Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Praising Beth Brewer

Mike Nifong has officially been served the papers suspending him as DA; the Durham County Sheriff took Nifong's badge and keys to the DA's office today. It's worth remembering, though, that the only reason an avenue existed to remove the disgraced DA is because Beth Brewer filed a civil complaint. At the time, the move attracted some criticism; in retrospect, Brewer has been vindicated.


Anonymous said...

Hope they wired his office before they let him in there the other day, since this narcissist was probably stupid enough to not shred any damning evidence before then.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Beth Brewer for her dedication to forcing this process. She has certainly been one of the heroes of the Hoax!!


Anonymous said...

OT but an idea about punishment for the 88

Duke Alumni & donors could get together and issue a statement that their future donations carry a stipulation that absolutely zero money goes to any department at Duke where one of the 88 is employed unless each one or as a group issues a full and unconditional apology for their behavior.

Anonymous said...

At least SOMEONE in Durham has vision, wisdom and courage.

Anonymous said...

The best way to get rid of the 88 is to make sure absolutely no students register for any of their classes, but I'm not naive enough to think that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Well, the ringleader is not a fully tenured guy, if I read the aaas page summary of him correctly.

Hope this little charade makes it hard for him to get thru that hurdle.

Anonymous said...

A special Father's Day thank you

Dear Dads,
Thanks for helping us through this terrible ordeal that is now, hopefully, over. Thanks for bearing up under the embarrassment you suffered at your law firms and investment houses when word got around that your sons had paid for strippers to come to the house and perform. Had we not been so anxious to sit among our teammates and watch nude women perform demeaning acts, this would never have happened (not that we deserved all of this). And we’re sorry for the shame that you and mom must have felt at the club, at church and the prep school fund raisers, with all those coiffed and tanned friends of yours casting an evil eye your way. Thanks for helping us lawyer-up and battle the nasty liberals and PC police, those jealous under-achievers and affirmative action beneficiaries. They still don’t get how important it is that we make our money, trade our stocks, pad our nests – where else would the money that fuels their lives come from but us? We’ve have learned an important lesson: how good we have it, and how important it is that we protect it from those whose envy and deception would take it from us. We will do our charity work (hospital courier, only), make a monthly donation to the soup kitchen, and speak eloquently about the evils out there that few can afford to protect themselves against. Fortunately, we can.

D, C, and R

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOhhhhhh --- what a jealous little loser!!!! Envy envy! How unattractive....are you G88?

Anonymous said...

Great work, Beth Brewer! We thank you for being one of the few citizens of Durham to step up and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

D, C, and R:

Don't you just hate it when a good old fashioned railroading goes bad?

Oh well, you can always try to elect a new DA in the old school mold of Nifong. But something tells me you'll be hard pressed to get the votes together for another incompetent weasel like him. Even in Durham.

Anonymous said...

I disagree - the "something happened" group is in the majority here. Facts never stop liberals or democrats. They cannot help being morons. It is as important to them as breathing or thinking is to normal people.

Anonymous said...

Dear D C and R:

Our truth kicked your meta-narrative's ass -- deal with it.

Oh, wait, I forgot -- you are incapable of dealing with "an inconvenient truth".

Anonymous said...

D, C, and R:

If you're going to go on making judgemental remarks about the character of young men who hire strippers, you're going to have to be just as self-righteous and critical about the women who freely agree to be hired to do the stripping.

It takes two to tango, as your mother told you.

Anonymous said...

I have to admitt, I never thought this would go through the system. Kudos to Beth,

Anonymous said...

Beth's complaint ended up being the opposite of a 'get out of jail free' card. Judge Hudson just keep it until he needed it.

Anonymous said...

D, C and R:

Dick Broadhead, Cy Gurney and Rectal Itch?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how some people are still bitter towards the falsely accused players after all that has happened.

Anyone who has a son should watch Reade Seligman's testimony in front of the bar....then post about their feelings towards him.

I can tell you this, Reade Seligman is a great student, athlete, and man. His parents can be very proud. And those who continue to malign him are either fools or just plain dishonest.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be upset at the bitter, vindictive, hate filled fool who wrote that DC&R post, but look at it another way - they're coming here and having to deal with the fact that KC and his supporters have been RIGHT ALL ALONG and that the supporters of the meta-narrative not only have been wrong, but have been PUBLICLY shamed! That is more galling to them than any humiliation could any be, and the added knowledge that Duke yesterday gave the boys the lifetime salary of any of those professors (ok, I'm guessing, but you know it's close) must have them all foaming at the mouth!

