Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smith Sets Date

Anne Blythe from the N&O reports that Judge Smith has set a date for Mike Nifong's contempt of court hearing: July 26.

Smith's complete language:
Upon motion of the defendants and on its own motion, the Court finds probable cause to believe that you should be held in criminal contempt of court for your willful behavior committed during the sitting of the Court in its immediate view specifically, that while appearing before the Court in your capacity as District Attorney in the prosecution of these actions, you willfully and intentionally made false statements of material fact to the Court on September 22, 2006 by representing to the Court that the May 12, 2006 report of Dr. Brian W. Meehan as provided to the defendants included all of the statements made by Dr. Meehan to you regarding the results of all examinations and tests conducted by DNA Security Inc. and that there was nothing else to provide; and in doing do, you thereby failed to disclose the existence of material exculpatory and impeachment evidence within your knowledge that the defendants were entitled to under our laws of discovery. This behavior is in violation N.C.G.S.5A-11(a)(2).
You are hereby ordered to appear before this Court on the date indicated below and show cause why you should not be punished for contempt of court. If you do not appear as ordered, without justification or reasonable excuse, the Court may issue an order for your arrest as by law provided.
Note that the language specifies that Smith was acting not only as a result of the defense motion but also on his own prerogative; and his warning to Nifong that if the ex-DA doesn't show up, he could be arrested.


Chicago said...

Finally a judge with the best interest of the people in mind. Not a weasel like Orlando, Titus or Stephens who are clearly pro prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nifong is only trying to remain in office to help the community to heal.

Anonymous said...

Now that he has a hearing with possible jail time scheduled, can/should/will somebody yank his passport?

Anonymous said...

don't yank his passport! Give him a one way ticket to Iran, and make him wear one of those "the ayatollah sucks!" t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Hudson looked just as foolish today as he did when he rubber-stamped Nifong's lies (to Hudson's face, mind you) in 2006.

And for all those "Something Happened" people out there who chastize anonymous blog posts, eat your heart out.

J. David Freedman
NOT (thankfully) Nifong's Counsel

Anonymous said...

Hudson - pathetic.

At least with this "probable cause" notice by Smith, Nifong should know that he's probably going to jail.

Anonymous said...

If the Fong had any decency left, he would take Cy on a second honeymoon before taking up with the prison crowd.

Anonymous said...

"Judge" Hudson--another reason to stay far away from NC if you value your freedom.

Judge Smith, by contrast, displays some actual cajones. Looks like he knows how to uphold the rule of law and stand up to punks like Fong.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the extent of nifong's public lynching is starting to make me uncmfortable.

I hate the guy. i dealt with him for years and found him to be an insufferable bully and egomanical sociopath...BUT at some point I think he's suffered enough, and I think that point is now. He's been disgraced in front of the entire world. His life is ruined.

What further purpose does this all serve? Is our desire for revenge so strong that we forget our humanity? This has ended badly enough for him; he has lost EVERYTHING.

I say we show him the mercy and humanity he denied others in dealing with them in his position of authority. maybe he might learn something, and maybe it might help him turn his life around.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way the boys can attach his guitar and sell it on Ebay?

Anonymous said...

N&O says resignation date only adds $27.90 / month to his pension, though that is something.

Even so longevity pay is calculated per full month service:

Dk what day he is eligible for yearly longevity but even so the manual says you get it prorated by monthly service. So delaying till Monday allows him to add the full month of June to longevity in addition to the $334/year in pension. Given that he ran to increase his pension that's not a stretch. There's some money in it.

And Hudson feels sorry for him no doubt. Helped him out even though he never showed up.
No fax! gee copiers and faxes are important in his life aren't they.

Anonymous said...

I can understand much of your sentiment and tend, at times today, to agree. He has lost everything. For now. But then I remember he is a cockroach. And like a cockroach, you may not see him for awhile but he is there and will reappear. If the pressure is taken off Mike Nifong for just a little bit, like the psychopath he is (and with his enablers still everywhere) he will come back. He is pathologically incapable of change from the narcissitic personality he is. He will not learn and get better for it, becasue he has not learned anything from this except running away from "pain." Give him half a chance and ANY sympathy and he will bite you. He has no remorse and never will. Never. In fact, his rage at "his tormentors" will only grow in his mind over time.

Anonymous said...

What happens if Nifong has skipped the state and moved to another with no intention of returning?

How much could he shield himself from the various criminal and civil proceeding he is about to face by moving out of North Carolina?

Anonymous said...

to 11:22:
Normally I would agree. But when he had the power he used it to crush people. Athletes, cab drivers. He tried to crush them for his own benefit.
I assume the cab driver had to pay legal fees and lose pay to go to court for Nifong's ambition. I'd be happy to help him.
Nifong does not deserve sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Even though Nifong is out of state at an undisclosed location, I bet he'll he'll show up for this hearing.

Anonymous said...

"he has lost EVERYTHING. "

He hasn't lost millions in legal fees, unlike those three guys.

He hasn't lost his freedom yet - unlike what he tried to do to those 3 guys.

He shows no signs of remorse - he's still gaming the system to increase his pension, which is what this has been about all along.

I want him in jail for as long as he tried to put his victims in jail for.

Anonymous said...

A criminal prosecution could extradite him and drag his lying ass back to NC.

A civil court (would probably have jurisdiction over him in NC based on his actions here, but) could handle the lawsuit in another jurisdiction, wherever he lives. And it's hard to imagine a jurisdiction that would be easier on him that Durham County, considering the number of bovine, zombie-like fans he has there, so he would hardly be doing himself a favor by moving.

Sorry, but: Everybody who's getting all whooped up about trials against Nifong, should pause and remember that he'll get a jury from the SAME pool that we all thought would too-likely imprison the naughty white boys out of ignorance, bigotry and pure spite, regardless of the evidence.

Justice might (might!) be done, but don't get your hopes up -- this is the hard part, since he will now have (although he hardly deserves) presumption of innocence..

Anonymous said...

He deserves as much sympathy as you would give a person willing to sentence innocent people to 30 years.

The banality of evil.

Anonymous said...

MacD says...
Mike Nifong has not lost everything. He was just kicked out of the lawyers club.

Would you be happy if the executives of Enron and WorldCom just got kicked out of the CEO club? No.

Nifong broke laws, he has to answer to breaking those laws.

Being kicked of the lawyer's club is not enough. No one should be above the law. The law doesn't provide for "suffered enough" to avoid prosecution for breaking laws.

Anonymous said...

Tim @ 11:22 wants us to let up on poor Mikey. He's lost everything, says Tim, why keep hammering on the poor guy? Well, there's a good chance many of us would forgive Nifong if he did one thing: apologize and beg the forgiveness of those he was prepared to send to prison. Tim let me ask you a question: do you think your buddy Nifong will ever do that? If you do, please get in touch with me because I've got some oceanfront property in the Raleigh area you may be interested in.

Anonymous said...

Nifong should rot in prison. Not only did he show no mercy, rather, at every step he evidenced his willingness to literally (and affirmatively) ruin and destroy others. As he isn't man enough to accomplish this by himself, he deployed the instrument of the state to accomplish his venal ends. No, no mercy for Nifong *whatsoever*.

Besides, maybe Nifong can learn from Paris Hilton and endeavor to "let the time serve him."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tim in one respect, at some point he has suffered enough, but we're not there yet.

Mike Nifong belongs in jail. Do you think for one second that if these defense attorneys had not done the work they did and came up with the evidence he held back that we would know any of this? No, Mike Nifong would not have said a word about it and the players might be in jail today.

