Saturday, June 23, 2007

WRAL Headline Saturday

Jim Coleman, Joe Kennedy, Joe Neff, and Alan Schneider (a specialist in defending attorneys charged with prosecutorial misconduct, and a partner of Joe Cheshire) in a WRAL roundtable. It's worth watching.


Anonymous said...

lots of good stuff without finger pointing

Duke & Carolina at it's best

Anonymous said...

bad link.

Michael said...

The link did work but there was a blurb that you had to watch before you got to the roundtable.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

This column jumps off from an idea discussed here some, Nifong's kid changing his name:

Help! I’m Being Nifonged!

I enjoyed this line in the column:

Let’s see . . . who else do we have that we must hound, disdain and then ignore forever?

Anonymous said...

One thing that can be said about Melanie Sill, besides the fact that she and her colleagues at the N&O prejudiced this case tremendously for months, is that it's obvious she didn't get her job by sleeping around.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me who isn't getting the round table discussion? I was linked to a story about Cheeks.

Anonymous said...


Just let it keep playing. The roundtable will emerge.

christoph said...

I got the link to work. Excellent discussion by smart people. Thanks KC. P.S. The total budget for Durham's public defender all year is 3.1 million -- the total rumored defense cost of this one case. No wonder such crap passes for status quo in our courts. Unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the cost of Dukes 3 defense should be the standard. If there had not been a bunch of crooks along the way, it probably should not have cost over 10K. That's because the case should have never been filed.

It seems pretty awful that the budget for public defenders should be raised simply because there are so many crooks in our court officers.

mac said...

The Roundtable was good enough.

What they didn't mention was
that some - (such as the 88) -
wanted to see Sharia Law
applied for the "offenders"
(maybe a couple of honor killings
and whatnot.)

That's what the Potbangers
were asking for, with their signs
calling for the removal of certain
parts of the students' bodies.


Where was the Hurled Scum's rep.
in the roundtable?