Monday, June 18, 2007

Professor Bannon's Lecture

Brad Bannon instructs the DHC panel on the unidentified male DNA that Mike Nifong and Brian Meehan withheld from the court and from defense attorneys. In this lecture, of just over two minutes, Bannon more clearly explained the role of DNA in the case than Meehan did in several hours of evasive testimony.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that he could speak without gagging.


Anonymous said...

"Conservatively speaking 4 male sperm samples" hee hee~

Anonymous said...

ny papers reporting that nifong to be sued...can only hope broarot and the fascist enablers of mob student rule will be sued as accessories...

someone has to break the back of pc fascists

Anonymous said...

oral swabs - 2 male non-lax dna. Half of Durham rode this turnpike.

--incredible how this hose-bag usurped the media's sympathies

Anonymous said...

All the posters at KC's Place have given much-deserved accolades to him and everyone who worked so hard in exposing this case.

We should also mention the work of Jason Trumpbour at Friends of Duke University. Especially in the beginning, he really kept this case in the press in the Triangle area.

Many would not have been steered to this blog without Jason's hard work.

Kudos to Trumpbour and the Friends of Duke as well!


Anonymous said...

It was mentioned that Meehan used certain language that seemed more legal than scientific. I wonder if there are any plans to look at other reports to see if he had ever used said language before.

KC, thanks for continuing to send bits from the hearings. I watched it straight through and it was a bit of overload. I'm glad to see bits to consider one at a time. I have to believe that this happened for a reason. I have been so appreciative for the families that on 2 occasions judges have used the word "innocent." I know that the general public uses it often, when the appropriate term is actually "not guilty." I've served in jury duty 4 times and cautioned that the person might be not guilty, but that does not mean they were innocent. It just means the prosecutor was unable to prove it. OJ is a good example. When he was in civil court, he was found responsible for the 2 deaths.

So, it is SO BIG to hear the 2 judges say innocent. They have not used the not guilty tag. They also made it clear that it was not a technicality that proved their innocence. These families truly got their lives back that day.

KC, thanks again for your valuable service.

Anonymous said...

Almost immediately posters at Free Republic were skeptical of the charges. That's where I learned of KC's blog.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show what a setup it was right from the very beginning.
With all this dna from all the other people all over magnums body, and her changing her story so often. How can any honest, half a brain prosecutor make all those public statements so early in the case.

Even being as uneducated as I am, it looks like the lx players were the only males not to shoot their load on or in magnum.

Plus everytime I hear meehans name I get pissed..That maggot lied his ass off on the stand, when he actually tried answered a question.

Anonymous said...

You've got to love FOX, they consistently ran Magnum's picture with their coverage last week.

This was no underage 15 year old worthy of protection.

She was a drug addled prostitute with a sociopathic pesonality. At any time she could have call it quits as a responsible human being.

I'm sure there are elements comforting her even now on the premise that her race should give her a pass. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

When you watch this, don't despair. The special effects are quite appropo and mesh nicely with this strange woman's glowing testimonial of Mikey.



Anonymous said...


I can't believe that the Kendra video with special effects disappeared suddenly from that site.

It was just there a second ago.


Anonymous said...



No justice, no peace said...

Oral, anal, pubic area,panties...

The hypocrisy of the Gang of 88, womans' studies fraud grows. This woman, CGM, is not only a whore, but it becomes clear that she is an athlete as well. I thought they didn't like athletes?

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to believe that Nifong et al pressured Mangum, and even if she wanted to back out, they wouldn't let her. [this is just my conjecture] She didn't even say "rape" until someone suggested it to her. I think she might have thought to take the scrutiny off herself.

She is more pathetic than scheming.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a lawyer or watch court proceedings all that much, but I have sat through any number of interminable meetings in the business world. And I can tell you that if someone is droning on and on and on about something and yet imparts extremely little information, it means either (a) the person doesn't know shit about what they're talking about, or (b) the person is trying to fuck you over in some way.

Which one do you suppose applies to Meehan?

Tom in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Meehan's performance in a way was worse than Nifong. We expected him to lie and try to rationalize his criminal actions, what else could he do?

Meehan has no excuse. Nifong threw him under the bus despite his best efforts to blur the picture w/the interim report lingo and his statement of having 'misspoke' abou the agreement to withhold DNA results.

Why didn't he simply tell the truth? He wanted to clear himself of any wrongdoing, why not admit Nifong however he communicated it, made it clear he wanted a report with only 'matches' and no ohter DNA.

By trying to have his cake and eat it too, Meehan came off as a complete liar and not too competant.

no justice, no peace said...