Suppose Nifong had been able to conceal the evidence from everyone, do you think he would have found a conscience and told anyone? No!!

Mike Nifong deserves jail time. He was willing to sacrifice others for his personal gain, he needs to see the inside of a prison.

Maybe then he will cry some real tears.

Anonymous said...

Well, i certainly understand the above points. The Enron analogy is apt, I think.

BUT....knowing Nifong, i'm sure that nothing the Courts do to him at this point can be any worse, at least in his mind, than the humiliation he's so far suffered (rightly so).

Psychologically, Nifong always coped with his inner demons by erecting a false mask of rectitude, a mask that only worked for him if the public at large perceived him in that light.. Clearly, he's been unmasked; the world knows him now for what he always was, a dissembling bully and coward with no moral compass.

For him, no punishment could be greater than that. My concern is this: when people are so psychologically stripped of their defenses, in such a public manner, it never ends well. I honestly think if the humiliation continues, he'll commit suicide. And i don't want that, and i don't want to be part of it. even the most noxious people have redeeming qualities - he has a family etc.

I wonder how many of us would feel, in hindsight, if the worst happened?

Anonymous said...

Maybe in prison, Nifong will finally learn the truth about interracial rape.

"Past studies have documented the prevalence of black on white sexual aggression in prison.(213) These findings are further confirmed by Human Rights Watch's own research. Overall, our correspondence and interviews with white, black, and Hispanic inmates convince us that white inmates are disproportionately targeted for abuse."

Anonymous said...

He is mocking the entire system!! How can someone get away with this?!

To the guy defending Nifong. Nothing unusual is happening to him. Anyone who commits a crime as serious as he did and faces jail time faces the same actions:

1.) Lose your job. Forget it, done, overwith. Professional license demanding considerable exercise of ethics? VOID. Nothing unusual there.

2.) Prosecution for your crime. Pay stiff penalty, face jail time. Nothing unusual there.

3.) Get sued by victims for monetary damages. Litigation for recovering lost wages, extraordinary expenses, punitive damages, emotional suffering, etc. Sell your assets to help cover the cost, wage garnishment. Nothing unusual there.

4.) International infamy for your crime? Ah ha...this seems unusual, but Nifong did it all by himself. Remember the "choke hold" theatrics? That got a lot of attention. He hammed it up. He liked mocking the justice system, he laughed at Constitutional Rights granted all non-felon U.S. citizens without question. Given his fondness for the camera, he should enjoy the attention, thus, nothing unusual there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that having pity for Nifong is the only reason to cease this pigpile.

Cease the demand for vengeance for your own good.

We are revelling in the demise of our tormentor. I say "we" and "our" because I followed this case out of self-interest. The fashionable leftist hatred of white hetero men hurts me at work and in society. I want to see an end to this.

Some 50 years ago or more, those on the other side of the race and sex divide took similar pleasure in defeating their tormentors. As the years passed, they took revenge over and over again, even when the reason for take revenge had faded into memory. So we see now blacks, women and gays continuing to demand vengeance long after they have any right to it. It became a habit.

Recognize that this is a recurrent cycle of human karma. Take too much pleasure in this man's demise and one day, many years from now, you will find yourself in the position of the Group of 88.

Anonymous said...

The "worst happened?" I don't think Nifong would kill the one he loves best, do you? Narcissists very seldom take their own lives, but will continue blaming everybody for their misfortunes. No, I don't think he'd do it. But if he did, I wouldn't feel much pity even then.

Anonymous said...

"I honestly think if the humiliation continues, he'll commit suicide. And i don't want that,"

Would it preclude the LAX-3 families from suing his estate?

If so, I don't want it either.

Anonymous said...

July 25th?

Well isn't that special. Not like there's any need for urgency or anything.

Anonymous said...

"...BUT at some point I think he's suffered enough, and I think that point is now..."


Exactly what in your mind has Nifong "suffered"?

Anonymous said...

shouting thomas...

There is no vengeance against "one man", this is a reaction to the symbol of a corrupt system allowing law enforcement malfeasance. Nifong earned the right to symbolize this. This is karma correcting all the past wrongs committed, not just by Nifong, but every corrupt public law enforcement official. To this day, cops continue to beat up children for skateboarding/trespassing. We learned nothing from Rodney King incident. Do we sit quietly and passively reinforce their behavior time and time again? No, we speak out in this great forum called the internet because we fear the reprecussions of speaking out in public. One small step for giant leap for justice.

Anonymous said...

"Recognize that this is a recurrent cycle of human karma. Take too much pleasure in this man's demise and one day, many years from now, you will find yourself in the position of the Group of 88."

Yup. I think the one true insight to be brought to all this is that taking pleasure in someone else's demise ultimately boomerangs. Thats what karma is all about, and it seems to be one of the few ironclad laws of experience.

Anonymous said...

My reason for demanding harsh vengeance is practical, self interested and socially beneficial. I want to scare the c$@p out of every crooked DA in America.

As someone pointed out on another thread, he was playing the odds, and the odds were in his favor. 999 times out of 1000 crooked prosecutors get away with a slap on the wrist at best (at worst they get promoted to judge or USAG.)

If rules agains prosecutorial misconduct are to have any deterrent value, given the low probability of ever being punished, when it does happen the punishment needs to be very very high.

As long as the demand for vengeance is aimed at people who actually did wrong rather than people who share their skin color, I think we're safe.

Anonymous said...

"I think the one true insight to be brought to all this is that taking pleasure in someone else's demise ultimately boomerangs."

OK, we shouldn't take pleasure in destroying him. But for the safety of all of us, that shouldn't stop us from doing it.

Anonymous said...

"This is karma correcting all the past wrongs committed, not just by Nifong, but every corrupt public law enforcement official."

No it's not, and to the extent we're taking out frustration with other wrongoers on Nifong it is wrong.

What I want it to be is the first step towards a change in the relationship between governemnt and citizens, in which police and prosecutors are no longer above the law.

I want the disbarment, firing and jailing of DAs who hide evidence to be standard procedure.

I don't want the total destruction of Nifon to be a scapegoating. I want it to be a precedent.

Anonymous said...

I have to scoff at people who think that taking away a guy's law license is the worst, most horrible and degrading punishment that any human can possibly endure.

Unfortunately, people who think that way tend to be the big-shots in charge.

But it's ridiculous. Nifong has not been punished at all -- he has just just been moved into an early retirement with comfortable pension benefits, legally protected from attachment by any creditor including anybody who sues him (except for child support).

He's still laughing at the system, and he needs a REAL smackdown. A few years of anal rape should help him to see the light.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like NOT being a lawyer is a punishment! I love that!!

Anonymous said...

Please cut the woe is Nifong cra* and put away your tissues!

Mike Nifong sowed the seeds of his own downfall and now reaps a healthy harvest.

Mike is not a person to top himself, he was very much in control this morning at another Durham court fiasco. Mike managed to play the system for more money.

Does this sound like man about to loose his mind and commit Hari Kiri ?

Get real , MN played the system for all it's worth and was enabled this morning again by another Durham justice lackey, Judge Hudson.

Mike Nifong deserves all he gets and more some, he was crooked and got caught!

Anonymous said...

12:01 - You are SPOT ON!!

Anonymous said...

Where was the Potted Plant, six months ago. This is just pilling on - trying to save his reputation;

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the Duke University not only restored the millions, but more on top of that. I don't understand why folk would bring bad vibes to themselves by wishing the worse to someone else.
Vengence is mine sayth the Lord
Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass aginst us.or

Anonymous said...

Nifong is an Arrogant and Stubborn man who is still anoyed he was caught and now has to face his punishment.

