Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nifong Rationalizes His Statements

Nifong, somewhat better prepped than he was in his deposition, providing his excuses for the preprimary publicity barrage. As Doug Brocker asked, “Describing what had happened to date as a stonewall of silence, how would that have helped people come forward?” And, moreover, how exactly did Nifong think that his making racially inflammatory statements would cool racial passions? In an interesting slip of the tongue, Nifong describes himself as the "elected district attorney" when he made the statements--although, of course, at that time, he was merely the appointed DA.


Anonymous said...
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mac said...

Notice Nifey keeps saying "we."

mac said...

Hey, Mikey:

"WE think it's very unusual" for someone,
confronted with facts while openly
lying, to feign ignorance,
incompetence and indolence.

The only thing you've forgotten is the Clinton defense:


Anonymous said...

I love Nifuck's stubborn adherence to the BRILLIANT legal theory:

"When police arrived, NOTHING was going on, and nobody WAS EVEN THERE........ Therefore, we KNEW that a HORRIBLE CRIME had taken place!"

What a moron. What a dirtbag. What a low-life excuse for a human being.

This guy does not merit a license for inclusion in the human race, much less a license to practice law. May he burn forever in Hell.

mac said...

I would prefer that he have a salvation experience:
when someone like that finally
understands the crap they've
done...it's a tough thing to deal
with. (It's hard enough for someone
who has a "normal" life.)

He's so far gone in his delusional
state, however, it's hard to see how
- (or where )- he could even

Still, I pray that he would.

Anonymous said...

One must understand that people like Mike Nifong and those whom he befriends and with whom he fraternizes talk that kind of bullshit all the time.

No doubt big Cy is the same kind of sclerotic or intellectually sluggish urchin. These are WalMart people who really believe they are "bigtime".

And what is most disgusting is the way they try to condescend to the "uneducated" people. Just put dialogue bubbles above Mikey's head and they will read.....

These poor, dumb black people look up to me. I'm the Morris Dees of Durham and they know I will always be there fighting for them against an evil America!


gs said...

Nifong Removal Hearing Set
Hearing to Remove Former Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Nifong From Office Set for Thursday

Mikey will have a busy day on Thu.


mac said...

Clinton talks to the same audience
as Nifong. Right?

Michael said...

Yeah, all Nifong had to do was to do what an
investigator is supposed to do: ask around as
to why things broke up so quickly.
And he would have found out that
David Evans had already been cited once
for a noise ordinance violation, and thus asked
everyone to leave so he wouldn't get cited again.

But, of course, Nifong didn't ask questions and
he didn't read reports, because he didn't want
know the truth -- he wanted to maintain his self-
serving beliefs about what happened that night.

On a totally different note, various news sites
are reporting that Nancy Grace got married
("secretly") in April and that she is carrying
twins, expecting in January.

Ralph Phelan said...

'These are WalMart people who really believe they are "bigtime".'

Hey! I'm a frequent WalMart customer - what's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that underage drinking and the strippers saying they were calling the cops would empty the place out.

Anonymous said...

Attention WalMart Shoppers:
If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

TO "mac"--

Yes, kind of like Bubba Clinton; however, as grotesque as Clinton can be, I think personally he must be a happy-go-lucky and likable guy. Off the political podium.

Otherwise, George Bush 41 would not have developed such affection for him.

Clinton has more flaws than most and is basically a dishonest person, but those like him are fun to have a drink with and joke around with. Only take them with a grain of salt.

Mike Nifong and his ilk don't have the brains and the natural humor and personality that Bubba has.

Mikey and his ilk are bottomfeeders.......but they try......oh, my....how they try!


Anonymous said...

"'These are WalMart people who really believe they are "bigtime".'

thats offensive to Wal Mart shoppers!

Anonymous said...

Mac @ 2:56
Uh, excuse me, but hasn't Linwood Wilson had a "salvation experience?" Some of the worst dirtbags I've encountered wore their religion like a giant flag. I can only hope the 'Fong some day realizes what an utter shit he is--if that's what you meant by "salvation," then I concur.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I can't begin to fathom anyone actually inserting a precious body part into that vicious meatgrinder!!! Nancy Grace has got to be the most evil harridan since Bloody Mary! And twins to boot. If they take after her, she can rent them out to haunt houses.

