Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nifong Defends Linwood Wilson

An increasingly incredulous Lane Williamson attempts to solicit from Mike Nifong an explanation as to why Nifong sent Linwood Wilson for the December 21 interview with Crystal Mangum:


Anonymous said...


I would LOVE it if you could post the State's closing argument with the PowerPoint presentation.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that if an ordinary citizen like me lied continuously under oath the way Nifong did in that clip I would be in jail for at least a year.

Anonymous said...

This part of the case didn't receive as much attention as I thought it should have.

Essentially, Nifong and Linwood Wilson conspired to twist their way out of the public Defense statements, Seligmann's alibi, etc.

No way on God's green Earth did Mangum herself come up with such convenient alterations to conveniently slither around the key trouble spots in their case.

They needed a new and improved version of the hoax that makes it possible to proceed with the bogus charges and Nifong knew that he couldn't get that version with a properly conducted video taped interview at the police station.

You could tell from his questions Williamson was on top this obvious con job.

Anonymous said...

Have to wonder what was going through Nifong's mind? His lawyer an d Nifong had to know Nifong was going to lose.

option A - hand in your license, agree not to appeal, and say I believed in the case, but I am surrendering my license to help the community heal.

option B - Bring the whole family in to show them what a piece of crap you are. Take the low road and say,even though you never talked to the FA about the case, I believe something happened, I don't know what happened,but something happened.

Did he really think with all the written request for DNA Info, court transcripts and video tapes, that the bar could not prove anything?

Anonymous said...

yay! thank you KC! i missed this part.

"when did you stop?" "was it in 2007?" "very late 2006, correct?"

ha, LOVE Williamson.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid back in the early 70s, my mom was glued to our B&W TV watching the Watergate hearings. I was mad because all my cartoons were preempted.

At last I understand her fascination.


wayne fontes said...

KC, I don't know how it felt for you while you watched Nifong live in close proximity to the families but for me this just gets funnier every time I watch it

Anonymous said...

Now that it is fact that nifong tried to frame the boys, is there any serious talk about conspiracy?
Or are they just a whole bunch of people each doing there own thing so bad, they didn't realize?

There are at least 5 others I would love to see go down with mikey.

Anonymous said...

I love it the Youtube video doesn't keep up with the sound, so Mikey's lies are even more obvious.
What a lying sack of Sh*t.

Anonymous said...

I liked the echange below. My comments are embedded.

Wmson: Why did you ask [Wilson] to to [interview Mangum]? (pause) If it wasn't his primary function, you must have realized this was a pretty critical interview, because the intent I take it was to find out what she was saying before she has to go testify at the suppression hearing. Correct?

[Wmson should have waited for Nifong to answer the first question before asking the second. Nifong dodged the first question by only answering the second and then changing the subject.]

Nifong: Well actually it was the first step in doing that. I wanted, I was going to have to interview her myself prior to the suppression hearing, to speak with her. And I would have done that with somebody else, but I wanted a kind of a starting point for that interview.

[Nifong still says he needed a starting point 9 months after then alleged rape took place?]

W: Why wouldn't you do it yourself to start with, since you are the one that would have to present in court?

[another good question]

N: I chose not to do that at this time, at that time. That was probably a mistake, as was my, it was probably a mistake not to have interviewed her earlier than I did in the first place.

[A total dodge by Nifong.]

W: I know you personally had met with her prior to that, but I take it you had not, up to I wilson's interview, spoken to her substantively about the events at the lacrosse house.

N: Yes sir, that's true.

W: Now the police investigators had. Correct?

N: They had, early on the investigation. Yes, sir.

W: Why couldn't you rely on that as, sort of, your base line as what she was going to testify.

[Nifong already had a starting point.]

N: I could have done that. I chose not to do that. And I certainly, you know very probably, made a mistake in doing that.

W: Was an attempt made to ascertain from her, either by Mr. Wilson, or at any other time, what she may have learned about what the defendants may have been saying about what happened that night?

N: I don't know that I specifically understand your question.

[actually I agree with Nifong. The question wasn't worded very well.]

W: Did anybody ask her, 'well have you read or heard of what the defendants were saying happened'?

N: I don't know that anyone asked her that question.

[How could Nifong not know this if he was taking the word of Wilson as a basis for dropping the rape charges?]

Anonymous said...

There were so many crappy things about this case. How this jerk could think that he could pull that drop one charge, but maintain others? What the 'Fong never got is that he became an embarassment. He embarassed judges and the NC bar. The bar just took its bite out of his ass--now the judges will.

I feel bad for 'Fong's son. It sucks to have a lying sack as a dad.

bill said...

My theory is The Bad Ass Bassist went in to get Mangum to tell a story so Nifong could gracefully back out of the case, like she decided not to testify. No contemporaneous notes or recordings were made because they were manipulating the accuser. Nifong all but threw out the softball in November (?) saying something to the effect of 'As long as she sticks to her story that she was raped, we go forward. All she has to do is say she won't testify, and this goes away' (highly paraphrased and editorialized by me here).

Anonymous said...

The mention of Watergate brings to mind how some people in authority think they can get away with anything. Why? because of who THEY are. I mean what a fool Nixon--he actually taped his crimes! And there is Clinton--leaving his DNA in the blue dress and then saying "I did not ... with that woman, Monica. So I think that Nifong took no notes (not as big a fool as Nixon) and maybe thought the other lawyers would circle the wagons around him -- after all, he was the great DA!