He is like the school bully who gets caught. The bully will always try to squeel like a stuffed pig and want to get even, not for being the bully , but for getting caught!

Nifong was a Durham Justice bully and a fully qualified paid up member of the AOW club.(AS***LES of the WORLD club)

Anonymous said...

To all the "pity poor Mikey" folks - Please remember these boys received death threats, in court, while Nifong smirked and laughed.

Anonymous said...

I am all for having mercy on those who are deserving, but Nifong deserves none, yet. I'd love to be able to go back and look at defendents he faced who were obviously guilty (as he is) and unrepentant (as he is as well) and see just how much mercy Mike Nifong had on them.

Sometimes jail is good for people....who knows it might just be the best thing to ever happen to Paris Hilton. Nothing let's you know you need to change more quickly than spending time behind bars...and I don't mean a few hours in a holding cell. I mean wearing jail issued clothes and seeing visitors through plexiglass.

Of course he does have some positive things in his life (his family, health, education, etc.) and if he does commit suicide (of course I hope he does not and would feel terrible if he did) he will have proven himself much much more of a coward than I believe him to be.

Hopefully something will happen that no one is predicting. Hopefully Nifong will spend some time in jail and the gravity of his actions will become clear to this point after his offer to resign in 30 days I still don't think that's happened yet.

Hopefully he'll do a little time and then he will retire and be able to scrape by on Cy's money and any pension he is able to keep. And hopefully he'll use the rest of his life to help people in some way, volunteer at a soup kitchen, speak to law students about the RIGHT way to do things, help his son become a man etc.

For all the terrible things Nifong has done in this case (and who knows how many others) he still has time to do some good in this world. But it's up to him to change....and personally I think some jail time might help him.

Anonymous said...

He did not flee the state for today's simple court decision, only to return later for more serious actions. HE IS GONE AND HE IS NOT COMING BACK VOLUNTARILY.
He tried everything in his arsenal of deceit: resignation, fake tears... it didn't work and so now he is doing the only thing left to a coward like him --- run away and hide.

Anonymous said...

No, Nifong hasn't lost everything...yet. But he deserves to lose it all. Legal punishment for his crimes is not a lynching. On the other hand, what he tried to do to those boys, and to the public trust, was a judicial lynching.

Anonymous said...

12:44....I agree completely.

There is a big difference between demanding justice and screaming for vengence. While asking that Nifong be punished for his wrongs is well and good, we should remember that none of us are in a position to cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

More from "Durham Voices" in the H-S:

Picked wrong side

Looks like Tony Madejczyk [Letter, June 21] is upset that he backed the wrong horse in Mike Nifong and Durham's agenda-driven race to railroad some innocent. rich, white males. He, like a few other twisted individuals, still blames the players.

Does anyone ever blame a rape victim for being raped? Then why blame this on the true victims?

Seething jealousy and envy eats at those who still blame the lacrosse players. These individuals were foaming at the mouth anticipating the mileage they could get out of saying to their left-winged, nut friends, "See, I told you those rich, white, privileged, male Duke students are bad."

Well, who looks like the fool now? I'm sorry that Madejczyk is so eaten up with envy that he cannot see the true victims in this fiasco.

However, I'm sure there is some politically correct "victim" class that will pop up soon.

June 28, 2007

Players started it

First, a quote: "Since when do you have to agree with people just to defend them from injustice?" (Quoted from "Bits & Pieces on Leadership.")

Second, I didn't invite the lacrosse players here, but they came and were well on their way to a victorious season. But, being the misguided, misdirected, (mostly) spoiled souls that they were, they chose to create havoc in a residential neighborhood, drinking away their parent's money and wasting more of it on a "stripper" to satisfy their sexual longings.

What they did started something Durham did not ask for. In doing so, they have created a monster, but I have not heard one of them apologize for what they started. And now they, their attorneys and their parents want to sue everyone in sight.

Now their former coach is trying to get rich by publishing a pile of trash and has the audacity of claiming his Yankee friends look at our state as a disgrace. If so, the problem lies with him as their former coach, their parents, their attorneys and ultimately the players.

I, like all other Durham citizens, are ready for these "Northern immigrants" to return to wherever they came from and never return. They will not be welcome. It is also hoped that Duke will quickly find a replacement for President Richard Brodhead.

But mostly, an apology from the players would do a world of good.

June 28, 2007


Anonymous said...

If Nofing reads this blog, it is apparent that nothing posted here ever reached him before now, so why would it be that a few comments here would have such an impact on him, at this point in time?

There's been no one outside his house banging pots and waving banners and his former colleauges seem to be sticking with him. He has not made any apology or admitted wrongdoing and continues to hide the bad acts of others, at least where they further implicate him.

He has not been villified or had people pile on to anywhere near the same degree as what he created and directed at others, others who were innocent. Having been proven guilty, it is fitting that he gets to experience the same, to some small degree.

Now Nofing is a "victim" and not responsible for himself or the consequenses of his actions. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

The Brock comment capsulizes much of Durham groupthink.

Orlando Hudson is a Durhamite of longstanding....and a co-worker of Mikey's of longstanding.

So many people who should have known better not only stood by and said nothing, not only enabled the hoax, but encouraged it.

To wit: To this very day, a judge is unwilling to be forceful for justice concerning Mike Nifong.


Anonymous said...

I have this argument with some of my religious friends about forgiveness. I will readily forgive a wrong if it was not intentional and the person committing it apologizes. I will consider forgiving an intentional wrong if the person committing it apologizes in an honest manner with no weasel-wording. Nifong committed a myriad of intentional wrongs which had the potential of destroying the lives of many innocent people and the sonofabitch has yet to apologize!! I'm all for piling on and dragging the bastard to prison for the term he planned for the three lacrosse players. You can wallow in your forgiveness and karma--I want satisfaction for what Nifong did to something I used to hold sacred: American jurisprudence. It will be a cold day in hell when I forgive him.

Anonymous said...

As I understand forgiveness, it first requires repentance.

Repentance means a true change of one's mind. To me this means an apology that also restores what was taken from or damage done to the wronged party(s), a real desire to undo or compensate for the wrong done.

Thus, I don't see Nifong as yet deserving or wanting forgiveness. Why should do so?

I feel pity for Nifong, not sympathy or charity.


Anonymous said...

1:02, 1:07

Clearly those who seek to blame the true victims here (the players) would love for their pathetic words to be true. They ignore the fact that the accuser was a prostitute and known problem, that her driver is a black man, and that she's obviously engaged in illegal activity.

Letter #2 is best characterized as a "troll". The Yankee/Northern references are pathetic. The real prejudice here is in Durham's own, the 88 at Duke, and the tired rhetoric of the old guard who want the "rich, White guy" to blame for their failure(s).

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been troubled by some of the posters who seem to have no compassion for Nifong as a human being. Understand that I am in no way trying to excuse Nifong's behavior. It is indefensible, and it deserves very serious punishment. But those who have been expressing their desire for Nifong to commit suicide, or to be anally raped in prison, seem to me to be as deeply troubled as Nifong himself.

Anonymous said...

"The law doesn't provide for "suffered enough" to avoid prosecution for breaking laws."

Jun 28, 2007 11:41:00 AM


I agree with your post, but wonder what the law provides for a felonious, "sample-laden" prostitute whose lies of rape, etc. nearly imprisoned 3 innocent students for 30 years?

Anonymous said...

@500.00 fine

Anonymous said...

All of the posts above lead me to a conclusion I posted earlier....I think Nifong dererves prison and I think it's the best thing for him and everyone else.

I guarantee you he will "get it" in more ways than one if he actually does time.

Anonymous said...