Anonymous said...

I know that many think that Nifong is just a fool. Well, he's a fool like a fox. The trick to get away with a lighter punishment when you are caught is to say "I don't remember, I forgot, I lost it,etc. Just play dumb. It was even releaved by Williamson's own words.
According to the NYT:
Last year, the commission dismissed charges, largely on statute of limitations grounds, against two prosecutors accused of withholding evidence in the 1996 capital trial of Jonathan Gregory Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman was granted a retrial. The two prosecutors received a reprimand.

The chairman of the disciplinary commission, F. Lane Williamson, discussed those cases as he ordered Mr. Nifong’s disbarment. “In those two cases, the situation was very different, although you could look at it and say the harm that was caused by the conduct was greater,” Mr. Williamson said. “In both of those cases someone was actually wrongfully convicted of a capital crime.”
But the earlier cases differed from the case against Mr. Nifong, Mr. Williamson said, because neither one involved allegations of INTENTIONAL (my caps) wrongdoing.That point is important, prosecutors say. What courts label prosecutorial misconduct is often the product of carelessness or oversight rather than intent to pervert the justice system by convicting the innocent.

So, you can get away with anything as long as you did not do it on PURPOSE. If you have not read anything, or asked anything, how can you be accused of perverting justice. Just as in the example above, Nancy Grace did the same thing. Why do we think that Nifong is the first to be disbarred when no one even went to jail? They proved he did it on purpose.

In the Hoffman case, one of the prosecutors is now a judge.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:30

The "the dog ate my homework" defense ... was countered with ... "the cat dragged the dog's digested paperwork from the backyard onto the doorstep" legal argument.

Anonymous said...

Discovery and trial in the Hoffman case also took place under the "old" law, which was a lot less specific and demanding about full discovery of exculpatory evidence.

Nifong broke explicit laws, AND did so deliberately.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick PSA:

If any of you are able to watch the repeat of "Hardball" on MSNBC at 7PM, watch. The 5PM show is almost over.

You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Is the accuser arrested yet? I do not understand the total lack of outrage that this criminal (crazy or not) will face no penalty for making false accusations. It only says that the state (NC AG) also "believes something happened"...but it had nothing to do with the 3 trumped up charges brought against the boys.

Anonymous said...

something did happen that night. just not what nifong charged them with.

Ralph Phelan said...

"something did happen that night."
A whore stole a shaving kt.

Anonymous said...

From GAL NEWS (Guardian ad Litem):

Changing Lives
One Life At A Time

"The following was submitted by Cy Gurney, Nor’ East Regional Administrator. (Original source unknown.) It is abridged from the original.

Once an emperor decided to choose his successor in the following manner. He gathered all the
young people and gave them seeds to plant. “I will choose from among you by what you get from the
seeds.” None of the seeds grew. All but one young person replaced the seeds and grew fine plants. The
one believed he had failed and would surely be punished. But then the emperor told them that he had
given them all bad seeds. The one was made emperor for his courage and honesty. The emperor told
If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.
If you plant goodness, you will reap friends.
If you plant humility, you will reap greatness.
If you plant perseverance, you will reap victory.
If you plant consideration, you will reap harmony.
If you plant hard work, you will reap success.
If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation.
If you plant faith, you will reap miracles.
So be careful what you plant now; it will determine what you will reap tomorrow. The seeds you now
scatter will make life worse or better for you or for the ones who will come after you. Someday you will
enjoy the fruits or you will pay for the choices you make."

Anonymous said...

KC - what do you think about Nifong's testimony concerning Levicy and the report. Although he said " My reading the the emergency nurse's report indicates an assualt occurred..." We know this now to be another lie = he admitts he did not read most of the report - if any.

Anonymous said...

KC - what do you think about Nifong's testimony concerning Levicy and the report. Although he said " My reading the the emergency nurse's report indicates an assualt occurred..." We know this now to be another lie = he admitts he did not read most of the report - if any.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this one really belongs with the previous post - sorry - but has anyone actually seen the 'fong today? Hiding under the bed, or fled the jurisdiction, or what?

mac said...