And to know that this came about because of THEIR HERO'S OWN ACTIONS!

I look at that DC&R post, think of the miserably pathetic and hopeless life hiding behind the words, and all I can say is...


Mobius Strip said...

To the Dear Daddy jerk...

I am not quite sure why it is so relevant that these guys were from upper-middle class and upper class homes. What, do frat boys at midwestern state schools who come from blue-collar or rural families don't ever hire strippers, attend strip clubs, etc? Do men who live in inner city ghettos treat women with the utomst respect?

Why is their parents' income relevant here? Do rich people not deserve justice? Perhaps in Marxist terms they don't and it doesn't matter through what immoral acts they are forced to tumble from power. The way you and your types speak is as if the facts don't matter here, the meta-narrative is more important (as a previous commenter said). Just like "I, Rigoberta Manchu", Angela Davis, and Tawana Brawley, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4:25 and 4:29 couldn't articulate but you did.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4:25 and 4:29 couldn't articulate but you did.

Anonymous said...

D, C and R.
I'm guessing 2 women and a male with just one testicle. It was his idea to use one initial to their real names.
It must really suck right now, being on the losing side and all. Having your "cause" take such a hit. Not just now, been in the future also.
definitely sucks to be you.

Anonymous said...

What's particularly amusing is all the self righteous, chest thumping know it alls, who, having been on the laxers' side, now feel a personal sense of vindication. As if they are actually more connected to this case other than by mere cyber space. As if they actually had something to do with the outcome. As Nifong was characterized as "self-delusional" so to the posters, who think their little pearls of wisdom are anything more than an outlet for their own over inflated sense of importance to the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear D,C, & R:

Not to worry, your father's are very proud of you. They know that you made a stupid foolish mistake (one that young people make all the time) and that you owned up to it. They know that you didn't deserve the torment and scorn you received from small minded people who trusted a lying rogue prosecutor who race baited the black community of Durham and was only concerned with himself to the end.

Most importantly they know that you told the truth and maintained your dignity throughout this unfair ordeal.

They also know that there are people out there who will cling to the fantasy that something happened, despite the conclusive proof otherwise. Your dads know that there are ignorant small minded people out there who have never met you and don't know you and will still think, write, and say bad things about you based on the fact that you are white and your families are succussful.

Yes, your dads know there are bigots on both sides of this case, and they will still be bigots when it's over. Your dads are content. They are content in the fact that you made a mistake, and handled the unfair immoral and illegal actions of others who tried to capitalize on it with honor.

Your dads are thankful that you're their sons. Your dads are thankful that you are their sons and you're not small minded racists who judge peoeple they don't know based on things other than their character.

Your dads are thankful you are who you are, and that you're nothing like some of the small minded bigots who post garbage about you on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Kool Aid drinking Trolls do not deserve the time it takes to answer their silly post.

Did you all know Steel doesn't burn too? Someone ask Rosie how those 9 brave men died in Charleston last night.

I am sorry, I REALLY hate these A**holes.


Anonymous said...

"What's particularly amusing is all the self righteous, chest thumping know it alls,"

Ahh yes, you mean the 88 professors whose sole contribution to this travesty was to convict three innocent men, right?

I mean, talk about your self-righteous chest-thumping, nothing screams self-righteousness louder than "Thank you for not waiting," and "castrate" because we all now know how that poor, black, exotic dancer, single mother and struggling college student would never have made up a tale about a brutal gang rape, and then umm, named as one of her attackers a man who was in another state at the time of the alleged crime.

Nooooo, sanctimonious preaching from those who brought us the "hook up culture" now want to be taken seriously by a world that watched as their silly, nonsensical meta-narratives, their foolish and injurious rush to judgment and their repeated displays of intellectual dishonesty, moral ambiguity and outright cowardice have been shown for what reasonable men and women have known all along -- bullshit.

Maybe thugniggaintellectual can get all gangsta again and preach to us; maybe Wahneema "I'll get that book writen any day now" Lubiano can cough up some more of that indecipherable prose the way a cat hacks up a fur ball.

"now feel a personal sense of vindication."

I mean, goddamn you people, how dare you feel vindicated when the system of justice this nation is founded upon works? How dare you feel connected to a case that exposed prosecutorial misconduct, professorial abdication and a lack of moral courage that makes George Bush look like a war hero?

How dare you criticize from afar? How dare you say mean things about small-minded, demagogues? How dare you claim some sort of satisfaction from the disbarment of a wholly unethical man?