"As I understand forgiveness, it first requires repentance."


For all the talk about Fongiveness and how so many are "piling on", as soon as the public demand for justice subsides, the pro-Mikey enablers will crawl out from under their rocks and restore much of what he supposedly lost. So I think we must persist!

I still say he forged the Hoax to maximize his pension, so strip him of it for his breach of the Public Trust, abuse of power, prosecutorial misconduct, lying under oath to the Court, and/or dishonorable service. This has been used on other public officials around the country, so why not the 'Fong?

mac said...

"Judge Smith's complete language"
could be amended for Judge Stephens,
except that Stephens should be
cited for contempt of his own

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, pwople are going to be making the same excuses for DA MN as for CGM: he may have actually beleived all the myriad stories he told, his very existance is punishment enough, etc.

Oh wait, this has already happened.

Anonymous said...

The reason Nifong is out of town is so he can not be properly served with the rule to show cause scheduled in July. Nifong must be in NC to be properly served. If he would have showed up at the hearing today, he could have been served. (most states won’t allow service at the court house but it is easy to follow the prey to another location) Nifong won the hearing today-won’t be out until July to get another year of retirement. So in the short term, there is not guarantee of the hearing in July.

Anonymous said...

Nifong wanted to wait till July for the vacation time. Its a good chunk of change.

mac said...

Tim 11:22/11:54

Someone mentioned repentance:
it was apparent when Mikey re-barfed
the old "something happened" at
his hearing that he had no shame,
no sympathy, no remorse.

It's true that we should love our
enemies: to hate them is to become
like them. Perhaps Nifey became
like all those "little people"
he prosecuted over the years?
He hated them - and then became

I agree with you so far as that goes.

However, this case is much more than
the Mike Nifong Show: the list
of collaborators would make Vichy
proud (or embarrassed.)
If not for the enablers,
collaborators and conspirators,
the case would have fallen apart
long ago. As it should have.

There's nothing more frustrating
than catching a liar in a lie,
and having him/her claim that
they didn't lie. And the lie-supporters
are so many, so common, so deeply will take more than
the jailing of Mr. Mike Nifong to
clean up this stain.

Had he come out, in his Bar hearing,
and just flatly stated:
"The boys are innocent, innocent,
innocent: nothing happened, except
that I lied, I supported a lying
psychopath, I was supported by
other lying psychopaths and I
alone am responsible for helping
perpetuate a lie of grandiose size
and reach" -
well, then, it might have made
a difference. The fact that he
said nothing of the sort means
that we'll have to continue to
argue this point with ignorant,
malicious, malevolent race-baiters
and assorted crapmeisters for
years to come.

Sympathy? When Mikey really, truly
repents. I pray that day will

Steven Horwitz said...

Nifong deserves the one thing he was incapable of delivering himself: Justice.

Not our pity, not our vengeance, not our anger, not anything from us.

Just Justice from the very same system he abused to serve Injustice.

There's nothing morally wrong with wanting justice. In fact, to ensure that Nifong gets it seems to me to be a moral imperative.

Anonymous said...

I agree that anybody wishing to see Nifong commit suicide or get raped in prison is stooping to the level of the evil potbangers. Try to rethink those positions, folks. Otherwise, for the other things that are (justifiably) happening to him, don't forget that- aside from Nifong himself- this whole thing HAS to be a warning to other DAs and people in such power who would stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

"It's true that we should love our
enemies: to hate them is to become
like them. "

I feel sorry for a dog with rabies. That won't stop me from having it put down.

Anonymous said...

When one fights with monsters,they must take car lest they too become monsters...

And while staring in to an abyss the abyss stares into you.

(from some russian dude...)

Anonymous said...

KC, like Alexander, must take great pleasure in his wonderful accomplishment that is DiW. I see a day when he to will weap, for there are not more worlds to conquer..

Anonymous said...

The possibility that Nifong is out of state to avoid service as suggested by 2:27 is fascinating . I would expect that being a member of the NC Bar and /or appearing in court in connection w/ the underlying proceedings amounts to a waiver of service of a contempt notice . NC authorities are going to lose patience / sympathy for a fugitive DA who is complicating the problem by his lack of cooperation . On the good side , the worse Nifong behaves , the more likely people will give their attention to this matter which will ultimately benefit the now exonerated students . The more we know about this entire matter , the better the 3 indicted but innocent students now appear .

Anonymous said...

It IS N.C., but I can't imagine the state's laws providing any pension -- given he was disbarred, terminated, and will be found criminally responsible for his deeds as a state employee.

He is terminated as D.A., he did not resign. Does no clause in N.C. respect that?

Anonymous said...

You can't waive service for a criminal hearing. This is the big leagues now.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 11:30 said...

to 11:22:
...Normally I would agree. But when he had the power he used it to crush people. Athletes, cab drivers. He tried to crush them for his own benefit.

He can write books, get on the lecture circuit, do TV appearances and consult with Anger Studies departments at Universities.

We have not seen the last of Nifong, his wife Cy, their boy at home or their older daughter.

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness for Nifong? I don't think whether anybody on this board "forgives" MF matters to him, KC, G88, or the Duke men.

The only person affected by our individual decision to see the humanity in MF will be ourself, and possibly people close to us.

While criminal punishment for MF is probably justice, and I tend to agree with a previous poster who suggested such criminal punishment could be the best thing for MF, I don't take any joy in the tragedy and self-destruction of the man.

Some of these posts are a little too much blood sport for my taste.

mac said...

Good point: a rabid dog is still
a danger, and is suffering.

Good point: you made mine better
than I did.

I don't want to wake up one morning
and see in the paper that Nifong
committed suicide: I want to wake
up one morning and see in the paper
that he has completely owned-up
to what he's done.

That will require a kind of
spiritual suicide.

For those of you unacquainted with
Christian theology, it means putting
the "old" man to death, understanding
the depths of our inner-and-outer

Who would see Mike Nifong and not
agree that depravity is evident?

Who can look in a mirror and not
see some evidence of something -
(or someone) - that we wish we

I wish Mike Nifong a broken spirit.
(I'm glad I had mine broken a long
time ago.)

Michael said...

US juries get verdict wrong in one of six cases: study

So much for US justice: juries get the verdict wrong in one out of six criminal cases and judges don't do much better, a new study has found.

And when they make those mistakes, both judges and juries are far more likely to send an innocent person to jail than to let a guilty person go free, according to an upcoming study out of Northwestern University.

"Those are really shocking numbers," said Jack Heinz, a law professor at Northwestern who reviewed the research of his colleague Bruce Spencer, a professor in the statistics department.

I think that prosecutors depend on this sort of thing. Hopefully Bill Anderson continues to trumpet the problem of convicting those that are innocent - or even just the problem of indicting the innocent.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 12:37 said...

...He's still laughing at the system, and he needs a REAL smackdown. A few years of anal rape should help him to see the light.
If you are a member of the G88 or their friends who expected that vile statement to stand unchallenged, it did not work.

You can't use that vile statement now in a publication as consistent with the views of those of us who comment on this Blog.


William Jockusch said...

Nifong should go to jail. Now once he starts ratting on the police, and certain of his assistants, both of whom deserve this just as much as he does, we can talk about shaving a few years off his sentence in return for his cooperation.

To use an analogy which I think would be appropriate -- what would be the sentence for someone who kidnapped three people, and intended to hold them for 30 years?

Anonymous said...

I think Ralph Phelan (12:13) and Steven Horwitz (2:40) have given the astute analysis of this situation. I only add that a prison sentence should mean just that, incarceration; prison rape is NOT supposed to be a part of the justice system, and it is shameful that it effectually is in this country.