Good point: not everyone who cries
"Lord, Lord" is a Christian, though
they might claim it.
And salvation demands something:
something very near to what you describe,
as you have, with your astute and
pointed colloquialism(s).

Interesting company that Linwood
Wilson keeps. And Nifong.
Like they say - (my colloquialism here:)

"If you hang around with armpits,
you sooner or later begin to smell like 'em."

mac said...

As for Nancy Grace's expected pregnancy:
have there been any reports of
mysterious, silent, black, triangular,
unregistered, unidentified aircraft
flying over her neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

What does Nifong have to look forward to? Legal battles and public derision. It's not too late for him to gain back a little dignity. A webcam apology to the 3 victims and their families and to the citizens of Durham immediately followed by on-camera ritual suicide. It would be a significant contribution to the healing process for many people.

No justice, no peace said...

"But, of course, Nifong didn't ask questions and
he didn't read reports, because he didn't want
know the truth -- he wanted to maintain his self-
serving beliefs about what happened that night."

I've seen this repeated numerous times...he didn't ask question, he didn't read reports...

Why believe him? I inclined that he did read the reports and was aware of his situation.

This, of course, solidifies to me that he shall reap what he has sewn.

Anonymous said...

Nifong will find a place. People that have done far worse have.

OJ and Scott Peterson come to mind.
Peterson has had tons of marriage proposals and a lot of fan mail. Of course it does not do much good where he is.

Maybe he'll write for the NYT, or sub for Nancy while she's on leave.

Anonymous said...

Something happened that night.

Anonymous said...

yes, three innocent people were railroaded by unethical people all around them.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace must have twin boys:

That way they can be named Lloyd and Harry.

That would be a constant reminder for their mother's first two comments of each day........Dumb and Dumber

Anonymous said...

"I've seen this repeated numerous times...he didn't ask question, he didn't read reports...

Why believe him? I inclined that he did read the reports and was aware of his situation. "

Boy, he sure sounds like Abu Gonzalez testifying before Congress.

Anonymous said...

"If any of you are able to watch the repeat of "Hardball" on MSNBC at 7PM, watch. The 5PM show is almost over.

You will not be disappointed.

Debrah "

For those that missed it, shemale Coulter was embarassed by Elizabeth Edwards for her usual nasty, childish vitriol. Then again, I guess shemale Coulter is a hero to those who call for the assasination of our nation's political leaders.

Anonymous said...

The boys were found innocent of the charges brought against them. That is not to say nothing happened that night. Yes, Nifong screwed up bigtime and will pay dearly. But since everyone is convinced by the NC AG as easily as they were convinced by Nifong WITH RESPECT TO the 3 charges (rape, sx assault, kidnapping)...why does that rule out the possibility of another crime perpetrated against Crystal "Samples" Mangum? There are certainly more than 3 chargeable crimes on the books in N.C.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me?

Not one of the videos posted here are synced. The audio and video are so far out of sync it is not funny.

Not complainin' mind you. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

So 10:22, by your logic, being declared innocent of the charges against you still does not absolve you of some other mystery crime.

Hmm, let's try this, I accuse you of being a dog fucker. I saw you last week, fucking a dog.

Now prove your innocent of the charges, because after you do, I'll just keep the ball rolling by stating, "well, he may not be a dog fucker, but who's to say he didn't fondle the beast a bit? Because we don't know what else hapened when you took that dog inside."

And on and on it goes ... such simple-mided sophistry is just what we've come to expect.

Anonymous said...


Everyone rules it out because Crystal Magnum has proven to the world that she's a crazy ass liar. We know that crystal lied about being gang raped three ways by the duke lacross players, which tends to discount her credibility. But the "something must have happened to cause her to lie about what happened to her" argument isn't going to fly here. What happened to CGM was getting rounded up by the cops yet again. She concocted this ridiculous story to get out of the drunk tank. Case closed.

Michael said...

