Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nifong False Statements

Nifong made several false statements.

March 21: SANE report received
March 29: Nifong reads SANE report
March 30: SBI tells Nifong results of rape kit were negative
March 31: MSNBC--Nifong says that he has spoken with the crime lab and perhaps condoms were used.

This statement wasn't made in response to a hypothetical question from Dan Abrams--Nifong introduced it himself.

Brocker: statements dishonest on their face, but also can be argued that part of Nifong strategy to conceal DNA findings.

Have been many other statements that were misleading.

DNA statements were misleading

April 10: Nifong acknowledges unidentified DNA.
April 11: Nifong comment at NCCU--if you don't have DNA, it might just mean that there is no DNA. But Nifong knows otherwise.

Silence of the players

These Nifong statements also were misleading--knew on March 27 that the three captains had cooperated.

Nifong: "Why are they so unwilling to tell us in their own words what happened here?"

Statements of Certainty

Told that Crystal Mangum had told many inconsistent stories--yet Nifong expressed it as certainty that rape occurred.

Nifong himself knew that doubts existed--comment to Himan: "You know we're fucked."

Yet in public, Nifong is saying "there's no doubt a sexual assault took place."

Nifong's Intent

Knew that he would be fired in Freda Black won.

Trouble with PowerPoint presentation--Williamson interjects: "You can continue the old-fashioned way."

Could be no legitimate reason for Nifong to be on national news to convince people locally to come forward--and Nifong profits politically. Gets to his mindset.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand liars.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Stonewall of Silence" -- Great example of a Nifong false and misleading statements.

How can they not nail Nifong?

Anonymous said...

The panel has a BIG hammer ready...

Anonymous said...

Good to see Nancy has joined us.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:46
Of course we are railroading him.
This is NC, that's what we do.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:46 --- Nancy Grace

Anonymous said...

I this is a devastating (for Nifong)summation. He is toast.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen...

Mr. Nifong is a prophet, his March 27 statement is true.


Anonymous said...

Wish they had some AV help. Nice line about continuing in "the old fashion way".

Anonymous said...

Nifong will always be the DA of Durham County in the minds of many people. Even though he resigns (he never did say *when* his resignation would be in effect), he will always be the DA of Durham County.

Yes, Mike Nifong will always be the DA (dumb ass) of Durham County!

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS rehearse!

Jack said...

Clearly, Nifong has a mental defect, one that goes beyond that which caused him to become a lawyer in the first place. Not that he shouldn’t be punished for his actions, but there can be no other explanation for such consistently aberrant behavior.

Anonymous said...

Mickey likes to see himself on tv.
I see a reality show in his future.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Jesse down here having prayer meeting with Nifong like he did with Billary?

Anonymous said...

Any chance Nifong will pull a "Bud Dwyer"?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Wall of Silence, does anyone think the Group of 88 will respond to this hearing in any way?

Anonymous said...

new thread.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Wall of Silence, does anyone think the Group of 88 will respond to this hearing in any way?

Yep, at 946, right here!

Anonymous said...

This DA may just get a suspension -and yet Nifong did not ever believe Mangum - couldn't have- and he would never have dropped the charges even after his election was secure. He used the MSM, the Black community and the extreme agendists like his own prostitutes, and they allowed it. They loved it.

Nifong would, if he could have, sent three accused he knew to be innocent to a truly nightmarish stint in prison. They might not have survived; they would certainly have been hellishly brutalized. Nifong was aware of that. He seems to have felt nothing.

Nifong did not then, and does not now, believe that anything actionable happened in that bathroom, he cried on the stand only to soften the cross examination, he did not apologize, um...every single one of his cases needs to be reviewed...and, honestly, anyone who feels the slightest bit sorry for this chilling, destructive, disgusting POS, I sort of feel a little bit sorry for.

Anonymous said...

The G88 are enjoying their summer vacation and being as lazy as possible. Why would they get involved with this mess? Do you think they give beans about this or anything else?

At the beginning, they thought stupidly that lax case was a good opportunity to attack their students and get some ugly stuff out of their beings (cleanse themselves so to speak, of the dirt and hatred that accumulates over time) which they did. Now, they realize this is a bottomless pit so they go off and enjoy the summer. Those creeps have the best of both worlds! The 88ers come in when it is an opportune time, and they tune out, ‘lay low’ when the going gets tough. They are low lives -- lower than anything and anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Looks like other rape-hoaxing, black 'students'who were hoping to hop on the gravy train - while the hopping was hot, are going to have to wait. Until things settle down. Jesse has promised to let them know when the coast is clear.