, or guts to do what's best for Durham and resign. Remember, this is a guy who was willing to send 3 innocent guys to prison for 30 years for $15,000 per year in pension money.

Anyone with an ounce of dignity would say they screwed up unfortunately their mistake was egregious enough to warrant resigning.

Unfortunately Nifong is a scum bag to the end. Forget about what's best for anyone else, he is keeping his interests at the forefront.

Congratulations Durham voters!!!

Anonymous said...

hey 3:43:00 PM:

Thanks for the clarification, but my cynical side asks where the criminal charges might come from?

Certainly not from Durham DA's office while 'Fong is at the helm, and possibly never if the Good Ol' Boys Network does one of its patented backroom deals, so to speak.

God, I hope I'm wrong! Pass the sleeping pills...


Anonymous said...

Cedarford - "Leave him his privacy"? --- WAKE UP! Nifong Sr gave those rights away a long time ago. Simply by virtue of his last name he will be forever associated with his father's criminal misconduct and misguided persecution. Heck, it is now a verb! The shame, embarrasment and infamy visited upon his family by his actions is Nifong's sole responsibility. I feel badly for the boy but his dad sold his soul for a bump in his pension and forfeited any rights to family privacy in the process. The Nifong family will be haunted by this, just as the Finnerty, Seligman and Evans family will be. Such is the legacy constructed by architect Nifong.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct. I would be much prouder to be a Seligman, Evans, or Finnerty, rather than a Nifong.The first three names represent honesty and integrity. Nifong represents deceit and stupidity!
Poor Nifong Jr!

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 6:40 said...

...Cedarford - "Leave him his privacy"? --- WAKE UP! Nifong Sr gave those rights away a long time ago. Simply by virtue of his last name he will be forever associated with his father's criminal misconduct and misguided persecution.
I am awake.
Nifong has not been charged with any crime!
Nifong has not given away any of his rights.
If you are trying to create content that the G88 can pass around to show that DIW Bloggers are a bunch of 13 year old name calling mean spirited didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Picking on a 16 year old boy seems right up the alley of some posters. You should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Well, GP - that is exactly what you who are involving this teenager in this mess look like. Meanspirited kids. Shame - Shame There are kids all over this country, abused, hungry, and poor. They are a lot worse off them this teenager.

Anonymous said...

"Nifong told her he will not resign before his ethics trial, scheduled for June 12. So, for now, the trial is still on."

Thank heavens! For a second there I thought I might have to start spending money for my entertainment.

mac said...

I'm guessing Nifong's planning
to reveal which characters in this
odyssey he's gonna throw under
the bus, not his "mystery witness."
Unless they happen to be one-