Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Wacky World of Dr. Meehan

This clip gives a sense of DNA lab director Brian Meehan at his most bizarre. First, as a witness, he offers commentary on an objection. Then, he compares DNA to understanding a roadmap in a peculiar fashion. For those not from North Carolina, a piece of information to get a sense of Meehan's final comment. Route 40 goes through Raleigh. Route 85 does not.


Anonymous said...

KC actually US85 and US40 do come together in Greensboro, NC.

I'm not quite sure I understand his point, but the highways are Interstates and do come together.

Anonymous said...

Had to give-up on his testimony when it was live. He was giving me a headache. Glad to know I wasn’t alone.

KC FYI - Gottlieb’s deposition is online. You can follow the links at Johnsville News.

Anonymous said...

Clearly his command of the road he took to Raleigh to appear at the hearing is on a par with his command of DNA evidence (or what to do with it as far as reporting is concerned).

Anonymous said...


the point is he saidthat I85 and I40 both go through Greensboro and Burlington and then he said if you said it also went through Raleigh then it would be clear that you were talking about I85. Well, unless they moved the interstate system around on the morning of his testimony, I85 breaks north in Durham and it is I40 that continues eastward to Raleigh.
Or was he making the "I could have been wrong" argument for Mikey????

mac said...

85 goes through the City of Durh,
not Raleigh. Durrhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

He makes a living testing and testifying to the results in court?

Anonymous said...

This Meehan guy is a real toadstool. So insipid and creepy.

On the day he testified, I was too busy to catch much of the day's events until I was able to catch most of his appearance before the panel later in the day.

I just remember feeling nauseated. He reminds me of those little guys in high school who weren't exactly smart....weren't exactly physically hot....(Meehan is most certainly not hot. LOL!).....and weren't exactly in with the "in crowd", but they were most always seen trying to hang around the popular athletes and around any other high school kid who was considered popular...often like a lackey.

That's how he comes across as an adult.

I hope Meehan's business tanks after this.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't live in NC and even I know that 40 goes through Raleigh. Does anyone actually know whether this fiasco, to use Mr. Williamson's term, has affected the company's business? I certainly would not want them as expert witnesses.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Liestoppers had a great deal of coverage of Hardin's temporary DA stint, and also the fact that many wonder how many other cases Mikey tainted over the years. One such case was the Michael Peterson murder trial.

No question the DPD overstepped when ransacking his home (mansion)....taking liberties as they did in the lacrosse case.

They had an enormous amount of hatred for Peterson because he wrote so many columns about DPD ineptitude.

Setting aside thoughts on Peterson's guilt or innocence, after what we have witnessed from Durham's justice system and the sleazy synergy between Mikey and Durham's Bozz Hoggs, no telling how much illegal activity took place to make a murder stick to Peterson.

Now that I think about it, David Rudolf--Peterson's attorney in the murder trial--could have been following Mikey's disbarment proceedings so closely for that very reason. Trying to glean anything to show misconduct in other previous cases.


Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

I think you are wrong this one Prof. Johnson. I like his analogy and I am willing to forgive him for confusing what the road it called in Raleigh.

A big reason I like it is that it equally applies to David Evans and that finger nail. Is the DNA on that fingernail I-85 or I-40 or any of thousands of other roads it could be. Just as with a partial match to Mehan in the sample it probably was not him, the DNA on the fingernail might or might not have been David Evans. It does not eliminate David Evans, I-40, but it is also consistent with plenty of others, I-85.

Anonymous said...

