Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brad Bannon on Nancy Grace

One of the highlights of the five-day disciplinary proceedings that culminated in Mike Nifong's disbarment.


Anonymous said...

That was too funny. It took over 4 minutes to get to the punch line, but it was worth it.

He made a strong point as well.

Chicago said...

Long live Tenacious B!

Anonymous said...

Grace . . . an interesting surname for a woman so lacking but so in need of grace!

Anonymous said...

Love the pimp slap at Nancy...even got Mr. Williamson laughing

Chicago said...

Did anyone notice how everyone laughed except for Nifong? Even Williamson was cracking up pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brad!

Anonymous said...

It underscores Nifong's horrible misuse of power.

It wasn't even a matter of being mistaken; it's a matter of deliberate lies.

I think the reason Willsamson specifically discounted "evil" is that would give Nifong a reason for his actions instead of their being his choices.


Anonymous said...

What do Crystal Mangum and Nancy Grace have in common? They're both precious. lol

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Brad's statement "who really cares about Nancy Grace" precludes future civil action against her since it seems to say that her words had little negative impact?

Anonymous said...

For the broadband impaired, dial-up only, what was said? I need a laught today. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Answering a question about how they would have proceeded differently if the public statements were not made.
If they were made by nancy.
Who cares what she says.
Followed up with.
She shouldn't be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Bannon's remark about Nancy Grace was a rare moment of comic relief in the whole somber proceeding. I felt like I was witnessing an execution.

Anonymous said...

Actually Brad's response was to what would the defense have done differently in the "but for" Nifong's comments world, i.e. if it were only Nancy Grace making statements. His response was in effect "in that type of scenario no one would have cared what she was saying." Nifong's condemnation of the players, in addition to DisGraceful's words had tremendous negative impact...

However, excellent, albeit longwinded, response by Bannon

Anonymous said...

Bannon "Who really cares what nancy grace says".

Williamson "she isn't on court tv anymore, I understand"(laughing).

Bannon "she need not be anywhere".

Williamson " I get your answer there".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, KC, I don't use a TV in my home and couldn't get on youtube last night for some reason so this is first I've seen of video of the event.

Would love to see David Evan's speech, also Reade's and Mrs. Finnerty's.

These people have become, in a sense, our extended families in that we have identified with them in their plight, we have prayed for them, written letters and emails to legislators, educators, politicians, etc., on their behalf, and followed DIW, Bill Anderson, Gaynor, JinC, LS, CrystalMess, LaShawn, Johnsville News, and some others, not wanting to miss a thing so that we could do, say or write whatever was within our realm of influence to contribute to the vindication of these young men and to hopefully, further insure that politicians and prosecutors are put on notice that this is still America and we still expect our freedoms to remain intact.

I'm aware the aforewritten (not a word but using it anyway) paragraph needs editing but time is limited so I'm going to leave it as is.

We are deeply appreciative of your efforts on behalf of these families and on behalf of the citizens of the Unites States of America as you have fought for freedom. Thanks , KC.

MikeZPurdue said...

You can leave a comment for Nancy Grace at
the link above. I hope a lot of us leave her
comments. She claims to fight for victims,
but she is gutless and spineless. On the day
the AG declared the boys innocent, she had
a fill-in on her show. It is my understanding,
she did the same thing this week.

She doesn't have to encourage to admit she
was wrong. I am sending her a note.
I'll be diplomatic but to the point.

Cedarford said...

"Who cares what Nancy Grace says" is a nice dismissal, but Brad Bannon's bravado does not address how important a majority of the media clinging to the "approved storyline metanarrative" were in poisoning public opinion.

He could have just as easily said that he didn't care what Brodhead or the Group of 88 said (or for that matter what KC Johnson said) because the "important stuff is left to the sphere of lawyers in robes, lawyers in prosecution, and lawyers hired if accused can afford them".

IMO, a reckless lynch mob media in the early days, typified by Ruth Sheehan before her recantation, set up presumption of guilt as much as Nifong did.

Later, we did see the true ideologues like Duff Wilson, Wahneema, Kim Curtis, Levicy, Wendy Murphy, and Nancy Grace separate from the elements of the "white privilege bashing Left media, Durhamites, and Duke employees" that still retained enough objectivity to realize (and rarely admit) they were wrong.

Most never leveled with their audiences or Duke community Kimberley Guilfoyle and "GRETA" were part of a pack that quietly retired their ropes and nooses after the DNA came back, never admitted error.