11:18 Tom, you left out C. both

Anonymous said...

I've followed this case fairly closely. In response to Brannon's DNA testimony, all I can say as an M.D. is, Wow! CGM is simply a sexual instrument with legs. None of the madia reports indicated 2 male DNAs in oral swabs.

And she has, what, 3 kids?

As a society, justice being served in this case has only pulled us back a couple of microns from the edge of the abyss.

luke said...

Recall a question posed by the female member of the panel to Nifong. She inquired as to whether he considered the presence of the other males' DNA as something he should pursue as they could have been the alleged rapists. Nifong said no.

Ralph Phelan said...

"Why didn't he simply tell the truth? "

Because the truth is he conspired to commit fraud and obstruction of justice. He's not going to say that on the stand.

My question is why didn't he just plead the 5th?

Anonymous said...


Is he culpable though? Can't he plead ignorance of the laws of discovery and what Nifong did or didn't turn over, heck, he could have said he figured he had memorialized the meeting and sent the defense an oral or written report?

It seems to me he took the worst possible approach, "I don't know why he asked for a report like that, never thought about it....discovery is the DA's responsibility, all I do is test DNA" Wouldn't that have been better than the hocus pocus interim report, well yes I told him about XYZ, and then he asked for a report with ABC, but, nope, he never 'asked' me to keep ZYX out of the report, and blah blah blah. IN his case, pretending to be stupid would have been better and more straightforward than pretending to be only sort of stupid while trying to throw Mike Nifong a life line that he summarily rejected anyway.

miramar said...

Bannon's testimony bears out the descriptions found in Yaeger's and Pressler's "It's Not About the Truth." Fats Thomas, the strip club security manager, says that she would do anything for a few bucks, which is why she had genetic material all over her. It is amazing that Nifong staked his career on--and that the players almost had their lives destroyed by--a walking, talking DNA magnet.

Anonymous said...

The most striking thing about this testimony is to compare it to Meehan’s testimony. Bannon goes into just the right about of detail and is straightforward. Meehan was horrible.

I wondered if Meehan is always such a poor speaker or if he was trying to be evasive in order to not give much useful testimony in case of additional legal action against him.

WestToast said...

If he had pled the Fifth the Bar could have considered it. Outside a criminal case a witness takes the fifth at great risk: he has no right to demand that a civil jury hearing a suit for damages ignore it; a jury can usually consider it. When the witness taking the Fifth is a party its almost always the end.

Nifong's only chance to maintain a defense in any future civil suit and any possibility of hanging on to his license was to risk everything to get soft treatment from the bar. To testify. Taking the fifth would have doomed him from the start.

He gambled that the bar panel might be confused; reluctant to disbar him; "split the baby" by suspending him...find what he did excusable. He even resigned and cried to try to grease a softer finding ("he's been punished enough"). He lost.

Now everyone has his testimony on tape. The findings may not be admissible in later cases but his testimony is. He's doomed. The NC Bar really stood up for the juicial system.

Anonymous said...

There is no limit to Brad Bannon's future.
After seeing him speak just a few times, I would already vote for him.

Gary said...

There are too many obvious jokes to be made about Magnum's Crystalized panties and crusty nether regions.

But, at very least, could Jesse Jerkson pay for Crystal's laundry along with her scholarship?

I mean, the group of 88 wanted to increase discussion, aka "social intercourse" but perhaps they could also promote showering and laundry, say in between every 3rd male so it's not too much of a burden on a young "scholar"'s time.

Anonymous said...

Or at least buy her a second pair of panties.

Anonymous said...

this lightens things up a bit

Did you ever wonder why Monica kept a dirty dress for over a year?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Crystal was a very busy kindergarten teacher that night!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Two things.

First - Brad, you are awesome!

Second - Yuck! TWO men in her mouth? Okay, now I've stopped gagging momentarily, I must ask how on earth DNA could have stayed in there longer than a few hours? Ordinary swallowing should have eliminated all of it (ecckk!) plus Crystal took a rum and Coke at the party so the alcohol and acidic Coke should also have destroyed the DNA. Yet DNA was still in her mouth when she showed up at the hospital hours later. Is it therefore beyond the realm of possibility to suppose that the real reason the cops destroyed the tapes of Crystal's arrest was because in between picking her up at Krogers and taking her to the drunk tank, the cops exchanged something more than polite hello's with her? (Actually the cops would have talked while Crystal -- made other sounds.)

And now that I've asked that disgusting question, I'm going to go back to gagging again.