Friday, June 29, 2007

Cline on Quadruple Homicide Case

Interim DA Jim Hardin has assigned assistant district attorney Tracey Cline to prosecute ex-DA Mike Nifong's one remaining case, involving a quadruple homicide.

This is the same Tracey Cline who:
  • oversaw the March 23, 2006 non-testimonial order, which even Nifong implied was excessively broad.
  • implemented the “No-Drop” policy, in which the Durham DA’s office has adopted a policy of effectively abandoning even the fiction of prosecutorial discretion, but only on sexual assault cases.
  • was tasked by Nifong with assisting him on the lacrosse case.
The move raises grave questions about Hardin's willingness to deal with the ramifications of the lacrosse case.


Jack said...

The last phrase of this latest post is a surprise by Professor Johnson. I never had any questions about Hardin's willingness to deal with the ramifications of the lacrosse case.

MikeZPurdue said...

At least Ms Cline believes that DNA evidence
may be used to exclude people as suspects.

Nifong kept commenting how he took issue
with that statement she included in the NTO
-- even though I believe he said verbally early
on that DNA analysis will tell us to who did it
-- that SOB only took issue with it when the
DNA analysis didn't come back the way he wanted
it to. Nifong is a total jerk.

I remember Nifong once characterized himself as
the biggest asshole in Durham Country - he surely is.

mac said...

Check out Liestoppers:
"Flashback: Greatest Hits of Jim Hardin
Vol. XV."

This guy is no friend to justice.

Anonymous said...

There's no question that Hardin is just as slimey as Nifong. He just lucked up and prosecuted a person who wasn't sympathetic--Michael Peterson, and Easley gave him a black robe to wear.
Keep in mind that Governor Mike Easley is a graduate of NCCU law school where they have Irving Joyner teaching.
Hardin is just a quiet unassuming version of Nifong and everyone else working in the Durham courthouse. If Hardin were a credible man of the law, he would never allow Cline to continue working in the DA's office.

Gary Packwood said...
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Gary Packwood said...

These terrible crimes happened on Nov. 19, 2005; the one defendant has not seen his day in court and the trail for the other bad-guys must be cold.

Durham must have more problem with their justice system that any of us can possibly imagine.

Cedarford said...

As I understand it, Cline is one of the most senior ADAs, and would be in a small pool have likely been assigned a capital case.

Yes, bloggers have uncovered some stuff on Cline, but no formal investigation on her bad judgment or any legal wrongdoing. We should not penalize someone just on blog venting or insinuations or someone else's Bar Trial that called her endorsing Gottliebs idea of blanket DNA sampling and search warrants "too broad". It, after all, passed endorsement by Nifong Puppet Judge Stephens.

I think there should be an investigation of the ADAs by the AG or the Feds.

But until it happens, Hardin is right not to affect ADAs careers on rumor and innuendo.

mac said...

Hardin is also not the choice
to fill Mikey's shoes, since
they seem to wear approximately
the same size.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anyone happen to read the News and Observer about the stabbing, rape, and murder case in Raleigh where a young woman named Lauren Redman was raped and repeatedy stabbed to death? Two men came to her apartment under a fabricated story to pick up some items belonging to her former roommate.

This case sounds a lot like the son of Karla Holloway who stabbed and killed women and who was finally sent to prison. How dare Holloway (Faculty88) attack other people and cause such pain to other mothers of young men!

Like the white Duke student female allegedly raped by someone at a black fraternity, this white woman Lauren Redman who worked two jobs and who was from all accounts a very hardworking girl, was brutally violated by two black men.
Ms. Redman had stabs inside her abdomen from the knife used to kill her that measured a depth of 7 i/2 inches.
Listen to the silence from the NC NAACP about this brutal attack on a woman. Where are the potbangers for this poor woman? Where are the caring feminists? Do they not care about this hardworking woman having been raped, beaten, robbed of her money, and stabbed to death by two men who gained entry into her dwelling by lying?
This trusting woman ended up much worse than the lacrosse players were victimized by allowing a black criminal inside her living quarters.
But where are the media on these kinds of cases? None of us should let this pass without showing people the truth about what goes on everyday, instead of letting them get away with their racist and inaccurate agenda. There are no spectacles from white people and no yelling like animals in the streets about these attacks and murders. Look at this in comparison to the way everyone reacted to the lacrosse case.
That's why thugs continue to go about being thugs. And the sorry NCNAACP has the gall to ask anything from anybody.