On an individual level, perhaps Bannon can scorn the impact of a single Nancy Grace or a single kook professor.

But it was pervasive. At one point, it was all the MSM and almost all the elites calling for their heads. Even after proof enough was found to at least shut up rational people, elements persisted, and the dysfunctional AA community of Durham elected Nifong.

And from the outset, it was based on the willingness to believe a drug addled black prostitute with multiple arrests, past false accusations, and conflicting stories trumped the veracity of 46 accused men of outstanding character, a co-stripper of better character --simply on grounds of the supposed moral superiority and higher credibility of her race, class, and gender.

The rest of America was put on notice that the Lefties now seek to take their class warfare into the legal system like they did in Stalin's and the Bolsheviks day.

I think there has been such a strong reaction to the lacrosse case because people are waking up to the threat to most Americans of the Left, the bigoted, the haters now using the legal system to try and criminalize and intimidate whole classes of America If we didn't have enemy enough with radical Islamists and Rising China - we also have the enemy within that holds individual innocence or guilt is irrelevant - collective social justice is the objective - and that requires academic punishment, job discrimination, party line thinking, prison and and perhaps one day if they get enough power -even "just" executions - for those of the wrong beliefs, class, race, and genders. Necessary to correct their "overprivilege" and achieve true "social justice".
The natural defense is to work to drive the bastards out of positions of authority and influence, because the Duke lacrosse case was not an aberration, but a manifestation.

Fortunately these post-mod Marxists and Gramsicans are in a minority outside radical activists, black racists, wealthy Jewish progressives that use NGOs and law to bypass democracy, and sheltered campus elites.

From the Sulzbergers of the NY Times and Soros-funded legal activist NGOs on down to scum like Chan Hall and Wendy Murphy, the Duke case was also about the American majority and their still viable institutions backlash against their effort to make MSM and law vehicles of Soviet-style agiprop and gulag-driven societal progress over necessarily victimized innocents of the oppressor class.

Michael said...

re: 1:08

WRAL has the most complete video archive of the trial that I've seen so far. They do have Reade's testimony though they chopped off his impressive academic resume.

They have Mrs. Finnerty, Dave Evans (the dad) and much more.

Mike Nifong State Bar Ethics Trial Video

Anonymous said...

Yes, but remember this whole affair rightfully brought to some sense of justice has been a very, near thing indeed. The march to the truth has been painful, costly, and nearly impossible. The Duke University administration, the Group88, the Durham Police Departmant, the New Black Panther Party, judges. and others were more than just enablers of a hoax. They were the lynch mob of injustice. They were the yahoos and the Snopses of blind vindictitive behavior.

Anonymous said...

1:53 PM
"The march to the truth has been painful, costly, and nearly impossible"

It wasn't a march, it was a crap shoot. If the defense lost by pure chance, the enablers (Brodhead, G88, police, etc) would still be pushing and manipulating the hoax.

aberman said...

Nancy Grace will never be part of a successful civil lawsuit. Brad hurt her in the most important way you can hurt a TV news and opinion personality-- ridicule and dismissal.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Duke is not a state school.

Jamie said...

1:53 & 2:09 - the "justice" that came out of this was most certainly partly based on luck, and that's not taking anything away from the defense team.

The odds were heavily stacked against the players, and avid stackers came from everywhere - Durham community, NAACP, the churches, MSM, DPD, local news, Duke admin and faculty, feminists, even sports blogs... the list is exhausting and frightening.

Regardless of the evidence, had this gotten to trial Nifong would have - at a minimum - secured some guilty votes. That was all he needed to retire as a "hero", and those players would have been vilified forever.(I see blogs today that re-accuse them anyway).

Many, many lucky things worked for the accused, including the arrogant sloppiness of the framers and the almost extraterrestrial nature of the accuser. One can't count on that being the case each time.

I worry that one lesson of this fiasco will be to those who would frame and railroad innocents in the future: do a better job, find a much better accuser.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video of David Evan's dad giving his testimony: Wow. Eloquent. Moving. Amazingly powerful. He mentioned several times how proud he was of his son, and his son must have been extremely proud of him at that moment, too.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected...I did my research...Duke is not a state school, it is a private school with tuition and fees, excluding books and personal costs, total esimated annual cost $43,075 (according to Duke website):

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of lawyers as a rule, but I, too, was indeed moved by Mr. Evans' testimony. His statements regarding the REAL victims were powerful to say the least. His disgust for Nifong was obvious and the contolled venom he unleashed upon Nifong and the rest was devastating. It gave me a chill. I only hope that Nifong was able to understand the emorional devastation for which he is responsible, but I fear his mental state at this point is far removed from normal or even near normal. I wonder if he will ever have a psychiatric evaluation.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Evans testimony

I consider this the best Father's Day present I've ever received; thank goodness for technology.