(If it comes to that, an ex-DA would have a lot more to fear than ex-Division I lacrosse players, who would probably not be even the toughest inmates' first choice for coerced sex, to paraphrase a Nifongism.)

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

My view is that Nifong deserves:

1. To be disbarred as he was.

2. To be forced out of the DA's office so he can not reoffend.

3. To serve a short jail stretch as a deterrent to other prosecutors around the country who have that great temptation to break the law.

4. To be found civily liable so he can not profit off of his criminal behavior.

The key to me is that Nifong can not reoffend. Thus I would not wish it on the taxpayers of NC that they have to pay to house him any great length of time.

mac said...

Kenb (3:55) is right: it's a disgrace that
rape is part of the justice system.

That's what Mikey was sentencing
the boys to: 30 years OF rape.
(Not 30 years FOR rape.)

Mikey will get put in a cozy prison.
He won't be subjected to the same kinds
of cellmates the young men would
have to defend themselves from.

gak said...

He is behaving like a child that didn't get his own way. I just don't get it. If this out of state trip was not to avoid arrest, then what was the purpose. This just looks like a big temper tantrum to me

Anonymous said...

michael at 3:34--interesting study. Probably less of a surprise than we might hope, however, considering how many intelligent people do yheir best to get out of jury duty because they don't want to miss work, etc. Often the people who actually get on juries don't really have the mental acuity or energy to engage with legal issues that may be subtle or complex--they want easy answers.

And I think you are right that prosecutors depend on this sort of thing--as defense attorneys do too, when they can. Jury selection is all about trying to get as many jurors as you can that are likely to be biased in your favor, but not so obvious about it that they will be dismissed by the judge for cause.

Anonymous said...

He may derserve our pity, but not sympathy. He steadfastedly fought to incarcerate 3 innocent men, ruined their lives short term, possibly long term and caused alot of pain> emotional and financial to those around them. He may be crazy like a fox, but I believe he knows exactly what he is doing. I won't be surprised if he doesn't come back voluntarily.He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I trust the defense team for the guys to keep at it with those involved. I'm impressed with Judge Smith and wondering if Judge Hudson is trying to help him come back to face the music. He's a squirrly guy with his own agenda, Mr.Nifong

Anonymous said...

"It IS N.C., but I can't imagine the state's laws providing any pension -- given he was disbarred, terminated, and will be found criminally responsible for his deeds as a state employee.

He is terminated as D.A., he did not resign."

He is not terminated, thanks to Hudson he is on (paid!) administrative leave. And thanks to Hudson he will be given the opportunity on Monday to resign rather than be terminated.

He's doing everything possible to maximize his pension payout, and Hudson is doing everything possible to let him.

Anonymous said...

The weird word in my 4:08 post was supposed to be "their."

Anonymous said...

"If this out of state trip was not to avoid arrest, then what was the purpose. "

To give Hudson a excuse to drag things out a bit longer so Nifong could up his pension.

Anonymous said...

Do chicken peddlers have to have a license in Durham?

Anonymous said...

if Nifong goes to prison, he'll be in an area of "protected" inmates.
It is usually for policeman, politicians, judges, child rapist, etc.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of public policy, I think that criminal penalties have to be available to both punish and deter eggregious prosecutorial misconduct. Failing to impose criminal penalties on Nifong for prosecutorial misconduct on facts as clear and as public as these is bad precident. The downside to a prosecutor for his criminal behavior needs to be / has to be proportional to both the damages done to both the unjustly prosecuted and to the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone established a defense committee for the Honorable Mr. Nifong? If thos rich white boys had one, we ought to provide the same for this public servant.

Anonymous said...

To Ralph Phelan:

You make uncommonly good sense and there's not much I can add to your comments other than...

Atta Boy!

Anonymous said...

the studies says that judges do not do much better on correct verdicts.

So we can blame people for not being in juries and therefore the pool may not be the best---what excuse do you give for judges?

Bottom line is -- if you have been arrested, most people think you probably did it and you have to prove you didn't.

That's why it was so important for Nifong be prevented from taking this to trial. Who were they going to beleive? 3 jocks or a respected DA. Add to that bias and prejudice?

Anonymous said...

Charles M. Davis of Franklin County has been appointed Specia Prosecutor for the criminal contempt. Another crony? At least he's out of Durham County.

Anonymous said...

If Nifong is found guilt in the future of criminal charges can his pension be denied since he committed the crimes as part of his job as DA?

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Nifong he probably did not really expect the boys to get more than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 12:37 said...

...He's still laughing at the system, and he needs a REAL smackdown. A few years of anal rape should help him to see the light.
If you are a member of the G88 or their friends who expected that vile statement to stand unchallenged, it did not work.

You can't use that vile statement now in a publication as consistent with the views of those of us who comment on this Blog.



Sorry, Gary. I've been here as long as you have, and I'm not leaving. Your attempt to stage a coup of KC's blog is noted, but you ain't the boss of me.

I made a remark that was a bit over-the-top (at the conclusion of a post that I stand by), but your attempt to cast me as an "88er" is, frankly, ludicrous.

See ya.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Nifong's hypocrisy at the Bar hearing--sniveling and having the audacity to compare himself and his family to the 3 Duke lacrosse players and their families. There was also the comment about wanting to have his son be proud of him. Apparently he did not want it badly enough!

Please, stop one moment and compare the behavior of these three young men during their 14-15 mos ordeal to the behavior of Nifong, who is almost 3x their age, and has only been under "the gun" for a few mos. Who stood tall and "manly" and showed great character in the face of the greater adversity (and potentially, longer prison sentences)? Who ran and hid, still unable to face the consequences of his actions and, probably still trying to scam the system, just as he was unable to say that "nothing happened"? Who is "the man (men)" here? It is much easier to look the world in the eye when you are innocent than when you are guilty. The reactions of the Duke 3 and Nifong confirm that the former are innocent and the latter is quilty!

NO, what has happened to him is not enough, simply because he has still not learned life's important lessons yet. He is still unable to accept that he has done anything wrong! None of us can improve our situations until we admit what is wrong--not with everbody else, but with ourselves.
Apparently, MN has not done that yet. As a result he still continues to show himself as a coward and totally lacking moral character--certainly something that a child cannot be proud of.

He must be punished to the full extent of the law (as he wanted for the Duke 3). And, more importantly, he needs to live a long, long life--this will give him time to reflect upon his actions and lack of good character. It is also possible that a long life may give him time to mature and improve, as well as, give his children a chance to forgive him for what he has done to them.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

I looked at an article on the study. All the article did was raise questions in my mind:

1. How do they tell if someone found guilty was innocent? I guess in some cases you can find out, but in others they will never know. Heck their DATA could have changed from the time of their writing their paper to publishing it, if another person found guilty is established to have been innocent.

2. Do they have a way to establish how many guilty parties were found innocent?

3. Guilty or not guilt aside, the charge of the trier of fact is to determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That means a "guilty" party that the state could not establish was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt was wrongfully convicted if the they were convicted without sufficient evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Do they investigate this?

4. They seem to ignor the fact that 90% or more of the cases in the criminal justice system do not ever come to trial. I guess they might say that is outside the scope of their study, but if 95% of those 90% are correctly decided that is the guilty plead guilty and the DA dismisses the case when not guilty 95% of the time, then the criminal justice system is reaching the correct result 93.5%. Now I am not sure if 95% of the time the non trial cases are decided right, but that is just to give people a feel for the numbers.

I guess this could have been a careful study, but they should should have described it more completely. I certainly can not have confidence in it at all.

Anonymous said...