Peterson trail... reasons to not convict... some seem shockingly similar to the hoax... if he was nifonged... nifong needs imprisoned for TWO cases.. (and countless others? Who knows yet...)
The list:
1. The missing murder weapon isn't missing — and it wasn't used in a murder.
2. There is no credible motive — and you don't just decide to kill your wife for no reason.
3. Michael and Kathleen Peterson were happily married with no history of violence — and spousal abuse generally doesn't start with murder.
4. Michael Peterson's grief and shock were sincere — and no one who was there disagreed.
5. Kathleen Peterson's injuries are not consistent with a beating. No skull fractures + no other fractures + no traumatic brain injury = no beating.
6. The bloodstain evidence is not consistent with a beating — and the state's real expert did not dispute this because:
a. The lack of castoff on walls and ceilings defies the laws of physics.
b. The spatter on the wall was not created by impacts to Kathleen Peterson's head.
c. The small amount of blood on the sneakers and socks is inconsistent with a beating that created the amount of spatter on the walls.
d. The lack of spatter on Michael Peterson's shirt, watch and glasses is inconsistent with a beating that created the amount of spatter on the walls.
e. The presence of spatter on the back of the shorts is impossible to explain as a result of a beating.
f. The dilution theory of the state makes no sense.
g. The shoe print on Kathleen Peterson's pants faces away from her body.
h. The void area is a "shadow" as explained by Dr. Lee — not cleanup.
7. Information and documentation from the scene is not reliable: Garbage in — garbage out.
8. The state relied on junk science and ignored the limitations of real science.
9. The state has relied on emotion, guess and conjecture.
10. The state's investigation suffered from "Tunnel Vision." Indictment first — evidence afterwards.

Does anyone know if meehan was involved as well? Or the judges that were "character witnesses" for nifraud?

Anonymous said...

An interesting and candid assessment:



Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find something by Camille Paglia on the Duke case, but haven't found a column on its own.

She's magnificent. Very honest...wildly entertaining as she skewers everyone. An authentic Liberal, not like the ones we see today who are laced with a coating of Splenda.


Anonymous said...

TO 4:26PM--

Orlando Hudson was the judge in that case as well.

I know that many people have confidence in Jim Hardin, but I don't fully share that feeling. How could he have worked with Mike Nifong for so long and not know something about his character?

Hardin recommended Mikey for the interim job.
IMO, they are all sleazy. In this particular case, Mikey wasn't able to control the sleaze because of its national/international exposure.

Hardin/Hudson/Nifong...all worked together quite well for years. We all remember Professor Kennedy's description of the incestuous relationships that exist daily around a courthouse.

Jim Hardin is not much better, IMO.....and Orlando Hudson had to have a hot iron put up his behind to move on doing something about Mikey.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when Williamson referred to Meehan as "Dr. Obfuscation" -- because I had been calling him exactly the same thing. The man is an arrogant, narcissistic liar, on a par with Mike Nifong himself. It's no wonder the two of them colluded . . . er, I mean worked . . . together so well.

Anonymous said...

This Meehan guy is a real toadstool.

Toad stool or toad's tool, but not toadstool.

Anonymous said...

Before I sign off, I want to relay something that was told to me last evening over dinner.

I'm in Chapel Hill and a neighbor of mine who works for a businessman in Durham told me a funny, yet kind of scary, story of what happened to her boss's wife when she went shopping in a Durham mall this past week.

The lady (boss's wife) was circling and circling for a long time trying to find a parking place at the mall to pick up a repaired item at a jewelry store.

When she finally came upon a car pulling out of a space, another driver in an SUV approached and just sat there without budging, ready to pounce on the empty space where this woman had been waiting....and was the first one in line for the space.

The driver in the SUV would not relent and was obviously going to bulldoze into someone else's space with abandon.

Realizing what was taking place, the lady finally gave up and started driving away and past the rude and obnoxious car space thief. She slowed down for a second to tell the space thief that she had been there waiting for the space and she hoped that the woman had a nice day..."witch".

Well, the word "witch" is innocuous and if anyone had bulldozed into someone else's space, the word "bitch" might have been the preferred word of choice; however, the lady didn't stay to listen to the ranting and yelling of the car space thief, but continued to keep circling for another place to park.