Anonymous said...

to 8:37

and this is not considered a "hate" crime, because it is black on white--only white on black is a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that the DNA IN and on CGM came from kindergarten kids or from the back seat of a police car will also believe the one about the girl in the swimming pool with a guy. He must have been the reason she got pregnant. Being at opposite ends of the pool was as close as she had ever gotten to a man.

Only in Wonderland.........

Anonymous said...

To 8:37

We have Clinton and his anti-white PC standards to thank for these violent crimes. He ended racial profiling, which was a big mistake. Any white person who votes democrat needs their head examined. I'll bet this country has 10 years left before it turns into little Arfica. Murder, rape everywhere.

Anonymous said...

KC you are getting too far off track with this post. I think you are over reaching trying to imply Cline was a bad choice by Hardin when in fact she may have been the only choice to try this type of crime. Unless you have information to prove she was part of any criminal wrong doing in the LAX case, I'd suggest you refrain from using MSM tactics to impugn a person's character.

Anonymous said...

I have always belived that the death penalty was a righteous tool for exacting justice, but I no longer can support the death penalty because our legal system is screwed. For goodness sake who can have any confidence that wicked and vice are punished? I suppose this post-modern justice? The only thing that seems to matter is winning - screw justice. Justice is something that old women and little children in Sunday school might belive in, but not mature adults.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, what's so complicated about this case? Just another black person killing four people in Durham.
Ho-hum. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

"no formal investigation" on Cline - Nice.

Just what was said to justify Nifong 6 months ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that it is just back to business as usual with the justice system in NC, with a new cast (or not) of characters.
I am sure they learned many lessons from the nifong debacle, and will be much more careful not to get caught next time.

Anonymous said...

Is Hardin a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Cederford and 10:22

How oddly you sound like the people who blogged and NEWSPAPERED (or toilet papered) about Nifong in the beginning (14 months and 29 days).

It Makes Me Wonder
If You
Anything at
All In the last 15 Months

Tom E.

Anonymous said...

Be careful.
Mama Hardin will soon be showing up with her basket of homemade goodies..
They stay fat and happy at the DA's office--full of goodies from Mama Hardin

Anonymous said...

Cline as the only choice to try that type of a case? Why? I thought she specialized in sexual assault cases.

Anonymous said...

Hudson & Hardin, two peas from the same... huge... pod.

Duke ought to drop Anger Studies and offer instead a pedestrian course in law, not TV law, but real law. No, not the sections and cites, but how things work out here in the real world.

Forget it, settle for Nifong, because he's all you'll get. And even he can take his sweet time.

After all, we must all bow to professional courtesy.

Oh, Judge Smith-Come-Lately; surprise us, surprise the children of the corn. Lift yourself from a tiny footnote in this banal history.

Anonymous said...

10:22 Thank you. That, also includes Nurse Levicy. No proof but lots of accussations.

Anonymous said...

Is Cline related to the communist Polanski?

Anonymous said...

Sign me up the for the First Jim Hardin DA Appreciation Day!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that it is quite appropritae to focus light on the ADA's Ms. Hardin appears to be close to the LAX case. I think that every ADA who did not voluntarily resign in protest wears a badge of shame and cowardice, no matter their involvment in the case.

In today's legalistic society shame is underused as a method to help maintain a healthy social order.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I meant Ms. Cline.

Anonymous said...

To those who think Cline was the logical choice to try the quadruple murder, I would point out that ADAs David Saacks and Mitch Garrell are both better trial attorneys and each has as much (or more) homicide trial experience as Cline.

Cline was almost undoubtedly chosen as a means of telegraphing that she will be Easley's new appointee.

From personal observation, I can say that she is unprofessional, discourteous, and marginally competent. She'll make an excellent successor to Nifong.

-The Pessimist

Anonymous said...



Why is it that most intelligent white people dont see that.

We are enabling the scum of the earth to destroy us and our country.

Durham is Johannesburg and Id say it could get worse, but can it really?

I grew up in Southern California in the 70s and to go back and see what has happened to my hometown of San Diego makes me want to cry.

Other US cities arent far behind.

Idaho is looking better by the day.

Anonymous said...


This blog has become indistinguishable from Stormfront. Maybe its time to pull the plug.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what Stormfront is, but Idaho sure looks a like a good idea compared to Durham.

Anonymous said...

Help me solve my brothers murder in Durham, May 11, 2005. Nifong and the sheriff have REFUSED to comply and abide by the law, and have never done an investigation! It has been 2 years too long, and I am screaming for JUSTICE!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland Ohio

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