Listen shitbirds, you fools had your chance to own up to your slander, to your ridiculously skewed world view, instead, you banged your pots, made complete asses of yourselves and have been justly criticized, ridiculed and excoriated for it.

You're damn right I feel smug, and jubilant at the fact that three innocent men were vindicated, any rational human being would feel so, because it means your on the side of justice.

And yes, you blithering fumbledicks, if you haven't figured out from my name, I live in California, so unless you have something constructive to offer, unless you have an apology to make, I ask only this: have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...


Well done! You are awesome! Thanks for providinng the final step to his speedy departure.

Nifong is ... unbelievable. 28 days to clean out his desk? You saved the world the indignity of his remaining in office.

I just wish Hudson would say who called him and straightened him out yesterday after he took a pass on your complaint.

I hope you run for the seat KC metinoed.


Anonymous said...

It's hilarious to see that KC's enemies are driven to read the comments on this site, even though they hate everything he stands for. Things like justice, honesty, and truth.

Anonymous said...


Well done Beth, great job.

Now we have to move on and STOP the Amnesty Bill!

Anonymous said...

Jun 19, 2007 3:16:00 PM wrote:

>The best way to get rid of the 88 is to make sure absolutely no students register for any of their classes, but I'm not naive enough to think that will happen.<

No. That's not how it works. So far that I can tell, most of the 88 are full-time professors, and many are tenured. As such, they are obligated and guaranteed to teach a number of classes - usually from three to five, depending on the university. If these professors' own class failed to fill, they can take over the class of another professor, usually an adjunct professor. In some universities, the adjuncts' name is often listed as "TBA" in the course catalog next to the course, just for this kind of arrangement. The tenured professor will still get his salary in full. It is the adjunct professor who will get screwed, through no fault of his own.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:48 Kemp -- he always cuts to the chase. Trolls need to stay under the bridge -- harping at the 3 Billy Goats Gruff should be their lot in life...

Are these sanctimonious moralists the same folks who tut-tutted that we should pay no attention to Slick Willie's "Lewinski moments" because they were his off-limits "personal life" matters? How, then, can the 88 moralists and other Trolls reconcile their statements that "the party" should not have involved strippers as the entertainment of the evening? Friggin' hypocrytes.

Anonymous said...

Another thing. Has anyone looked at Judge Hudson's order (it's on the N&O website as a .pdf...)? Damn thing appoints Robert Zaytoun, a fine Raleigh attorney, as the "special prosecutor", but he'll not be the classic federal style special prosecutor with power to seek indictments or bring charges. He's being appointed to be the prosecutor on Beth Brewer's special proceeding to remove Nifungo, and he's to report back to the court in 30 days with his findings.

Um, hello? Didn't Nifungo say "Color me gone on July 13, about 24 days from now"? Doesn't that render a special prosecutor's efforts moot? Wouldn't the entire proceeding be rendered moot?

Another observation -- Nifungo is suspended as of today, but with pay, pending Zaytoun's investigation. Seems to me that just gives the disgraced prosecutor a chance to head down the highway to the beach with a paid vacation....

Wonderland? Wonders never cease....


Anonymous said...

I think you're right, tatercon - Zaytoun's appointment is the proverbial fig leaf which evaporates on July 13 - well, I won't take the analogy farther than that, although it's oddly appropriate.

Even though he's suspended with pay, that at least blocks his ability to go in and shred files, something he was probably too stupid and arrogant to do before now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beth.

Anonymous said...


I just laughed when I read to false letter. It figures, you must be one of the 88

I laughed because you have been relagated to this. No podium for you. You will forever be a bottom feeder.


Anonymous said...

What was Mikey's day like today. His first on paid leave. Perhaps, he met Crystal and Victoria for lunch and then went to church with them.

Anonymous said...

Ten thousand cheers and thunderous applause for you, Beth Brewer. That single act of filing the petition thrilled and encouraged all of us when you did it, even though the judge refused to act, and now that single act has allowed Durham to finally, finally, finally remove this man from office.


mac said...

Hey, Beth!

Thanks for helping justice move

Now, can you petition for the
removal of some of the DPD, the
City Manager, a Judge (or two?)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what "D, C, and R"'s next effort will be. Perhaps "Gosh, Mom and Dad, I'm really sorry that I started the whole thing by whistling, love, Emmett"? Or is victim blaming only acceptable when the victims have the brazen effrontery to not belong to a minority?

Anonymous said...

The LAX players are a minority in Durham - educated, straight, white, males - you can't get any further in the minority than that.