Narcissists, like Nifong, are not likely suicides.(at least in his case I hope not) That is because their overblown, inflated opinion of themselves prevents any meaningful self analysis of thier bad conduct. They are incapable of feelings of shame or empathy for others. That is why Nifong's apology was so flat and unconvincing. Sadly, it may have been the best he could do. He cannot accept blame(I just got carried away) and will now blame powerful invincible forces for his ruin. But this lack of true feelings will probably save him from taking his life. For those who have posted wishing for his death or rape in prison..please read what you write aloud before sending it. Yikes! You sound like Vigilante Sam, the "Castrate" thugs and the 88 ers who condoned their behavior.

Anonymous said...

TO Ralph 4:11PM--


Just more sleaze from Durham.

I just want someone to cut through this diseased network of metasticized filth and get Nifong. Explain to him that it's all over. His wishes and his desires are not on the docket.


Anonymous said...

Nifong will stay out of NC and he will be featured in the next "America's Most Wanted".

(imitating John Walsh:)Have you seen this man? Call 1-800-CRIME-TV. He may be be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Nifong hasn't been punished yet, unless you count taking his access badge away. He's still DA. He's still on the payroll. It's the fear of punishment that torments Nifong. There's no hell as bad as that which Nifong has created for himself.

Anonymous said...

Nifong will be bleeding money.

Paying for a lawyer for the contempt charge.

Paying for 60-1000 hrs in legal bills for the DNA reasech Brannon did.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gary Packwood said...

jamil hussein 5:23 said...

...Nifong will stay out of NC and he will be featured in the next "America's Most Wanted".

(imitating John Walsh:)Have you seen this man? Call 1-800-CRIME-TV. He may be be dangerous.
It's not over yet.

Nifong made TIME this week... The Verbatim Section at the front. His picture is in the print edition.,9171,1635832,00.html

TIME makes no mention of the AG's statement of Innocent.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this PSA because it does segue into two important issues that have embroidered this lacrosse case--past and present.

Yesterday and today Chris Matthews' "Hardball" has entertained quite controversial subject matter. As a result, his ratings have apparently soared.

Yesterday, Ann Coulter was his guest for the entire hour. Elizabeth Edwards called in to ask her to stop the "hateful rhetoric".

Instead of the real candidate for Prez calling in, his wife did....under the guise that it was Elizabeth's idea..."on the spur of the moment". LOL!!! LOL!!!

If anyone believes that BS, then you might believe that Edwards has a chance in the election.

Nonetheless, we all remember KC's coverage of Amanda Marcotte.....and we remember her vile, libelous, vulgar, and gutter language as she wrote about Reade, Collin, and Dave.....and the lacrosse case. She had them drawn and Gritty Gang of 88.

Marcotte was on John and Elizabeth Edwards' payroll as an internet analyst (or whatever) for his presidential campaign. Even after John and Elizabeth Edwards were confronted with Marcotte's vulgar rhetoric, they chose to keep her on the payroll until the negative volume was beginning to cut into the campaign and the hypocritical, vulgar, base, and vile language-accepting-John-and-Elizabeth-Edwards....chose to demure only then and let her go.

You see, if Marcotte had not received so many negative responses, Elizabeth Edwards would have been perfectly OK with the vulgarity of Amanda Marcotte; however, when it was clear that Marcotte's language was hurting the campaign, only then did they get rid of her.

Does anyone besides me go into the upchuck realm when listening to that creepy and phony, "goodie-goodie" Elizabeth Edwards call into "Hardball" to chastise Ann Coulter?

Here's what's happening: Barack Obama is destroying every platform that John Edwards has to stand on. Edwards is in danger of being relegated to a second tier candidate status.

The Edwards campaign is in dire need of some press attention......and they also need to raise some money fast.

Therefore, the wife calls in to attack Ann Coulter about long-ago comments because Elizabeth Edwards knows she is a sympathetic figure and no one will ask her tough questions as to her real motives. They are using Coulter to raise money on the Edwards website saying they are fighting to bring "decency back".


Someone needs to remind Elizabeth Edwards about her very cozy snuggle session with Amanda Marcotte---a woman who is so vulgar and talentless. She can never come close to the brilliantly clever writings of Ann Coulter.

This is how desperate and classless the Edwards are.

Second, today at 5PM and the repeat at 7PM, "Hardball" is having a debate outside among a crowd between Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton.

A disclosure: I adore Hitchens, but I can't totally agree with him that there is no G/d. I do detest the erosive effects that organized religion has on society, however.

What is pertinent for me about their debate is when Hitchens told Al Sharpton that if one puts "Reverend" in front of their name, they can get by with anything in this country.


We have only to view the shenanigans that people like "Rev. Dr. Barber" of the NC NAACP has and continues to get away with saying and leaving on their website to know the grave truth of that statement.

In any case, a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton is worth the price of admission!


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of books named "Guilty Until Proven Innocent." KC and Stuart should re-think their title.,GGLR:2006-14,GGLR:en&q=book+%22guilty+until+proven+innocent%22

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Blame Chris Matthews.


Anonymous said...

The "elephant in the living room" to the forgive crowd is the fact that Nifong has yet to own up to his malicious prosecution and beg forgiveness. Until he does that, the question of forgiveness cannot even be considered. Let's stop beating around the bush and talking all the kumbaya crap. Some of us will consider forgiving when he shows us he wants forgiveness, not before. Capice??

Anonymous said...

I've heard the Aryan Brotherhood will protect white inmates for a price. Maybe Nifong better get their number.

Anonymous said...

TO 5:54PM--

I quite agree.

KC's work has been too exhaustive and significant---in a groundbreaking case that will be referred to in law schools through the ages---not to have a more unique and biting title for the book.

I wish he and Stuart would rethink it.


Anonymous said...

TO 6:07PM--

OK, Tony.


Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

Of course Debrah one huge difference between Coulter and Marcotte is that Marcotte was lying about particular individuals, Evans, Finnerty and Seligmann while Coulter was merely using examples of Democrat statements to show her point. If we have learned anything in this case it is that the facts should matter.

It should matter that there was not evidence of a rape and that the Duke three were declared innocent by the NC AG. It should matter that Democrats do actually hound people into an apology or "rehab" for making un PC statements. It should matter that Coulter was maligned for making her point on PC and rehab, while another commentator was given a pass for wishing an asassination attempt against the VP had not failed. It should matter that Edwards has more than once talked about the death of his son claiming he had not spoken to anyone about this previously and has repeatedly invoked his dead son while claiming never to have.

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone besides me go into the upchuck realm when listening to that creepy and phony, "goodie-goodie" Elizabeth Edwards call into "Hardball" to chastise Ann Coulter?"

Yes. I do.

Anonymous said...


I see that you follow current events closely.

Bob Shrum--no Democratic wallflower--relayed in his book just how phony John Edwards is.....all the while using the subject of his dead son as a way to ingratiate himself to those who might open some doors for him.

Let me first say that I don't like getting into family matters, a subject I care nothing about; however, key Democrats have been weighing in on John Edwards lately and they make Ann Coulter's very same points. Yet Coulter is the one attacked for telling the truth.

John Kerry told someone that he was shocked and uncomfortable having to listen to John Edwards RE-TELL a story that he had told Kerry already a year before about his dead son.

Edwards made it sound as if it were a very private and significant disclosure....yet he had done the same thing a year before like reading a script....and didn't even remember that he had already told Kerry.

It's pathetic, really. Even John Kerry knew the utter phoniness and desperation---to the point of using the story of their dead son---of John and Elizabeth Edwards to get to the Oval Office.

Never gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Back to Mike Nifong.....