Just when this lady thought she had endured enough abuse for one day, the woman who stole the space got out of her car and was following the other lady, determined I suppose to have the last word.

As the woman kept circling, the car space thief came walking toward her car telling her that she did have the space first because of the location of her car.....blah....blah.....etc.....calling names and ranting like a Victoria Peterson type.

The woman still looking for a space told the woman to leave her alone and that she should be happy since she got the space she wanted with her obnoxious behavior.....etc....etc.....

Well, the Victoria Peterson-esque woman just kept following her car on foot, yelling, and the woman then said to her..."Leave me alone. Maybe Mike Nifong can help you!"


Now the story gets hilarious...or scary....depending on which side of the parking space you're on.

The black woman who had so rudely taken another person's parking space and who would not relent without a ranting session told the woman that she was going to "pull her out of her car and beat her ass..."

OK, if this sounds like the criminal acts of the Juneteenth episodes in three cities recently which went virtually unreported by the Liberal MSM, it sure does.

This is Durham we're talking about. This is the mindset of a good portion of the population of Durham....and it's hideous.

There's a letter in the H-S today from an "activist" who sports a Muslim name. She is still slandering both the lacrosse players and Duke. She's angry that they got a huge settlement. It reads like an insane person has written it.

I've talked to a few people recently who live in Durham and are thinking seriously about moving. They can't take the radical black element and the racism any longer. They are just trying to raise families and pay the huge taxes that go into the sinkhole over there.

So when anyone tries to gloss over the monumental problem that exists there because of radical, government-dependent loons, don't even try.

The wife of that business owner was just trying to get a parking space. When she didn't back down and slink away...not allowing the obnoxious woman to bulldoze her way without being told that she had stolen the space, she was met with physical threats.

BTW, I did think the Mike Nifong comment took some the face of someone prone to violence. LIS!


Anonymous said...

The noun toadstool has one meaning:

Meaning #1: common name for an inedible or poisonous agaric (contrasting with the edible mushroom)

Anonymous said...

the NAACP article tells us why the PC crowd still panders to the radical elements. The struggles endured by those in the 50's and 60's was to gain freedom. Unfortunately, the freedom gained has been wretched away by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, Boyce Watkins types, et al. They have no interest in advancing the causes of the average black man/woman. There primary goal is self-promotion and POWER. Education is not a top priority for black children--they do not want free thinkers. Free thinkers and educated blacks might question the motives. What these types want is blind loyalty and money.
Ironic, too, that Gordon was a beneficiary of the efforts of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the civil rights struggles and used his gains to not only make the most for himself, but to help other blacks gain access to the business world. He can take comfort in nowing that Dr. King is smiling down on him for his efforts. He is truly espousing Dr. King's vision. He came up against a nearsighted group of directors who did not even consider advancing the race. Instead, they want to advance their own cause.
Thanks Debrah for pointing out this excellent article. It brings pain for the disillusionment in a young person with so much potential. I sincerely hope she can move beyond the small brains who now control organizations like NAACP.

Anonymous said...

sadly, Durham would be better off with Jim Beam rather than Jim Hardin

Anonymous said...

I think that they will be taking a very close look at meehan and his company. Everyone who has ever been convicted on evidence turned up at meehan's lab, already has their lawyers looking into it.
I think they will go through all meehan's cases with a fine tooth comb.
If he has ever done anything wrong, he is in deep doo doo, because they will be looking.

Anonymous said...

5:11 said:

"Toad stool or toad's tool, but not toadstool."

C' you really know him? He may really be a Fun-gi!!!

mac said...

Debrah 4:27
Were you the author,
minus the "h?"

Anonymous said...


A similar thing happened to me, only the other driver was a fat white woman driving a car with New Jersey tags. Durham is full of idiots.

Anonymous said...

TO Mac--

No...LIS!...GIS!....Debra Dickerson is a black attorney.....and a very smart one!