Anonymous at 10:22:00

Let me understand what you are trying to say:
Crystal Magnum said she was gang-raped BUT
it was demonstrably proven that she lied.

NOW you say something else happened.
If something else happened, why didn't Ms Magnum
report that instead? why did she lie? Why
doesn't Ms Magnum come out now and say,
"okay, I lied about what happened
that night. Here's what really happened."

Why can't you accept that the woman simply lied?
Here at Purdue University where I teach,
there have been two cases of false rape
reports made by female students during
the past 5 years. It's a tragedy when it
happens, and I am sure that mental
health issues are involved. Ms Magnum
was taking several strong anti-psychotic
drugs that night -- that is well documented.

IF Nifong had done his job correctly, Ms Magnum
would have eventually admitted that she
made the story up. Proper police work would
have lead to that conclusion.

Stop clinging to a lie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dogboy, Show me where I mentioned charging the 3 boys with some other crime. Point out exactly where I said to charge the boys with a different crime. Prove to me, using your brilliant Dog analogy that another crime didn't happen to her by someone else that night. You MUST include DOGS in the analogy again! Simply brilliant!! You can use a cat if you like... your turn!

a duke dad said...

to anonymous 10:22 -

More of the "SOMETHING Happened" fable? ... IF, and ONLY IF, you have reasonable grounds to make that statement, then why not tell us :


The names of those involved and what they did.
Explain the total lack of forensic evidence.
Explain the time line of the events.
Tell us how someone who was not at the scene could have committed these acts that you imagine.
Give us a rational explanation for Mangum's 'story of the day'. Explain the contradictions in her accounts, including the testimony of Kim Roberts, the other dancer.

Jacqueline said...

Interesting. In this clip, he suggests that he wants people who were at the party to come forward and even suggests for someone to say "nothing took place." Brad Bannon and all of us know that there was really only one right answer.

Anonymous said...


We could say with certainty is Nifong did his job. How can we be sure she was not raped prior to the party? Certainly plenty of samples in her. How can we be sure she was not drugged by a "john" earlier that day? We'll never know...unless the weight of the law rests upon her head.

Anonymous said...

To 12:11 - recall that the only eyewitness for the prosecution, Mangum, has said that none of those things on your list happened. I don't think you're saying they did, but the idea brings up an interesting legal point. To accept any of those ideas means now not only thinking that a crime happened without evidence, but that it also happened without a single witness or complainant saying it happened that way.

ie, now we're just making shit up. This dead horse has been beat about as hard as it can get beat.

Anonymous said...

re: 10:22

You write:
But since everyone is convinced by the NC AG as easily as they were convinced by Nifong WITH RESPECT TO the 3 charges (rape, sx assault, kidnapping)...

Are you kidding? Most of us were never convinced by Nifong on these charges. Many of us either wrote or read from many sources how they were being railroaded. You must have most people mixed up with the g88 or the NYT or people you hang with. The reason to believe the AG is because there was an actual detailed report.

You show who you are--Cy

mac said...

With respect to 10:22's comment
a polite response might be more
at one time, I thought that maybe
there was a possibility of "Samples"
having been victimized on some other date.
Prostitutes and the mentally ill
are easy marks for rape -
(and in the low-brow communities,
some people think of rape of a
prostitute as nothing more than a
property crime, petit larceny.)

She couldn't even remember
the correct date (the Hoax) happened,
which was an early sign of either
mental disorganization or fabrication!
(We now know that both are true
to varying degrees and CGM needs
to be put on a witness stand and
also to undergo lengthy psych
testing to determine which
is the more prevalent of the two;
her history and medication history
tend to point to a conclusion not
unlike that of the AG.)

But then I concluded that if
Nifey really believed that an
actual sexual assault occured,
with exonerating evidence excluding
the students, he would've tested
the DNA against known perps.
Failing to do so, Nifong proved
that he didn't believe in the
possibility that someone, somewhere
and at some other time raped CGM.

There was no evidence of some other
sort of crime, except that prostitution
is still prosecutable.


Another crime?
Nifey didn't claim it; Samples
didn't claim it: it didn't happen.