It's not so difficult to understand what Mikey is going through right now. He played a faithful servant inside the city government machine for almost three decades.

A dutiful cog inside the wheel of justice.....for all.....if you fit inside a university sociology department's idea of "victim".

Poor Mikey is his own victim of arrested development. He never quite evolved beyond the twentieth century '70s approach to matters of discourse and outlook.

Just a few months ago, when--as KC has documented--Mikey was the dutiful Virgo, line-by-line-attention-to-detail scourge.....making all the arrangements for his pension plan. He bought the three years back that he had taken out of his pension long ago to pay for law that he would have accumulated a 30-year pension plan.

That was before a dose of reality was administered to Mikey.

Now that all bets are off.....the fat lady has sung.....there is no one else left to lie to.......

.....Mikey has reverted back to his youthful '70s guitar riffs---a steamy garage session in hopes of shedding his criminality so that he might "get back to the garden".

Mikey is, after all, a man of the people. A righteous dude fighting for those who need a brand of justice that only someone as sensitive as Mikey can achieve.

Bottom line: Mikey has nothing left. His refuge for the road with his guitar is just a way of saying:

I'm ready for my next act--Bohemian Mikey. Oprah will welcome me and my new book with open arms. My life now is one of telling others of my horrific story---one of a great man taken down by evil forces. I'm gonna make some good music now. People will see how multi-faceted I am. I'm gonna make millions off my story.


Anonymous said...

Nifong is a politician. When you are a politician, you play to you base--Clinton, Bush, Edwards, etc.
(Forget Bush as an example, he is not playing to his base--spending, immigration,etc) anyway, being from the LEFT coast, I am telling you, Nifong is an icon out here. I bet he is getting all kinds of support mail from pop bangers from all over the country.

He cannot apologize, he has to say "something happened" --otherwise they will stop supporting him. He'll probably get a job with Jesse or Al. He can be a consultant and travel all over the country, appear on CNN with Nancy,work for Edwards,

Anonymous said...

Debrah - I think you've gotten inside his head surprisingly well. I've been trying to make sense of the guitar comment, trying to see how it fits into this, and yours is the first explanation that starts to make a weird kind of sense.

Unknown said...

Justice for mike nifong.
Pure and simple
Doesn't include his rape, that's what he wanted the Duke boys to get alot of.
Doesn't include his suicide. That's his individual choice, Not justice.
I want him in a court of law with lawyers defending him.
And if found guilty, punished. Not cruely or unusually. See I remember reading that somewhere.

mac said...

Judge Smith was prescient: back in
December, he predicted/warned -
(out loud, to Mikey) - for Mikey
to be careful, that Mikey might
stand before him again. Here is

Again is now.

mac said...

Thanks for the post from the Hurled

If there is any reason to hang
Mike Nifong with his guitar strings,
it's because we'll have to contend
with people like Brock, a certified
fool ("fool" not meant in the
Biblical sense.) Brock - (and
others like him) - makes it hard
not to wish the worst for Nifong.

That's another reason to buy KC's book
when it comes out: buy copies for the local library.

Anonymous said...

TO 8:14PM--

I'm glad that you see the point.

It makes sense that after someone has destroyed all they've done--for good or evil--they then try to revert back to the person they were before that time.

Listen, if Mikey gets his entire pension of over $5,000/month, he can live reasonably well off that.

I am personally repulsed that he is not going to lose his pension--his 30 years in NC government "service".....because he thought nothing of putting Reade, Collin, and David away for 30 years of hard time.

I see Nifong as a senseless evil person who is not unintelligent, but he has spent a lifetime of being indoctrinated with the whole menu of Liberal government largesse. Right and wrong for people like that is not on the same plane as those in society who are in business for themselves and not a part of that unaccountable "system".

The "system" often disregards guilt or innocence and values "usual procedure"......even if warped and distorted as Nifong had done.


Anonymous said...

TO "mac"--

Yes, Brock is a certified nutcase, isn't he?


mac said...


One Flew Over the Nifong's Nest?
Nifong was part of the machine -
he was Nurse Ratchet (and so was

This actually is a great setup
for a Greek Tragedy, where the
protagonist is caught in his own

Except that Nifong is not in any
way a protagonist, and what he's
being caught in is his own hubris,
(which could be a way of saying he's
being strangled by his own curlies.)

Ah, hubris: yet another reference to
Greek Tragedy!

mac said...


Brock is probably an esteemed classmate
of Samples, (hopin' for a
volunteer effort?)

How can anyone be so simpleminded
as this guy?

Anonymous said...

The fact that Smith found probable cause to believe Nifong was in contempt on his own motion as well as the defense's motion doesn't bode well for Nifong.

Smith seems to be perturbed at a minimum.

mac said...

Oh, I forgot: it's the HS.
Brock's a denizen of Durhh.
No need to ask the 'Splaner

KC, you really ought to name your

"The Hoax"
"The Hoax of Amontillado"
(nah - ending's good, though.)
"The Fall of the House of Nifong?"

Needs a Poe-like title, for a Poe-
like story.

"The Telltale DNA?" Nifong hears
the sound of Meehan, explaining
the likelihood of it being the
students, and he hears his own
voice repeating the words:
"We're F'd!"
"We're F'd!"
"We're F'd!"
Like a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

TO "mac"--

You have no idea how much the identities of urchins like Mikey and Cy depend upon the "victim industry".

In their cases, both draw--or drew--very handsome salaries off the race industry and the feminist industry. Very few will strongly challenge those agendas. Mikey and Cy have lived a relatively easy life of local Liberal sainthood.

But now that all the BS and the layers of that facade have been stripped away, we see just how selfish, cheap, declasse, and evil these kinds of people are.

And Cy Gurney is right in there with her main squeeze Mikey. She was flapping her pie hole a mile a minute with Jackie Brown about how to get Mikey his last 4 years in government time as DA.

These are the real villains of our world. The people across the street with respectable positions who carry their Bibles to church and hold candles by the roadside as news cameras snap for the morning papers.......people like Mikey and Cy who have played a role for dumbasses and for those who are as larcenous as they......and now have overplayed that phony role.

Mikey needs to revisit the memories of some of his civil rights heroes at this solemn time in his life.

As Malcolm often opined.....The chickens have come home to roost.


Anonymous said...

I wish to join the mac...Debrah fest.

To Debrah @ 5:52: More than a few speculated that it was Elizabeth Edwards that pursued the nutroots and made the decision to hire Amanda Marcotte. Ms. Edwards' bleatings on the tube today sent hypocrisy meters well into the red zone all across the country.

To mac @ 8:45: Anyone that cannot afford to buy copies of KC's book for local libraries should simply visit their library (or phone them) and fill out multiple request forms for the library to purchase KC's book. Every library has request forms for book selections. It's been my experience that libraries do take into consideration such requests for book purchases.

Conserve Liberty said...

Nifong goes out in style--claiming that he can't resign today because he's at an undisclosed location out of state, out of reach of a fax machine to send in his resignation letter, and so he should be able to set the day of his resignation, rather than have the court do so.

At this point Nifong seems to be all about using every bit of legal artifice to frustrate the will of the court and the people - Oh, Wait!! - that's been the point all along.

Anonymous said...

How about ol' Elizabeth Edwards - is she a trip or what? I mean, here is her husband being ridiculed as the silky pony, somewhat less than manly, still wearing his gradeschool haircut but paying more for it - and his wife calls in to defend him? That's going to win him some points with the Joe Lunchpail crowd. Elizabeth - make them stop saying mean things about me! Grow up, John! Be a man for a change.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...Post the partisan BS elsewhere....

