Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SBI Testimony

SBI agent Jennifer Leyn is currently testifying. Her first involvement in the case came on March 30, in a conference call with Mike Nifong.

Nifong was told in this call that there were no matches for either semen or sperm, and that the items in the rape kit would not be tested for DNA. Yet Nifong never revealed that information.

Reveals that Nifong repeatedly called for results; received final results April 7.

Q: With whom do you normally speak about DNA tests?
A: In the investigative process, I usually speak with the investigative officer.

Q: Is it usual for you to speak with the DA during the investigation?
A Yes.

And Nifong appeared interested in results--and seemed to understand the results.

Nifong appeared to be in charge of the investigation.

The agent supplied a written report; was supplied to Nifong.

In her report, she specifically reported the finding of non-suspect, unidentified DNA--both on the towel and on the bathroom floor.

SBI policy: every item that's tested goes into the report.

SBI--amount of testing in this case was unusual. Unusually large number of evidence. More items than the lab usually receives for a rape case.

All SBI reports repeated by April 17. All filed to Nifong. None of the tests linked Mangum to any lacrosse player.

Reviewed Meehan procedures at request of AG, including reviewing May 12 Meehan written report.

Makes clear that Meehan contended match to Dave Evans even though SBI could draw no match.

SBI would have included all the results in its report--unlike Meehan.

AG asked SBI to look at whether Meehan had followed procedures in his testing. They had.

SBI reviewed Dec. 13 Bannon motion. Its conclusions were accurate. Meehan had not reported them.

SBI: Without a report, there's no way that an attorney could know what her final conclusions were. Underlying data isn't relevant in this respect. Has never supplied just the underlying scientific data without a report.


Anonymous said...

No matches for seman or sperm. OMG. maybe it was a yeast infection - No need to be highly educated about sperm in this case. This just gets better. Kc - it is good school term is over - looks like this trial is a long way from over. Please comment - are you seeing a real trial here and is this what you expected. It is a lot more than I expected,

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is interesting. This is a poised, together witness that might single-handedly pierce Nifong's immunity from Sect. 1983 liability.

Anonymous said...

I believe the question from the Bar was "Q: Is it UNusual for you to speak with the DA during the investigation? A: Yes." Leading to the SBI agent to assume Nifong was in charge while the case was still being investigated.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD Meehan is no longer on the stand. He's so confusing he could make a NASCAR driver make a right hand turn! (NC metaphore)

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

Meehan was just mouse-trapped. The NC SBI included and always includes the results of ALL tests in a report.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here or is she just KILLING the Fongster? I had no idea exculpatory evidence existed before Meehan.

Anonymous said...

I realize that you are doing this on the fly, and that you know all the characters in this dragedy and their respective roles, but whenever you start a new thread or bring up a new name, you should identify who that person is for those of us who are less involved! As an example - Who is Williamson? He appears to be one of Nifong's lawyers since his name shows up in the Meehan Cross-Examination thread. Or is he a lawyer doing Re-Cross on Meehan? Thanks, Chris

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me the defense strategy for their case in chief. Who could possibly be witnesses for Nifong?


Anonymous said...

So, was this information (the fact that SBI found non-suspect DNA in their tests) ever turned over to the defense?

If this is the case and Nifong hid this information as well he is done.

Anonymous said...

5.11: "If this is the case and Nifong hid this information as well he is done."

It is and he is.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the defense got the SBI report in a timely fashion. I think it's the DNASI stuff only that is being alleged was held back.

Anonymous said...

Great report on KC's efforts on the WRAL newscast this evening. Coman said, "It was like having a PhD paralegal give you a report each morning."

But KC, do you really type all this with only your two pointer fingers?....looked that way from the shots of you blogging from the restaurant. Either way, I have enjoyed the heck out of this blog for close to a year now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


My hysteria is dying down now.

Is it possible the bar's strategy was to let Meehan hang himself with his 'interim' report, 'I thought the defense would figure out the missing data on their own' and all the rest of his bunk....

That now they are putting an unbiased professional on the stand she is basically showing Meehan for the lying fraud that he is.

No match w/Dave Evans.
His report did not follow our format
Underlying data is NO GOOD and NOT USEFUL for lawyers.

Woo hoo, says I.

Anonymous said...

Re: 5:08 --

I have a better idea. Why doesn't someone start a wiki for the case? You could probably even get the hosting for free through (I've been thinking about this for a while and health problems are the only reason I haven't taken the lead and done it myself.)

Anonymous said...

The devil is collecting on a lot of traded souls this week in Durham.

Anonymous said...

Yes--the non-suspect DNA from SBI was on a towel and the floor of the house, and as I recall it did match residents of the house, just not any of the indicted players. There was no DNA from Crystal Mangum anywhere near it.

This is not the same as the DNA from unidentified people found by Meehan's lab; the SBI testing didn't find any of that because it was a less sophisticated test (which was the reason for going to Meehan's lab in the first place--in hope of finding something the SBI test couldn't).

Gary said...

Well, if there is a criminal or civil case, Nifong has certainly allowed everyone to preview who are the good and effective witnesses.

I'm shorting his stock just now. G88 stock is at hold.

miramar said...

The Leyn testimony is particularly interesting since Meehan had to support Nifong in order to save his own skin. Meehan had to say to say that his report was not final (even if he had never done anything similar the previous 2,000 times) because he knows his license, his reputation, and maybe even his personal freedom are on the line. I suspect that he will not be so supportive when this case gets to the courts. After all, how can he answer comments such as, "Without a report, there's no way that an attorney could know what her final conclusions were. Underlying data isn't relevant in this respect. Has never supplied just the underlying scientific data without a report"?

mac said...

Overall, I suspect that the Bar
isn't going to let itself be out-
done by KC - nor by his many

Some folks may think that no one
is reading and paying attention,
but it's obvious that - in the past,
as in Watergate - the press led
the way. Nowadays, it's the KCs
and the Andersons and the others.

Which lawyer wants to be out-lawyered
by amateurs? Do you know any?
I think they'll try to get this
right - and it won't be the
usual fixin's with a heapin'

Anonymous said...

Courtv said Meeham said 100 cases -not 2000. How kind of the SBI lady to note, they received an unusual amount of materials to test from the rape kit. More than she had ever seen - Yeah Manly and Levicy,
Chris - this blog has been foing on for a year and is over in two weeks - KC does not hold our hand. You need to goggle this stuff yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where is Ms Leyn complaint that the rape kit was done all wrong. Actually said " More items than she had ever seen." Well, Well, Well

Anonymous said...

Has there been any response out of the Duke admin or the 88 about this trial? Anything on the testimony at all from the campus? Just wondering...