By the end of today, I'll make sure my wife and children watch this to gain better understanding.

I'll point out that when Mr. Evans turns his head to his right that he is speaking directly to Mike Nifong.

I'll point out than when Mrs. Evans turns her teary-eyed head to her left, that she is looking at Mike Nifong.

I'll ask them if they think that whatever Mrs. Evans is holding in her left hand is the St. Raymond medallion.

It is a remarkable, moving testimony.

One other thought…one can rest assured that the Evan's counsel is calculating the cost of the lost JP Morgan job. Over a thirty-five year career, partner track, bonuses, etc., it alone represents tens of millions, or more, in quantifiable damages.

Anonymous said...

re: 1:23 Thank you.


re: Jamie 2:38

Good observations. I would also like to remind folks that many prayers were prayed as this situation developed and progressed.

It is my belief that God was at work, in response to the many petitions made through prayer, orchestrating events to coincide with men's and women's efforts.

I have been thanking Him for all He's done in this case to help us retain our freedoms here on this earth.

Anonymous said...

no, highly respected group of professors at highly respected top school have stated that the REAL VICTIMS are the group of 88 highly respected professors, whose syllabi got scrutinized!

John Edwards is also a victim. His Chief Campaign blogger was exposed as a racist left-wing liberal wacko with no regard for constitutional rights or due process. She lost her job as a blogger!

Thank god they have been compensated. Gang88 got their department elevated and Gang88 were named powerful Duke positions. John Edwards blogger is now the hero among dailykos kids.

There is still justice in the world!

Anonymous said...

I think I heard the judge saying something like "you can commit a fraud even by being silent".

This should apply to ADAs at Nifong's office. They remained silent (as officers or court) when it was evident that Nifong was lying and hiding evidence. They must be punished.

Anonymous said...

Fox news cable is having a Nifong case show at 4 pm.

They call the black panthers, al sharpton, what do they think?

Where are the protestors?

What about the ADAs in his office?

Someone needs to investigate.

At least that whats they say they are showing.

Anonymous said...

There's a youtube poster, devilbear, who has a number of good videos of the hearing. There's also a video of Victoria Peterson injecting herself into a WRAL reporter's broadcast in there.

Anonymous said...

I heard Brad's remarks the first time, but they truly are classic. His was one great testimony!!

Anonymous said...

lynch mob of injustice

It couldn't have been said better.

New term--brodheaded

to get bitch slapped by the top administrator of your school

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

KC, have you e-mailed Nancy Graceless lately, if so has she ever responded ? Maybe she should have you and Bill Anderson on her show along with her buddy Wendy.

Anonymous said...

My only wish is that the cameraman had panned back so that we could have seen that Nifong was the only one, including his lawyers, not laughing at the Nancy Grace joke. Speaking of jokes and Nancy Grace, her "television show", if you can really call it that, is on tonight. Everyone enjoy the freak show!

Anonymous said...

TO 1:15PM--

You definitely need to have a lunch with Dinesh D'Souza. His most recent book covers many of the same issues.


Anonymous said...

"From the Sulzbergers of the NY Times and Soros-funded legal activist NGOs on down to scum like Chan Hall and Wendy Murphy, the Duke case was also about the American majority and their still viable institutions backlash against their effort to make MSM and law vehicles of Soviet-style agiprop and gulag-driven societal progress over necessarily victimized innocents of the oppressor class."

whew - long post, but thought-provoking!

How would the Hoax "road to justice" have played out if it occurred 10 years from now, following passage of the proposed Immigration Bill legislators are trying to ram down our thoats? With amnesty granted to 10-12 million illegals in 2007, how different will the legal culture be 10 years hence? How much more impact would Wahneena Lubiano and the G88 have in shaping how the "new Amerika" thinks about white minority, falsely accused defedants?

Maybe the OJ outcome is what the future would hold, where the guilty run free, and conversely the innocent are incarcerated on fraudulent charges.

Thanks Teddy Kennedy.