This post aint about Edwards or Coulter!! Geez...

Both of those people suck anyway, except Coulter did write about the LAX case and totally defended CDR....What did Edwards do??

Urgh!!! See you guys are even sucking me into this lameness.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Linwood Wilson singing on His testimony for the Lord will warm your hearts.

Anonymous said...

To "mac"--

I can't believe that a whole year has past since I had a rough-and-tumble with the editorial guy (Torrey) at the N&O about this letter.

I had a glorious column all ready---one that was so hot that I kissed myself all over after reading it....LOL!!!---but it took a long time for the N&O's editorial pages to catch up to their grand reporter Joe Neff on this case. They wouldn't print anything critical of their initial rush to judgment for months and months.

They allowed whole pages for people like Tim Tyson and Allan Gruganus with their stereotypical storylines even after evidence was surfacing that the lacrosse players had done nothing.

I still wince thinking about my grand column not going to print because it was too truthful for them to take.....however....I adore the fact that this letter was printed exactly a year ago today and everything has worked out beautifully as it should have.




Anonymous said...

Good point, other than we have beaten this dead horse before. Edwards, or his smarmy wife, hired a blogger, who swore, like Mikey, that something happened.

But it is off topic, so I will cease now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if a porno producer has used the Duke metasource material for a porno?

I can see it now: Panties getting it 3 ways on top of the boys' lacrosse sticks.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


As hard as he fought to get the max pension, do you really think he's going to fly the coop now? The cock will fight before he gives it up.

Anonymous said...

A. Hitler fooled lots of people because they could not get their minds around the size and the craziness of his real agenda. In that time, nearly everybody thought that he killed certain people so he could take over territories. In actual fact, he was taking over territories SO THAT HE COULD KILL CERTAIN PEOPLE.
This is a concept that most sane, healthy people have a lot of trouble digesting; but if you are ever faced with such a monster in the flesh, it is important to understand as soon as possible.
How should M. Nifong be punished? I think an excellent case could be made that he did not just harm innocent people so he could be a DA, he became a DA so he could harm innocent people.
When he tried to stab at the LAX guys one last time with "I still think something happened" he let the mask fall enough for us to behold the mystery of evil incarnate.
Hint: His sort have utter contempt towards anyone who shows them mercy. They already know what they are.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:57...

Nothing wrong with having your spouse stand up with you whether you are right or wrong! It is what a spouse is supposed to do!

There are billions of examples of this...including Cy Gurney.

Anonymous said...

for a new book title for KC's book, my vote right now goes for "THE HOAX", or even better(?), "THE DUKE HOAX".

Anonymous said...

Debrah, thanks for reminding us about Tim Tyson, because one of the biggest mysteries to me of this whole Hoax is how Tyson managed to sign NEITHER the First or Second of the Gang of 88 statements.

Anonymous said...

This is my first post to this website, although I have been following this story from day one. KC Johnson, you have done a great job documenting this case.

I do not feel bad for Nifong. He should be in jail for what he has done. The lacrosse players and their families have every right to sue Nifong. They spent a lot of money for their defense when Nifong knew there was no reason to pursue this case.

Mike Nifong, if you had been honest in the Duke Lacrosse Case and had lost the election last year, where would you be now? Maybe not the DA of Durham County? There are a lot worse places to be as you now know. You put three innocent men and their families through a lot of pain last year for your own political gain. Was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

What a prescient letter to the editor by Debrah -- it well-deserves a place in KC's book as well as republication here:

One could place the Grand Canyon between the show put on by Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong early on when he excitedly jumped out in front of the national media and what the real evidence has shown.
Many of us were led to believe that a rape had definitely taken place. Nifong went so far as to call the lacrosse players "hooligans." Putting aside other issues that clearly show this case was botched from the start, such a horrific attempt to soil the reputations of these young men before any factual evidence was available is reason enough for the citizens of North Carolina to see that he is disbarred. This kind of abusive conduct is simply unacceptable when the lives of others are at stake.

Take a moment to imagine. If these men were black athletes from N.C. Central University who had been accused of rape by a white stripper with such non-existent evidence against them as exists in this Duke case, what does anyone think would be happening right now?

With a large and powerful black population in Durham, race pimping has paid off for Nifong, politically; however, his career as a prosecutor is another matter.

Debrah Correll

Chapel Hill

Anonymous said...

debrah are you suffering from some type of deprivation in your life?

Anonymous said...

what sort of "deprivation" do you have in mind?

Gary Packwood said...

Debrah 7:38 said...

...Mikey is, after all, a man of the people. A righteous dude fighting for those who need a brand of justice that only someone as sensitive as Mikey can achieve.
I have been thinking about that all week. I wonderful how many people there are out there who believe that you really are guilty until proven innocent?

We don't teach much civics anymore in the schools so perhaps we have a whole segment of our population that is in complete harmony with Nifong's pitch.

Anonymous said...

re book title


SEMEN, PANTIES, AND FECKLESS HONKIES: The Black Agenda and Its Discontents


Anonymous said...

As for the first poster 11:59PM--

Thank you for printing the letter; however, I did provide the link.....and also thanks for your generosu comments.



As for the tail end poster 11:59PM--

I'm sure that I do not comprehend such a statement.


Indeed. Far too much injustice in this world. We all should be feeling a tad "deprived".

I regret that this topic has you so nonplussed.


Anonymous said...

TO GP 12:06AM--

I think you may be right. :>)


Anonymous said...

Race Pimpin: Don't hate the playa, hate the game!

Anonymous said...

Mr Deprivation,

I enjoy humor, but I fail to get yours. Is this "deprivation" trope an old-fashioned lack-of-cock joke? If it is, I sure didn't get it.


Anonymous said...

king kong went to hong kong to play ping pong with his rubber Fong Dong!

Anonymous said...

TO 11:55AM--

Timothy Tyson was too busy furthering his agenda by beating us to death with his "exposé" of the Wilmington riots.

It is my belief that he pushed that whole agenda just as the Duke lacrosse case had heated up.

I won't give details of exchanges I have had with the editorial staff at the N&O as well as their publisher; however, they can in no way be proud of what they did concerning this case.

Even as the lacrosse players have been declared innocent, there are no mea culpas for allowing such incendiary columns by ultra liberals with personal agendas to be featured prominently as if their words were facts.

Timothy Tyson is a rotund bottom-feeder who has no shame.

As for the 60-ish Gurganus, he's as gay as a New Year's Eve party. Who can even think about criticizing him for going after Reade, Collin, and David?

Why.....that would be do you say?.....oh, I know-----rude.


Anonymous said...

Proposed book titles:

Frame of Reference
Academic Failure
Precious Lies
The Facts Matter
Bull, Durham
The DA, The DNA and Duke
When Facts and Ideaologies Collide
A Greek (Row) Tragedy
The Fiasco
Potbangers in Academia
The Problem with Paradigms
Durham, No Clue
Heroes, Heels and Whores
The Old-Fashioned Way
Hoaxology 101 at Duke

Anonymous said...

Some of the posts bring up a disturbing possibility, namely after all the publicity and hearings end, might Nifong pop back up somewhere on the Durham or NC legal scene as maybe a court clerk or some other position where a law license is not required? Would his band of enablers be so bold as to sneak him back into the system in some way? As a man with a law degree and over 30 years of experience, he has the credentials, or would this nullify his pension?

mac said...

I can see why you're so proud
of your letter! It's precise,
and what a bulls'eye!

"Me" 9:27
Thanks for the info!

mac said...


Considering Nifey's penchant for
bullying, don't be surprised if he
seeks revenge in some bizarre

Out of state?

Out of his state-of-mind.